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November 2018 Vol. 3 | Issue 3 Proudly serving the local LGBTQ community and friends since 2016!

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Volume 3 | Issue 3 November 2018

Page 26 - LGBTQ Health Study

Page 5 - Erik’s Word Pages 6-7 - News Briefs Page 8 - “Home for the Holidays” by Julia Freeman

Page 28 - “Book Review” sponsored by Prarie Light Book Store

Page 10 - “Holiday Recipes” by New Pioneer Coop Page 12 - Must Have Gifts Page 13 - “NewBo City MarketKicks off the Holiday Season on Black Friday”

Page 31 - “Travel” Chicago’s Baton Show Lounge

Page 16 - IA Caucus Report Page 16 - “Inside Corridor Theater” by Matthew Brewbaker Page 18 - “The Mirage @ IMU” It’s a drag show with so much more. Regardless of how you identify, this event is for you


Page 20 - Indie Songwriter & Performer Tom Goss Page 22 - “Screen Savor” by Gregg Shapiro Page 23 - “An interview with Bohemian Rhapsody stars” by Gregg Shapiro

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Erik’s World Use POTUS actions as teaching points with children By Erik Sosa

Before I go into my rant, I would like to begin by saying that my mom was right. Before Cole and Parker came to live with my partner and me, she gave us some wise advice. “Remember that even when you think children are distracted or possibly not paying attention, they are always watching and listening to everything and anyone around them.” Therefore, we and parents, like Trump, should be very mindful of what we say or do around children, so things like this never happen. Cole: Pops, are we going to be deported?

can’t be taken away. Thanks to your Dad, all that legal paperwork was taken care of, well before you even came to live with us. Parker: Don’t you mean documentation. Me: Do you want to be deported? Parker: (smirking) No! Me: As I was saying. Trump seems to be uninformed as to how the government works, and because of that, he is not taken seriously by many. So in his frustration, much like a child, Trump likes to make outlandish comments and make contradictory statements which are merely meant to make himself feel better while confusing the masses and trying to instill fear in others. Cole: Like a bully? Me: I would say he is a half bully, half mean girl. All orange and wrong!

Me: No, why would you ask that? Parker: Cole thinks that because Parker: Hey, you’re judging! Trump doesn’t like Latinos, and because we were adopted by two dads, (Eriks world continues on page 14) we might have to go back to Guatemala one day. Or something like that! facebook.com/CoralvillePride/

Me: Really? Guys, there is nothing to worry about because no one is going anywhere. First, we are American citizens with individual rights that just

News Briefs The Blazing Saddle Celebrated 35 years this past October Better known as “The Saddle” it is the oldest gay bar in Des Moines and has been known as the Gay “Cheers” since its opening in 1983.

Robert “Mango” Eikleberry

On October 6th The Blazing Saddle celebrated 35 years in business with a block party at its Des Moines East Village location.

For its entire 35 years, The Blazing Saddle has been known as the cornerstone for many in the local LGBTQ community. As they like to say “Whether you are 21 or 101, there is always someone for you to sit down and chat with at the bar or play a game of pool.” In the recent years, founder and co-owner Robert “Mango” Eikleberry made business partners of two of his longtime employees, Christopher Pullen, and Bryan “Stinky” Smith to ensure the continuance of The Blazing Saddle.

The Blazing Saddle is located at 416 E 5th St, Des Moines. More information is available online at www.theblazingsaddle.com.

Studio 13 Purchases Neighboring Bar Iowa City Yacht Club On October 6, Iowa City Yacht Club in Facebook post released the following statement: “Sounds like the cat’s out of the bag, so let us pontificate for a while. We are selling the Iowa City Yacht Club. It has been an absolutely glorious 15 year run - we are the longest continuously owned and operated live music venue in Iowa City and we thank you all for your support over the years. What started as a passion project and it turned into the most fun we

News Briefs


could ever have. We had the greatest employees and patrons partying to amazing bands in one of the best venue of all time.

Studio 13 not only serves as the area’s only LGBTQ 19+ nightclub it also serves as a community center and and fundraising venue.

‘But nothing gold can stay and as Iowa City evolved from the #1 party school to something more resembling a bed and breakfast, we too must change to keep up with the times.’

According to the Facebook event page the celebration included, “The Corridor’s best drag show with special guests Monica Beverly Hillz, Crystal Belle & more surprises plus DJs & over $1,000 in giveaways.” Studio 13 is located at 13 S Linn St, Iowa City. www.sthirteen.com.

Iowa City, Cedar Rapids & Dubuque Earn Top Honors from the Human Rights Commission Iowa City Yacht Club is located at 13 S Linn St, Iowa City

We will admit the initial response has been pretty negative with a lot of fans feeling very connected to this place and we completely understand - but the new owners plan to keep it mostly the same so hopefully it’s not much different...”

Studio 13 Celebrated 18 years on October 6 Studio 13 became an “adult” celebrating 18 years in business.

Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Dubuque were the only Iowa cities to be recognized earning top scores on HRC’s annual municipa;ity rating system. The index of LGBTQ inclusion analyzes municipal law, policy, and services. View your cities score at www.hrc.org/ resources/mei-2018-see-your-citysscore.

