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G O I N G P L A C E S 81.2018

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EDITOR Angela Manente gpeditor@az.pca.org




FEATURES EDITORIAL ASSIS TANT Andy Logan andrewhlogan@cox.net CONTRIBUTORS Rick Althouse Jack Aman Danielle Badler Chuck Brasile Jason Bunting Bob Frith Bruce Herrington Kim Kemper Doug Low Rita Low Jan Mackulak Rob Powell Ken Shahoian Rook Younger Bob Woodwell

14.............. Autocross #4 and #5 Results 17 .............Verrado Sunday Drive 18.............. Flight 40 Has Landed 20.............. Flight 40 Concours Results 23.............. Book Reviews for Porschephiles 28.............. My New Year’s Resolution 30.............. AZPCA Members Attend Porsche Classic Car Show


4............... 2018 Calendar of Events 9............... Wickenburg Sunday Drive and Brunch 10.............. Autocross 10.............. Drivers Education 11.............. Monthly Meetings 13.............. Sunday Drive to Mining Country 16.............. Register Now! 5th Annual Concours in the Hills 29.............. Zone 8 Awards Banquet 34.............. PCA Treffen Tamaya BC............. 4th Annual Valentine’s Date Night


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Cover: Porsche Classic Car Show at Porsche Chandler By Jan Mackulak

AZ.PCA.ORG Going Places is the official publication of the Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region and is published electronically monthly. Written contributions and photographs are welcomed and can be emailed to the editor. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the Porsche Club of America, Arizona Region, its officers or members. Permission is granted to reprint any material herein provided full credit is given to the author and to Going Places. PORSCHE®, the Porsche Crest®, CARRERA®, and TARGA® are trademarks of Porsche AG. The editor shall reserve the right to edit and publish only those articles felt to be in the best interest of the members of the Porsche Club of America. THE DEADLINE FOR ARTICLES AND ADVERTISEMENTS SUBMITTED FOR PUBLICATION IS THE 15TH OF THE MONTH PRIOR TO THE MONTH OF PUBLICATION. Commercial advertising rates can be found in the back of this publication.

G O I N G P L A C E S 81.2018

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2 018 C A L E N D A R O F E V E N T S

JANUARY 2018 3 7 15 15 20 27

We Su Mo Mo Sa Sa

JUNE 2018

Monthly Membership Meeting Sunday Drive: Globe Mine Tour Going Places Deadline (Feb. 18) Board of Directors Meeting Drivers Education AMP Skidpad Autocross AMP Skidpad

15 Fr 18 Mo 22-24 Fr-Su

JULY 2018

8-14 Su-Sa 15 Su 16 Mo 22 Su

FEBRUARY 2018 3 7 8 10 10 11

Sa We Th Sa Sa Su

15 Th 17 Sa 19 Mo

Porsches and Pancakes Monthly Membership Meeting 4th Annual Valentine’s Date Night Drivers Education WHP 5th Annual Concours in the Hills Sunday Drive: Wickenburg/ Rancho de los Caballeros Brunch Going Places Deadline (March 18) Autocross AMP Skidpad Board of Directors Meeting

Drivers Education AMP Sunday Drive: Barlett Lake Drive/ Lunch Rancho Manana Going Places Deadline (April 18) Autocross AMP Skidpad Board of Directors Meeting

15 We Going Places Deadline (Sept. 18) 20 Mo Board of Directors Meeting 18-19 Sa-Su Flagstaff/ Lowell Observatory


APRIL 2018 7 Sa 8 Su 15 Su 16 Mo 21 Sa 25-29 We-Su

12-16 We- Su 15 Sa 17 Mo 22 Sa 27-30 Th-Su

Treffen Banff - Canada Going Places Deadline (October 18) Board of Directors Meeting Autocross AMP Skidpad Rennsport Reunion - Monterey, CA

OCTOBER 2018 5-8 Fr-Mo

Hot Air Tour/White Sands and Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 6 Sa Autocross AMP Skidpad 12-14 Fr-Su La Posdad Tour/Petrified Forrest/ Meteor Crater 15 Mo Going Places Deadline (November 18) 15 Mo Board of Directors Meeting

IndyCar at PIR Sunday Drive: Page Springs/ Cotton wood Lunch/Jerome/Mingus Mtn. Going Places Deadline (May 18) Board of Directors Meeting Autocross AMP Skidpad Treffen Tamaya - New Mexico


Moab Tour Going Places Deadline (June 18) Board of Directors Meeting

DECEMBER 2018 1 Sa Cars & Coffee/Strawberry Shortcake 8 Sa Autocross AMP Skidpad 15 Sa Going Places Deadline (Jan. 19)

MAY 2018 11-14Fr-Mo 15 Tu 21 Mo

Porsche Parade, Lake of the Ozarks Going Places Deadline (August 18) Board of Directors Meeting Sunday Drive: Prescott


MARCH 2018 10 Sa 11 Su 15 Th 17 Sa 19 Mo

Going Places Deadline (July 18) Board of Directors Meeting Alpine Tour XVIII

4 10 15 19


Su Sa Th Mo


Sunday Drive: Bagdad Autocross AMP Skidpad Going Places Deadline (Dec. 18) Board of Directors Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting

Editor’s Note: The date, times and details of AZPCA events may change at anytime. Always check the website at az.pca.org for the latest event information. | 4 |

Bob’s Briefings B o b


ransitioning presidents in the AZPCA is always an interesting time as each President has their own ideas and opinions on how to ensure the AZPCA remains one of the top regions in Zone 8 and the National PCA. This is no different now. As I enter my first month as the 2018 President, I find myself assessing the most important goals and objectives for 2018 that will not only continue the success of my predecessors and the club, but also to move forward in certain areas to make the club run smoothly and provide more of what I hope we all value as club members. First and foremost I intend to continue those past activities which made the AZPCA the 2017 Region of the Year. A variety of track, social and tour events will continue at the same level as 2016 and 2017. Our award winning publication, Going Places, will be maintained at its current high quality level under the outstanding, and perhaps underappreciated, leadership of Angela Manente. Ditto for our best-in-class website created and maintained by Webmaster Kevin Gilchrist. Porsches and Pancakes will continue under the new leadership of Camille Miles, Moe Scharhon and Jane Perlman (Thank You!). 2018 focus areas will be increasing efforts to engage younger members in club activities and club leadership, making our monthly meetings more fun and informative while maintaining their social emphasis and making event planning and execution easier by building process into the way the club and club events are run. For Membership meetings, “Tech Topics” will be added to all meetings. Speakers and topics for the first three 2018 meetings have been identified. I am sure they will be of interest to all of us. •January – “Camshafts, Lifters and Valves,” Scott McIlvain, McIlvain Motors •February – “Car Care, Waxes, Sealants and Ceramic Coatings,” Kyle Franco, Bulldog Detail •March – “Window Regulators and Convertible Top Actuators, Care, Maintenance and Replacement,” Paul Nagy, Power Window Repair

Wo o dwell

fellow members enjoy themselves and say, “Thank You” to the event organizers or better yet, ask if they can use any help. Join us for a Sunday drive or multi-day tour and see Arizona and other parts of the Southwest. Don’t forget these are not high speed driving events, just fun drives to interesting locations. Attend one of our many social events and make some new friends. There is something for everyone! Remember we are all members of the Porsche Club of America and Zone 8. Events hosted by other regions both in and outside of Zone 8 are open to all PCA members so check out events by other regions and try something different by attending one of their events. I would also like to encourage you to consider volunteering to help event organizers with their events or leading your own event. They are not as hard as you might think. Current vacancies are: • •

Flight 41 chairperson – Our premier Concours and charity event Social Event Chairperson - responsible for organizing the New Member Day, the Holiday Party and assisting the Flight 41 chairperson with Flight social events

In closing, I would like to say thanks for giving me the opportunity to be your President and thank you to the new Board of Directors, who I look forward to working with. Feel free to contact me with any ideas you have for the club. A Happy and prosperous New Year to all!


