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Digipak Analysis By Gokulan Loganathan

Digipak 1 The front cover This album is based on the second law of thermodynamics. The Muse are going for a science look. So the album name is “The 2nd Law�.

The black background really brings out the vibrant colours on the digipak. It also emphasises the science look. The box set contains 2 heavyweight vinyl records housed in individual sleeves with artwork, 3 art prints featuring the album artwork, a box set illustration and a brand new band photograph.

Digipak 2 This is a 6 panel digipak

Inside, where the CD is attached, it shows the track listing again, which saves time for the customer closing the digipak to search for a specific song or track number.

As well as on the front of the digipak the album name, band name and the record labels are on the spine, so if the Cd's are stacked in stores instead of picking up the digipak the Customers will find it simpler to just read the spine of the digipak.

The use of different font and font size is effective as the most important text stands out the most e.g. band name.

The Oasis digipak front cover is a picture of an acoustic guitar with a fairly plain background and a simple font is used. This resembles the music because all of the songs on the album are acoustic.

Digipak 3

The pictures of the band characters are all facing to the right with stern expressions. This suggests a police mug shot which although should be considered a band thing, actually promotes the band as rebellious and therefore 'cool'. This is backed up by the top right hand character having a cigarette in his mouth, a habit that is socially seen as 'cool'.

It also contains an exclusive booklet, with lyrics and illustrations for each song, a DVD containing the video (with audio commentary), an animatic for the music video "Feel Good Inc.", short animated films featuring the band, an exclusive audio track titled "The Swagga" and online access to exclusive sections of the band's website, with various wallpapers and screensavers, as well as a crowbar, facilitating the opening of a locked cupboard in the kitchen on in order to download the song "Happy Landfill".

However inside the album folds out to reveal the CD and the characters are pulling silly faces and are much more informal. If taken literally, the idea of this could be that the front cover represents their professional band image promoting the CD but when you have bought the album you are allowed to see the more casual and personal characteristics of the band.

What elements we will take from this We will definitely have different font sizes, to make it more appealing to our audience. So that it is not plain and boring. Having the tracks on the back is a good idea, so that whoever buys the digipak, will know what songs there are on the disc. Plus having a little booklet or card inside with the lyrics is another idea we will probably incorporate into our own digipak because, it will entice the buyer more, as they are getting more bonus features. The images on our digipak will also be associated a lot with our music video, because if the buyer has heard the song, we want them to instantly recognise the digipak. We will have all the general conventions, however we may add in a website where the buyer can download the song onto his computer, then onto his phone etc. This is because of technological convergence as a lot more people are downloading music of the internet.

digipak analysis 2  

digipak anlaysis 2 better version

digipak analysis 2  

digipak anlaysis 2 better version