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Golcio = Business in Latin America Made Easy What is Golcio? is a B2B website which makes it easy to doing business with Latin America. Golcio’s multilingual (English, Spanish & Portuguese) website allows users to easily trade their products and services with the Latin American markets. Our Target Market: Our Latin American target market consists of more than 3.5 million SMBs with an estimated expending of $2,500 a month. Our Competitive Advantage: What makes Golcio unique is based on the following three pillars: 1- Location: Our organization is based in Boston, MA, the heart of entrepreneurship on the East Coast of the USA. This privileged location facilitates the connection of our Latin American SMB clients with interested parties in the US. 2- Branding: Since the beginning our Golcio brand was created with our target market in mind. By combining the most popular word in Latin America “Gol” with the last 3 letters of the word “negocio” (Business) we created something that our target market can relate to. 3- Superior Service: We are dedicated to our customers and we guarantee a 100% satisfaction with our services or your money back. In addition we have a focused niche market, a Feedback System and an embedded Payment Platform powered by PayPal.

470 Atlantic Avenue, 4th floor Boston, MA 02210 Tel: 617.459.3374 • Email:

Our Business Model: Golcio’s revenues are generated by: 1- Memberships: Golcio offers both free and premium memberships. Our Premium memberships allow companies to verify themselves as legitimate businesses in order to attract more customers. 2- Advertisements: We offer online advertising solutions both in and our newsletters. 3- Translations: We also offer translation services in order to facilitate communication between international and Latin American businesses. Website Status: Our beta version was launched on January 26th 2010. Some of Our Clients:

470 Atlantic Avenue, 4th floor Boston, MA 02210 Tel: 617.459.3374 • Email:

What is Golcio?  

Golcio is Business in Latin America Made Easy!