With everything we do as a club, I look forward to a successful and exciting 2018 for the AZPCA, and I hope you do as well. Please take advantage of the multiple opportunities that make Porsche and the AZPCA the go-to car club in Arizona. Track your car at a Driver’s Education or Autocross event. Or, if you do not want to track your car then just attend a Driver’s Education or Autocross activity as an observer and watch your

G O I N G P L A C E S 81.2018

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G O I N G P L A C E S 81.2018

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ARIZON A REGION MEMBERSHIP UPDATE 8 by Jason Bunting, Membership Chair




George Boyle 2009 White Cayenne Turbo S Mesa, AZ

HAPPY AZPC A ANNIVERSARY! Arizona Region AZPCA Members Celebrating January 2018 Membership Anniversaries

52 Years

Phil Mullen and Sue Smith

4 Years

Jack and Loretta Aman

Paul Culley and Kim Soffey Jeff and Vickie England Steve and Donna Jones Andy Logan and Jennifer Cole Kevin and Peggy Murray William and Ciara Phillips Barney Tumey and Judy Cooper

John Kish 2004 Seal Grey 911 Carrera 4S Coupe Kirkland, AZ

32 Years

3 Years

Gary Kneisley 1995 Guards Red 911 Carrera Cabriolet Scottsdale, AZ

20 Years

Luke Demier and Lindsay Grizzle 2007 Black 911 Turbo Coupe Tempe, AZ Sean Gibbons 1983 Black 911 SC Coupe Tucson, AZ

Mike Marek 2007 Silver 911 Carrera Coupe Phoenix, AZ Brian Miller Porsche not listed Scottsdale, AZ David Peck 2012 Cayenne S SUV Mesa, AZ Saleem Saya 2003 911 Carrera Williams, AZ Derek Seymour 1987 944S Coupe Queen Creek, AZ Fred Shulman 2004 GT Silver Metalic 996 911 40th Anniversary Coupe Carefree, AZ George Wheat 2007 Black Cayman S Coupe Phoenix, AZ Welcome to the Arizona Region! We look forward to meeting each of you in person at a future event.

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42 Years

Cliff and Carolyn Berryman

37 Years

Paul Besonday and LyndaWashburn

James and Diane Rapisarda

19 Years Mike and Linda Eisele

18 Years

Richard and Betsy Andrade Paul and Ann Moss

16 Years Bruce R. and Robbin Lieberman

14 Years

John and Jana Lee

13 Years Earl and Nancy Gossard

12 Years

Robert and Heidi Knight Jeff Karl and Lori Crowe

10 Years

William Snearly

8 Years

Mark and Angela Manente

5 Years

Richard Fleming Franz and Emily Forman Peter and Joanne Gilmore Rick and Colleen Horeish Stig and Christ’l Nilsson Doug and Peggy Olson Gary and Penny Solem

David Derr and Sybil Solis Will Craig and Sally Peck Rick Forbes and Gina Nowicki Steve and Suzy Myers Nathan and Kristine Partain Rick Ripley and Dale Himner Ted VanderHoek Eugene Zameda and Susan Bartolucci

2 Years

David and Leta Goldberg Elovitz Jonathon Mike and Ellen Handa Robert Kottman Mike and April Kvalvik Tom and Kym Langdon Robert Mitchell Tom Mullen and Deb Rhoades Dennis and Nancy Rood Norm and Tracie Rust Michael Schmidt Jim and Alma Willis Eric and Paula Woolsey Mark Zolno

1 Year

Scott and Debby Bigham Dan Bliss Richard and Deborah Burke Tim Coldenhoff Mike Edwards Wesley Kagen Steven and Sandra McDowell John Momeyer Ken Orr Garry and Joanne Owens Rod Pappas

Wickenburg Sunday Drive and Brunch February 11, 2018

Our annual drive to Wickenburg for the fabulous buffet lunch at the Rancho de los Caballeros resort. WHEN:

Sunday, February 11, 2018 Meet at 9:00 am; depart at 10:00 am


Meet at the Coffee Plantation at Shea Blvd & 74th St., Scottsdale


A leisurely desert drive and buffet luncheon at the Rancho de los Caballeros in Wickenburg Buffet lunch will include desserts (to die for!) iced tea or hot tea, lemonade, or coffee.


$25.50 per adult/ $13.00 per child


REQUIRED by February 8, 2018 via the calendar event link at : http://az.pca.org/event/sunday-drive-to-wickenburg-rancho-de-los-caballeros/

G O I N G P L A C E S 81.2018

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Autocross 2018 AUTOCROSS SEASON Saturday, January 27, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, February 17, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, March 17, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, April 21, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, September 22, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, October 6, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, November 10, 2018 AMP Skidpad Saturday, December 8, 2018 AMP Skidpad REGISTER ONLINE at az.pca.org


Saturday, January 20, 2018 AMP Saturday, February 10, 2018 Wild Horse Pass Saturday, March 10, 2018 AMP REGISTER ONLINE at AZ.PCA.ORG | 10 |



January Membership Meeting January 3, 2018 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The VU Bistro 14815 Shea Blvd.,Suite 100, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 The Vu is an amazing restaurant/bistro located at the border of Scottsdale and Fountain Hills. We will be on the patio, which has an amazing view of the Valley and their food is excellent. 5:00pm – 6:00pm Drinks and Socialization 6:00pm – 7:00pm Dinner 7:00pm – 8:00pm Club Meeting ** Remember to register by December 31 using the link on our website at: http://az.pca.org/event/monthly-meeting-at-the-vu-bristro/

February Membership Meeting February 7, 2018 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Aunt Chilada’s 7330 N. Dreamy Draw Drive Phoenix, AZ 85020 5:00pm – 6:00pm Drinks and Socialization 6:00pm – 7:00pm Dinner 7:00pm to 8:00pm Club Business

AUNT CHILADA’S is always cooking great meals for our club. Registration is required, and ends on Sunday, Feb. 4th. http://az.pca.org/event/monthly-meeting-at-aunt-chiladas/ G O I N G P L A C E S 81.2018

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From the

EDITOR A n g e l a

Social Media for AZPCA – 7 Ways to Engage! By Jan Mackulak, Social Media Chair, socialmedia@az.pca.org

M a n e n t e FACEBOOK at fb.com/azpca


ere I am procrastinating getting the January newsletter completed in time! It seems that without having a printing deadline and with all the holiday parties, I have been a little distracted. I have made a few changes to the format this month, since we can use color on every page. Please feel free to send me your feedback (good, bad or indifferent) and ideas to gpeditor@az.pca.org Well, I decided not to participate in the Drivers Ed event held on December 3rd. I realized that I would probably have had a hard time hearing the instructor because I have a hearing problem and wear hearing aids. It’s okay, because I still enjoy driving the Boxster with the top down. Check out the 2018 Calendar of Events to start planning which activities you want to participate in and sign up for. The Sunday Drive to Mining Country is already booked up and the Valentine’s Date Night is filling up fast!

TWITTER at twitter.com/azpca

INSTAGRAM at instagram.com/azpca

PINTEREST at pinterest.com/azpca

PERISCOPE at periscope.tv/azpca

GOOGLE+ at google.com/+AZPCA

YOUTUBE at bit.ly/azpca

Remember to always check the event calendar on our AZPCA website for the most up to date information and to register for all the events. Great news! Porsches and Pancakes will continue in 2018. A trio of members have volunteered. Thank you Camille Miles, Moe Scharhon and Jane Perlman The winner of the Writer’s Drawing for the January issue of Going Places is Ken Shahoian for “Verrado Sunday Drive.” He will receive a $24.00 credit on Motorsportreg, which is good for one year to use on any AZPCA activity.


