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CONTRA-TIEMPO dancing joyUS, justUS with live music by Las Cafeteras on Nov. 21

Senator Cory Booker goes one-on-one with GoGuide Magazine.

Holiday Gift Guide Suggestions: Mattel ignites gender war with inclusivity dolls. Inside find more gift suggestions highlighting shop local.


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Studio 13 Adds Eden to its Lineup of Entertainment Venues In a Facebook post, Jason Zeman announced the purchase of a new venue. “Another year, time to open a new venue,” stated Zeman. According to the post, patrons can expect, “another great entertainment with pianos, DJs, comedy & More plus one wristband will get you into all three of our bars!” The three bars referred to are Eden, Studio 13, and Yacht Club. This is good news for downtown Iowa City as the owners of Studio 13 expand to bars and clubs with exception followings and histories of providing top-notch entertainment. GG

Bragging Rights LGBTQ media trade organization Press Pass Q recently contacted GoGuide Magazine regarding our “Guide to the Iowa Caucuses.” The feature by Joe Siegal captures the essence and motivation behind the series. The primary goal of the series has been to get candidates to put their support for LGBTQIA issues that are unique to the communities. In this issue, we go one-on-one with Senator Cory Booker. Our December-January double issue will take an in-depth look at the Iowa Caucus and capture where candidates stand on the various topics. GG

CONTRA-TIEMPO & Las Cafeteras joyUS, justUS



Thursday, November 21, 7:30 pm Hardship doesn’t preclude joy. In fact, a wellspring of joy is a powerful weapon of resistance in the face of injustice. The urban Latin dancers of CONTRA-TIEMPO and the musicians of Las Cafeteras—all grounded in the communities of color in South Los Angeles—celebrate this fact in an evening-length work grounded in social dance and live music that flips the script on the usual narratives about minority communities in the United States. Instead, they offer stories of hope, faith, family, and, yes, joy as we work together to build a more joyous, more just society. Following the performance, Las Cafeteras will invite the audience on stage for a sabor session—a community dance that will keep the party in full swing. TICKETS: ADULT: $40 | $30 | $20 COLLEGE STUDENT: $36 | $10 YOUTH: $20 | $10 Order online hancher.uiowa.edu Call (319) 335-1160 or 800-HANCHER Accessibility Services (319) 335-1158

EVENT SPONSORS: Ed and Ann Lorson Photo: ©Steve Wylie

Discover more at hancher.uiowa.edu Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact Hancher in advance at (319) 335-1158.

World AIDS Day is December 1 Take this opportunity to get tested Stop HIV Iowa is dedicated to connecting all Iowans to HIV education, prevention tools, and medical and support services. Learn how you can get free HIV testing, how to protect yourself against HIV, and how to live a healthy life as a person with HIV.

HIV Testing Services Available in Iowa

HIV testing services are provided at multiple sites across the state at no cost to any person who requests testing. Testing includes a screening, which is a health assessment and a rapid HIV test. Following the test, treatment, referrals, and educational materials may be offered to support a healthy life. If a rapid HIV test is positive, another check will be done to confirm the result. In addition to HIV testing, a person may be assessed and offered treatment for other sexually transmitted infections and hepatitis.

What is an HIV Test?

An HIV test tells you if you have HIV. The tests work by detecting antigens and/or antibodies that are unique to an HIV infection. This is often done with a rapid test that can provide a result in 1 to 20 minutes. Where Can I Find HIV Testing Near Me? Free HIV testing services are widely available across the state. Find free HIV testing near you! You can also request HIV testing from your doctor. Visit StopHIVIowa.org for information on finding testing sites.

Find HIV Medical Care in Iowa

Finding a medical provider who specializes in HIV care is essential for your health. It is also necessary to find a medical team you trust and feel comfortable with. Medical providers who have had specialized training to treat HIV are available all across Iowa. You have many options when it comes to choosing a medical provider, and programs are available if you need help paying for medical care. Find locations by using this link: https://stophiviowa.org/locations

Ryan White Part C

The Ryan White Part C Program is designed to provide HIV medical care to Iowans living with HIV. In Iowa, five Part C clinics provide access to medical staff who specialize in caring for people living with HIV. Ryan White Part C clinics are centers of excellence with medical personnel who have extensive experience in providing medical care and support services to people living with HIV. Additionally, Ryan White Part C programs have a close relationship with Ryan White Part B case managers and work together as a team to support individuals to achieve the best health outcomes.

Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)

The Iowa Finance Authority funds five organizations across Iowa to provide housing services to eligible Iowans living with HIV. HOPWA services are designed to meet the housing needs of low-income people living with HIV. Short term, long term, and housing placement services may be available. Most importantly, a positive HIV test result is no longer a death sentence. Medication is available. Get tested. If treatment is necessary, follow your doctor’s instructions, and if that includes medication, follow the prescribed regime religiously. World AIDS Day is December 1. More about the study is available at https://www.StopHiVIowa.org. GG

Stop Stigma. Stop Isolation. Stop HIV. DECEMBER 1

World A Ds Day

Op-Ed Iowa’s Trans Community Needs our Support The Iowa Democratic Party is a place where all are welcome. That’s why when I learned of recent comments from one of our State Central Committee members regarding the trans community, I was deeply upset. The trans community has always faced -- and continues to face -- harassment and bullying in our country. I have spoken with this SCC member and talked with her about how her comments are in opposition to the values and goals of our party. Her most recent statement and her comments to me have expressed her deep regret and sorrow for her post and the pain it has caused. I take her at her word. We, as members of this Party, must recognize the importance of intersectionality and always strive to build a community where everyone is able to live without fear of discrimination from anyone. Many of you know that I have worked for greater LGBTQ rights throughout my career, and I have found that moments like these help us to change hearts and minds. It allows us to shed light on the fears and harassment that many communities face. It allows us to have a conversation about how we as a society can -- and must -- be better to guarantee full, lived equality for every single person. I look forward to continuing to link arms with all of you as we recommit ourselves to the fight for justice and equality for all -- especially for the trans community. If you aren’t in this fight already, I invite you to join us - send me an email at chair@iowademocrats.org. Let’s get to work and make sure everyone has a home with us here at Iowa Democratic Party. Troy Price; Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party Editors note: This first appeared in a Facebook post by Troy Price. It’s reprint has the permission of Price.

Page 8 Nov. 2019

Across the Board Support Growing for Marriage Equality Since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2015 that same sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, support for same-sex marriage has increased substantially. Currently, more than six in ten (61%) Americans say gay and lesbian couples should be able to marry legally, while only about half as many (30%) are opposed. Declining Religious Resistance. Most religious groups in the U.S. now support same-sex marriage, including overwhelming majorities of Unitarians (97%), Buddhists (80%), the religiously unaffiliated (80%), Jewish Americans (77%), and Hindus (75%). Roughly two-thirds of white mainline Protestants (67%), white Catholics (66%), Orthodox Christians (66%), and Hispanic Catholics (65%) also favor same-sex marriage. A slim majority of Muslims (51%) favor samesex marriage, but only 34% are opposed; 15% offer no opinion on this issue. More about the study is available at https://www.prri.org/. GG Findings From the 2017 American Values Atlas.� PRRI.

GoGuide Election Guide: The 2020 Iowa Caucuses GoGuide Magazine’s “Guide to the Iowa Caucuses” Interview with New Jersey Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate Cory Booker Do you feel good about where you’re at this far out from the Iowa caucus? Are you all in for the Iowa Caucuses? I am incredibly confident with where we are at ahead of the Iowa Caucuses. We invested in organizing the Iowa way: we hired a team with deep Iowa ties and experience and got them on the ground early. They are now widely recognized as one of the best organizations in the state and we are executing our plan to organize, organize, organize and get hot at the end. We have earned more endorsements from Iowa elected officials and activists, including the Iowa Dems’ Stonewall Caucus Chair Kyla Paterson, than any other 2020 campaign. And now, thanks to a make-or-break fundraising push, we have the resources we need to keep growing our operation and secure our path to victory.

