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NEW REQUIREMENT FOR FOOD SAFETY California will now require all employees who handle food in restaurants to earn a California Food safety certificate. This new requirement will affect more than 1.4 million food industry jobs. The new law is modeled after the program was proven successful in other states. The new bill that was signed into law is intended to benefit employees as well as the food facilities, as well as generally improve food safety. Other states such as Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Texas, and Florida have used a very similar program, and have proven to be very successful. One great benefit of the new law proved that in Florida it lowered cases of food borne illnesses by an average of 7% per year, a amazing 79% since the program’s inception 10 years ago.

Food safety regulatory authorities will be the ones responsible for ensuring that all food facilities meet their obligations under the new law. They will be responsible in making sure that all the employees have a valid food handler card and the business is keeping and maintaining updated records, those records should be available to authorities upon request. Other states may soon adapt similar measures, starting with a requirement that each retail food facility employ at least one certified food safety manager. The new bill is looked upon as a positive law that is truly made to improve a joined goal of food safety. Once the law is in effect, any employees who handle food will be required to get a California food handlers card, they must pass the training and test within 30 days of hire. There are over 90,000 food and beverage a facility operating in California, the change is going to take some adapting, but this is an aggressive and necessary approach to the food handling processes that will hopefully reduce instances of food borne illness and hospitalizations throughout the state. 25876 The Old Road Valencia, CA 91381 Phone: 818-419-5757

New requirement for food safety