December was the last printed copy you will receive of our Going Places newsletter!

I also want to acknowledge some of our loyal, long-time members celebrating AZPCA anniversaries for January. 52 Years - Phil Mullen and Sue Smith 42 Years - Cliff and Carolyn Berryman 37 Years - Jack and Loretta Aman 32 Years - Paul Besonday and Lynda Washburn

We still have over 500 incorrect emails that kick back when we publish an AZPCA club notification or updates of upcoming events.

Come on out and have some fun! I’ll be looking for you...

Please help us by correcting/updating your email address in the PCA.ORG website.


If you cannot find it or have other difficulty, please contact me (Jason Bunting, Membership Chair)at: membership@az.pca.org or call 612-245-1858.

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Sunday Drive to Mining Country January 7, 2018 Make plans for a Sunday Drive in your Porsche on a route that features sites representative of Arizona's important copper mining industry. We'll head out from the East Valley on US-60 and turn south in Superior, home of the Resolution Copper Company. We will stop at the Ray Mine overlook to view the mining operations and hear an informative and interesting geology and mining description presented by AZPCA club member and mining engineer Jim Mackay. Next, our drive will take us back toward Superior then on to Globe along the scenic and twisty stretch of US-60 that follows Queen

Creek through Devil's Canyon.

After lunch in Globe you will have a couple options for your return to the Valley. Some of us will follow Highway 188 past Tonto National Monument, crossing under the elegant arch of the bridge at Theodore Roosevelt Dam, then continuing on the scenic drive along Roosevelt lake to the Beeline Highway and back to the Valley. Or you can re-trace the winding route back through Superior to Gold Canyon and the East Valley. It should be a great day for a January drive in Arizona, while most of the Porsches around the country are sitting in garages waiting for spring. Aren't we lucky to be living in the Sonoran Desert? Be sure to RSVP on the website at az.pca.org.

G O I N G P L A C E S 81.2018

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Autocross #4 Results

WͲyηϰEŽǀĞŵďĞƌϭϴ͕ϮϬϭϳ Z/sZ

by Rick Althouse and Kim Kemper


ere are the results from Saturday, November 4th autocross. The chart below contains all of your raw times, so add 2 seconds for each cone hit. The chart to the right, is your best time, and sorted from the fastest down. Congratulations to Brian for capturing the Top Time of Day! The competition was fierce for the top spots! Very early Saturday morning was quite chilly with little wind. As the sun came up, so did the winds, and it became a challenge to keep the waivers, registration forms, worker assignments, and maps under control. after a few hours, the winds subsided and the temperature warmed for another perfect day.  Kim designed a great course, and laid out the cones ahead of time on Friday with help from (and special thanks to) Mike Terry and David Fisher.  Thanks to everyone who shows up early to help set up and then stays to tear down and put away the equipment. We had another successful event because of all of you!  See you at the next autocross at AMP. Regards, Kim and Rick

WͲyηϰEŽǀĞŵďĞƌϭϴ͕ϮϬϭϳ Z/sZ

ZŝĐŬ ZŝĐŬ< Ɖƌŝů> DĂƌŬ, ƌŝĐ^ dƌĂǀŝƐD :ĂƐŽŶ^ ĂǀĞD :ŝŵ <ĞǀŝŶZ DĂƚŚŝĂƐ ŽŶ> DŝŬĞd ZŝĐŚĂƌĚt ĂŶĞd ŽŶ> ĂůŝŶŐ: ĂǀŝĚ ƌĂĚ< <:K ƌŝĂŶD ŝůů^ DĞLJĞƌƐ, :ŽŶZ >LJŶŶ :ƵƐƚŝŶ DŝƚĐŚĞůů ^ƚĞǀĞ <ŝŵ<





ƌŝĂŶD <ŝŵ< DĂƚŚŝĂƐ ĂůŝŶŐ: ƌŝĐ^ :ŽŶZ ^ƚĞǀĞ ĂŶĞd ŽŶ> :ĂƐŽŶ^ :ŝŵ ZŝĐŬ< ĂǀĞD DŝŬĞd dƌĂǀŝƐD ŽŶ> <ĞǀŝŶZ ƌĂĚ< ZŝĐŬ DĂƌŬ, ĂǀŝĚ DĞLJĞƌƐ, DŝƚĐŚĞůů ZŝĐŚĂƌĚt Ɖƌŝů> ŝůů^ >LJŶŶ :ƵƐƚŝŶ <:K ZhEϰ

ϳϰ͘ϴϭϲ ϳϰ͘Ϯϱϵ ϳϮ͘Ϭϱϴ ϳϭ͘ϰϳϱ ϲϳ͘Ϭϰϰ ϲϳ͘ϲϯϳ ϲϳ͘Ϯϱϱ ϲϳ͘ϯϯϮ ϴϯ͘ϴϴϲ ϴϭ͘ϵϵ ϴϬ͘Ϯϳϵнϭ E& E& ϴϴ͘ϰϲϮ ϴϰ͘Ϯϳϭ ϳϵ͘ϴϬϵ ϲϲ͘Ϯϰϳ ϲϰ͘ϱϭϯ ϲϱ͘ϭϭϲнϭ ϳϳ͘ϰϰϱ ϳϬ͘Ϭϱ ϲϴ͘ϴϴ ϲϴ͘ϭϳϲ ϲϳ͘ϴϱ E& ϲϱ͘ϰϱϮ ϲϱ͘ϲϰϭ ϲϲ͘Ϯϱ ϲϳ͘ϯϵϵ ϲϲ͘ϲϲ ϲϲ͘Ϭϯϰ ϲϲ͘ϱϳϮ ϲϳ͘Ϯϯϭ ϲϲ͘ϯϭϲ ϲϱ͘ϲϴ ϲϰ͘ϴϭϮнϭ ϭϴϱ͘ϭϯϱнϭ ϳϳ͘ϲϲϯ ϳϱ͘ϭϳϰ ϳϰ͘ϮϳϮ ϲϲ͘ϳϭϲ ϲϱ͘ϱϭϳ ϲϯ͘ϵϳϯ ϲϰ͘ϭϳϴнϭ ϲϰ͘ϴϭϲ ϲϱ͘ϰϲϳ ϲϲ͘Ϯϱϲ ϲϱ͘Ϭϭϵ ϳϭ͘ϳϵϳ ϲϳ͘ϲϯϵ ϲϴ͘ϳϰ ϲϴ͘Ϭϳϲ ϴϳ͘ϰϲϮ ϴϱ͘ϱϬϴ ϴϰ͘ϯϮϲ ϴϭ͘ϭϴϰ ϲϴ͘ϮϬϯ E& E& E& ϳϭ͘ϱϮ ϲϴ͘ϲϲϭ ϲϵ͘ϯϮϲ ϳϭ͘ϵϳϮнϮ ϲϰ͘ϭϭϲ E& E& E& ϳϱ͘Ϭϰϱ ϳϯ͘ϯϳϮ ϳϯ͘ϱϭϳ ϳϯ͘Ϭϲϱ ϳϰ͘Ϯϭ ϳϮ͘Ϭϳϱ ϳϭ͘Ϭϱϳ ϳϬ͘ϵϳϴ E& E& ϴϲ͘ϱ ϴϲ͘Ϭϯϳ ϲϮ͘ϲϯϮ ϲϮ͘ϱϳϭнϭ ϲϭ͘ϬϬϯ ϲϭ͘ϯϳϴнϭ ϳϳ͘ϱϲϭ ϳϳ͘ϱϰϴ ϳϴ͘ϭϭϲ ϴϬ͘Ϯϴ ϳϰ͘ϯϴ ϳϯ͘ϳϭϲ ϳϮ͘Ϯϰϱнϭ ϳϯ͘Ϭϵϵ ϲϱ͘ϯϳϮ ϲϰ͘ϳϲϭ ϲϯ͘ϳϮϰ ϲϰ͘ϴϴϵ ϴϴ͘ϳϯϴ ϴϮ͘ϯϵϭ E& ϴϭ͘ϱϭϵ ϴϯ͘ϭϵ ϴϮ͘ϱϬϯ ϴϭ͘ϲϭϯ ϳϵ͘ϳϬϯ ϳϴ͘Ϭϴϰ E& ϳϳ͘Ϭϵ ϳϴ͘ϭϲϱ ϲϰ͘ϱϭϯ ϲϰ͘Ϯϯ ϲϰ͘Ϭϲϯ ϲϳ͘ϴϲϭнϭ ϲϮ͘ϳϵϱ ϲϮ͘ϭϬϯ ϲϭ͘ϭϯϭ ϲϭ͘Ϭϰϴ


