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University of Cincinnati Panhellenic Recruitment 2017

Table of Contents Letter from the Recruitment Team ........................... 3 Who We Are ............................................................... 4 How To Join Panhellenic .......................................... 7 What We Believe In ................................................... 8 Panhellenic Creed ................................................. 9 Values Quiz .......................................................... 10 Panhellenic Initiatives ......................................... 12 Panhellenic Membership Requirements ...................14 What to Expect from Recruitment ............................16 Recruitment Weekends at a Glance ................... 18 Recruitment Schedule ......................................... 22 Letters of Recommendation ............................... 24 Selection Process ................................................. 25 MRABA ................................................................ 26 PNM Responsibilities.......................................... 28 Recruitment Policies & Rules ............................. 30 Frequently Asked Questions ............................... 32 Terms to Know .................................................... 36 Chapter Profiles & Contact Information .................. 38 Closing Thoughts ....................................................... 50

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Letter from the Recruitment Team

We are excited you are considering becoming a member of a sorority. At the University of Cincinnati, we help students find their fit at a large university of over 40,000 students. Hundreds of students graduate from UC each year with a richer experience as a result of their fraternity and sorority experience. The sorority and fraternity community at our university strives to enable its members to grow personally, succeed academically, and lead on-campus and off. Many of our chapters are nationally recognized in the areas of scholarship, community service, and leadership development programming. When you choose to commit to sorority life, you are not just choosing Greek letters. You become a part of something that is bigger than yourself, which will help enrich your college experience. Every person in our community has found the place that they love to call their home through one of our recruitment processes. We hope that throughout formal recruitment, you will also find the chapter you feel is a comfortable fit for you. As individuals who know how much these strong ties have changed our lives, we are excited to help make your journey the most enjoyable and exciting experience we possibly can. UC’s Panhellenic Council works as a unified group to facilitate recruitment, sponsor campus and community projects, and promote academic achievement. We always strive to show others what a positive fraternity and sorority community we are a part of. Our goals include serving our university and community and cultivating the development of character through the bonds of genuine friendship. We hope you find this book to be a useful resource to help you discover the foundations and achievements of UC's sorority community. Please use it as a guide during your first steps to finding your new home. If you choose to participate in formal recruitment, you must bring with you an open mind and a positive attitude. These are essential tools when going through formal recruitment. Each of our chapters is full of strong people with different personalities that will make finding your home an enjoyable experience. Take the opportunity to find the chapter where you can picture yourself calling the individuals in it your sisters. Most importantly, get excited to meet new friends, make memories and have fun! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Enjoy your summer, and see you on September 15th!


Steph, Ilana, Emily, Devin, and Alex 2017 Panhellenic Recruitment Team

(who we are)

What is Panhellenic?

The National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) is an umbrella organization that serves 26 national and international sororities. NPC is one of the largest organizations that advocates for the advancement of women. On UC’s campus, Panhellenic is supported by a ten person Executive Board and serves ten sororities.

What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is the only way to join a Panhellenic sorority! Fall recruitment is a structured process which allows potential new members (women going through recruitment) to consider all of the sororities on campus and what they have to offer when deciding which organization they would like to join as members through mutual selection.

What does Panhellenic do? The Panhellenic Council consists of delegates from the nine NPC sorority chapters as well as the engineering sorority, Phi Sigma Rho. The council acts as the central governing body of the sorority community. The Panhellenic Executive Council is actively involved with chapter development, including coordinating issue-related programs and leadership opportunities for chapters and their members, compiling grade statistics for individual chapters and the Panhellenic Council, coordinating campus and community service projects, and making resource materials available to help combat chapter issues. We are also in charge of organizing recruitment, including compiling and publishing recruitment materials for incoming students and training recruitment counselors to represent Panhellenic spirit to potential new members. Finally, the Panhellenic Executive Council represents all sororities at regional and national meetings, and represents all sorority women by serving on university committees.

(how to join)

Recruitment Registration

Registration for recruitment is available online at ucpanhellenic. Registration will open on June 1st, 2017, and will close on September 4th, 2017, at noon.

