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EDITOR Angela Manente EDITORIAL ASSIS TANT Andy Logan CONTRIBUTORS Rick Althouse Richard Andrade Danielle Badler Mark Baker Bob Bandera Ray Berg Don E. (Donny) Blackburn Mike Ferring Bob Frith Bruce Harrington Kim Kemper Jan Mackulak John Macfarlane Camille Miles Brian Minson Rick Mukherjee Steve Sapareto Bob Woodwell


14.............. Autocross #9 Results 15.............. Meet A Member 16 .............Road Trip to Moab 18.............. Meet the Porsche Puppy 20.............. Birth of a PCA Region 21.............. April Monthly Meeting at Porsche Chandler 26.............. An Introduction to a True Porsche Connoisseur - Part 4 28............... Book Reviews for Porschephiles 29.............. No You Can’t Drive Them


4............... 2018 Calendar of Events 6............... 2018 Cinco de Mayo - PCA Southern Arizona Region 7............... Rally with Las Vegas Region in Flagstaff 7............... Porsches and Pancakes at Liberty Station 9............... Monthly Meetings 10.............. Autocross 11.............. Alpine Tour XVIII 13.............. 7th Annual AZPCA Night Out at the Ballpark 22.............. 2018 968 West Coast Gathering 23.............. AZPCA Hot Air Tour 24.............. Racin’ Round the Willows 32.............. 63rd Porsche Parade - Lake of the Ozarks 34.............. CRAB 37 BC............. PCA Grand Prix Region - 37th Annual Concours


5............... Bob’s Briefings 8............... Members’ Anniversaries 12.............. From the Editor 12.............. Social Media 31.............. Arizona Region Board 31.............. Executive Appointees 32.............. Zone 8 Staff and Websites 33.............. Sponsor Index 33.............. Sponsorship Program 33.............. Need to Order Name Badges?

AZ.PCA.ORG Going Places is the official publication of the Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region and is published electronically monthly.

Cover: Red Cliffs Lodge Moab, UT By Rick Mukherjee

Written contributions and photographs are welcomed and can be emailed to the editor. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region, its officers or members. Permission is granted to reprint any material herein provided full credit is given to the author and to Going Places. PORSCHE®, the Porsche Crest®, CARRERA®, and TARGA® are trademarks of Porsche AG. The editor shall reserve the right to edit and publish only those articles felt to be in the best interest of the members of the Porsche Club of America. THE DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES AND ADVERTISEMENTS SUBMITTED FOR PUBLICATION IS THE 15TH OF THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE MONTH OF PUBLICATION. Commercial advertising rates can be found in the back of this publication.

G O I N G P L A C E S 85.2018

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2 018 C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S Editor’s Note: The date, times and details of AZPCA events may change at anytime. Always check the website at for the latest event information. MAY 2018 2 We 4-6 Fr-Su 14 Mo 15 Tu 18 Fr 18-20 Fr-Su 19 Sa 20 Su 25-28 Fr-Su

AUGUST 2018 Monthly Membership Meeting SAR - Cinco de Mayo Celebration Board of Directors Meeting Going Places Deadline (June 18) Racin’ round the Willows 2018 CA Central Coast Region Crab 37 - Sacramento Valley Region Porsches and Pancakes Grand Prix Region - 37th Annual Concours d’ Elegance Discover CA 1849 Gold Chain Hwy. 49- Santa Barabara Region

JUNE 2018

6 We 9-10 Sa-Su 18 Mo 22-24 Fr-Su 29- July 2 Fr-Mo

Monthly Membership Meeting LVR PCA Region-Run to Flagstaff Going Places Deadline (July 18) Alpine Tour XVIII 2018-968 West Coast Gathering

8-14 Su-Sa 15 Su 23 Mo


12-16 We- Su 15 Sa 17 Mo 22 Sa 27-30 Th-Su

Treffen Banff - Canada Going Places Deadline (October 18) Board of Directors Meeting Autocross AMP Skidpad Rennsport Reunion - Monterey, CA

OCTOBER 2018 5-8 Fr-Mo 6 Sa 15 Mo 15 Mo

Porsche Parade, Lake of the Ozarks Going Places Deadline (August 18) Board of Directors Meeting

10 Sa 15 Th 19 Mo

Hot Air Tour/White Sands and Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Autocross AMP Skidpad Going Places Deadline (November 18) Board of Directors Meeting

Autocross AMP Skidpad Going Places Deadline (Dec. 18) Board of Directors Meeting

DECEMBER 2018 8 8 15 17

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Monthly Membership Meeting Going Places Deadline (Sept. 18) Board of Directors Meeting 7th Annual AZPCA Night Out at the Ballpark - D-backs vs Mariners


JULY 2018

1 We 15 We 20 Mo 25 Sa

Sa Sa Sa Mo

Holiday Party Autocross AMP Skidpad Going Places Deadline (Jan. 19) Board of Directors Meeting

Bob’s Briefings B o b


ell, here it is May already. The summer season will be upon us before you know it. Members will start heading to the cooler climates of Arizona, the United States and the world. It is time, now, for AZPCA events to slow down until the cooler fall weather returns. Driver’s education and autocross are finished for the season. Many thanks to Kim Kemper, Rick Althouse and Mathias Arfelt for successfully completing eleven, well-organized and safe driving events including a night autocross. The next season of autocross and driver’s education events are already on the calendar starting in September. And let’s not forget Don Clickinbeard, our Chief Driving Instructor, who has done a great job with an educational program presented to drivers before each drivers’ education event. Thank you, Don, for being a great teacher. However, just because autocross and DE are finished for this year does not mean driving events are over. Driving tours are still planned starting with a June 9th drive to Flagstaff (think 30° cooler than Phoenix). A big thank you goes to Bob Banderas for volunteering to coordinate this event. We will be joining the Las Vegas Region for dinner and a rally organized by the Las Vegas Region. Additionally, in June is the XVIII (18th) trip to Alpine, Arizona for some great driving and socialization. Thank you, Mark Manente, for organizing this fun event. And let’s not forget Porsches and Pancakes at Liberty Station in May. This is a new venue for breakfast “discovered” by Camille Miles our P&P coordinator. We very much appreciate the wonderful job Camille has been doing, and she has certainly come up with some great places that have served up some mighty tasty breakfasts. July and August are primarily a time for rest for the many volunteers who make this club so successful. No meetings or events are planned for July at this time, but who knows, perhaps someone will decide to put together something for those of us remaining in the area. We start back up in August with a monthly meeting at The Persian Room, another wonderful new venue selected by Mark Baker, our monthly meeting coordinator. Mark has been busy since last year finding new and interesting restaurants for our monthly meetings. He is doing a great job as evidenced by the number of people who have been attending our monthly meetings. Attendance has increased by about 40% over the last year or two. Your efforts, Mark, are greatly appreciated.