| 14 |










ϳϯ͘Ϯϲ ϲϳ͘Ϭϱϴ ϴϭ͘ϳϳϱ ϳϯ͘ϴϵϭ ϲϲ͘ϯϭϲ ϲϲ͘ϵϭϱ ϲϱ͘ϴϲϱ ϴϬ͘ϲϮϬнϭ ϲϰ͘ϲϳϬнϭ E& ϲϰ͘ϱϲϯнϮ E& ϲϲ͘ϳϵϲнϭ ϴϭ͘ϴϰ ϲϱ͘ϰϭϲ ϲϵ͘ϱϴϱ ϲϯ͘Ϯϭϭнϭ ϳϮ͘ϳϯϳ ϳϭ͘ϲϵϰ E& ϲϭ͘ϯϴϯнϭ ϳϱ͘ϴϳϭнϭ ϳϮ͘ϵϯϱ ϲϰ͘ϭϳϰ ϳϴ͘ϵϱϴнϭ E& ϳϱ͘ϱϴϯ ϲϰ͘Ϯϯϰ ϲϮ͘ϲϴϮ

ϳϯ͘Ϯϲϴ ϲϱ͘ϳϲϴ ϴϮ͘ϵϲϬнϭ ϳϮ͘ϳϱϯ ϲϯ͘ϳϬϯ ϲϵ͘ϬϭϬнϭ ϲϳ͘ϮϰϮ ϲϵ͘Ϭϵϳнϯ ϲϱ͘Ϭϵϴнϭ E& ϲϯ͘ϴ E& ϲϲ͘Ϯϲϰ ϴϬ͘ϴϭϴ ϲϰ͘ϰϰϰ ϳϮ͘ϬϯϮ ϲϯ͘Ϭϳϯ ϳϮ͘ϳϰϳ ϳϮ͘ϱϴϴ E& ϲϭ͘ϯϰϰ ϳϱ͘ϴϳϳ ϳϮ͘ϲϳϮ ϲϰ͘ϭϱϱнϭ ϳϴ͘ϱϲϮнϭ ϴϬ͘ϵϰϭнϭ ϴϯ͘ϯϵϵ ϲϯ͘ϭϲϬнϭ ϲϭ͘ϯϱϱ

ϳϮ͘ϱϱϴ ϲϳ͘Ϭϭϰ ϳϳ͘ϴϲ ϳϭ͘ϴϬϰ ϲϰ͘ϱϮϬнϭ ϲϴ͘ϱϲϰ ϲϵ͘ϱ ϲϲ͘ϱϵϱ ϲϱ͘ϱϰϰнϮ ϳϬ͘ϱϱϮ ϲϮ͘Ϯϱϵнϭ E& ϲϱ͘ϱϴϮнϭ ϳϳ͘ϳϱϰ ϲϱ͘Ϭϳϭ ϳϬ͘ϳϮϮ ϲϯ͘ϰϲϯ E& ϳϮ͘ϭϲϵ E& ϲϬ͘ϲϵϯ ϳϱ͘ϰϵϭнϭ ϳϯ͘ϱϳϳ ϴϬ͘ϲϲϮ ϳϵ͘ϲϬϮ E& ϳϲ͘ϱϮϳ ϲϰ͘Ϯϱϵнϭ ϲϭ͘ϯϳϭ

ϳϯ͘ϭϳ ϲϲ͘ϭϳϮ ϳϱ͘ϳϵ ϳϮ͘ϴϰϭ ϲϱ͘ϰϰϳ ϲϳ͘ϰϬϲ ϲϳ͘ϭϬϯ ϲϳ͘ϰϬϳ ϲϱ͘ϯϯϲнϮ ϲϵ͘ϭϰϯ ϲϭ͘ϵϱϭ E& ϲϱ͘ϵϭϭнϭ ϳϱ͘ϭϯϲ ϲϱ͘ϵϰϮ ϲϵ͘ϰϲ ϲϮ͘ϱϭϳ ϳϮ͘ϱϲϭ ϳϭ͘Ϯϲϱ ϴϭ͘ϯϭϴ ϲϭ͘ϬϬϱнϭ ϳϴ͘ϴϭϯ ϳϯ͘ϮϬϵ ϲϰ͘Ϭϱϱ ϳϵ͘ϵϮϱ ϴϬ͘ϴϴϯ ϳϰ͘ϵϯϲ ϲϯ͘ϴϰϴ ϳϮ͘ϱϭϳнϮ

^dZhE ϲϬ͘ϲϵϯ ϲϭ͘Ϭϰϴ ϲϭ͘ϵϱϭ ϲϮ͘ϱϭϳ ϲϯ͘ϳϬϯ ϲϯ͘ϳϮϰ ϲϯ͘ϴϰϴ ϲϰ͘ϰϰϰ ϲϰ͘ϴϭϲ ϲϱ͘ϰϱϮ ϲϱ͘ϲϴ ϲϱ͘ϳϲϴ ϲϲ͘Ϭϯϰ ϲϲ͘Ϯϲϰ ϲϲ͘ϵϭϱ ϲϴ͘ϲϲϭ ϲϵ͘ϭϰϯ ϳϬ͘ϵϳϴ ϳϭ͘ϰϳϱ ϳϭ͘ϴϬϰ ϳϮ͘ϱϲϭ ϳϮ͘ϲϳϮ ϳϰ͘ϵϯϲ ϳϱ͘ϭϯϲ ϳϱ͘ϳϵ ϳϱ͘ϴϳϳ ϳϵ͘ϲϬϮ ϳϵ͘ϳϬϯ ϴϭ͘ϯϭϴ

Photo by Rob Powell

Autocross #5 Results by Rick Althouse and Kim Kemper WͲyηϱĞĐĞŵďĞƌϬϮ͕ϮϬϭϳ



ey Autocrossers,


ĂŶ' ƌŝĂŶD <ŝŵ< :ŽŶĂƚŚĂŶ ĂůŝŶŐ: ^ƚĞǀĞ :ĂƐŽŶ^ :ŽŶZ :ŝŵD ƌŝĐ^ ĂŶĞd :ŝŵ ĂǀĞD ĂǀŝĚ ĞŶZ ŚƌŝƐƚŝĂŶ> <ĞǀŝŶZ DŝŬĞ DĞƌĞĚŝƚŚ: ZŝĐŬ DĞLJĞƌƐ, ^ƚĞǀĞ: ZŝĐŚĂƌĚt ŝůů^ >LJŶŶ

