GoGuide Magazine

GoGuide Magazine

United Kingdom

GoGuide Magazine is a small local magazine started to help let people know what is going on in the local West Lothian area and to give some exposure to our local scenes whether it be clubbing, music, art, fashion, health and fitness, sport etc. At the moment we have regular sections on Music, Movie's, Gaming, Life(Style).

The vast majority of our content is written by local writers and as the magazine develops we hope to expand our writing team which will allow us to cover the wider areas of what happens in the local area from.

Currently we are an ONLINE only publication while we expand the team but eventually the aim is to produce a proper printed edition of the magazine along with weekly audio podcasts and a monthly vidcast magazine show to go hand in hand with the magazine.

If you are interested in contributing to the mag in any way do feel free to drop us a line.

Kind regards,

GoGuide Magazine