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National Coordinators And Enthusiast’s Meeting Targu Mures 2012

Medical Science Pillar Session


CONTENT 1. Introduction 1.1. Goals of the session 2. Basics 2.1. Information on JEMSA 2.2 Information on The JTP 3. Input from Participants 3.1. How to promote The JTP

Held By Ozan ÜNLÜ

1.Introduction 1.1 Goals of this session -Clarifying the resons of ceasing project ‘JEMSA’ - Introducing new scientific journal : Journal of Tomorrow’s Physician (The JTP) - Having ideas on how to promote The JTP

2.Basics 2.1 Information about JEMSA The definion in the project booklet has been showed and an issue of JEMSA as an example has been looked page by page The reasons of ceasing JEMSA has been discussed and clarified. 2.1 Information about The JTP Definition of The JTP TLgBI7AgbqZJcYWW8KWE

The template of The JTP rulebook has been discussed TM7TfXvVFmvHYcv8PHvJyc

3. Input From Participants 3.1 How to Promote The JTP Basicly using the congresses that we organize and collaborate (EMSCon, ISCOMS, ESC-Berlin, ZIMS etc‌), we need to promote the journal and have manuscript submissions from those congresses.

Medical Science Pillar Handout Day2  

Handout of the Medical Science pillar at NCM Romania,2012

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