Here are the results from Saturday, December 2nd autocross. The chart below, is raw times from all of the runs so add 2 seconds for each cone. The chart to the right, is your fastest time, and times are organized from the fastest down. Congratulations to Dan for setting the Top Time Of Day in his amazing ‹63 Corvette Grand Sport!  As always, thanks to everyone for helping to set up and take down the course and store the equipment at the end of the event. Thanks also to everyone for coming out and supporting us - especially those from out of state and country - we hope to see you again soon! Regards, Kim and Rick

WͲyηϱĞĐĞŵďĞƌϬϮ͕ϮϬϭϳ Z/sZ


ƌŝĐ^ :ŝŵ ZŝĐŬ :ŽŶZ ĞŶZ <ĞǀŝŶZ :ĂƐŽŶ^ ĂůŝŶŐ: :ŝŵD ĂŶ' :ŽŶĂƚŚĂŶ DĞƌĞĚŝƚŚ: ŚƌŝƐƚŝĂŶ> ĂǀĞD ĂŶĞd ^ƚĞǀĞ: ƌŝĂŶD >LJŶŶ ZŝĐŚĂƌĚt DĞLJĞƌƐ, ŝůů^ DŝŬĞ ĂǀŝĚ ^ƚĞǀĞ <ŝŵ<



dKWd/DK&z ^dd/D






ϱϬ͘ϱϯϲ ϲϮ͘ϯϱϯ ϭϱϬ͘Ϭϰϴ EZ ϱϬ͘ϲϱϭ ϱϰ͘ϵϰϯ ϱϯ͘ϱϬϱ ϱϮ͘ϴϵϱ ϱϯ͘ϬϲϮ ϲϴ͘ϯϬϭнϭ ϱϲ͘ϲϭϯ ϱϱ͘ϴϳ ϱϲ͘ϭϵϮ ϱϱ͘Ϯϱϱ ϱϱ͘ϱϴϰ ϱϬ͘ϲϲϳ ϰϵ͘ϳϰϵ ϱϬ͘Ϯϭϲ ϰϵ͘ϴϱϬнϭ ϰϵ͘ϴϬϱ ϱϱ͘ϲϱ ϱϰ͘ϰϳϲ ϱϯ͘ϵϴϯ ϱϯ͘ϱϰϱ E& E& ϱϱ͘ϱϲϮнϭ E& ϱϰ͘ϯϭϬнϭ ϱϰ͘ϭϮϵнϮ ϱϯ͘ϭϰϯ ϱϮ͘ϯϬϱ ϱϳ͘ϳϱϴнϭ ϱϯ͘ϴϬϵ ϱϭ͘Ϭϳϱ ϱϰ͘ϯϬϵ ϱϯ͘ϬϮϱ ϱϮ͘ϱϴϭ ϱϮ͘Ϭϳϵ E& ϱϬ͘ϴϳ E& ϲϮ͘ϳϬϯнϭ ϰϵ͘ϲϲϴ E^ ϱϬ͘ϬϮϵ ϰϵ͘ϯϭϲ ϰϴ͘ϰϳϮ ϰϴ͘ϴϵϳ ϰϳ͘ϭϰϰ ϱϬ͘ϱϬϭ ϰϵ͘ϲϰϮ ϰϵ͘ϱϱϰнϭ ϰϵ͘Ϭϲϲ ϰϴ͘ϳϳ ϲϲ͘ϭϭ ϲϭ͘ϱϮϰ ϲϭ͘ϱϮϯ ϲϬ͘ϴϱϴ ϱϳ͘Ϯϲϴ E& E& ϱϲ͘ϲϭϵ ϱϰ͘ϱϴϲ ϱϯ͘ϰϬϮ ϱϰ͘ϲϭϯ ϱϮ͘ϰϵϭ ϱϮ͘Ϯϲϵ ϱϮ͘ϯϯϮ ϱϮ͘ϯϰϲ ϱϰ͘ϴϮϵнϭ E& ϱϭ͘ϲϳϯ ϱϬ͘ϲϲϮ E& E& ϱϵ͘ϳϴϭ ϱϵ͘ϭϰϳ ϲϬ͘ϰϰϯ ϱϴ͘ϴϭϯ ϱϭ͘ϬϰϮнϮ ϰϵ͘ϱϮϳ ϰϴ͘ϴϲ ϰϴ͘Ϯϱϴ ϰϴ͘Ϭϴ ϲϮ͘ϴϳϳ ϲϭ͘ϰϬϯ E& ϲϯ͘Ϭϳϰнϭ ϱϴ͘ϱϳϬнϭ E& E& E& ϲϳ͘Ϯϭϭ ϱϵ͘Ϭϭ ϱϴ͘Ϯϵ ϱϳ͘ϴϵ ϱϲ͘ϵϱ ϱϲ͘Ϭϱϴ E& E& ϲϯ͘ϳϱϵ ϲϯ͘ϯϱϰ ϲϮ͘ϴϭϲ E& ϱϰ͘ϱϱϭ ϱϰ͘ϵϵϰнϭ ϱϰ͘ϲϱϭ ϱϯ͘ϰϮϱ ϱϮ͘ϮϲϲнϮ E& E& E& E& ϱϰ͘ϯϲϳ ϱϬ͘ϰϯϰ ϱϬ͘Ϭϰϱ ϰϵ͘ϴϴϲнϭ ϱϬ͘ϯϵϵ ϰϵ͘Ϯϯϴ ϰϵ͘ϵϰϴ ϰϵ͘ϱϴϱ ϰϴ͘ϲϳϴ ϰϵ͘ϯϱϳ ϰϴ͘ϭϱϳ

ϰϳ͘ϭϰϰ ϰϳ͘ϲ ϰϳ͘ϴϵϵ ϰϴ͘ϳϳ ϰϴ͘ϴϲ ϰϵ͘Ϯϯϴ ϰϵ͘Ϯϵϭ ϰϵ͘ϯϬϰ ϰϵ͘ϲϲϴ ϱϬ͘ϭϲ ϱϬ͘ϯϲϭ ϱϬ͘ϱϴϳ ϱϬ͘ϵϴϰ ϱϭ͘ϵϵϯ ϱϮ͘ϯϮ ϱϯ͘Ϭϰϭ ϱϯ͘ϬϴϮ ϱϯ͘ϯϲϭ ϱϰ͘ϱϮϲ ϱϰ͘ϲϳϴ ϱϱ͘ϲϱϳ ϱϳ͘ϯϮ ϱϳ͘ϱϱϭ ϱϳ͘ϳϯϭ ϲϬ͘ϯϲϮ



ϱϮ͘ϭϭϯ ϱϭ͘ϰϭϵнϭ ϱϱ͘ϲϱϭ ϱϬ͘ϰϰϯ ϱϯ͘ϯϮϲ ϱϱ͘ϲϱϰнϭ ϱϭ͘ϰϲϯ ϰϵ͘ϲϮϰнϭ E^ ϰϳ͘ϱϴϲ ϰϴ͘ϵϰϳ ϱϳ͘ϯϴϯнϭ ϱϯ͘Ϭϵϭ ϱϮ͘ϱϱϭ ϱϬ͘ϯϲϭ ϱϴ͘ϱϰϲ ϰϵ͘Ϯϯϲнϭ ϲϭ͘ϳϲϲ E& E& ϲϮ͘ϵϳϮ ϱϯ͘ϯϲϭ ϱϯ͘ϰϳ ϰϵ͘ϵϭϳ ϰϴ͘ϬϮϱ