Wo o dwell

My vision for the club is to continue with our ongoing activities and always making sure that we look for new venues to hold them and to continue to solicit the membership for new social and driving event locations and ideas. Additionally, I would like to increase the number of members who attend our various events. As shown below we have over 1,750 primary and co-members in our club, yet I estimate only a couple of hundred or so attend club events. What would it take to get a higher percentage of members to attend events? This is a question I continue to ponder. Ideas or suggestions to help me answer this question would not only be greatly welcomed but appreciated as well: Club News/Items of Interest: •One thing I would like to reiterate to everyone is to please identify yourself to our sponsors if you have occasion to use their services. This is very important as the Board of Directors continues to hear that our sponsors need to know that their sponsorship dollars (a.k.a. advertisement dollars) are being well spent. We have a new sponsorship chair, Moe Scharhon, who has some new ideas on how we run the sponsorship program and perhaps increase the number of discounts available to our members, while increasing the number of sponsors. Many thanks to Moe for taking on this job. •AZPCA’s membership continues to grow. On April 20, 2018, we had 1,123 active primary members and 647 active co-members. At this time last year, we had 1,044 active primary members and 587 active co-members. However, our membership is expected to decrease over the next few months as members in Northern Arizona transfer to the new Arizona Mountain Region. Here’s wishing you a safe and enjoyable summer! Please drive and travel safely and be sure to have some fantastic, unforgettable experiences. And remember, it is not always the destination that is important, it is the journey!


Also, in August is our 7th Annual AZ PCA Night at the Ballpark. The Diamondbacks will be hosting the Seattle Mariners at Chase Field Ballpark. Jan Mackulak deserves a big thank you for stepping up to coordinate this event. Without her help, this event might not have been possible. G O I N G P L A C E S 85.2018

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Porsche Club of Southern Arizona Presents 

2018 Cinco de Mayo 

Sunday, April 29th

Zone 8 Autocross at Musselman Honda Circuit Thursday, May 3rd

Golf Outing at Omni Tucson National Golf Friday, May 4th

Welcome Reception at North in La Encantada You must preregister Saturday, May 5th

Zone 8 Concours d’Elegance

Judges lunch will be at the Plaza. Cars MUST be off plaza & patio by 2pm. Awards Dinner: Omni Resort NW Tucson Sunday, May 6th

Landmark Rally for Charity Accommodations:

Homewood Suites by Hilton – St Philip’s Plaza

Standard Room $124, Use Code PCA, Hot Breakfast Incl. Benefiting: Arts Express Fine Arts Youth Academy The Tucson Arthritis Support League (TASL) Project Healing Waters, Fly Fishing for Disabled Veterans For more information visit All registrations online at Volunteers steer the PCA-SAR Cinco event. All members will receive email invitation to volunteer from Sign Up Genius with the opportunity to actively participate in our award winning club.

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Porsches and Pancakes

May 19, 2018 8:00 am - 10:00 am Liberty Market 345522 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale, AZ

It’s a lovely restaurant that has been in this location for about a year and is tucked back in the west corner of the shopping center and not easy to find the first time. They can seat up to 60, so make your reservation early. Registration ends on May 17th. We will have a Breakfast Buffet with Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, breakfast potatoes and a fruit platter. There will be a coffee station with juices and iced tea . The bar will be open for any mixed drinks for an extra charge. The cost is $19.00 per person and please remember when you are paying, that tax and generous tip have already been included!

Meet & Rally with Las Vegas Region in Flagstaff June 9 - 10, 2018 We have driven to Las Vegas for an April weekend various times over the years. Recently we have enjoyed good times getting together with the Las Vegas Region when there. This year things are going to be turned around. The LV Region will be touring cool northern Arizona Friday June 8th through Monday June 11th, staying at the Little America Hotel on the east side of Flagstaff. We will join in with some of their planned activities Saturday and Sunday. Current plan is to meet at I-17 & Carefree Hwy Saturday mid-day, drive to the hotel and check in. We will then join the LV Region at 6PM for dinner at the Horseman Lodge. Dinner choices will be Salmon, Chicken, Sirloin or Ribeye steak and will be pre-paid via Sunday morning at 8:30, the Las Vegas Region will stage a Gimmick Rally for all of us with a planned location for lunch. There is no need to pre-order lunch as the restaurant will write individual checks for your convenience. After this, you are welcome to return home or continue with the LV folks to Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monuments, followed by a dinner at La Fonda Mexican Restaurant. You must make hotel arrangements on your own, so book soon as Little America can fill fast at this time of the year: Little America, 2515 E Butler Ave, Flagstaff 928-779-7000 Alternate hotels will be suggested soon on our website. There are no charges for the Gimmick Rally or other “tours” you might choose to join (other than applicable admission fees.) Exact timing and meeting location for Saturday will be added to the website as they are worked out. Full Las Vegas Region itinerary and alternate hotel info will also be posted to our website and Registration will close by May 25, 2018. Event contact: Bob Bandera 928-232-9633 G O I N G P L A C E S 85.2018

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ARIZONA REGION MEMBERSHIP UPDATE HAPPY AZPC A ANNIVERSARY! Arizona Region PCA Members Celebrating May 2018 Membership Anniversaries

43 Years Paul Fairchild and Melinda Kornblum 33 Years Brian Preblich and Holly Trewhitt 18 Years Richard and Deborah Kray 15 Years Steve C. and DeeDe DeTommaso Mick and Cathy Pierson 16 Years Ron Gotcher Zack Swerdfeger 13 Years Joel and Bonnie Miculinic 12 Years Larry and Suzy Erickson Mark Lindabury 10 Years Roy and Mary Jane Pederson 8 Years Lewis A. Frantz 7 Years John Abed Rook and Debbie Younger

MEMBE R SH I P by the numbers 11 2 3


17 7 0

| 8 |

Members Co-Members


4 Years Joe and Sandra Cao Jacques Dubois and Yolande Laverdure Al and Laurie Forte Michael Hill Charles and Kathryn James Michael and Tina Martin Matthew and Elise Smith 3 Years Jim Benson Joe Brown and Jennifer Solomon Larry Grimes Martin and Barbara Pluth Knox Ramsay James Warmuth 2 Years Dennis and Shelby Cutter Leslie and Bob Fechter Bob and Mary Ellen Gawlik Phil and Lori Levy Houston Spaulding Tim and Allison Vallely Ed and Betty Waechter Gary and Dianne West 1 Year Richard G and Betsy Cox Troy Dowies Leonard and Miaia Schenlel Stan Seidler


May Membership Meeting May 2, 2018 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Lucille’s BBQ at Tempe Marketplace 2030 E Rio Salado Pkwy, Tempe, AZ 85281 Menu: House Salad Baby Back and Beef Ribs Smoked BBQ Chicken Tri Tip and BBQ Links Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Mac &Cheese, Veggie Medley, BBQ Beans, Creamy Cole Slaw Desert (cake) This menu will be served buffet style. Lucille’s is a favorite place with great BBQ food that we have visited in the past. We will be outside on their patio as it accommodates a larger crowd than the room we have had in the past. Registration is required! Please RSVP by midnight, Sunday, April 29, 2018.