Home for the Holidays

by Julia Freeman

As each of us recovers in our own

emotional, social, and mental toll of not being and sharing who you are is even more tremendous. In an ever-evolving digital age, 50 percent of LGBTQ have at least one close online friend compared to 19 percent of non-LGBTQ youth. The internet is also a springboard for people to form connections and find information and support resources like your Holiday Mom has been for countless people since 2010.

way from a divisive political season and ramp up for a festive holiday ahead, it’s worth remembering that for many, it is not an easy time of year. For some youth that have perceived or experienced rejection by their families, the holidays can be a particularly difficult season. As many college students head to their hometowns and houses, it can cause isolation and a sense of loneliness About 39 percent of for those that do LGBTQ people over 18 not feel welcome in have been rejected by their families.

“To thrive, acceptance for who you are as you are is imperfamily members further ative. Humans need While there is truth increasing the risks of sub- to be human to each in, there is no place stance abuse and death other,” according to Robin Rice, creator like “home for the by suicide in a recent Pew of Your Holiday Mom holidays,” for a Center study. and mother to a large proportion of transgender son. She LGBTQ individuals, also emphasized that there isn’t comfortable home for the transparency and understanding have holidays. Family acceptance is still to go both ways in a relationship. a significant problem in the LGBTQ community. About 39 percent of LGBTQ people over 18 have been rejected by family members further increasing the risks of substance abuse and death by suicide in a recent Pew Center study. Holiday stress can accumulate in a myriad of physical pain, but the

For those in the beginning stages of sharing your identity with family members try to be as present as possible while talking about it gently within all interactions. Altering expectations while also maintaining boundaries and common decency can also be beneficial for all parties. The concept of savoring what you

have an understanding that nothing in life is guaranteed because life isn’t static is something writer, speaker, and trainer on human inclusivity Ellen (Ellie) Krug advises. “Thanksgiving and Christmas were times where I recharged on my (gender) suppression. Of course, because authenticity won’t leave you alone until you accept it, the suppression lasted only so long,” for those nervous to unveil their LGBTQ status to family members and/ or friends. There are other fun, meaningful, and essential holiday traditions, events, and activities going on around the Corridor for those not opting to reflect on the past year during the season. As we celebrate this holiday

infused time of year, we at 9 GoGuide wish everyone a just, peaceful, and prosperous season leading into 2019. Thank you for being part of our fantastic readership community, making a difference, and being you!


Holiday Recipes

Holiday recipes sure to satisfy Compiled by GoGuide Staff

The holidays can be a very hectic time of the year. Whether or not you’re hosting a holiday party, preparing a dish to take to an office party, or you’re this year’s host for the traditional holiday meal, GoGuide Magazine and New Pioneer Co-Op are here to help make 2018 the best holiday season ever. Here are a few of New Pioneer Co-Op’s favorite holiday recipes. Even more recipes and suggestions are available on their website at www.newpi.coop/category/food/.

Pumpkin Tureen Dip

It’s fondue! In a pumpkin!

Oasis and Grinnell Heritage Farm and broccoli from Dave Glass and Bluebird Farm. Directions 1. Preheat oven to 350° F. 2. Cut 2-in slice from top of pumpkin, remove any seeds or fibers from top, and set aside. Using a large spoon, removed pumpkin seeds and fibers from inside the pumpkin. 3. Rub inside of pumpkin with blend of oil and garlic. Place pumpkin in large roasting pan. 4. Put bread crumbs and cheese inside the pumpkin, alternating these two ingredients in layers. 5. Mix half & half and spices and pour over the cheese and bread crumbs. 6. Place top on the pumpkin and bake for 2 hours. Set timer to stir mixture after 1.5 hours. 7. Serve with breadsticks and vegetables for dipping. The pumpkin flesh can be consumed along with the fondue.

Sausage Dressing Ingredients: 1 medium pumpkin (about 4 lbs.), washed 2 T. olive oil 2 cloves garlic, pressed 6 oz baby swiss cheese, grated 4 slices of toast, crumbled 2 oz mozzarella, grated 1 pt. half & half 1 t. salt 1 t. pepper ½ t. nutmeg Breadsticks, vegetables, and fruits for dipping. We recommend including Honeycrisp apples and other varieties from Timeless Prairie, or a sampling from the multiple varieties of apples available this month from Buffalo Ridge and Wilson’s Orchard. Also available this month: carrots from Garden

Ingredients: 2 onions 3 stalks of celery 8 oz. mushrooms 1 – 2 lb. New Pi house made breakfast sausage Turkey giblets diced (optional) (no gizzards) Salt and pepper to taste 3 lbs. of toasted bread 2 qtrs. chicken stock (Better Then Bouillon Chicken has more flavor) (to desire moisture level) ½ cup butter 2 T. sage Sauté onions, celery, and mushrooms. Add sausage and giblets. Cook thoroughly. Salt and pepper to taste. (Recipes continue on page 15)



Must Have Gifts Available at NewBo City Market, Cedar Rapids.

Vagearrings--Wear the power of female genitalia. Note the fresh water pearl. Comes in many size, shapes and colors. 20% of proceeds go to the Emma Goldman Clinic. $148.00. Available at Beadology Iowa City.

Rainbow Chain Maille Bracelet--Aluminum rings make this Chain Maille Bracelet colorful and light weight. $54.00, Available at Beadology Iowa City.

