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This portfolio is a compilation of assignments done in Nanyang Polytechnic’s Space and Interior Design diploma from 2014-2016.


CONTENTS Colour Studies


Model Making




Element of Space Design


Studio Project



Breaking from symmetry

During this exercise, I painted part of the colour wheel and sliced it into 3 parts. Using these shapes that I had created, we had to form a pattern that breaks from symmetry. During this, I realised that when we form patterns, it tends to be somewhat symmetrical from certain rotation.


Structure from within

This exercise required me to create a form of a specific size with multiple copies of a picture. The requirement was to make pockets of spaces inside the structure. From the paper model, I had to create the general form out of toothpick and clad it with the material that was on the picture.


Structure from within

From the cladded toothpick model, we had to use it as a shelter for my story character. As the model aged, we had to remove parts of it to create items for the character. I learnt that the structure can actually “give up� part of themselves, as long as the main support of the structure is intact.


Space craft from used computer parts

300mm x 300mm x 300mm of volume was given by the lecturer to create a space craft with multiple spaces that people could use. A computer’s CPU parts had to be used to create the majority of this space craft.


Adding life to the space craft

In another module, I used photographs of the spaces in the space craft and Photoshop some life into the spaces. It also helps to show how people can use the pocket of spaces in the space craft for recreational uses.


Modification of a plane drawing

I was given an image to trace out on AutoCAD. Subsequently, I had to explore 3DS MAX and twerk around with the different modifiers to create an abstract space. By twisting the forms created, adding more volume and cutting into the form to create a seamless path for movement within the space.


Use of site to produce a space

This exercise required me to Google for a blogger/vlogger who did a full day blog/vlog about their journey/day in a different city/country. I found this Singaporean girl who is staying and studying in Tokyo, Japan. Her blog post brought me around part of Kyoto as she goes out. Along the journey in Google Maps, I took many screenshots of the area. I then had to plot the route in local context. Walking the exact route she took, I had to find similarities in the spots I have chosen. A sentence had to be formed.


Use of site to produce a space

Using the sentence, I created a device to help users experience the sentence. The device was then turned into a space inside my story. I had to create a real space using the story I had created. I decided to use qualities of feelings and emotions in my story to create a space. I could connect to the emotions in a personal matter as it reflects what I feel personally. 10

NYP Portfolio  

Some of Year 1 - Year 3 works.

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