Photo courtesy Cory 2020

Are you actively seeking the LGBTQ vote in Iowa in preparation for the Caucus? The LGBTQ vote should be critical to anyone seeking the Democratic nomination for any office. Protecting and advancing the rights and interests of the LGBTQ community is central to who we are as Democrats. One of my favorite events of this campaign so far was when we stopped by Iowa Safe Schools’ summer camp to celebrate the youth participating in that groundbreaking program, and I was proud to participate in the LGBTQ Presidential Forum in Cedar Rapids just a few weeks ago. I will continue to raise issues of LGBTQ equality on the campaign trail and in debates because, as Dr. King says, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Why should the LGBTQ community support you in the Iowa Caucus for President?

Page 10 Nov. 2019 I believe that, as candidates, we should be talking about both what

we will do as president and what we have already done. This issue of

equality, this issue of justice existed long before this race began. I grew up with parents who talked to me openly and urgently about issues of justice in this nation. They let me know that the rights and privileges I enjoyed were fought for not just by Black Americans, but by the full rainbow of Americans who stood up for justice, and they expected that I would live the same way. So, when I began my professional career, I took on issues of housing discrimination. When I became Mayor of Newark, the first flag I raised was the American flag and the second flag I raised, for the first time in the history of my city, was the Pride flag. As mayor, I also had the power to officiate weddings, but I said I wouldn’t s until everyone had marriage equality. When I saw the violence against LGBTQ youth and staggering rates of LGBTQ youth homelessness in my city, I searched the country for models, brought in experts, and started to make safe spaces for those kids. In the Senate, I am a proud leading sponsor of the Equality Act and as a presidential candidate, I will not allow the disproportionate number of fatal violent incidents against transgender Black women to go ignored. As your president and a lifelong ally on these issues, I will have a comprehensive agenda for the LGBTQ community on day one. This starts with building a team that is diverse and representative of the country we aim to serve. That includes an Attorney General who will fight to protect the rights and safety of LGBTQ Americans; and a Secretary of Education who actually taught in public schools and will stand up and protect every single one of our children, regardless of their gender identity or who they love. I will also repeal the despicable ban on transgender Americans serving in our military and bring about needed reforms to our veterans healthcare system. But this is work that government cannot do alone. We all have an obligation to fight against the persistent injustices in our country, so that when we pledge allegiance to our flag and say the words “liberty and justice for all,” they are not aspirational, they are the truth and experience of the American people. An important issue for the LGBTQ community is health care. How is your health care plan better than the other Democratic proposals? Health care is a human right, and we should be doing everything in our power to guarantee that right for every American. Second, health care isn’t just about treating illness, it’s about making sure that every American is mentally and physically taken care of so they can go to school, go to work, and contribute to their communities. That is why I’m a co-sponsor of Medicare for All, which I believe is the best way to provide guaranteed, quality health care for every American. I am also the only member of the United States Senate who goes home to a low-income, inner city community, and I know that for my neighbors who are paying too much of their income for care or prescriptions - choosing to go without or rationing medication they cannot wait for progress. On the path to Medicare for All, I’m going to act immediately, by doing things like lowering the cost of prescription drugs and lowering the eligibility age for Medicare to 55 years old. I would also roll back the