Available at NewBo City Market, Cedar Rapids.

Available at NewBo City Market, Cedar Rapids.

Available at NewBo City Market, Cedar Rapids.

Available at NewBo City Market, Cedar Rapids. Available at NewBo City Market, Cedar Rapids.

Available at NewBo City Market, Cedar Rapids.

The next Gift Guide feature will be in the upcoming December issue. If you want your business featured email info@GoGuideMagazine.com.

NewBo City Market Kicks off the Holiday Season on Black Friday Shopping at NewBo City Market is the perfect place to find unique and unique gifts for everyone on your list. This holiday season NewBo City Market is focusing on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! Of course, every day is an enjoyable experience in the Newbo district during the holidays. NewBo City Market Shopkeepers are a great place to start for gifts: Moss - plants, gifts, and decor Rare Bird Soap Shop - all natural handcrafted soaps and skincare products Fizz & Frolics - clothing boutique for women, children, and teens The Artisan’s Emporium - handcrafted boutique gift shop Tumbled Stone - tumbled stones, spirit animals, pendulums, crystals, etc. Laser Squared - engraved and etched gift items EleanorRuby Handmade - handcrafted and unique gifts and home décor Through the holiday season, NewBo City Market will feature ten pop-up vendors. These pop-up vendors are artisans, crafters, and home-based businesses. Also, this all kicks off on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday! In addition to shopping, eating, and browsing NewBo City Market and the New Bohemia district, we’ll have fun, family-friendly activities. People can follow us on facebook as we announce those activities (like an Iowa vs. Nebraska game watch)! www.facebook.com/NewBoCityMarket/ NewBo City Market Hours: Thursday: 10 am to 8 pm (closed Thanksgiving Day) Friday: 10am to 8pm Saturday: 10am to 6pm Sunday: 10am to 4pm

damage a person with those type of beliefs

14 (Erik’s World continued from page 5) could do as POTUS because that moment is Me. You’re right, and I’m sorry. Scratch orange and wrong. All tan! Personally, I told them that I believe

already here. We don’t need to imagine what such a person would do because instead of being our advocate for democracy, equality, and justice, Trump chooses to spew divisive language among the nation while promoting hate, racism, and violence.

Trump is trying very hard to divide the people of the United States in a hostile attempt I foresee an oncoming storm comprised of to take over our freedom. Honestly, I’m much hatred, bigotry, hypocrisy, and narcispraying that day never comes, but I am also writing to my congressmen in the hopes that sism. A storm is so powerful that it will erode the fabrics of Americanization, meaning, the he be declared mentally unstable so that he cultural assimilation and acculturation our can be removed from office or impeached forefathers, brothers and sister have fought because he seems to be doing more harm than good to our country. Trump is like a tick- so hard to bring about and defend. ing time bomb waiting to go off, and someHow does one explain this sad times I feel our time as a great Cole: Yeah, we state of affairs to our children - the nation is almost up. know. So, is that future - who are currently watching this untamed madness unfold why the news Me: The most important thing before their very own young and for you to remember is that says Trump is impressionistic minds? Raising your Dad and I would never unpresidential? children is no easy task, especially allow anything like that to as they reach this stage in adoleshappen to either of you. We cence where they begin to form love you dearly and promise that no matter and preserve many of their core values and how difficult or unstable life can be, we will beliefs. Parenting certainly has a new and always be by your side. Okay? more complex challenge in this unnerving and unfathomable Trump era. Cole: Yeah, we know. So, is that why the news says Trump is unpresidential?

Me: For now, let me just say that Trump’s behavior or actions Before since taking office are not that of a positive role model for many - about 70 percent according to some surveys. Parker: Remember when that lady on CNN called Trump a 70-year-old man-baby who acts like a mean girl? That was so funny. When an individual, who is campaigning to be the leader of the free world, begins a speech with; “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” Chaos will undoubtedly ensue, and disorder will gain moment. Now, we no longer need to consider the real

My conversation with Cole and Parker about Trump is far from over. I see this challenge as an opportunity to give them a particular perspective, one that comes from a loving and nurturing father who is not perfect but can admit when he is wrong or has made a mistake. I hope that I can have a positive influence in the development of their core values and beliefs by showing them that everyone is worthy and the uniqueness in all of us is what keeps true humanity alive. I will die a happy man if they learn from Trump and continue to have the same sense of passion and respect for the ideals of equality that true great Americans have fought for and held incredibly dear for centuries. Love will always trump Donald Chump.

