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Gokulakrishna Ilavarasu

Gokulakrishna ilavarasu

As an Architect, problems rather buildings. I consider coordinator and









Heritage walks

I would like to solve life than making just attractive myself a quick learner, a decent an easily adaptable person.


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S +91-76 39 931993 Softwares skills



AutoCad Bachelor of Architecture 2011 School of Architecture, Arulmigu Meenakshi Amman College of Engineering, Kanchipuram.


2013 Shortlisted in SIDC trophy RAC,ZONASA’12


2014 Intern Architect Sketch & Build Consulants chennai 2015 Conducted PROCESS2k15 National Conference

3ds Max


2016 Master of Architecture School of Architecture & Planning, Anna UNiversity, Chennai.

Participated in SqrFoot House - Housing For One



LANGUAGE SKILLS tamil english hindi


Past experiences Schematic design Working & tender drawings 3d visualization Site supervision & co-ordination Material knowledge

contents Gestation Centre |

Under Graduate Thesis

Compact City Planning | Post Graduate Dissertation

Hybrid Community living | Post Graduate Thesis

Floating Edifice |

Post Graduate 2nd Semester design

Assorted Works |

physical models, freelance projects

Gestation Center | Natural Birth Center

Location : Nolambur ,Chennai Site area : 7.7 acre Build up area : 13200 sq.m No. Of floors : G+2 FSI achieved : 1.5 Softwares used : AutoCad, Sketchup, photoshop,LumenRT

Gestation center is a Natural birth center with an institute for midwives. Presents a more home-like environment than a hospital labor ward typically with more options during labor. In this place women are free to act more spontaneously during their birth, such as squatting, walking or performing other postures that assist in labor. Produce a parental care through people like midwives who will be trained in the institute which is also included in the design.

Ground Floor plan - Gestation block

bird’s-eye view - Gestation block


Individual Cottages 1

Accommodation blocks

2 2



Gestation block


Academic block

Parking 4 OSR



site plan

Mixed land use

Short distance

Reduced pollution

Social infrastructure

Compact City Principles

Services and facilities

Efficient public transport

non-motorized transport

Urban infrastructure

Less car dependency


High density

Urban infrastructure

Compact City Planning

Appropriate urban development strategies for practicability in Indian cities

A B S T R A C T In this dissertation is to study about the possibilities of the compact city planning applying to the developing urban cities in India and its relevance between the policies and schemes framed by the government of India for the advance of urban cities and its development in the outskirts.

The key components of a mixeduse and integrated urban neighborhood, according to Lord Rogers of Riverside

Compact city and neighborhood planning would be the new way of planning which reduces the sprawl of the city by combining various aspects like urban intensification, transits oriented development, merging of different zones like combining office with residences so that the right to use could be easy and accessible.

Recommendation made

1.The growth of the city have to be well planned and in a constrained growth. 2.The city ecological balance should preserved and controlled sprawl to restrict environmental humiliation. 3.The Government should also encourage funds for the infrastructure projects through public private partnership for integrated compact cities and neighborhood. 4.This may well executed in the small cites and suburbs of big cities that could easily adopt the strategies. 5.This could be achieved through policy making which encourages densification, Mixed use communities, Urban public transportation through Public Private partnership method and other necessary facilities,etc.

Transformation of Ahmadabad city based on Compact city

For presentation please follow the link :

Hybrid Community living |

Mixed use Neighborhood - Poonamallee

Location : poonamallee,Chennai Site area : 25 acre Build up area : 76507sq.m No. Of floors : B+10 FSI achieved : 1.9 Softwares used : AutoCad, Sketchup, photoshop,LumenRT This thesis mixed use neighborhood is the s u c c e e d i n g progression of the dissertation Compact city planning Appropriate urban development strategies for practicability in Indian cities. It follows the two main ideas of the research high density & mixed-use policies. The design requirement is based on the existing locality and future opportunities with the inputs from the peoples in the r e g i o n .

Site intro

? Poonamallee

50 years before

10 years before



form evolution

Orienting block based on climate & site surroundings

High rise residential & low rise commercial

Creating OSR & shopping mall as public & semi public zone respectively

user group student office people others

housing own house rental private PG hostel

travel time < 10min 10-20min 20-40min >40min

existing activities

Neighborhood analysis 1.Easy Accessible from ORR & Chennai Bangalore Highway 2. Located next to the Poonamallee town 1. Bus stop next to the site 2. Potential for the development such as public park,plaza, since its a multi user location

Separate blocks for apartment & student housing




1.Traffic flow in the ORR is unknown 2.Currently no public transport services

1.existing encroachment for housing in neighborhood. 2. Elevated road and noise produced.

Creating private courtyard space defining blocks & setbacks

temple none

neighborhood need market park playground shopping

Evolved final form for student housing , apartment & shopping complex

Shopping mall Theatre layout

entry kiosk

ladies toilet screen 1 (170 people)

screen 2 (170 people) box office snacks

screen 3 (170 people)

staff entry store kitchen

screen 5 (140 people)

screen 4 (140 people)

gents toilet

Theatre cut section

ISO floor plan

cross section

front elevation

Longitudinal section

Student housing

Apartment block

ISO plan

ISO plan

West side elevation

Longitudinal section

North side elevation

4.Floating Edifice |

School for Gifted children

Location : Chennai Site area : 5400sq.m No. of floors : B+5 Softwares used: Revit, Sketchhup, Photoshop.

School for gifted children is based on the concept of temple architecture and the main building is planned to be an iconic building. Henceforth it made as a wall-less, column less building and named as floating edifice. It has a unique structural feature in all the aspects as like the user of the building.

Activity & Circulation plan indoor games court, cafe lounge

suspended ramp structure flow

classrooms, seminar halls, labs, staff rooms

Library, informal reading spaces

Basketball, tennis court

Library sloped floor

Staircase core space

Site Plan

Acrylic model

Structural system

load bearing core

suspending steel truss

Suspended cable for strengthening

The floor are suspended from the roof structure via tension members in the structural grid. The edges and inner areas of the roof was carried out as a steel frames to reduce dead weight.

View from the adjacent road side

NIFT chennai,

Physical models Museum concept model designed for SIDC trophy ZONASA12â&#x20AC;&#x2122;

Assorted Works |

Physical models, freelance project

Proposed residence scheme -Chennai

Stilt floor plan

First floor plan

Second floor plan

Ongoing residence - Neyveli

Construction pictures

MD room view 1

MD room view 2

Conference room view

Proposed office interiors - Coimbatore

I too believe that the way people live can be directed a little by architecture

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