[Senator Booker interview continued from previous page] Trump Administration’s efforts to strip access to healthcare and give license to discriminate against women and LGBTQ Americans, and will fully fund Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides crucial reproductive care. Another essential issue is gender identity. Is someone’s birth gender identity his or her permanent legal gender in your opinion? I believe that all Americans should have the freedom to live their lives authentically, and that their gender identities should be affirmed by the government - not erased. Official documentation that accurately reflects one’s gender identity is legally significant and can help protect the person from harassment and discrimination. If any American’s gender marker on legal documentation doesn’t match their gender, they should be able to update the document, plain and simple. Is there something more you would like to add about your campaign for the Democratic nomination that’s not covered in any of the above questions? As a candidate running for president of the United States, I am blessed to have a platform to call attention that too often go overlooked. One of those issues is violence against transgender Americans. Already this year, at least 19 transgender Americans have been murdered--many of them trans women of color. It is a crisis. As I recently wrote in The Advocate: And this crisis is a crisis of silence. Silence in school, at work, in our neighborhoods. It is the silence that happens when any act of discrimination or bigotry goes unchallenged. Today, just like generations before us, we must speak out in a chorus of conviction and take urgent action. We must start by undoing the damage the Trump administration has done, starting with reversing the immoral ban on transgender Americans serving in the military. That means a Department of Education that protects all of our children — no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation. And that means a Department of Justice led by an attorney general who stands up against employment discrimination and prosecutes hate crimes to the fullest extent of the law. But we cannot stop there. We know that violence against the transgender community, and trans women of color in particular, is not new. According to the University of North Carolina, the life Page 12 Nov. 2019

[Senator Booker continued from page 17]

Holiday Gift Gu

Start your shopping early t local bus

Give the gift of a Downtown Iowa City Gift Card. Redeem them Give the gift of politics.

Every activist on your holiday list will appreciate a t-shirt supporting their favorite candidate. Most candidates have offices open here in Iowa City.

Become a member of FilmScene. Members provide vital annual support for FilmScene’s mission as a non-profit cinema dedicated to film art and building community through film. This picture is a view from the outside of the new location inside the Chauncy Building in downtown Iowa City. For more information email membership@ icfilmscene.org.

Mattel is introducing Creatable World, a line of

six dolls that kids can customize in true gender-fluid fashion. Each comes with enough clothing, accessories and wigs that the doll can easily be a she, a he or a they. The launch is likely to resonate with younger parents, and is part of a much broader trend toward gender-neutral branding, reports Packaging Strategies.

at any business currently participating in the gift card program. Visit www.downtowniowacity.com for more information.

uide Suggestions

this year and support your sinesses! “Me” by Elton John. Available everywhere, including Prarie Lights Bookstore in Iowa City.

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[Senator Booker continued from page 12]

expectancy for the average trans woman of color is 35, and according to the Human Rights Campaign, 128 transgender people were killed over a five-year period between 2013 and 2018. The American Medical Association has rightly called this crisis an “epidemic of violence against the transgender community, especially the amplified physical dangers faced by transgender people of color.” We must strengthen laws so that survivors of hate crimes can access justice and heal, reform our policing practices so that all people are protected and feel safe seeking police assistance, and improve data collection so that our public policies accurately reflect the lives and meet the needs of transgender people. We must pass the Equality Act into law — to ensure that all people are protected by federal nondiscrimination law enshrined in the Civil Rights Act. And we must address the many other challenges that disproportionately impact transgender people — from closing disparities in employment and wages that undermine economic security to improving access to safe, affordable housing and removing barriers to quality, affordable health care. We have so much work to do, but we cannot remain silent in the face of this crisis. Ralph Ellison once wrote, “I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.” We must see the truth of this crisis. We must see our trans community. We must speak up. And we must act, from the White House to Congress, in every community and on every block. Lives depend on it. GG

Senator Booker Biography The first African American elected to the US Senate from New Jersey and only the fourth popularly elected Black Senator, Cory has helped pass landmark laws that turn the tide against mass incarceration and direct investment into vulnerable communities. He’s also been on the front line of efforts to reform the broken criminal justice system, increase wages and ensure hard work is fairly rewarded, expand economic opportunity and protect the rights of all Americans to breathe clean air and drink clean water. More information on Senator Booker can is available at corybooker.com/meet-cory. GG

Photo courtesy Cory 2020

GoGuide Commentary: Senator Booker has a strong understanding of the issues relevant to the LGBTQIA communities, friends, and allies and is worthy of our serious consideration for President. GG

Page 17 Nov. 2019

Jack & Jill from Pearson’s Spectrum ESR program takes a timeout to speak with GoGuide Magazine. Both were attending One Iowa’s Corridor LGBTQ Workplace Culture Summit. The event took place at Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa on Tuesday, October 22nd. Collins Aerospace presented the event. Read more about the event at GoGuideMagazine.com.