Holiday Recipes continued from page 10


Toast bread and tear into bit size pieces. Place in a large bowl. Add sausage mixture to the bread. Wet down with chicken stock. And melted butter. Add liquid to desired moisture 3 c. flour 9added gradually) level. Add sage and mix well. Enough for a 24 lb. turkey. Bake at 325° F for 1 ½ t. cinnamon 1 dash nutmeg 1 hour. 1 t. salt 1 t. baking soda 2 t. vanilla Orange maple sweet potatoes 3 c. chopped apples (leave peels on) Raw sugar

Ingredients: 2 ½ lbs. sweet potatoes or yams, peeled and cut into quarter-inch slices 1/3 c. fresh orange juice ¼ c. Great River Maple syrup 2 T brown sugar 1 T. butter melted ½ t. salt 1/8 t. ground cloves ¼ c. toasted pecans, chopped Directions: Place potatoes in a two-quart casserole dish. In a bowl combine juice and remaining ingredients 9except pecans). Cover loosely with foil and bake at 350° F for 30 minutes. Remove from oven, stir and sprinkle with pecans, then bake 10 minutes more

Apple Bread This makes 2 large loaves, or 3 medium size loaves, or 5 small loaves. Ingredients: 1 c. vegetable oil 2 c. sugar 3 eggs

Preheat oven to 325° F Mix ingredients together, adding flour gradually. The batter will be sticky. Use a spatula to remove batter from mixing bowl. Line bread pans with waxed paper or parchment. Pour equal portions of batter into each pan and generously sprinkle with raw sugar. Bake for 1 hour for large loaves, slightly less for smaller loaves. Remove from pan while hot. Visit New Pioneer Co-op for more recipe ideas. New Pi has three convenient local locations: Iowa City 22 S. Van Buren Iowa City Coralville 1101 2nd St. Coralville Cedar Rapids 3338 Center Point Road NE Cedar Rapids



Giving the Gift of Great Local Theater

IA Caucus Report A Bill Feld Report

By Matthew Brewbaker With the Holidays approaching, I thought it might be a good time to talk about great gift opportunities for fans of live local theater.

(Editor’s note: this is first in multipart series leading up to the Iowa Caucuses. The IA Caucuses are Feb. 3, 2020). This column compiled by staff Starting in Iowa City, Iowa City Comreports. munity Theatre’s recent seasons have consisted of 3 or 4 musicals and 2 It’s hard to believe, but it’s time to start or 3 non-musicals. Over the last few talking about the Iowa Caucuses. Here years, they have attempted to do at we go! least one lesser-known play or a real In this first column, GoGuide focuses on classic. They offer a flex pass option Andrew Yang. Mr. Yang is best known for as a gift that works well with this variety of show types. You get six tickets his Freedom Dividend, $1,000/month to use however you want, all on one to all American adults. A proposal he believes would immediately end poverty show with friends, or one for each in America. show of the season. Buying this far into theatre seasons makes this a nice “If we reinvigorate our government, this midseason option. is possible, and we can pay for it. Trust me, I’m good at math and ran the numbers. Stand with me and let’s end poverty in the United States,” Andrew Yang. Andrew Yang is scheduled to appear in Iowa City on November 16, from 5-8pm at the Robert A. Lee Community Center. 2020 Presidential Candidate, Andrew Yang.

Dreamwell Theatre has a more intimate space inside an art gallery and presents thought-provoking plays and frequently addresses social issues. They offer a DreamCard, very similar to ICCTs flex pass, with five tickets to use however you like. It’s one of the cheapest tickets in the area. Alas, many shows are not going to be appropriate for younger audience goers.

CORRIDOR THEATER City Circle Acting Company is the resident theater of Coralville located in the Coralville Center for Performing Arts. Their seasons generally consist of one play and several family-friendly musicals. They have a wide variety of age-based passes or general seating preferences, so definitely check it out!

summer when their seasons begin or structure seasons in a way that makes it difficult to offer a season pass yet.

Moving up the corridor to Cedar Rapids, we start at Theatre Cedar Rapids which has two spaces; one for large musicals and another black box space for smaller, more intimate plays. Under the Artistic Direction of Angie Toomsen, they have been choosing some great shows and playwrights for that smaller space. Because of the wide variety and cost of shows, flexible passes don’t work as well for them, so they offer gift certificates you can give as a gift (or keep for yourself!).

Rich Heritage of Cedar Rapids Theatre focuses on more familiar stories and plays that have also been adapted or brought to film, including musicals for younger audiences and performers. Lately, they have been expanding towards original works as well.

Giving Tree Theatre in Marion is almost as well known for its adaptable and exciting seating options as it is for the quality of their shows and performers. They tend towards classic stories and plays and offer ways to buy tickets as gifts for individual shows with the flexibility of choosing a regular theatre seat or even a spot on a couch (yep!).

I know there are many more theaters that I have missed and hopefully, you can all share those on the online comments or feel free to email with info I can share.

There are a few great theatres that either only offer season passes late

Rverside Theatre is Iowa City’s regional professional theatre and is known for doing original works, classics, and recent Broadway and London non-musicals.

Revival Theatre is a newer theater celebrating its 5th season and focuses on professionally presented musicals that might otherwise fly under the radar but are well worth being seen.