June Membership Meeting June 6, 2018 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm Ancala Country Club 11700 E Vía Linda Scottsdale, AZ Join your fellow AZPCA members for the June Monthly Meeting at Ancala, which is an upscale residential and golf community in Scottsdale. It is located on Via Linda just east of Frank Lloyd Wright. We will be in their banquet room in the Club house which is on the left hand side of the road, as soon as you enter the gate. When you arrive at the gate, tell the guard that you are there to attend the ‘Porsche Club Event’. Menu: Italian Buffet; Caesar Salad, Garlic Bread, Baked Ziti, Chicken Parmesan, Penne Pasta Marinara or Alfredo and Grilled Vegetables. Registration Deadline: Sunday June 3rd, at midnight

G O I N G P L A C E S 85.2018

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Saturday, September 22, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, October 6, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, November 10, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, December 8, 2018 AMP Skidpad REGISTER ONLINE at

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G O I N G P L A C E S 85.2018

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From the

EDITOR A n g e l a

M a n e n t e


ark and I just got back from attending PCA’s Treffen Tamaya in New Mexico. This is the second Treffen for me and Mark’s third. What a great five day trip! If you haven’t done one you should, the driving tours and events are well planned, as well as having many to choose from. We also ran into AZPCA members Steve and Donna Jones and Jim and Walene Borowske. I was able to get Donna and Steve to write an article for the June newsletter. Thank you. Have I mentioned that I am a big Arizona Diamondbacks fan? Well, I am and have already been to a few games. As of right now they are leading their division and playing like champions. Make sure to get your tickets for our 7th Annual Night Out at the Ballpark to see them play the Seattle Mariners on August 25th. Check out the calendar and event promos for this month because there are a lot of events being hosted by other regions in our Zone. Camille has our next Porsches and Pancakes planned for this month at Liberty Station and it will be the last one until November. I also want to acknowledge some of our loyal, long-time members celebrating AZPCA anniversaries for May. 43 Years - Paul Fairchild and Melinda Kornblum 33 Years - Brian Preblich and Holly Trewhitt The winner of the Writer’s Drawing for the May issue of Going Places is John Macfarlane for “Road Trip to Moab.” He will receive a $30.00 credit on Motorsportreg, which is good for one year to use on any AZPCA activity. Please keep those articles and photos coming my way. When you attend an event or take a road trip, consider writing a short story of your experience. Who knows, you might even win! Hope to see you soon. Come out and have some fun.


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So c i a l M e d i a fo r A Z P C A 7 W ay s t o E ngage! By Jan Mackulak, Social Media Chair, FACEBOOK at







7TH ANNUAL AZPCA NIGHT OUT AT THE BALLPARK AT CHASE FIELD 7TH ANNUAL AZPCA Mariners vs. D-backs Saturday, August 25 5:10pm Join us on Saturday, August 25 to cheer on the Arizona Diamondbacks as they take on the Seattle Mariners. This will be our 7th annual event and there are more surprises for us too! Prior to the game, we’ll meet for a wonderful private ballpark tour. Discounted tour tickets will be available for $3.00! At the conclusion of the tour, we will all meet up in the Draft Room at Chase Field for drinks and pre-game snacks. Then we’ll enjoy the game from our reserved seats at the Diamond Level (Section 208) to the right of the 1st Baseline. Tickets are just $61 each and include $10 in D-Bucks food & merchandise credit. Limited quantity available! Register now at:


AUGUST 25 5:10PM










// 401






Please note, registration this year is directly through the Diamondbacks. To purchase game and optional tour tickets you must contact Andrew Fadell directly at: AFADELL@DBACKS.COM or 602-462-4600 Be sure to tell him you’re with the Porsche Club. OPTIONAL BALLPARK TOUR WILL START AT 2:00 PM G O I N G P L A C E S 85.2018

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Autocross #9 Results by Rick Althouse and Kim Kemper


ey Autocrossers, Here are the results from last Saturday’s (April 21) autocross. The first chart on the left below is all of the raw times, so add 2 seconds for each cone hit. The second chart below on the right is the Top Time Of Day with everyones’ best run arranged from the fastest down. Congratulations to Steve for turning in a blistering run! We had another near perfect Arizona day for the last autocross of this Spring season. Moderate temperatures in the morning, not too hot by late afternoon, and no significant winds. We had a challenging course that Kim had set up on Friday with the help of Jim Enriquez and Mike Terry. A hot dog lunch was provided by Pat the Hot Dog Lady’s husband. We had a “special” awards presentation after the drivers meeting where we acknowledged the top 2 cone killers for the past year. Congratulations (sort of) to Jim Enriquez with 23 and to Steve Ashcraft with 21. Kim presented them with matching shirts, which Jim was proud to wear. On a special note, Jim Enriquez, who besides helping with the April course set up, was the “winner” of the AZPCA Cone Killer award for this past autox season. He is pictured proudly wearing his award. Thanks as always to everyone for coming out and supporting us, helping set up early in the morning and then to take down and stow away all of the equipment. Watch the website for information on events and the special Veterans Day Monday event in November. Hope you all have a great summer! See you in September! WͲyηϵƉƌŝůϮϭ͕ϮϬϭϴ Z/sZ

Jim Enriquez, Winner of the AZPCA Cone Killer Award!

^ƚĞǀĞ ĂůĞD ƌŝĂŶD <ŝŵ< ĂŶ' ^ƚĞǀĞ ^ĞĂŶ ĂůŝŶŐ:





ĂŶŝĞůt :ĞƌƌLJ^ :ŝŵ ĞŶŶŝƐ DĞLJĞƌƐ, :ĂŵĞƐ ĂǀŝĚ ZŝĐŬ

Photo by Kim Kemper WͲyηϵƉƌŝůϮϭ͕ϮϬϭϴ Z/sZ






:ŝŵ ĂǀŝĚ

ϮϬϬϱŽƌǀĞƚƚĞ ϭϵϵϬŚĞǀLJŽƌǀĞƚƚĞ

Ăƌů ůĞdžW ƌĂĚ< :ĂƐŽŶ^


ŝůů^ ƌŝĂŶD EŝĐŬ DĂƚŚŝĂƐ :ĞƌƌLJW ZŝĐŬ ^ƚĞǀĞ dŚŽŵĂƐ ĞŶŶŝƐ :ĂŵĞƐ :ĞƌƌLJ^ ĂŶĞd ^ŚĂĚ, DĞLJĞƌƐ, ĂŶ' ĂǀĞD ĂůĞD ,ĂŽt ĂůŝŶŐ: ^ƚĞǀĞ <ŝŵ< >LJŶŶ



