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1. Sensei Maekawa came to Singapore at the age of 25 years old.


2. Karate tournaments were held


Tanaka posing with the medal winners.

Karate Champion Liew Joo Hian with his hard fought trophies in 1960s.

requirement for those who want to have their first black belt around their waist. This test is still being practiced today.

In 1968, Goju-ryu karate-do was introduced in Singapore and classes were conducted at Chinese YMCA in Palmer Road with Sensei H. Maekawa as the first Chief Instructor. Sensei Horiuchi took over from Sensei Maekawa, who returned to Japan, in 1974.

were the pioneer batch of local karatekas; honed with great skills and represented the nation in many international tournaments.

Tan, Sempais David Liaw, Chiang Jie, Raja, Ng Chor Yong, just to name a few. Our seniors then went on to officiate tournaments as referees and judges.

1.! Goju-ryu and Shito-ryu karate-kas participating in the Asia-Pacific tournament.

2.! Sensei Horuichi with Shihans Francis Hong and Ng Meng Seah in their younger days.

3.! Shihan Sanny Yap (on the left) training his turning kicks.

4.! Singapore delegates for the 1991 SEA Games in Manila Philippines.

5.! Sensei Vincent Tan fighting for his bronze medal at the 8th Apuko Karate-do Championships 1989 in Sydney Australia.

The period between 1988 to 1998 was one of the best years of Goju-ryu Karate-do in Singapore. The number of local and international tournaments grew. The club was sending players to many overseas tournaments. Goju-ryu karate-do also witnessed the formation of the 3rd Lionel, Lee Chin Siang, Abrial Wong, etc.

1. Singapore delegates during the SEA Games 1993 in Singapore.


Shihan Sanny Yap performing Sanchin kata during his younger days.


Dan grading at our old MYMCA (Stevens Road) Honbu dojo.

2. MYMCA Team and their trophies, posing with our Japanese senseis.


Our Japanese senseis got together for the Cake Cutting ceremony during our 25th Anniversary.


Jogathon and mass training at the Marina South.

1. Our members posing with the late President Ong Teng Cheong.


The officials and Team for Goju-Kai Tournament in Japan during 1999.

2. President Nathan was a Guest of Honour during our demonstration.

In 1998, the Metropolitan YMCA decided to phase out all martial arts. Regrettably, we were forced to look for alternatives. This led to the formation of Singapore Scout Goju-ryu Karate-do Club in partnership with the Singapore Scout Association, where Shihan Francis Hong led us as Chief Instructor.




In Year 2002, the Goju-ryu Karate-do Club was established and most of the members followed Shihan Ng Meng Seah, who led the members as Chief Instructor.

1. Senseis Matsuura, Tanaka and Maekawa demonstrating during our 35th Anniversary celebration dinner.


Black belters performing during the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2006.


Sensei Gopal taking his dan grading at the old Revenue House dojo.

2. Sensei Horuichi performing Sanchin kata.


Shihans Ng Meng Seah and Sanny Yap with the current JKF Goju-kai President, Sensei Eizo Ujita.


The 3 men behind the working committee of 40th Senseis Vincent Tan, Benson Lim and Sempai Dan Wong.

In Year 2006, Goju-ryu Karate-do Club was renamed Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Association Singapore (GRKAS) and Shihan Sanny Yap took over as Chief Instructor. More old members came back and continued to train. Our memberships grew steadily. Currently, our Honbu Dojo is at The Serangoon Community Center and Black Belt class is held every Thursday 8pm.

1. GRKAS organized and celebrated 40th Anniversary in 2008 with the blessings from our Japanese senseis.


Sensei Maekawa coaching our young members during kata seminar.


GRKAS Annual year end dinner in 2010, with Shihan Ng receiving a token of appreciation from our Japanese senseis.



A friendly visit from our Hong Kong friends in 2009.


Shihan Sanny Yap officiating in the 1st KUS Tournament in 2010.

Tournament in 2008.

In August 2011, we had our Annual Dinner and Dan certificate presentation. In that same year, our members took part and fully supported 2nd KUS Championships in

1. Shihan Sanny Yap took the lead seng


Sempai Ken Lee receiving his Dan certificate from Shihan Ng Meng Seah.


Shihan Sanny Yap and Sensei Ang from Malaysia were instrumental in maintaining the high level of refereeing and judging.



GRKAS senior members as officials and fighters with their hard-fought medals.


GRKAS fighters Chia Zhi Jie (in red) and Shaun Tan (in blue) in the semi-final bout.

GRKAS patron Sempai David Liaw with Sempai David Lim , aka artist.

The biggest even in 2012 was our Annual GRKAS Championship, which was held in October 2012. We had our usual Chinese New Year dinner in February 2012 and also our Annual Dinner in December 2012.

1.! Group photo for our GRKAS Championship 2012.

3.! President Gopal with our lady medal winners.

5.! GRKAS members having fun during our Chinese New Year dinner on February 2012 .

2.! Shihan Sanny Yap and Sensei Josephine performed an extraordinary kata demonstration.

4.! All KUS affiliates were invited for SKA’s Invitational Open Karate Championship on April 2012.

6.! “Who has a stronger body?” Sensei Derrick Lat having some fun with Sensei Ota

Several events are worth highlighting in 2013. Karate Union of Singapore continues to be extremely active in organizing tournaments and other activities for the Karate communities in Singapore. This year, we welcome 2 new members to our exclusive Sempais Abrial Wong and David Lim.

1. 3rd KUS Children Tournament on April 2013 at Shitoryu Karate Association dojo.


Sempai Maki Katsuyuki (in blue) fighting with hi Hong Kong opponent and on this way to his Gold medal.


Through blood and sweat, Sempai Abrial Wong finally earned his Shodan black belt from GRKAS .

2. All our players were medal winners during the 3rd KUS Invitational Open Karate Championship on 30th June 2013.


Shihan Sanny Yap putting on the black belt for Sempai David Lim.


Black Belt Club members training at The Serangoon Honbu Dojo.

GOJU-RYU KARATE-DO ( 1968 - 2013 )

45 Years of Legacy in Singapore

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