In the next column I’ll talk about some of the holiday and seasonal shows going on around the area. Email info@GoGuideMagazine.com


The Mirage is a drag show with so much more regardless of how you identify

Compiled by GoGuide Staff

The Mirage, now in its seventh year, rolls out the yellow brick road to celebrate diversity by bringing together students, staff and the community for one night of incredible entertainment. The event kicks off with the Condom Casino and Infostravaganza -- a chance to win great prizes and learn about sexual health from many valuable campus and community organizations. Throughout the night, free rapid HIV testing will be available in “The attendance at the first event conjunction with World AIDS seven years ago was just 300 peo- Day. Those who get tested will ple. Last year more than 1,300 peo- receive a $10 Hy-Vee gift card.

ple attended the event,”

The drag show is the headStephanie Beecher, Senior Behavioral Health Consultant | The University of Iowa line of the evening featuring an amateur competition with Student Health & Wellness UI students and the Kings and Queens of Iowa City. The purpose of the drag show is to highlight and celebrate self-expression in all its forms and building a community that supports individuals being their authentic self. The event is FREE and is open to students, faculty, staff and community members. The Mirage is sponsored by the Division of Student Life, Student Health Advisory Committee, the Center for Diversity & Enrichment, University of Iowa Student Government, Center for Student Involvement & Leadership, CSIL Grant Funding Program, Associated Residence Halls and Johnson County Public Health. The Mirage is a drag show with so much more. Regardless of how you identify, this event is for you. The Mirage – Friday, November 30 9PM – 1 AM 2nd Floor Ballroom – Iowa Memorial Union (IMU)


Indie Songwriter Tom Goss

stage with performers as diverse as Andy Grammer, Martha Wash, Taylor Dane, Steve Grand, Adrianne Gonzalez, Matt Alber, and Catie Curtis, and he enjoys a particularly strong following in the LGBT community.

A native of Kenosha, Wisconsin, Tom went to college in Missouri on a wresTom Goss is an indie singer-songwriter tling scholarship with plans to become a who mixes tender ballads with folk/pop. schoolteacher. A year of student teaching A prolific writer and performer, he has in Illinois changed his mind, but released seven albums and he still wanted to make a differplayed more than a thousand ence in the world -- so he decidshows across the US, Canaed to become a Catholic priest da, and Europe to a growing and moved to Washington DC group of dedicated fans. to enter seminary. Disillusioned by his experiences there, and Tom has been compared to with a growing awareness that Brett Dennen and Mat Kearhe was gay, Tom found himself ney -- but with a distinct voice in music and began a career as a shaped by his identity as a gay touring performer. man and his unusual history. A Currently based in Los Angeles, college wrestler turned CathoTom will be touring the US in lic seminarian turned award-winning mu- Spring/Summer 2018 with a brand new sician, Tom weaves his story throughout multimedia show that incorporates guia powerhouse performance that moves tar, storytelling, and between touching love video. songs and high-energy QUOTES anthems. “Moving and incredible” - The Huffington Post

GoGuide Goes Tom’s songs have been “Beautifully composed...” - The Daily One-On-One Beast heard on ABC, HBO, in “Hauntingly beautiful” Out Magazine several films, and his with Tom Goss “Tom Goss...uses his music videos to inventive music videos share important messages.” - Upworthy (Son of a Preacher GoGuide (GG): How Man, Breath and is the present tourSound, Bears, Click), ing going so far? which have been viewed more than What has been the highlight of the tour seven million times. Tom has shared a to date?

Tom Goss (TG)I love touring. Right now I’m home in Los Angeles and that’s really nice. I’ve been on the road a lot this year and it’s a treat to be home. I’ve had so many amazing shows this year, it’s hard to pick a favorite. That said, my ‘hometown’ shows in LA and DC were pretty epic!

years getting to know and love 21 one another, but we’re not always successful. Sometimes we fail as support for one another. GG: Who are your idols or heroes in the music business? TG: These days I’m in awe of Childish Gambino, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheehan. They are definitely forging their own path.

GG: It states on your website that your tour includes, “new multimedia show that incorporates guitar, storytelling, and video.” Can you explain? What can concert-goers expect when they see GG: After this tour, what’s next for Tom you at Studio 13 in Iowa City? Goss? TG: For this Midwest tour I’m focusing on the storytelling, not as much on the video. Folks can expect a cabaret type show, with personal stories that interweave the songs into one another. It’s fun, touching and at times challenging. At the end of the night, folks always leave smiling. GG: Talk about your coming out. Was it easy or challenging? Who did you tell first? TG: I wrote a letter to my parents. It was challenging. Coming out isn’t easy, regardless of your parent’s ideologies, and it doesn’t end at the moment you come out. My family and I have spent

TG: I’m finishing up a new record and working on new videos. I’m so excited for folks to hear what’s coming in 2019.

Tom Goss Live in Iowa City

Saturday, November 17 7 PM – 9 PM

Studio 13

13 S Linn St Iowa City (267) 713-2697 www.sthirteen.com



Screen Savor: Holidays are hell By Gregg Shapiro

When you “The Oath” opens thought you’d seen everything with the cable news concerning announcement that Thanksgiving the POTUS has instiholiday movies, tuted a conservative along comes “Patriot’s Oath,” a the dark comedy “The Oath” loyalty pledge with (Roadside Atperks for signing. tractions), actor Ike Barinholtz’s feature-length debut as writer and director. While it may not be on par with Jodie Foster’s “Home for The Holidays,” it does have its charms and a timely message.

the horizon is sister Alice (Carrie Brownstein) and her husband Clark (Jay Duplass), but that is quickly extinguished when Clark takes to bed in the guest room with a stomach virus. It doesn’t take long before the brothers are at each other’s throats. Things quickly escalate over Thanksgiving dinner. When it is revealed that Kai, who said she wouldn’t sign the oath, actually did the opposite, Chris takes his plate and his drink and finishes eating in the car. The next morning, Peter (John Cho) and Mason (Billy Magnussen), two men representing the Citizens Protection Unit, an unsanctioned offshoot of the Department of Homeland Security, arrive at the house and want to question Chris. Just when you think nothing worse could happen, it does. A physical altercation between Chris and Mason leads to assault with a fireplace shovel, followed by a drawn gun, a knife, taser incidents, and possible kidnapping. So you thought Thanksgiving with your family was unpleasant.

