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Magazine Advert Analysis By Gokulan Loganathan

This image is the same as the album image. So the audience will instantly know which one to go for. They will recognise it quickly.

The album name is an style that is the same as the water. This adds to the atmosphere and mood the advert creates, its like your on a boat or something, looking up at that villa. To make the audience aware, that the album is out now. Also there is a website, probably for extra information on the album, for special fans.

The gorillaz focus on the cartoony effects as their band image and as a result of this the plastic beach album cover is in cartoon its the world of the gorillaz. Plus it does actually look like a plastic beach, which is what the name of the song is. The dull colour of the water, makes the important information stand out, such as the album name and “OUT NOW�. Since the genre includes electronic and it is mostly experimental, weird and wacky sometimes. Which is what the gorillaz are all about. This image suits the genre because it is unusual and not what we would expect.

What we ideas we will take from this We will make the magazine ad relate to the digipak and mainly the music video, so that our audience can instantly recognise it. We will definitely have on there, when the digipak will be out. So that the target audience are aware. A good idea to take from this magazine ad is the way the name, blends in with the water. It creates that sort of feeling, adds to the mood of the advert. We will also try to have the magazine ad, suited to the genre. So that we they, for example having a picture of an electric guitar to show the rock genre.

magazine ad analysis 3  
magazine ad analysis 3