ϱϬ͘ϯϭϱ ϱϬ͘ϭϲ ϱϭ͘Ϯϴϲ ϱϬ͘ϱϴϳ ϱϰ͘ϵϴ ϱϰ͘ϲϳϴ ϰϵ͘ϱϳ ϰϵ͘ϵϲ ϱϮ͘ϵϮϴ ϱϯ͘ϳϬϵ ϱϰ͘ϰϯϮнϮ ϱϯ͘ϵϲϮ ϱϭ͘ϵϮϯ ϱϭ͘ϱϰϭ ϰϴ͘ϴϲ ϰϵ͘ϭϵ E^ E^ ϰϴ͘ϳϰϳнϭ ϰϵ͘ϰϱϲ ϰϵ͘ϯϬϲнϭ EZ ϱϲ͘ϯϱϲ ϱϲ͘ϳϭϴ ϱϯ͘Ϭϰϭ ϱϮ͘ϭϯϰнϭ ϱϯ͘ϭϬϳ ϱϮ͘Ϭϲϲ E& E& ϱϴ͘Ϯϵϲ ϱϳ͘ϯϮ ϰϵ͘ϭϱϱ ϰϴ͘ϰϵϮ ϲϬ͘ϯϲϮ ϲϬ͘ϯϳϳ ϱϵ͘ϭϰϰ ϱϵ͘ϵϱ E& ϱϱ͘ϲϱϳ ϲϬ͘Ϯϴϱ ϲϭ͘ϭϮϱ ϱϯ͘ϰ ϱϰ͘ϴϭϵнϮ ϱϮ͘ϱϴϴ ϱϭ͘ϵϵϯ ϰϵ͘ϴϮϳнϭ ϰϵ͘ϲϭϲ ϰϳ͘ϴϵϵ ϰϴ͘ϰϮϭ




ϱϬ͘ϲϱϵ ϱϮ͘ϰϳϰ ϱϱ͘Ϭϲϴнϭ ϰϵ͘ϯϬϰ ϱϮ͘ϯϮ ϱϰ͘ϭϭϱнϮ ϰϵ͘Ϯϵϭ E^ E^ ϰϳ͘ϱϯϯнϭ ϰϴ͘ϱϱϵнϭ ϱϱ͘ϳϭϰ ϱϯ͘ϴϰϮ ϱϭ͘ϱϲϵ E^ E^ ϰϳ͘ϲ E^ ϱϳ͘ϱϵϵ E^ ϱϳ͘ϳϯϭ E& E& E^ E^

ϱϭ͘ϭϮϬнϭ ϱϬ͘ϵϱϰ ϱϰ͘ϰϭϯнϭ ϰϵ͘ϲϵϵ ϱϮ͘ϱϰϯ ϱϯ͘ϬϴϮ ϱϬ͘ϵϯϯ E^ E^ ϰϴ͘ϭϱϴнϭ ϰϵ͘ϭϰ ϱϰ͘ϱϮϲ ϱϮ͘ϰϯϵнϭ ϱϬ͘ϵϴϰ E^ E^ ϰϴ͘ϱϭϴнϭ E^ ϱϳ͘ϱϱϭ E^ E& ϱϰ͘ϭϲϵ ϱϱ͘ϯϰ E^ E^


G O I N G P L A C E S 81.2018

| 15 |

Register Now! 5th Annual Concours in the Hills February 10, 2018


he Fifth Annual Scuderia Concours in the Hills <http://www.concoursinthehills.org> auto show is scheduled for Saturday, February 10, 2018 at Fountain Park in Fountain Hills, Arizona! Our Porsche club grouping of cars last year had over 40 Porsches parked together (65 in 2016), and we want to exceed that number for the 5th Annual event! Concours in the Hills is not a formal “white glove” event, but rather a casual and fun gathering of automobile enthusiasts in one of the most spectacular locations in the Phoenix area, on the green grass around the 560-foot fountain, one of the world’s tallest. The Concours showcases a very diverse range of ultra-high performance, luxury, and classic vehicles from both imported and domestic manufacturers. These range from multi-million dollar, 200 MPH plus cars to muscle cars, sports cars and pre-war classics, domestics and imports. The 2017 show was opened by Bob Bondurant and Peter Brock. Awards were given for Best Import, Best Domestic, Best of Show and for any club entering more than ten vehicles of any one brand. Voting is done by the exhibitors themselves. The Concours is supported by the leading car clubs of Arizona representing Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, Maserati, Jaguar, Corvette, Viper, Ford GT, Lotus, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo, DeTomaso, DeLorean, Mustang, Cadillac and others. In 2017, they had 647 cars, 71 sponsors, about 15,000 spectators and raised $90,000 for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale. Our Porsche club will have a roped-off dedicated area, so the organizers need to know how many of you plan to participate. They have increased the display area for both exhibitors and sponsors so there should be no crowding. Based on registrations they aim to allocate enough space so that cars can open doors wide on both sides. The easiest way to register and pay is on line at the website: http://www.concoursinthehills.org under the “Register” tab. The entry fee is a minimum donation of $60 per car to the Phoenix Children's Hospital. Please note that the organizers have established a strict “No Refunds” policy. Spectator admission and parking is free. In case of rain, the event will be rescheduled for February 18. Unlike 2017, we will not be meeting off-site this year to drive in as a group. In previous years, we had so many Porsches drive in as a group that we overwhelmed that area of parking cars. Such a problem! If you enter your car in the event, please make sure you arrive no later than 7:00 AM at the Concours in the Hills entrance to register and get parked in our Porsche area. The show officially opens at 10:00 AM and runs to 3:00PM. DJ music will entertain people of all ages as they walk around and enjoy all the cars. More food trucks will be added above what they had last year!

| 16 |

Verrado Sunday Drive by Ken Shahoian


n yet another Chamber of Commerce day, Sunday November 5, almost 60 Arizona Region members and two poodles gathered at the 101 & Scottsdale Center for a spirited morning drive. Destination—lunch at Verrado Grille at Verrado Golf Club in Buckeye. Event organizer Rook Younger, planned a route that took us northwest out of the Valley, through Wickenburg where we picked up three additional cars, then south on Vulture Mine Road to the lunch stop. Simple route, but a great three hour drive. Members brought all varieties of Porsches. From an originalowner Carrera Targa with over 300,000 miles, to a brand new club member, who purchased a 2017 991 Cabriolet 48 hours earlier. In between, we had four others in the “Classic” division— three 993s and a 968, and pretty much every combination of 996, 997, 991, Boxster and Cayman produced. One Macan, and even a Range Rover so the above-mentioned poodles could ride along. (The owners traded off driving duties with their 991 Turbo S.) Many different license plates, too, from visitors like us and part time residents.

We had over 60 members participating on the drive. Great turnout and a beautiful day to have your top down!

Due to the number of participants, Rook split the group into two. Rook and Debbie led the pack, with Richard and Vickie Wyatt playing sweep car for Group One. Jack and Loretta Aman headed Group Two, and Karen and I, the lost Californians, hung in the back with Group Two. Great instructions, an easy to follow route, and at “just right” length, led to a great time with both the cars and fellow members. If you couldn’t make it, watch the calendar so you don’t miss the next drive!

Getting our drive instructions from Rook Younger, Driving Tour Chair.

We all enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Verrado Grille.