“The Oath” opens with the cable news announcement that the POTUS has instituted a conservative “Patriot’s Oath,” a loyalty If you’re already stressed out about the holpledge with perks for signing. The deadline idays, not to mention the declining political is the day after Thanksgiving, also known, fit- situation in the country, you might want to tingly, as Black Friday. Liberal-oriented Chris take a pass on “The (Barinholtz) tells his wife Kai (Tiffany Haddish) Oath.” However, while that it will be the beginning of a purge. it doesn’t have the Ten months later, the Monday of Thanksgiving week, the news is full of stories about a protest in New Orleans. This particular Monday is the day Chris’s parents, Eleanor (Nora Dunn) and Hank (Chris Ellis) are set to descend. As if Chris, who hasn’t signed the oath (unlike one of his turncoat college buddies and co-workers, played by an uncredited Max Greenfield), doesn’t already have enough stress in his life, his right-wing brother Pat (Jon Barinholtz) and his equally fanatical girlfriend Abbie (Meredith Hagner) only increase his worries. The one light on

oomph of say “Get Out,” “The Oath” does have enough comedically memorable moments to make it worth saving room for, even after you’ve eaten your slice of pumpkin pie.

Screen Savor Rating: B-

They will rock you: an interview with Bohemian Rhapsody stars Rami Malek, Joseph Mazzello and Gwilym Lee By Gregg Shapiro

theaters in November 2018.

First things first, for all of those concerned about the way that Freddie Mercury’s homosexuality is depicted in the Bryan Singer’s Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, you can relax. From the minute you first see Mercury, played brilliantly by Rami Malek (complete with prosthetic teeth), there is no doubt that the king of Queen was, in fact, a queen. Yes, his relationship with “fiancée” Mary Austin (Lucy Boynton) gets a fair amount of screen time. But, so do his samesex attractions, from being cruised by a trucker outside of a men’s room to his relationships with manager Paul (Allen Leech) and later his lover Jim (Aaron McCusker).

Gregg Shapiro: I’d like to begin by getting the obvious questions out of the way first. Would you each please name your favorite Queen song and favorite Queen album?

Now that that’s settled, it’s safe to say that, as biopics go, Bohemian Rhapsody does a respectable job of telling both Mercury’s story and giving the audience insight into the history of the band itself. The backstory of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Will Rock You” are worth the price of admission alone. I had the honor speaking to Malek, as well as Joseph Mazzello and Gwilym Lee (who play Queen band members John Deacon and Brian May, respectively) while they were in Miami shortly before the movie opened in

Jospeh Mazzello: “Somebody To Love” is my all-time favorite, and this is a boring answer by A Night at the Opera is such a masterpiece that, all told, I’d have to say it’s my favorite album. Gwilym Lee: Yeah, probably the same. But I really like Queen one, the first album, just because you hear them working out who they really are. You hear them as a really young, slightly naïve band that sounds a lot like other bands of that time because they’re still trying to find their unique sound. There’s a lot of Led Zeppelin influence. But there’s something quite pure about it as a rock band. Rami Malek: As an album cover, maybe to flip this a little bit, I like News of the World. GS: The robot! RM: Yes, the robot, which they’re currently touring with. We watched so much archival footage and to hear them talk about “We

Interview with Rami Malek, Joseph M Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” (both from News of the World) as something they always thought about as a pair, and a true audience participation song that features so heavily in the film; I’ve got to pay homage to that. GS: Yes, there’s that great scene in the studio where we see the genesis of the song. Prior to making Bohemian Rhapsody, where did Queen rank on each of your lists of favorite bands? GL: It’s pretty high up there. Their songs are so universal. You hear them everywhere growing up. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that they wrote the songs that they did. I think people are going to watch this film and be shocked to learn, oh, they wrote that one, as well. What’s been lovely about doing this project is going back to the origins of their songs. Seeing how they evolved and the imagination that it took to come up with such unique songs. JM: I made a little student film when I was in high school and I put “Another One Bites the Dust” at the end of it over the credits. It was like “final cut one” or something. Then Queen just started popping up for me. I directed a film and everyday before going to the set, to pump myself up I’d listen to “Somebody to Love”. Then it was in college where I feel like I found a new level of appreciation for them and I became a Greatest Hits fan. Every new song I heard by them was my new favorite song. Doing this movie changed everything. There were songs I didn’t think about too much or seemed like one of their mediocre songs. When you learn how to play it, the intent behind it, why they wrote it, how all four of them wrote hits – when you get all of that knowledge it takes on a whole new meaning to you. I literally walked in the room singing. GS: I heard you singing “Somebody To Love”. RM: That doesn’t get old.