Local Visionaries an ongoing GoGuide Series

Meet our November Visionary Nikki Hodous By Julia Freeman

For Nikki Hodous, being around students is commonplace. While overseeing the campus inclusion team at the University of Iowa, she is also in charge of assisting students that are experiencing a crisis/emergency situation through the Student Care and Assistance branch of the Office of the Dean of Students. She originally began her work as a university housing administrator before becoming a student conduct officer and landing in her current role as the Assistant Director of Student Care and Outreach. Within her department and in collaboration with the Student Legal Services and Student Government, there is a trans* student fund and an emergency fund that may be used for various needs that may arise. Yet an ample starting spot, gather extra support, and for help navigating what to do, is Hodous’ role. She is a visionary because of how well she navigates the ins and outs of the entire UI experience for students in all walks of life and how to handle people, regardless of how or whom they identify as, during ‘hard’ moments of crisis scenarios. They include but are not limited to scenarios related to or involving physical and mental health emergency or long-term illness, death of a family member or loved one, or natural disaster. Hodous is grateful to Angie Reams, the interim associate VP and Dean of Students, for creating the student care role in her own advocacy for students to identify resources and opportunities throughout campus. “Marginalized populations experience the world in a different way,” according to the Assistant Director. She sees her role as an accomplice for communities to grow from her own experiences and opportunities. Hodous thinks that in order to grow and change that mistakes need to be made in good work. “These mistakes do not prevent us from doing great and bouncing back to move forward,” she explained. The highlights of her job include for a moment, being with a student to provide support or be a resource to open up a lifetime of their own hopes. Her ability and willing [Visionaries continues on next page]

Page 19 Nov. 2019

[Visionaries continued from previous page] ness to help in, what can sometimes be difficult, circumstances to minimize obstacles and ultimately gain independence to handle such on their own. She is raising her child to be the best they can be and navigate the world while working with others. Yet sometimes the infinite amount of pain in the world while teaching her colleagues how to care for another human being that needs help is difficult. Hodous often work behind the scenes to help students navigate UI. This includes things like connecting and helping students in need with additional campus or community resources, working with facilities or University Housing, consulting with other members of the campus community about how to address student concerns, contacting faculty members regarding absence or concern affecting academic participation, and providing access to emergency funding or meals. But this is by no means an all-inclusive list of the range of assistance Hodous, and her office offers to UI students.

One-time long-shot Pete Buttigieg surging in Iowa Various media reports

South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is surging in Iowa. According to the most recent poll taken by Suffolk University-USA Today is in at a close third with 13% up 7b points since the USA Today poll in June. The poll has Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President neck-and-neck at the top of the survey. The poll, taken in October, put Biden at 18%, Warren at 17%, and Buttigieg at 13% among 500 likely Democratic caucusgoers. “Iowa is unquestionably up for grabs,” said David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk Political Research Center. Buttigieg “has found a lane and is accelerating toward the front of the pack, surpassing Bernie Sanders. GG

“No matter who they identify as I strive to make the UI experience enjoyable for everyone,” said Hodous. She also wants to fully contribute to serving in the best way possible in environments while maintaining joy to align and continued honoring spaces that align with her values and beliefs. Ultimately, the Student Care and Outreach office is a resource for all UI students who are or know a student that is having a difficult time. Hodous strives such that she and her team can champion the whole student experience for positive things to help give purpose and meaning with the future goals and ambitions at the forefront of the individual. GoGuide Visionaries Photo by Julia Freeman

You, Me, and LGBT An event co-hosted by the Cedar Rapids library and PFLAG Cedar Rapids By Julia Freeman