| 14 |



ZhEϭ ZhEϮ ZhEϯ ZhEϰ ZhEϱ ZhEϲ E& E& ϲϱ͘ϭϳϯ ϲϯ͘ϳϱϳнϭ ϲϰ͘ϯϴϭ ϳϮ͘ϰϲϲнϮ ϲϮ͘Ϭϱϭ ϲϭ͘ϳϬϭнϭ ϲϮ͘Ϯϭϰнϭ ϲϭ͘ϱϲϵ ϲϭ͘ϱϲϭ ϲϭ͘ϳϭϴ ϲϮ͘ϰϬϰнϭ ϲϮ͘ϱϳϱ ϲϮ͘ϴϲϳ ϲϮ͘ϰϬϯ ϲϮ͘ϭϮ ϲϭ͘ϴϱϭ E& ϲϴ͘Ϭϯϴнϭ ϲϲ͘ϯϰϯ ϲϱ͘ϭϴϲ ϲϱ͘Ϯϵϯ ϲϱ͘ϮϯϮ E& ϳϬ͘ϱϯϴ ϲϵ͘Ϭϱϲнϭ ϲϴ͘ϵϲϵнϭ ϲϵ͘ϱϭϲ ϲϵ͘ϰϮ E& E& ϳϭ͘ϰϮϵ ϴϭ͘Ϯϵϲ ϳϯ͘Ϯϰϭ E& ϲϰ͘ϲϳϰ ϲϰ͘ϱϯ ϲϰ͘Ϭϲϲнϭ ϲϯ͘ϴϭϭ ϲϮ͘ϲϴϮнϮ ϲϯ͘ϬϱϬнϭ E& ϳϰ͘ϱϰϭ ϳϯ͘ϭϳϯ ϳϰ͘Ϯϵϵ ϳϰ͘ϱϰϱ ϳϰ͘Ϭϰϱ ϲϱ͘ϳϰϮ ϲϱ͘ϯϮϱ ϲϯ͘ϵϬϳ ϲϯ͘ϵϵϯ ϲϯ͘ϳϲϭ ϲϮ͘ϴϴϯ E& ϳϳ͘Ϭϲϵ EZ ϳϮ͘ϭ ϲϭ͘ϴϯϳ ϲϬ͘ϱϱϳ ϲϬ͘ϳϯϰ ϲϮ͘Ϭϯϲ ϳϱ͘ϭϱϴ E& ϳϰ͘ϵϰϳ ϳϰ͘ϲϯϵ ϲϮ͘ϱϰϮ E& ϲϭ͘ϵϵϱ ϲϮ͘ϲϮϳ ϲϰ͘ϬϱϮнϭ ϲϱ͘ϯϱϴнϭ ϲϱ͘ϱϴϴ ϲϯ͘ϰϱϱ ϳϬ͘ϲϰϰ ϳϬ͘ϴϮϰ ϳϭ͘ϯϬϯ ϳϭ͘Ϯϲϳнϭ ϲϭ͘ϱϮϲ ϱϵ͘ϵϯϯнϭ ϲϬ͘ϴϱϰ ϱϴ͘ϴϬϲ ϭϬϯ͘ϲϱϰ E& E& E& ϲϵ͘ϯϱϰ ϲϴ͘Ϭϲϳ ϲϳ͘ϭϱϭ ϲϲ͘ϰϵϬнϮ E& E& ϲϳ͘Ϯ ϲϲ͘ϭϭϰ ϳϭ͘ϯϰϱ ϲϳ͘ϱϵϰ ϲϵ͘ϰϯϰ ϲϲ͘ϬϬϱ ϲϯ͘ϭϭϰ ϳϯ͘ϬϲϮ ϲϲ͘Ϭϱϴ ϲϯ͘ϯϳϭ E& ϳϯ͘Ϭϲϱ ϳϭ͘ϲϰϲ E& E& E& ϲϲ͘ϬϮϲнϭ ϲϲ͘ϭϲϯ ϲϬ͘ϯϴϮ E& ϲϭ͘ϭϮϴ ϲϬ͘ϵϳϳ ϲϰ͘ϲϭϵ ϲϰ͘ϵϳϭ ϳϵ͘ϮϵϳнϮ ϲϱ͘Ϭϱϰ ϲϬ͘ϳϵϵнϭ ϲϬ͘ϲϰϲнϭ ϲϮ͘ϵϱϱ ϲϬ͘ϯϰ E& E& E& ϳϰ͘ϲϯϴ E& ϲϭ͘ϳϵϮ ϲϳ͘ϭϬϱ ϲϮ͘ϵϰϱ ϲϮ͘ϯϳϭ ϲϮ͘ϴϮϲ E& ϲϭ͘ϯϮϳ E& ϲϬ͘ϱϴϭ ϲϬ͘ϯϳϲ ϲϭ͘ϱϰϯ ϵϴ͘ϬϬϯнϭ ϴϰ͘Ϯϰϴ ϴϯ͘ϱϲϰ ϳϳ͘ϱϵϳнϭ

ϳϭ͘ϴϱϴ ϲϬ͘ϰϱϳ ϳϰ͘Ϭϭϱ ϲϭ͘ϴϳ ϲϰ͘ϬϬϱ ϳϮ͘ϭϰϳнϮ ϲϳ͘Ϯϰϱнϭ ϴϲ͘ϳϵ ϲϰ͘ϱϲϵнϭ ϲϲ͘ϱϬϳнϭ ϲϱ͘ϱϰϴ ϲϮ͘ϵϰϭ ϳϭ͘ϳϰϲ ϲϱ͘ϴϰϮ ϲϭ͘Ϭϭϵ ϲϰ͘ϵϯϱ ϲϬ͘ϴϲϯ ϳϳ͘Ϯϭϭ ϲϯ͘ϳϲϲ ϲϭ͘Ϯϴϵ ϲϬ͘ϵϱϲ ϳϴ͘ϬϮϯнϮ

ZhEϳ ϲϰ͘ϲϰϴ ϲϯ͘ϵϵϴ ϲϯ ϲϱ͘ϮϬϳ ϲϵ͘Ϯϵϰ ϳϯ͘ϰϴϲ E& ϳϯ͘ϵϳϭ ϲϯ͘ϳϭϭ

E& E& ϲϬ͘Ϯϲϱ ϲϭ͘ϰϭϴнϭ ϳϯ͘ϴϰ ϳϯ͘ϵϵϭ ϴϮ͘ϱϵϰнϮ ϲϭ͘ϵϰϲ ϲϰ͘ϮϬϱ ϲϯ͘ϰϲ ϳϬ͘ϱϮ ϳϭ͘ϵϵ ϱϵ͘ϰϮϲ ϱϵ͘ϭϲϯ E& E& E& ϲϯ͘ϲϲϭнϭ ϲϴ͘ϮϴϬнϭ ϲϳ͘ϭϰ ϲϱ͘ϯϵϱнϭ ϲϱ͘Ϭϵ ϲϮ͘ϳϰϵнϭ ϲϯ͘ϲϵϴ ϳϮ͘ϵϴϭ ϳϮ͘Ϯϰϯ ϲϲ͘ϭϭϱ ϲϲ͘ϰϭϯ ϴϱ͘ϯϮϭнϭ ϲϲ͘ϬϮϯ E& ϲϯ͘ϲϵϰ ϲϬ͘ϭϵϴ ϱϵ͘ϴϬϭ ϳϰ͘ϳ ϳϯ͘ϴϰϰ ϲϯ͘ϲϲϭ E& E& ϲϮ͘Ϭϴϱ ϲϬ͘ϲϱϱ ϲϭ͘ϭϴϱ ϳϲ͘ϰϱϱ ϳϳ͘Ϭϭϲ