JM / GL / RM: [all laugh] RM: No, no. We love it. We got this question on set a lot. We’d be playing a song, take after take, by the end of the day…I was a production assistant on a music video once where I was like, “If I ever hear that song again, I’m going to do bad things”. But that never happens with Queen. Collectively we’ve all said this without talking about it. We’ve been listening to Queen non-stop in a way that some might think is odd or some might think is totally understandable. GS: That speaks to the power of the music. RM: It does. Hearing Bowie with Queen and Freddie doing those kinds of operatic warmups that he ended up incorporating into the music was revolutionary to me. Then you get involved in the story behind the making of “Under Pressure” and how things come about with them. How inspired and spontaneous they were together is something I find so fascinating. JM: After I was done shooting, I was like “What songs didn’t we cover? What songs didn’t I get to know?” That was the rabbit-hole I went down. You’re loving so much of it that you want to learn more and more and be able to take it in as a fan of the music rather than having the responsibility of performing it. GS: You hope that that’s what a movie like this will do, to get people to go and do the research. GL: So many people that we’ve spoken to who have seen the film say that the first thing they do is go back home and watch the Live Aid footage which I think is great. Everyone needs to see it. It’s such an iconic and historic moment. We watched it hundred and hundreds of times in preparation for the film. I still watch it to this day.

Mazzello and Gwilym Lee (continued) GS: There’s a scene where Freddie plays pia- GS: It didn’t make you nervous? no upside down and backwards which made me wonder if each of you plays a musical RM: It could have. But he stepped on the instrument. scene and he was warm. He was taking pictures of it. There’s such humility and class JM: Only upside down. in the man. He made us feel like it was a privilege to have us telling his story. RM: I looked at piano and it’s been a mystery JM: He was taking videos on his cellphone of to me my whole life. That’s the one thing us doing Live Aid. It was like, “That’s not how people forget about Freddie. The guy was a this works [laughs]. We’re trying to impress virtuoso. Taking piano lessons, it took quite a you.” It was a cool moment for us. while for me to learn how to play “Bohemian Rhapsody” or “We Are the Champions” But GS: What do you think Freddie Mercury at one point I saw in the script, oh he’s playwould think of Bohemian Rhapsody? ing upside down as well. I felt like, “If you’re going to make my story from his point of RM: It’s hard enough emulating him in any view, I’m going to throw everything at you”. way or trying to fill those shoes. It took me quite a while to come close in this film. To GL: I played a little bit of acoustic guitar, but begin to ponder what this man was thinking. nothing to the level of Brian May’s genius. Ultimately, I think what the film does really We all put in a lot of work. We got grafted well, it doesn’t spend too much time going pretty hard trying to play our instruments. into the darker places, the illicit places. We GS: Joseph and Gwylim, what were the do that just so we can show just how grand challenges of playing living people, as in and big his life was. the case of John Deacon and Brian May, respectively? GS: Full. JM: It literally never leaves your mind every time you play a real person. As an actor, you want to go into any job giving it your absolute all and everything. It just feels like there’s this extra motivation when you have this intense responsibility to the actual person you’re playing. To their family and, in this job, to the Queen fan-base, which is massive. We hear from them all the time, they’re so invested in this. Every day you walk on set, it doesn’t matter if you’re tired or what’s going on in your personal life, you always keep that in the forefront of your mind and it focuses you in in a way you can’t even imagine. GL: You have to stay on guard. You have to stay on your game. It can be overwhelming, but it forces you to put in the hours. RM: I looked forward to knowing when Brian May was going to come (to the set). It just elevated me.

RM: Rich and complex and full. I think celebrating the magnificence of the man was all we hoped to achieve. I just hope there’s a moment where he’s like, “Well that was colorful and enjoyable. I hope you all had a real good time.” GL: It’s nice to be reminded of him. He was a celebrator of life; an incredible individual. It’s nice to remind the world of him. We need people like Freddie Mercury.



University of Iowa College of Public Health Releases LGBTQ Health Study Results & Analysis Editors note: This is the first part in a series of articles reporting the results and analysis of a state-wide study on the status “LGBTQ Health in Iowa.” In this first article GoGuide reprints the summary of findings as reported by the authors of this study.

Study summary as reported in the survey findings: To the research team’s

knowledge, this survey was only the second attempt to assess LGBTQ health status and needs in Iowa. (The summary of an earlier survey is available at http:// oneiowa.org/ wp-content/uploads/ 2015/03/LGBT-

Health-Study-2013-14. pdf) Among the current study’s strengths, it benefited from an extensive questionnaire that “...perceptio yielded detailed data, care provide a large sample that of LGBTQ he permitted exploration of sub-group differenc- room for im es (such as transgender individuals versus cisgender male and female peers), and the commitment of several key institutions to developing the knowledge base about LGBTQ health in Iowa.

