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goHyP is an online marketplace that connects business owners with professionals. The website is a platform for all professional individuals to find work purely based on the talent and skill set.

About Us

We provides solutions to connect professionals to potential employers on a need basis. Businesses can now focus on their core activities and professionals engaged from goHyP with right qualifications, experience and skill will be able to manage the one time requirement.




App Devel opme nt

Similar to web development, app development is a lucrative skill. Day by day the number of people using smart devices to surf the internet is surging, which suggests that the future of app developers is bright. Some skill needed to become an app developer include programming, backend computing and mobile user interface designing among others.


Soci al Medi a

In today’s world almost everyone has access to either a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Companies have identified social media as an effective medium to reach customers. Undoubtedly, social media is a great marketing tool – it is cost-effective, reliable and convenient. Additionally, it is one of those fields that don’t require much technical know-how, and one where success depends on how one interacts with an audience.


Content Writing and Marketi ng

The internet is full of thousands of websites which feature blogs, magazines and news columns. This presents an ocean of opportunities to a content writer. Content writing is an easy field to get into as it requires minimum expertise. All that is needed is refined writing skills, good grammar, and the ability to write content that sells.


Searc h Engin e Optim izatio n

The main role of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist is to ensure that your website generates enough traffic. More traffic translates to a higher ranking and eventually brings the website more money. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing bring in a major chunk of that traffic. Clients usually post jobs for SEO audits to better understand the search queries among their target audience, how they are performing compared to their rivals, and industrial benchmarks. This is a field that has limitless opportunity as there seems to be a dearth in supply of experts in SEO.


Engin eering

The freelancing trend has made its way into the engineering community. Be it large corporations or skilled individuals themselves, the rise of freelance labour has allowed everyone to work on more projects, provide flexible solutions, and bring in more exciting products to the market at a thrilling pace. Nowadays, autocad freelancers and solidworks freelancers are in high demand.


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