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A Dozen Questions


he AZPCA is made up of a wonderful group of members. As Going Places Editor, I would like to introduce this month’s feature members, Ray and Sabrina Berg. 1. When did you join PCA? Three weeks ago (January 2018). 2. What Porsche(s) do you have? We have a 2004 Boxster Base. 3. Where are you from? Originally Indiana, but Arizona has been my home for over 20 years 4. Family? Wife of 16 years, Sabrina and daughter Kaitlin. 5. Work background or trade? An Aviation Executive. 6. What makes your car special? This is my first Porsche... Very exciting for me as Porsches of all types have been dream cars to me since 7th grade when I sat in a 911SC at the Chicago Auto Show. 7. Next upgrade? Cold air intake and tune... Just installed fabspeed exhaust.

Meet A Member 8. Have you personalized your car? Not really, besides exhaust and future performance mods... It’s unique all on its own. 9. Favorite memory with a car? And worst memory... Just bought from Mercedes dealer... Thought I got a decent car with good maintenance records, grinning ear to ear...then the right rear wheel bearing started howling on the drive home. Two days later the right window regulator failed followed by both top transmissions... I won’t get into the clunking CV joint and other fun... But hey the oil filter was clean with no plastic or metal... Lesson learned, and the fun of working on and learning my car began immediately. (I prefer to do my own maintenance so the acquisition of fun tools like bearing puller/press and CV clamp pliers began too; got to love Pelican and ECS quick deliveries) 10. Why did you buy your Porsche? Life long dream of owning one. 11. Highschool nickname? Kermit 12. Top 3 dream cars you would own? A 356 (love the outlaw scene with these) 914 (because this is actually an attainable air cooled Porsche and definitely my next addition) 1966-1969 912 (I know, another mundane car, but I like my goals to be achievable).

G O I N G P L A C E S 85.2018

| 15 |

Road Trip to Moab by John Macfarlane photos by Mike Ferring and Rick Mukherjee


he Moab Porsche Clan gathered at First Watch restaurant in Anthem for the obligatory waiver signing ceremony. Some had breakfast, others like myself, were just there for the orientation session. Seventeen shinned and polished cars, thirty-four Clansmen on a beautiful crisp Arizona morning, all excited to be on our way to Moab and three fun filled days. Rook gave us a brief, but thorough safety chat and then designated our two leaders and two sweeps, he got it 75% right, definitely a passing grade. I-17 was the usual cluttered cluster until we were about 50 miles north of Anthem, then traffic started to thin. Our first bio/gas break (think those two might be related?), just outside of Flagstaff at a Mobil Mini Mart and went off without a hitch, leaders still leading, sweepers still sweeping. What could possibly go wrong? Now we were out in the boonies and the scenery was really starting to pick up a notch, rolling hills and pine forests to feast our eyes on, but nothing compared to what we going to be treated to later in the trip. Quick break at Tuba City, where I couldn’t find anything interesting to report, other than we didn’t get lost. We headed into Kayenta, in the heart of Indian country, scenery taking a bit of a downturn, high barren desert, reminded me of the moon (actually that’s a lie, I’ve never been to the moon). Another, bio break, more gas and a reasonable lunch, Helen and I, along with many others had Subway, wasn’t too bad. Reports from the other ‘restaurants’ (I use that term in its loosest possible way), were similar, not worth the drive from Phoenix area for dinner! For four of us, things now start to take a turn for the worse. Our leader, who will not remain anonymous, set off on the wrong road. Hell, there were only two choices unless we wanted to retrace our route, how difficult could it be? Five miles into the faux pas, my astute co-pilot noticed the error and called ahead. It was decided between a fence posting cell conversation that ‘to return was as tedious as go,oer’ (Shakespeare quote from Macbeth-who knew?), we pressed on. Kudos to our lead (don’t look for any more in this report), we did maintain a legal speed as we passed a trooper, who pulled over a pick up truck immediately behind our foursome, that was a close one! As an aside, it was obvious from the 4+ radar traps we passed that the locals were calling us in to the local constabulary. Just because we are in Porsche’s, the locals assume we are driving fast, very deceptive! Porsche’s always look fast even when parked or dawdling along at 50 mph! Being several hundred miles behind the rest of the Clan (that’s an exaggeration), three of the four lost amigo’s, decided to forgo the bio/ gas stop at Blanding, going directly to Moab. Our detour and their route contained some spectacular scenery, teasing eye candy for our

| 16 |

ocular senses on what was to come. Rook wisely advised us to to gas up in Moab, gas stations were soon to become like hen’s teeth. Everyone made it safely to Red Cliff’s, WOW! What a spectacular place. Huge kudos to Rook and Debbie for choosing this place and making it home for the next several days. It was great to have a home base and not have to pack up and move every night. We all met in the bar and despite offering numerous sacrificial beverages to the weather gods, they were to initially let us down badly the following morning. Another little known fact I can now share with you, after the fact. Rook had wisely put one of our Clan in charge of weather, how difficult can it be? But foolishly chose the wrong spiritual medium, Macfarlane. Well, as all can attest, we were sadly let down. Friday morning at 8:58 am, torrential rain and massive thunder storms rolled in, postponing our imminent departure. Sensibly, it was postponed for an hour or so and then our sacrificial offerings started to kick in. Weather dried up, sun came out and we were treated to some of the best breathtaking scenery on the planet, in my experience anyway. Should also mention, dinner on Thursday was excellent, great value and Wendy was an excellent server, managing a large unruly mob with poise and professionalism. Kudos again to the “Younger’s” for finding this place. After touring the magnificent rock formations and having a great box lunch, we started to wind our way ‘home’ via another fill up. But not before stopping at the Moab Brewery. An excellent establishment where everyone enjoyed a great dinner and beverages. Our group of four enjoyed the 14 mile dusk drive back ‘home’ at a relaxed pace, (no really) with no cars on the road. At the crack of dawn Saturday, weather was little cloudy, but otherwise a crisp cool morning. Some of us missed the morning briefing,(Bob Noland apologizes for being absent). Groups set off in different directions to Arches National Park and other amazing locations. Talking of locations, I hope you all had a chance to go to the museum and watch the movie about, well movies. I was amazed at all the top notch movies that have been made in the Moab area over the years. Moab loves the movie industry, “they take nothing but pictures and leaving nothing but money”, great quote. The most recent movie made here in 2014 was a remake of the Lone Ranger and Tont We saw several Clan cars in Moab taking advantage of the many great lunch time joints, Macfarlane’s went to the MacStiff’s for lunch, possible distant relatives? Got back to the room to rest up before the rigors of wine tasting and more fun social times together. A little history about Moab, it had a Uranium boom in the early 1950’s. This made the owner of what is now the Sunset Grill, (look up to the right as you leave town), Charles Augustus Steen, a geologist, one of the wealthiest men on the planet. It was said at the time it was the richest geological find ever, surpassing the Klondike and California gold rush. If you go up to the restaurant, you’ll see the original US Army WW11 surplus Jeep he used in 1949, along with his original tiny hand cart used for hauling the ore. Charlie’s 1950 house had a heated swimming pool and full air-conditioning, both G O I N G P L A C E S 85.2018

