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How To Treat Tinea Versicolor Tinea versicolor is a typical fungal infection that disrupts the standard tanning of the skin. It normally appears in little spotty areas that are brighter than the surrounding skin. Anti-fungal creams, ointments or shampoos can aid, but even after treatment, skin color may remain irregular for many months. The infection can return, especially in warm, damp, exposure. Last summer I had tinea versicolor, but I did not understand what it was in the past. So I was obtaining a fairly reasonable tan all summer I had been subjected to the sunshine. About the final of July I began to get these skin discoloration spots under my throat. It made me a little concerned and angry because I believed that I may possibly have had some sort of permanent or cancerous problem. Eventually weeks after the spots started to disappear along with my tan, but I decided to stay out of the sun and never tan anymore. This season my brother started occasionally going to-the tanner and I informed him about tanning to much as a result of my experiences. He was as annoyed and troubled as I was when I got it. It wasn't till about a couple weeks ago my mom was talking to someone she understood about skin care and was informed about tinea versicolor. She then explained about it and stated it was really very common and will be treated. I was quite relieved. She also said the person she spoke to recommended an anti dandruff shampoo in the infected elements of skin and the shade might return within days. Ever since then I've done some investigation about the fungi concerning treatment. I discovered the home treatment for the infection is dandruff shampoo, however it is less successful than the antifungal medications and can cause skin distress. Selsun Blue was the suggested shampoo for a nightly application in the area for one week. In Addition, I discovered that tinea versicolor can cause hyper-pigmentation of skin that consider years to fade. Some people still had dark patches throughout the areas that value to be contaminated years after managing the infection. Topical anti-fungal treatment creams are normally the selection for tinea versicolor, but be sure you do some research a finding out which ones possess the greatest achievement rates at-the cheapest prices. cure for tinea versicolor

How to treat tinea versicolor  
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