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Evaluation Part 5 - How did I use new media technology in research, planning, construction and evaluation stages?




Youtube helped us to watch real artists videos including some unsigned artists ones. Like Carl Hauck’s Dissociation and the Ill Manors music video. We could embed the youtube videos onto our blog, so it would emphasise what we were talking about. Youtube was very easy to use, as I have used it before and was already familiar with it, but it was a big help with research. We also used it to upload our pieces of work and then it was easy to go back and refer to specific parts of our work.

We used to find unsigned artists, it was really helpful, because it was easy to use. We could search for different genres and artists in those genres. This is where it all started, because we started of this whole task by finding a song. It is where Aran found Carl Hauck and his song Dissociation.


We used g-mail to contact the artist which was really important, because we needed permission from the artist which Aran got by using g-mail. It was also helpful in sending and receiving work to and from Aran. It was easy to use and very efficient.


This meant that me and Aran could keep in instant contact which each other. Therefore tell each other about work deadlines and if we needed any work or help from each other. Which was very effective, because it helped us meet deadlines. We also used it to send some images to each other that we took from our phone for planning




Google images came in handy when we were looking at examples of digipaks and magazine adverts. The actual search engine helped me to find what I need really quickly. I don’t know what would have happened without it, it is the best search engine and I'm glad it was there. It was very quick, fast and efficient.


Powerpoint was easy and efficient to use, because I have used it before, so I was already familiar with it. It helped me to present my work more neatly and in a more interesting manor, so that who ever reading it wouldn’t get bored.


This was my first time using this, so we had to familiarise ourselves with it and I don’t think we bought out its full potential. But, it still helped us out, when we used it to get pictures that represent what our idea is about. Once we got the hang of it, it was pretty easy, we could get images from google and other websites and put it on one page. Then all these images are shown to represent our idea.


This was our main page, where all our work would go. We could make it the way we want and personalise it the way we want to, so that it would more interesting for the reader. It was easy and efficient to use, because this was my second year in using blogger. This was made so that the examiner could view our work in an easy and exciting way.


Issuu was used to put our powerpoint presentations onto our blog, it made it more neat and presentable. It also made it more interesting to read. It was easy and efficient to use.



Panasonic HD Camera

We used this camera in planning to make a green screen test, then for our final piece. It was small and pretty easy to use. The quality of the camera is really good and the long lasting battery helped us to film throughout the whole day. It was also pretty simple to upload onto the mac.

8GB Memory Card

We used the memory card to store all the shots and also used the memory card to store photos. So it was a very important piece of technology.

Excel spread sheet

We used this mainly to make our shooting script and call sheets. It was simple to make the graphs and charts, it was easy to understand and easy to make, it was also quick and efficient.

Flip Camera

We used this camera to record our audience research, it was very easy to use and really simple to upload onto the mac.


We used iMovie to do simple editing, because it was very easy to use and easy to edit on. So we only used it do simple editing. However, the only problem was that the exporting took quite a while.




We used the mac for simple research as well as editing and storing all our final pieces of work. We had our own assigned mac, so that we could keep our work separate from others so that it wouldn’t get mixed up. The mac was easy to use, and very efficient like always, the only problem is that it didn’t have powerpoint and word.

Personal Laptop

I used my personal laptop to finish off work at home and catch up work, then I can take my time and upload it onto my blog from home, so it was very efficient.

Final Cut Pro

We used final cut pro, to do our editing, this was our most important tool, because it was used to make our music video and bring our ideas to life. It was a bit complicated, however we got used to it and since Aran was already familiar with it, it was an advantage for us.


We mainly used Fireworks to make our text for the digipak and magazine advert, it was very easy and simple to use, because we had used it before. It was very efficient.


We used photoshop to edit our magazine advert and digipak, because that was the best place to make them. We were very unfamiliar to photoshop therefore it took us quite a long time to get everything done and we got help from another student on some of the tools because she uses this software all the time. Therefore, we found it complicated and very time consuming, but we got there in the end.



This website was very helpful in getting our youtube videos and converting them to mp4 to use them in our evaluation. It was very simple and fast to use.


We used the microphone when we needed to talk for the commentary for our evaluation parts. It was very easy to use and had a good quality sound when we were listening to it. Therefore it was efficient.

evaluation part 5  
evaluation part 5  

evaluation part 5