| 17 |

Road Trip to Moab - continued very rare for the early fifties, unless you lived in Palm Springs or Hollywood. If you venture up there for dinner and the million dollar view, mention the PCA, Arizona region to the ‘big brothers’ (Justin & Nick), when you book ahead to get a great patio view. Thirty minutes before sunset is prime time. If you are interested in more history of Moab, check out this website link,,_Utah The grand finale was wine tasting and appetizers followed by a great buffet dinner with salmon, prime rib, chicken and pasta. Very generous tasting pours facilitated some lively conversations and lots of giggles, certainly at our table. Again, Wendy did a great job, coping with such a large mob, I hope our tips reflected our appreciation. OK, I’m done. Sincere thanks again to Debbie and Rook for putting this trip together, it’s a lot of work to make things run so smoothly. The trip took Helen and I, plus many of you all, to a beautiful place we never knew existed. The Red Cliff’s Lodge did a great job. Hoping Rick M., will do his usual excellent job, so we can pepper this report with his pictures. He’s a master photographer with his tiny camera! Editor’s Note: Check out all the photos on our website at

| 18 |

Meet the Porsche Puppy by Bob Frith


ast year the charity selected for the 40th Phoenix Flight was Guide Dogs for the Blind. As a result of the fund-raising efforts by the club at the October event, the donation qualified the club to name a future Guide Dog.

After considering some potential names, a list was submitted to Guide Dogs for the Blind to compare to existing names. They have a rule that no two dogs can have the same name. A name was approved and added to the list of names awaiting new puppies. In March, Bob and Linda Frith visited the Guide Dogs for the Blind Headquarters in San Rafael, California and were able to welcome “Speedster” to PCA! During the next year he will undergo rigorous testing and training, just as any new Porsche would, before becoming qualified to become someone’s new companion to help guide them through life. Well done, Arizona Region!

“Speedster” He is just adorable!

Bob and Linda Frith at the Guide Dogs for the Blind with Susan Neff, Regional Major Gifts Officer, holding “Speedster”. G O I N G P L A C E S 85.2018

| 19 |

Birth of a PCA Region by Don E. (Donny) Blackburn, PCA AZMountain Region 2018 President


n the Mountains of Northern Arizona a brand new PCA region has emerged to better serve members in the vast and sparsely populated northern half of Arizona. Arizona already had two established PCA regions. The AZPCA originally included the entire state. Today they have 1092 Primary and 636 Affiliate members. Primarily because of the distance between Tucson and other communities in the far southern portion of the state, the Southern Arizona Region (SAR) was split off to better serve those areas.. Today, SAR has 295 Primary members and 210 Affiliate members. Its been 41 years since the SAR was established (1967). The New Mountain Region will now cover more than half of northern Arizona and becomes the newest PCA region in the America. The Arizona Mountain Region (AZM) is larger geographically than the other two Arizona regions put together. The distance between, what they now refer to as their, “Chapter Communities” is diverse. Initially structured to serve the Prescott (Tri-City Chapter), Sedona (Verde Valley Chapter), Lake Havasu (River Chapter) and the (Flagstaff Chapter), the Mountain Region includes the entire Northern Arizona Porsche community. The territory covered by the AZPCA and the SAR Regions share an estimated seven million or more people. The AZM estimates to have only 6-700 thousand with Porsche owners are spread all across the region’s area. It has been necessary for PCA members, in the north, to drive the 220 to 500 miles, round trip, to participate in PCA meetings or other Club activities. The bond between like-minded friends, great relationships and mutual passions for the marque are well established in northern Arizona. The two existing PCA Regions in Arizona were very supportive and helpful while this new region was being formed. The Zone 8 group, of 13 Regions, came together at the President’s Meeting in Palm Springs this past January. Support was overwhelming. AZMR is now number 14. Support and helpful guidance from David Witteried (Zone 8 Rep) and several people at PCA National was truly inspirational. It certainly wasn’t easy to pull the application and by-laws together. The National PCA and the AMZ Organizing Team worked together and made it possible to establish the new AZM region. Format: They are working to include every PCA member in each of the Chapter communities where clusters of PCA members (and nonPCA Porsche owners) are concentrated. Each of the four Chapters will have a local Leader (AZM Board member) to coordinate regional as well as local activities. The Leaders will help to

| 20 |

gather up existing PCA members and attract new PCA members. The key for serving the four geographically diverse Chapters is to keep them involved in regional and local activities. AZ Mountain Region includes everyone and will serve them with positive support. Membership meetings, as well as Board meetings, will move around the region on a regular basis. The Team: The startup began when Don E. (Donny) Blackburn started the ball rolling to organize a new region for Northern Arizona. He made sure to carefully select and gather an exceptional Team to make it happen.. Donny is the AZM Region founding President and designer of the region’s new logo badge. The Team includes two Past PCA Presidents, Phil Mullen (Kansas City Region President 1969), Bob Frith (AZPCA President 1998 and1999). PCA leaders like Steve Sweet (formally with Grand Prix Region) will be founding Vice President, Steve Beer (Former Bend, Oregon Region Treasurer) is Secretary, Maynard Goff is Treasurer. Each Chapter also has an AZM PCA “Leader”, whom also holds a voting board seat. The region started with a list of more than 150 existing PCA members, that were known to reside in the AZM region. They also expect to draw in 20-30 additional non-PCA Porsche owners in the first year. Initial Goals: In the first year, the AZM region is focusing on membership and Chapter leadership. The New AZM Region is making an effort to post a Website to help gather up their “geographically diverse constituency”. Multi-Regional invitational events, social tours between chapters and other Regions in Zone 8 are on the proposed schedule. To discourage the possible negative effects of “cliques”, this region is determined to be an outgoing, friendly and welcoming group of marque enthusiasts. This was mentioned several times in the initial exploratory meetings with potential chapter community PCA members. Hospitality and generous friendships are the Arizona Mountain Region’s promise to all PCA members and all Regions. Northern Arizona is a Mecca for beautiful mountains, lush forests, scenic deserts, red rock wonders, the Grand Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, Petrified Forest, Lake Powell. The smaller communities, in the AZM region, offer local art, interesting shops and really nice people! And… don’t forget northern Arizona has some of the best driving experiences in America. Roads and byways to please any Porsche driver. Contact information will be posted soon. The AZM’s door is open to welcome new and transferring PCA members as well as visitors from any other PCA region.

