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Acreage Discrepancies Revealed at

U.S. Dry Bean Convention By Dario Bard

The USDA’s latest planted area figures are 16% greater than what dealers reported at the U.S. Dry Bean Convention. The biggest discrepancies lie with garbanzos, pintos, blacks and navies.

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According to the August 12 USDA Crop Report, 1.43 million acres of dry beans were planted in the U.S. this campaign, down from 1.74 million acres in 2012. But others say this year’s drop in bean acreage is even greater. At the U.S. Dry Bean Convention held in Chicago a few weeks ago, six bean dealer associations presented their estimates and arrived at a planted area figure of just over 1.2 million acres. As can be seen from the chart below, a large part of the discrepancy between these two estimates lies with four bean classes: garbanzos, pintos, blacks and navies

IFT Magazine August 2013  
IFT Magazine August 2013  

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