G O I N G P L A C E S 81.2018

| 17 |

Flight 40 Has Landed! by Bob Frith


ere is a recap from the Flight 40 activities! • • • • •

106 Porsches counted in the venue area Saturday! 54 judged cars! $6,000. raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind 124 people at Friday night reception 150 people at Saturday awards luncheon

• • • • •

Lots of pictures on the website and Facebook page. • •

http://www.azpcaphotos.com/Concours-and-CarShows/Flight-40-10282017/ https://www.facebook.com/azpca/

The club has raised a large enough donation to allow the club to name a future guide dog. Very cool! We’ll have our own Porsche Puppy! I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your participation in Flight 40 Concours and helping make it a great success! We had a tremendous turn out, exceeding expectations. I heard from many participants and spectators that it was a great venue and well received by the club members, our charity (Guide Dogs for the Blind) and the general public. Speaking of the Charity, we raised over $6,000 for Guide Dogs for the Blind! People have started posting photos of the event, here’s the links to the initial sets, more to follow, so keep checking back in to see what’s new. If you have any, please post as well at: https:// azpcaphotos.smugmug.com/upload/HpfLcz/flightforty I’d love to hear your thoughts on the event, the venue, logistics, etc. to help with next year’s planning and beyond. An event like this doesn’t happen without a lot of volunteer help, from getting the venue logistics worked out, to setting the site up and taking it down the day of the show, judging and scoring, organizing the Silent Auction and other fund-raising activities, planning the reception and lunch arrangements, registration and check-in, designing and ordering shirts and other artwork, paying the bills, and the list of tasks goes on. It would take several emails to identify and thank everyone properly. But, here we go. For those people I missed, and I’m sure I have missed someone, I apologize for not acknowledging your contribution. For the participants, when you see someone who helped, please take a moment and thank them. Without them, Flight doesn’t take off. | 18 |

• • • •

• • • • • • •

Jim Borowske: my right arm and often my entire brain. Jim Hodos: site coordinator extraordinaire. Registration consultation and general overall assistance and therapy: Rook Younger Jack Aman: Head Judge Judges: Jim Roberts, Peter Beahan, David Derr, Steve Fairbanks, Jim Kendler, Bob Frith, Diane Collier, David Witteried, Ray Ramerez, Janice Witteried, John Abed, Craig Binder, Ron Collier, Steve Anderson, Shalei Webb, Richard Avellone, Barb Crowley, Lee Cuevas, Karen Lewis, Dennis Crowley, Patrick Wadman, Bob Lewis, Kathleen Kendler, Denise Brasile, Betsy Wadman, Monyette Nyquist, Cliff Berryman Timers: Mike Mullen, Bob Tomlin, Milt Overmire, Dale Willis, Dan Jacobs Runners: Bill Phillips, Mike Labowitch, Zoe Webb, Gary Solem, Ken Shahoian, Marg Beahan, Hal Hong Scoring: Mike Pyska, Loretta Aman, Rook Younger, Jim Hodos, and others Site set-up: Richard Wyatt, Kevin Gilchrist, Ethan Gilchrist, Tom Pringle, Kyle Franko, Jason Bunting, Jim MacDonald, Tedric Potzka, Evan & Sabrina Pridham, Gary Solom, Ken Steele Registration: Linda Frith, Debbie Younger, Walene Borowske, Ellen Hodos, Fran Steele, Penny Solom Silent Auction and Raffle: Denise Brasile, Chuck Brasile, Cheryl Woodwell, and especially the donors and collectors of auction items! Artwork and Logo: Donny Blackburn Angela Manente :Going Places Editor - who ran event ads for months in advance to help promote it. Kevin Gilchrist: Webmaster - who created, and updated, the web pages with amazing responsiveness! Jan Mackulak: Social Media chair for the club, who helped promote the event before, during and after the weekend! Facebook videos! Special thanks to our sponsors: Porsche Chandler, Porsche North Scottsdale and Scottsdale Fashion Square Best Regards, Bob Frith Flight 40 Chair

Red my favorite color!

Thanks ladies for handling the registration duties.

Rick Mukherjee and his beautiful blue 2004 911 Carrera!

Jan Mackulak with the Guide Dogs for the Blind trainers and puppies. So cute!

G O I N G P L A C E S 81.2018

| 19 |

Flight 40 Concours  Results                                                       

                                                      

                                                      

                                                      

                                                      

   

   

                                                 

                                                 

| 20 | 

                                                      

                                                      

Flight 40 Concours Scoring




                                                     

                                                     

                                                     

                                                     

  


                                                     



 


 

             


 

             


   

                             



                                        


         

                                                     


   

                                                     






                                                                                                                                                              





                                                      


                                                     


                                                     




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G O I N G P L A C E S 81.2018

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Protecting Families, Ensuring Safe Communities, Making Things Right No one wants bad things to happen. But sometimes our ability to self-determine our own lives is unexpectedly taken away by rule-breakers. When that occurs, we hold rule breakers accountable, for full and fair compensation for the harms caused. Attorney Robert J. Hommel has over 30 years experience dealing with injury claims and insurance denials of benefits you paid for. PCA member 480-778-0123 ArizonaInjuryAndInsurance.Law

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BOOK REVIEWS FOR PORSCHEPHILES by Bruce Herrington, Orange Coast Region

DRIVEN: The Racing Photography of Jesse Alexander 1954-1962 DRIVEN: The Racing Photography of Jesse Alexander 1954-1962, published 2000 by Chronicle Books, San Francisco, CA


’ve heard that as people mature, they revert back through their developmental stages to, ultimately, virtual infancy. In my case, I guess I must have regressed to being a preschooler, because I’ve (once again) come to like picture books. And this is just about the best picture book I know of (on motor racing). A caveat though - in part I like this book because I can remember the era depicted. To those not so chronologically blessed (or cursed ?) the scenes depicted might just be ho-hum black and white pictures of old cars. Jesse Alexander is arguably the best motor racing photographer of the 50s and 60s, a period that I consider to be the golden age of motor racing, an appellation which no doubt, at least someone has ascribed to any given decade on the calendar. Jesse Alexander has devoted most of his life to documenting motorsports, an involvement which began in the early 1950s at the time of the birth of the sports car movement in the USA. Over the years his work has appeared in most of the world’s prominent automotive publications including Car & Driver, Road & Track and Automobile. His interest began from seeing Clark Gable making a lap of honor in his Jaguar XK120 at a race in Palm Springs. Then there was Phil Hill in his Ferrari and Alfa Romeo as well as Johnny von Neumann driving the first Porsche 356 to appear in California. These were the personalities who introduced him, and many others to motorsports. Jesse has authored numerous books including At Speed, Forty Years of Motorsport Photography, Porsche Moments, and this book. His work has been exhibited in museums, galleries, and as part of an exhibition of sports photography at the 1996 Summer Olympics. DRIVEN: is a classic, not a new publication. It consists of page after page of mostly full-page pictures; matte black & white, befitting the times and giving the book a museum/art gallery like feel,. An appendix provides thumbnails of the pictures with very comprehensive captions describing the circumstances of the scene depicted. In true PCA fashion,

It's the People not the Cars that get the most attention in these write-ups. Particularly for the ‘bench racers’ who can remember the good old days of the 50s and 60s, or at least recognize the drivers faces or names, it is a chance to refresh the impressions of a bygone era of motor racing, an era when racing was still a sport and not big business. For the young whippersnappers, it is a chance to glimpse the days when motorsports was much more of an audience participation event than the lawyers will allow these days. The 110 Plates show Sports Cars and Formula 1 cars, drivers and engines. Porsche content is provided by numerous pictures of Porsche Spyders of various vintages. The pictures have a very 'intimate' , snapshot quality because they were taken when photographers, and even spectators, could get up close and personal with the drivers and crew, and those involved were focused on the racing, not dressing and posing to make a good impression for the sponsor, of which there were none in those days. Driven: The Racing Photography of Jesse Alexander 19541962 is a hard cover book of 144, 8-1/2 x 11 inch pages. As this is written, new copies are still available on www. amazon.com/books for $48.99. Search on Jesse Alexander.