April Monthly Meeting at Porsche Chandler photos by Brian Minson We had a wonderful turnout for the April monthly membersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; meeting, which was attended by approximately 100 members. There was also a guest speaker from Porsche Cars North America, Mark Harston. A big thank you to Lisa Cvijanovich at Porsche Chandler for hosting our group. The barbecue buffet was yummy! Kudos to Mark Baker, our club monthly meeting coordinator. Hope you enjoy the pictures that Brian Minson took!

G O I N G P L A C E S 85.2018

| 21 |

2018 968 West Coast Gathering June 29-July 2, 2018 There will be a gathering of 968 owners this summer in Sonora, CA, June 29th to July 2nd. Sonora is located on historic CA Highway 49, at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains! Think Winding Mountain Roads!

In the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills, in the heart of California’s “Gold Country” lies Sonora, named after the miners from Sonora Mexico who settled the City in 1848. Known as the “Queen of the Southern Mines”, Sonora still holds onto its historic downtown charm while thriving as the commercial, government and cultural center for the region. This should be a great base for scenic drives, social time with fellow 968’ers and exploring the local region!

For those who made the 968 Gathering in S. Lake Tahoe, this is a little southwest of that and we will have an opportunity to enjoy some of the same styles of roads and scenery! Stops are being planned at several nearby historical venues. The base hotel is the Sonoran Inn ( with discount rates of between $135-$145 per night; depending on room type. There are other higher-priced hotels/inns/B&Bs and some lower-priced lodging to suit all pocketbooks and tastes. One caution, there are no first floor rooms at the hotel and the elevator is under repair and may not be operational. If this is a concern, they have an adjacent property with first floor rooms that you can book. Make your reservations no later than May 29th to check-in on Friday, June 29rd and check-out on Monday, July 2nd The block of rooms will be released after May 29th. Ask for the “Porsche Club 968” special rates. Reservations should be direct to the hotel at 209-532-2400 For more details and to let us know you are coming, contact Bob Frith at

| 22 |

AZPCA Hot Air Tour October 5 - 8,2018 Join us for the second “Hot Air Tour” to New Mexico. We will be leaving Phoenix for Socorro New Mexico on Friday, October 5, taking a scenic route through eastern Arizona and Western New Mexico to Socorro. On the way, there will be a surprise treat. We will stay at the Best Western Socorro Hotel and Suites. Friday evening we will have dinner at the Socorro Springs Brewery near the hotel followed by a short educational program on the Atomic Bomb and the effects of radiation presented by Steve Sapareto (the first “hot air” event). Saturday morning we will drive into White Sands Missile Range to the Trinity Bomb site and museum where the first atomic bomb was detonated. It is only open to the public two days per year (don't worry, radiation levels are very low). We will leave the site about noon time for lunch and a scenic drive to Albuquerque arriving in time to visit the The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History for a guided tour before checking into our hotel. We will have dinner at a nearby restaurant. Getting up very early Sunday we will join the PCA Roadrunner region at the Albuquerque Porsche dealership to watch the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Mass Ascension, one of the largest balloon launches in the world. More than 700 balloons from all over the world launch from a 78 acre launch field (54 football fields) at the 365 acre Balloon Fiesta Park. Those interested can also join us to meet the Lambda Car Club for the Fiesta of Wheels, a car display right on the balloon launch grounds, displaying our cars along with over 200 others with free admission. The rest of the day will be available for sight seeing followed by a dinner and viewing of the Balloon Glow and Fireworks. We will return home on Monday as a group or individually. Make Reservations for Friday night, October, 5 at the Best Western Socorro Hotel and Suites, 1100 California Street, Socorro, NM 87801, (575) 838-0556. Indicate you are with the Porsche Club to get our special rate of $95. The cutoff date is September 6, 2018 In addition, make reservations Saturday, Oct 6 and Sunday, Oct 7 at the Nativo Lodge, 6000 Pan American Freeway,NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109, (505) 798-4300 or (866) 505-7829. Also specify that you are with the Porsche Club ($219/night). Cut-off date for this rate is September 6, 2018. Those interested in arranging balloon rides should contact Rainbow Ryders the official Fiesta Balloon ride concession. Find contact information at under guest information. Other special event offerings are also listed. We only have a limited number of rooms available at each location so please make your reservations as soon as possible to get our group rate and to insure a room as hotels during the Balloon Fiesta will be extremely difficult to find.

Register at: G O I N G P L A C E S 85.2018

| 23 |

| 24 |

Discover California 1849 Gold Chain Highway 49 May 25-28 2018

This will be a three-night, four-day tour hosted by Porsche Club of America, Santa Barbara Region. It will be open to only 40 people. -Superior Dairy -Preston Castle Tour -Black Hawk Museum Fine dining, great driving, reserve your place now. Optional 4th night in Paso Robles. $285.00 per person. Includes three dinners, one lunch and tour fees. Hotels are not included. ANY QUESTIONS

Name:___________________________________________ Email:___________________________________________ Cell Number:____________________________________ Number of travelers:_____________________________ Make check payable to PCA/SBR and send to: Don Dickey, 975 Via Colinas Westlake Village, CA 91362

G O I N G P L A C E S 85.2018

| 25 |

An Introduction to a True Porsche Connoisseur - Part 4 by Richard Andrade 1997 Boxster Hardtop type 986

In the Alps, the Boxster is my first choice, extremely maneuverable and fast enough to be an Alpine funcar par excellence!

Konrad searched for a Boxster that was assembled in Stuttgart. In mid 1997 the majority of production was transferred to the Valmet plant in Finland between 1997 and 2004.

2003 911 Turbo type 996 With the Turbo S I like to drive medium distances when it has to go â&#x20AC;&#x153;fast.â&#x20AC;? EXTREME performance M 50 engine with factory performance increases to about 500 hp.

| 26 |

What a beautiful cockpit for Extreme Performance. The Autobahn is the playground!

In conclusion: Ferry Porsche said Porsche driving is "DAS FAHREN IN SEINER SCHÃ&#x2013;NSTEN FORM" ("DRIVING IN ITS MOST BEAUTIFUL FORM") I supplemented - as I also told Tobias Aichele: with the 928 in NOBELSTE ART UND WEISE! (NOBELEST FASHION!) Konrad has an exceptional Porsche collection and has driven many more kilometers in Porsches than most. As a Porsche connoisseur he has sampled the finest. I have driven over 4,000,000 km (2,480,000 miles) with the 911 in 40 years but traveling with the 928 on the highway is incomparably nicer! I love the 928 as a true Gran Tourismo! It is truly a fitting compliment that Konrad pays the Porsche 928.