The essence of a Saturday well spent is in the people you surround yourself with, and the second Saturday at Cedar Rapids Public Library did not disappoint. In the inaugural You, Me, and LGBT event, cohosted by the library and PFLAG Cedar Rapid, there were activities for all age ranges. A diverse representation of participants helped everyone feel a sense of belonging, a pivotal goal of the venue, organization, and event. The event was considered a success by attendees, and the contributions to the LGBTQIA+ community are beyond measure. There were resources tables. Additionally, artist galleries, a reflection activity, and a platform for open mic took place throughout the day. In the essence of coming together as an Eastern Iowa community to learn and be in the same space as others, there was also a children’s storytime, an archive presentation, and a circle of support in the upper level of the facility. Books such as “Big Boys Don’t Cry” sparking a struggle with the idea of masculinity and emotion, “Ogilvy” speaking to the cultural paradigm surrounding how clothing is expected to dictate cultural expectations, “Rainbow” rallying the significance of each coloration of the rainbow, and “Dear Boy” as a captivating narrative about, in part, questioning identity as well as other norms, were read by PFLAG members. This storytime also involved activities such as the goodbye song, scarf activities, and an active rocket ship space activity brought to the children, and willing members of the audience that included supporters beyond parents and guardians, by the library staff. Before Sabri Sky presented her spoken word poetry for attendees in the downstairs commons area, there was an impromptu highlight-worthy circle of support that allowed participants to share their experience, listen, and connect with others. Many teens attended with their parents, some without, as well as older adult couples, to share their journeys before, during, and after ‘coming out’ across the lifespan. Kai [PFLAG continued on next page]

It’s all here and more! [PFLAG continued from previous page] Deimos, Shawn Westbrook, Morgan Turner, and others shared the stories of their paths towards the person that sat in the circle of support in front of participants at the event. For some, it was apparent that looks can be deceiving as those that looked the most composed outward image had endured less than ideal reactions from friends, family members, and the public alike. While some stories reeked of self-acceptance and ‘why didn’t you tell me sooner because we already knew,’ others featured themes of struggle in people’s lives. Although there were noticeable differences in storylines between circle members diverse by their gender identity and those identifying as diverse on the sexuality spectrum, the most inspiring moment of the event was that the circle of support, which consisted of as many attendees as wanted to participate sitting side by side with fellow often LGBTQ members, continued to expand such that additional chairs had to be brought in to accommodate the demand of those wanting to participate by listening to speakers and sharing their truths. GG

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Local Holiday Theater & Other Live Performances Remeber to support the arts this holiday season Hopefully, everyone survived the frights and thrills of Halloween and are ready to settle in for another holiday season. As we approach the holidays, it might be a good time to remind everyone that live local theater makes a wonderful gift to celebrate the holidays. I’ve often discovered those that are not theater “regulars” may need a reminder or prompt to enjoy what live local theater provides. Similarly, others may need help discovering a new theatre or art form to bring them enjoyment, be it a musical or thought-provoking drama. So, consider giving the gift of tickets from one of these excellent theatres below, or even season passes to one of the many arts and theater organizations in your area. Theatre Cedar Rapids will be presenting Matilda: The Musical, directed by Angie Toomsen. I’ve been rehearsing downstairs for a different show (which will sadly be over by the time you read this) while they have been rehearsing upstairs. I can tell what an amazingly talented cast they have assembled, both children and adults. I’ve not worked with any of this cast before. Still, I have had the pleasure of working with Angie, and I know this is going to be a great musical to kick off the holiday season and a fantastic show your whole family may enjoy! The show runs from Nov 15th to Dec 15th. For more info and ticket information, go to www. theatrecr.org. Hancher Auditorium at the University of Iowa will be presenting a fascinating interPhoto: ©Steve Wylie section of dance and music performance with joyUS, justUS, when the urban Latin dancer of CONTRA-TIEMPO and the musicians of Las Cafeteras come together to create an evening of social dance and celebration. This piece is about using joy and celebration as a weapon against a social [Continued on next page]