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22415 N.18th Drive Phoenix, AZ 85027 480-483-4682 We provide Service for Porsche, Lotus and many other European Marques

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communiform@cox.net G O I N G P L A C E S 81.2018

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2017 Holiday Party by Rita and Doug Low photos by Chuck Brasile


here were 65 members and guests that donned their best attire and joined us for this yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s AZPCA Holiday Party on December 9th. As usual, Tatum Ranch Golf and Country Club proved to be a great facility for the event and the new menu was well received.

The outgoing board members were acknowledged and thanked for all their hard work and the enthusiastic new board members were introduced. Entertainment was provided by DJ Rich after dinner with a variety of old and current hits along with special music requests. Who knew we had so many talented dancers? All in all we had a very enjoyable evening. We must give special thanks to Lyle, Rook, Mike and Jan for all their assistance to make the event such a success. We hope to see you all out enjoying the AZPCA events in 2018. Your host and hostess, Doug & Rita Low

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G O I N G P L A C E S 81.2018

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My New Year’s Resolutions by Danielle Badler


n this winter of our discontent, I can’t seem to shake a very strong drive to go on record with some personal direction for the New Year. Is that rational? Am I providing some hope, some stability, for the future? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just frustration over the feeling that, every day, I’ve lost my equilibrium. Maybe not. Regardless, here goes. I will stop berating Porsche for building and selling sport utility vehicles at a rate of two to one over sports cars and sporty sedans. That’s the ratio, and I don’t see it changing any time soon. The market is speaking. And so, I would guess, are profit margins. What to do? I’m reminded of the subtitle to the movie “Dr. Strangelove.” Do you remember? “How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb.” I will stop berating Porsche for not coming out with a pick-up. I mean, if you really want volume, so to speak, and profit margins, what better way than by chopping the back off its SUVs and touting load hauling capability and towing prowess? I will stop berating Porsche for allegedly developing a car to slot in above the 911 range, including the Turbo, and below the 918. This vehicle is supposed to compete directly with the Ferrari 488 and Lamborghini Huracan. I mean, really. Is that what the world needs now? Another fun vehicle for the .1 percent? I will stop berating Porsche for blithely saying … used cars … are the niche-filler if you’re interested in spending anything below the price of the Boxster/Cayman fraternal twins. Oh yes, a cheaper entry level offering has been rumored from time to time, again and again, only to disappear in a cloud of minimal profitability. I will stop berating Porsche for playing the horsepower race with the Cayenne SUV. Is there any end to this lunacy? That’s highly unlikely, once the performance numbers for the Lamborghini Urus come out. Despite the fact that they’re all part of the Volkswagen umbrella, right? Right? I will stop berating Porsche for abandoning sports prototype racing in favor of Formula E. Can this be? Here we are, worshipping every sports racer from the RSR through the 917, the 935 and the 962, right up through the 919 … and driving the auction prices of these museum masterpieces through the roof. To be replaced by plug-in vacuum cleaners? And while we’re at it, I will stop berating Formula 1 for trying to “create some excitement.” If they’re not careful, we’ll soon see pace cars mysteriously entering the track and leading the field as soon as we get down to a few laps left, because of “debris on the track.” Does that sound familiar? Like a certain spec series that grew out of Southern roots? | 28 |

I will stop berating Bernie Ecclestone for the excitement of his continuing quotability. His latest? “Liberty Media needs to be a dictator.” I’m not making this up. I will stop berating Chase Carey, F1 CEO, for stating that the sport needs to generate interest from a “new generation.” All I can say is good luck with that. Was it his idea to do the rip-off of an American football halftime show at the start of the US Grand Prix this year? I wonder what that new generation of fans in Singapore and Shanghai and Abu Dhabi thought. I will stop berating Jean Todt, who was just re-elected president of the FIA, for saying that Formula 1 cars today, especially Mercedes, are too reliable. Really, look it up. And that, according to Todt, is what makes F1 racing boring. I have a better idea; reinstitute refueling. I will stop berating Lewis Hamilton for stating unequivocally that he will not race at Indy or Daytona this coming year. But it’s a real shame, isn’t it. Jim Clark did Indy, and won. Graham Hill did it. Fernando Alonzo did it last year and almost won. In fact, he was treated on Gasoline Alley as if he walked on air. What a shame. Lewis would enjoy that. I will stop berating the continued rise in prices for cars sold at auction. I mean, after all, I own a late ‘70s 911 that’s finally tripled in value, after years of flat-lining. But I can’t help remembering a line a boss of mine threw at me once. “Trees don’t grow to the sky.” What I am still preoccupied with is the fact that, once my generation, a generation that remembers when a late ‘70s 911 was new, wheelchairs into an independent living abode, who will covet my baby? I will stop berating myself for chastising myself, again and again, over whether I should sell my 911, and doing it before the market collapses from under me. Should I sell it? Should I? Ahh, not so fast. I think I’ll just go for a drive, and then I’ll decide. And I think I already know the answer, at least for another year. Happy New Year! And happy trails!

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AZPCA Members Attend Porsche Classic Car Show by Jack Arman photos by Jan Nyquist


n a beautiful Saturday morning in Chandler, Arizona, Porsche Chandler put on a great Porsche Classic Car Show with 80 plus cars that were 10 years or older. There were over 700 guests in attendance.

Some lucky car owners got to put their cars on the Show Room floor. There was food and drinks for everyone. The judging was very hard, because there were so many beautiful cars to pick from. The Porsche Classic Partners will be able to have more than 52,000 genuine parts. Also 300 parts reissues developed each year, from body work elements to interior components. They will have original tools to achieve maximum precision and will have Classic parts for engines and gearboxes. They will have experienced experts ready to advise and assist you. They will be able to fix or restore your Classic Car, or have the parts for you to do your own repairs. Porsche Chandler is one of eight Porsche Classic Partners in the USA. There are more than 70% of all Porsche vehicles ever made still on the road today! Thank you Porsche Chandler for putting on a Great Classic Car Show.

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To celebrate our

5 Year Anniversary Mcilvain Motors has expanded!

We now oďŹ&#x20AC;er the same great service and lowest prices in the state for all PORSCHE models and most VW/Audi and BMW.

For more info visit mcilvainmotors.com or give us a call at 480-968-2858 today

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Just type in the az.pca.org/store website in your browser. For more information or for special requests, please contact Betsy Andrade, your Merchandise Manager. Email: betsy7890@earthlink.net Cell: 602-550-1212

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4th Annual Valentine's Date Night Thursday, February 8, 2018 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm at the Arizona Culinary Institute 10585 N 114th Street Scottsdale, AZ 85259 Menu Amuse’ Orangini served with a smoked tomato sauce Appetizer Pear Gorgonzola Salad fresh field greens tossed with a cilantro vinaigrette bartlett pears, dried cranberries, candied walnuts and gorgonzola cheese Choice of one Entrée Grilled Filet Mignon fresh winter vegetables, dauphinoise potatoes sauce Robert Or Wild Alaskan Salmon pan seared served with barley risotto, fresh winter vegetables maltaise sauce Dessert Individual sampler plates featuring an assortment of duJour’s famous desserts Coffee and Iced Tea Included Cash Bar - Cash or Credit cards will be accepted for Soft Drinks and Alcoholic beverages $37. per person (includes tax and gratuity) RSVP by February 4 at az.pca.org Limited to 50 guests! http://az.pca.org/event/valentines-date-night-2/ Wear something red! Please note: If you have any special dietary requirements, contact Cynthia Giacchetti at cyns986@yahoo.com | 36 |

AZPCA Going Places January 2018 Newsletter  

AZPCA Going Places January 2018 Newsletter