G O I N G P L A C E S 85.2018

| 27 |

BOOK REVIEWS FOR PORSCHEPHILES by Bruce Herrington, Orange Coast Region

MANGUS WALKER URBAN OUTLAW MANGUS WALKER URBAN OUTLAW by Mangus Walker with Martin Roach, published in 2017, by 'Transworld Publishers, London, England.


he term outlaw has many connotations including â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 'a person who refuses to be governed by the established rules or practices of any group: a rebel, a non-conformist'. In the Porsche context an outlaw is what an earlier generation would have called a hot rod, an automobile that had been modified into something different from what the manufacturer ever produced Mangus Walker has created such Porsches. This book shows that Mangus Walker was someone who was a non-conformist his entire life, especially in his business ventures. Interestingly, unconventional hair seems to have been part of his shtick since his teenage years. Mangus Walker is a name recognized by many Porsche enthusiasts, but few know much about him except for customized Porches.. If you want to know more about who he was, where he came from and how he got to where he is now, this is the book for you. It is a very readable, first person autobiography from his pre-teen years in England, through a non-academic youth to his entrepreneurial years in the clothing business. His was a rather unstructured life, but one marked with a penchant for recognizing, and seizing, opportunities. There should be a sub-title 'Go with your gut feeling' because this book shows how that theme has pervaded Mangus's life and business successes. A captivating, first person narrative, MANGUS WALKER reads like he was across the table talking to you. The story is inspiring, truly a rags to riches story (pun intended), showing how hard work and dedication can achieve | 28 |

phenomenal results, no formal education necessary. Though appropriate to a book published in the UK, the British spelling seems out of place in a book describing events taking place in the United States. The first half of the book is not about Porsches (Except for his early correspondence with Porsche, AG started as a 10 year old) , but about the strange story of how his youthful interest in punk-rock bands lead to his clothing empire, which lead to everything else. All a matter of recognizing and seizing opportunities.The last half has lots to say about cars, but even here, as in PCA, it's not just the cars, it's the people. Throughout the book is is clear that Mangus is a 'People Person' . If you like people, you will find this book fascinating, even if you are not into 'cars', let alone Porsches. There are two sets of pictures included, the first set is of family and youthful activities such as his running awards. The second set is of some of the Porsches Mangus has created. Though famed for his 'show' cars, this book shows how and why, Mangus is most definitely not a Concours guy, More than a 'patina' guy, he's a heritage/history guy with respect to the condition of his cars. In addition to explanations of how his commercial ventures came to be, this book has interesting car stories such as how he was a gate-crasher with a borrowed pass to SEMA one year, and an invited guest the next, how he came to design the Urban Outlaw steering wheel for MOMO, cars for Hot Wheels, and even 'appear' in a version of Need for Speed. etc. etc. MANGUS WALKER is soft bound, with 256, 6-1/4 x 9-1/4 matte pages, including a very comprehensive 8 page index. The soft bound edition is available from Amazon Books for approximately $12.00. Hardbound and Kindle editions are also available.

No You Can’t Drive Them by Danielle Badler


t’s really frustrating. You go to a new car show, and the streamers are flying, music’s blaring, everything’s reflected in mirrors and chrome. Oh the cars. They shimmer, they shake, they beckon. Which is of course the idea. Except you can’t drive anything. Yeah, it’s a tough one. On press day, I went to the annual car show again this year, here in Denver, and experienced what I call “looker’s remorse” again, as expected. Oh, FCA did offer short test drives around the perimeter of the convention center. But this was during the show, not on press day. And Jeep offered a micro-mini “off-road” course for their products, in the hall. But that was it. I still like hopping in and out of the posed vehicles. Setting the seat and mirrors. Staring out and deciding the one question that, to me, rates far and above any other parameter. Can I drive this car fast? The first time that simple test came to me was many years ago, when I had the opportunity to sit in a Ferrari Boxer. Not drive it, of course. We were in a convention hall, after all. Just sit in it. But that was enough. This was the first Ferrari I ever sat in. Replete with a gated shifter and all. And, yes, after setting the seat and the mirrors, I knew, I just new, that I could drive that car really fast. I fit. The Corvettes were like that, this year. No ZR1. But they did have a ZO6. Fly yellow. And a base convertible. In black. And, yes, I fit. I must say, out of all the new Vettes I’ve seen and driven, here’s an observation. For what it’s worth, black seems to work best as the color of choice. Because it masks all the black trim around vents and scoops that, to my eye, distorts the homogeneity of the exterior design. Especially something in yellow like the ZO6. But the fact that there was no ZR1 magnifies a problem with the show; it’s really a dealer exhibit. This year, Denver came one week after the New York show. So there were no unveils. No ZR1. No Porsche “Mission E” showcase. Although a local Porsche dealer did have a display of some current models. As did McLaren. And Ferrari. And Lamborghini. And Bentley. And Jaguar. And Aston Martin. Ford showed a Mustang Bullitt, which I didn’t get close to. It was up on a stand. Volkswagen showcased a prototype of the Arteon. Which I did sit in. And which looked great. Which brings up one of the things that’s actually a lot of fun about attending on press day. Most of the major auto makers schedule time during the day for remarks about their products.

Believe it or not, probably the most interesting presentation was from Ram. Not that I’m exactly anywhere near the typical shopper for a dual-cab pick-up. But the speaker was the Ram brand manager. Who exuded energy and passion in describing how he has drilled down on just what his buyers are looking for. The brand manager ushered us to the Ram 1500 Limited, and proceeded to tick off the result of that research. A wireless charging pad in the center stack for two hand-held devices. Rear seats that recline up to eight degrees. A center console that opens wide enough to fit a fully-loaded tote bag. Or hanging file folders. Or a 15-inch laptop. And let me note that the only car I’ve ever seen with similar storage space is the Tesla Model S. And that’s not all. A 12-inch touchscreen with split-screen capability, which is almost as large as, yes, what you find in the Tesla Model S. A digital cluster display with high def 3-D graphics. Power running boards. Air suspension. Who buys these things? Business owners, he said. Although the brand manager noted he also sees a lot of younger family buyers, moving from SUVs. A few other highlights. Acura described the bells and whistles on the new RDX, such as “absolute positioning” navigation on their “true” touch pad interface and something called “ELS Studio 3D” audio, which features speakers mounted above the side windows. On the Jeep Rubicon, the front windshield folds down with just two bolts, rather than six. The doors can still come off, as can the top. And the interior still has drain holes. The Honda Clarity is coming in three versions — a plug-in hybrid for all 50 states, an all-electric version for California and Oregon and a hydrogen version for California. And so on and so forth. Which may be interesting if you’re shopping or cross-shopping a certain model. But under no circumstances will the manufacturer or dealer reps talk about what else is coming down the pike. When will the mid-engine Corvette debut? No answer. A replacement for the 370Z? No answer. Oh they know. You know they know. They just don’t go there. Despite the fact that, if you read the buff books and on-line car sites with any regularity, you’re intimately familiar with the rumor mill. And so are they. They just won’t say. I’d love to see them drop some nuggets about something. You know they do it elsewhere - the buff books don’t make it up. Right? Right? Ah well. If you’re a gear-head, it’s still a fun day out of the office. Even if you don’t actually go anywhere.

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