Page 23 Nov. 2019

[Continued from previous page] injustice against minority communities. Even better, the audience will have a chance to join in a community dance session to keep the party going. Visit https://hancher. uiowa.edu/ for ticket and event information Although this show opens in December, I will mention now that City Circle Acting Company of Coralville will be presenting the classic musical Annie, which opens Dec 6th. I am very excited to see a friend of mine, Mary Denmead, in the delicious role of Miss Hannigan. City Circle musicals tend to sell out fast, especially shows that feature and entertain younger audiences, so make sure you get your tickets early for this event.Visit www.citycirlce.org for more information. As I have been spending more time exploring new companies and theatres in Cedar Rapids, one theatre that keeps getting mentioned is Mirrorbox Theatre. I am convinced I cannot miss the next show! The Iowa premiere of Orange Julius by Basil Kreimendahl will run Nov 14th through Nov 16th at CSPS Hall in Cedar Rapids. The play is described as a piece about memory, the complicated relationship between a father and a child, and the long-term effects of war. For more information, go to www.mirrorboxtheatre.org.

Another event that will appeal to those looking for more thought-provoking theater will be Dreamwell Theatre’s production of 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane, directed by Eric Marlin. As Artistic Director of Dreamwell, I am so excited to be presenting this show and that Eric is directing. This show is both beautiful, sad, and poetic in a way that I feel transcends what we usually think of as theater. I couldn’t be happier that this show is in such capable hands. The show features the talented cast of Diviin Huff, Erin Mills, and Noel VandenBosch. I have always been impressed with the performances by all three of these actors, so I can’t wait to see how they present this show! Visit www.dreamwell.com for more information.

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GoGuide Book Review Sponsored by Prairie Lights Book Store & Cafe www.PrairieLights.com 15 S. Dubuque Street, Iowa City

“Me” by Elton John

Book review by Terri Schlichenmeyer, The Bookworm Sez

Nobody said it would be easy. You have your eyes set on something but doing it will take time, sacrifice, and effort. You’ll get things right, but you’ll also get in your own way before you get to where you want to be and if you don’t believe that, then read “Me” by Elton John. On and off through most of his life, Elton John had a tumultuous relationship with his mother. She was sometimes angry, sometimes abusive, rarely loving, but she did one important thing for him: she introduced him to Elvis Presley music. At nineteen, he was still a virgin, still naïve about being gay, and rather blithe about his natural ability to write music. That was okay, though; he’d met Bernie Taupin, who wrote lyrics over breakfast and together, they’d pen hits by lunchtime. At twenty-two, John had fallen in love with a man, was no longer a virgin, and “things [professionally] were starting to move, very gradually.” Just one year later, he performed for the first time in America. John’s account of his young-manhood seems jaded; he says he was “exhausted” by constant work and pressures. This shows – in the stories of parties, recording sessions, and industry goings-on – the tale starts to slip into that which plagues so many star biographies: name-dropping and seemingly unnecessary sameness. It would mar the book, were it not for the sense of droll humor that John continues to pack around his anecdotes. He’d said “Gee whiz!” even once, you’d understand. By the final third of this book, we get a settled John who’s clean, happier, less frenetic but still funny. Here’s where readers reach what is likely familiar, as though we’ve read this book before. Page 26 Nov. 2019

But, of course, you haven’t because “Me” is John’s first and only autobiography and enjoying it is easy. Read the full review online.

Meet Roxie Mess How did you come up with the name Roxie Mess? Coming up with the Roxie Mess name was by pure stupidity. I am infatuated with Roxie Hart from Chicago. Just a fame-hungry dumb blonde. As for Mess, I did one of those rinky-dink college drag shows, and I needed a name. I ran into my dorm room one night and tripped over a desk, fell face first, and busted my shit on my roommate's bed. My roommate woke up and said, "Jason, you're a drunk mess. Go to bed." I then jumped up and said THAT'S IT! MESS! How long have you been performing as Roxie Mess? I've been cross-dressing as Roxie for six years. What is something about you that may surprise your most loyal fans? I cheated on a midterm in college and didn't regret it. Where and when can we find you performing? I'm at Studio 13 all the time. I also travel across the state. What is your favorite performance song? Hollaback Girl by Girl Authority You can follow Roxie Mess on Instagram (@ roxiemess and @roxiemessshittycreations) [Photo’s provided to GoGuide Magazine by Roxy Mess]



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