In summary, the “Overall, less survey results showed participants a number of positive conditions. Majorities in very good health. Given of participants had health insurance cov- of depression erage and a personal efforts to imp doctor, were satisfied health will lik with recent health tention to me care visits, felt safe related facto and accepted in the riences of dis communities where they lived, were engaged in volunteer work, and reported a low prevalence of current smoking. It is important to recognize these findings as they provide a base upon which to build;


but the survey also identified several problem areas that warrant attention. Overall, less than half of participants felt they were in very good or excellent health. Given high levels of depression and anxiety, efforts to improve LGBTQ health will likely require attention to mental health and related factors, such as experions of health ers’ knowledge ences of discrimination. Results ealth issues left also pointed to mprovement.” topics that should be prioritized. For example, binge drinking was reported at twice the level of the state overall. In addition, perceptions of health care providers’ knowledge of LGBTQ health issues left room for improvement. Indeed, one quarter s than half of of participants felt they were said they had to or excellent teach a provider n high levels about LGBTQ n and anxiety, people in order to receive approve LGBTQ propriate health kely require atcare.

ental health and ors, such as expe- Finally, the subscrimination.” group compar-

isons showed inequities in the larger LGBTQ community. Some groups, such as transgender/genderqueer and bisexual/pansexual individuals, were repeatedly at higher risk of

poor health outcomes. Efforts to improve LGBTQ health must recognize particularly marginalized segments of the community and respond appropriately. Information about the health status and needs of LGBTQ Iowans. The the research team will continue to analyze data and report updated findings. For questions about the survey methodology, findings, and ongoing analyses, please contact: Paul A. Gilbert, PhD Assistant Professor Department of Community and Behavioral Health University of Iowa College of Public Health paul-gilbert@uiowa.edu.

IOWA LGBTQ+ HEALTH ASSESSMENT The University of Iowa - College of Public Health, One Iowa, and the Iowa Cancer Consortium have partnered together to learn more about the health of LGBTQ+ Iowans. • The survey should take about 10-15 minutes to complete • No identifiable information will be collected • You may skip any questions you don’t want to answer or stop the survey at any time This information will be used to help develop health-related services that better meet the needs of LGBTQIA+ communities in Iowa.


tinyurl.com/lgbtqhealthsurvey Photo credit: Jill Lehmann Photography

Print ad used to encourge participation in the study.

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You’ll never forget that one night. Book review by Terri Schkichenmeyer, The Bookworm Sez

Sunday afternoon, June 24, 1973, started like every other Sunday at the Up Stairs Lounge in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

advertising with a canopy out front and welcoming to the public, although there were rules in place. Though no one will ever know for sure, it’s believed that one of them walked down the street, purchased a container of lighter fluid, returned, and dumped the can’s contents onto the wooden steps of the hundred-year-old building. He dropped a flame and walked away. Within seconds, says Fieseler, “No one was going into the Up Stairs Lounge… nor was anyone coming out.”

Bar manager BudAnd if that doesn’t chill you, there’s a lot dy Rasmussen opened the place for more about “Tinderbox” that will, startits weekly Beer Bash, at which patrons ing with what immediately follows those could drink all afternoon for a lowered words: page after page price. Buddy had come As he’s telling the story, Fieseler of stomach-twisting with his “lover,” Adam, continues to remind readers that details of death by and as other regulars officials seemed not to care about fire and the horror of filtered in, the music solving this crime, despite that publicly burning alive. started, drinks flowed, there were survivors to mourn the Author Robert W. Fieand the Up Stairs thirty-two who died in the fire. seler shares the details Lounge filled mostly and oh, my, they’re with gay men, a few wretched. allies, and good times. That the Up Stairs Lounge even existed is “Tinderbox: The Untold Story of the Up remarkable: just a few years after Stone- Stairs Lounge Fire and the Rise of Gay wall, gay men were still openly persecut- Liberation” by Robert W. Fieseler ed, legally and otherwise. It was unlawful in many places, for instance, for a man to dance with another man; gay sex was once punishable by life in prison. But Author Robert W. Fieseler there was the Up Stairs Lounge, quietly

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winner, Chilli Pepper, who would go on The Baton and Miss Continental – Celebrating 49 Years to become an icon in the art of female impersonation and entertain audiences of Entertainment in Chicago from around the world.

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Miss Continental has since evolved and expanding into the Miss Continental Plus The Baton Show Pageant, the Miss Continental Elite, and Lounge, a drag the MR Continental, all developing in the showcase institution 1990s. With the contestants often wearlocated in Chicago’s ing the finest and River North District latest designs on Clark Street, and founded by Jim Flint, in the fashion has been producing and bringing drag world, along show talent to Chicago’s LGBTQ commu- with most having nity for almost 50 years now. excellent runway skills, the conOpening when it did back in 1969, Jim test is a favorite began the club using beer crates with among up and plywood as a stage and allowed his coming contescreative imagination to take over from tants to the Miss there. Jim’s story is so fascinating and Universe, Miss colorful, a book has been written on him America, Miss and the history of The Baton, Jim Flint: USA Pageants and many more, and has The Boy From Peoria, and illustrates included some of the top fashion designsome of the famous, and infamous, ers, including Burberry, Bob Mackie and characters that have come through Prada. these doors, from the Kennedy’s to the mob bosses, with all shapes and sizes in The Miss Continental Pageant is held between! annually over Labor Day Weekend in Chicago, along with the MR Continental One of the top drag pageantry events Pageant. The other two are held over that have become an institution at The Easter Weekend. Baton is the Continental Pageant, with their best in the art of female imperson- The Baton is located at 436 N Clark St, ations with the Miss Continental and MR Chicago. www.thebatonshowlounge. Continental Pageants held every year. com. Begun 10 years after The Baton opened, in 1980, Jim Flint’s imaginative ideas inspired the creation of what would become an annual event in Chicago, with the first crowning of a Miss Continental

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