The following information will be required for registration: • • • • • •

Name Phone Number UC Email Address Birthdate T-Shirt Size Student ID: Your “M-Number” is an eight-digit number used to identify you within the University of Cincinnati that is found by looking on your newly issued student ID above your name Year in College

• • • • • • • • •

Expected Graduation Date Campus (Main, Blue Ash, Claremont) Student Status (Full Time, Part Time) Major College GPA (if applicable) High School name, city, and state High School GPA High School Involvement Athletics, extracurricular involvement, honors, leadership, service, work experience

After submitting your registration you will be routed to the payment site. There is a registration fee of $45.00. If you do not submit your payment, your registration will not be valid. The payment must be received by the registration deadline for your registration to be complete. No late applications or materials will be accepted! There will be no refunds after registration has closed; to receive a refund, you must withdraw from the process before September 4th at noon. To do so, please email You will receive two confirmation emails: one confirming that your registration has been submitted and another confirming receipt of payment. If you do not receive both emails, your registration did not complete. If you need to make any edits to your registration information or have questions about

Why Should I Join? I went through recruitment because I wanted to be a part of a community bigger and more powerful than myself, and to make friendships that inspired me to be myself. —Alyse Being in a sorority leads you to other opportunities such as service and involvement in other organizations! It pushes you to be a better friend, better leader, and better student. —Ilana No matter what year in school you are, it is a great way to get involved and build your network. –Sarah Going through recruitment and joining a sorority helps to make a large school like UC feel smaller. —Alex To find a genuine connection with a group of women who encourage you to be the best version of yourself! —Jessica The reason I joined a sorority was to better develop myself personally, professionally, and philanthropically. I also saw how successful Greek women were and I looked up to that. I wanted to surround myself with incredible women who held me to a higher standard. —Madi I went through recruitment not intending to join an organization, but to make new friends and push me outside my comfort zone. I ended up joining and found that and so much more in a sorority. —Stephanie Joining a sorority allows for a constant support system and a place to be yourself at a big university. —Rachel

[what we believe in]

Potential New Member Bill of Rights Potential New Members have the right to‌. - Be treated as an individual -

- Be fully informed about the recruitment process - Be treated with respect - Be treated as a capable and mature person without being patronized - Be fully informed about the binding agreements implicit in the membership acceptance signing -

- Ask questions and receive true and objective answers from recruitment guides and members - Ask how and why and receive straight answers - Have and express opinions to recruitment guides - Have inviolable confidentiality when sharing information with recruitment guides - Have a positive, safe and enriching recruitment and new member experience - Make informed choices without undue pressure from others - Make one’s own choice and decision and accept full responsibility for the results of that decision -

If you feel your rights have been violated, notify your Rho Gamma ASAP!

Panhellenic Creed We, as the undergraduate members of women's fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and for serving to the best of our ability our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities. We, as fraternity women, stand for service through the development of character inspired by the close contact and deep friendships of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service, through mutual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live.

Values Quiz You win the lottery. You donate a portion of the money to… A. A scholarship fund B. A friend in need C. A local charity D. A campaign It worries you most knowing… A. You missed a question on an exam B. You forgot a friend’s birthday C. You’re not doing enough to change the world D. People don’t want to listen to your ideas You’re headed to the movies. You would prefer to see… A. A documentary — something that teaches you something new B. A comedy about good friends trying to have fun C. A story that draws attention to a forgotten problem in the world D. A strong lead overcoming an obstacle The famous person you would most like to meet is… A. J.K. Rowling B. Taylor Swift C. Malala Yousafzai D. Sheryl Sandberg You prefer friends who… A. You can study with B. You can hang out and go out to eat with C. You can do a service project with D. You can talk to about current events and involvement If you got mostly A’s…Scholarship If you got mostly B’s…Social Connection If you got mostly C’s…Philanthropy & Service If you got mostly D’s...Leadership

Consider the results of your values quiz as you read through the values of the UC sorority community on the following pages. How will you address how your values align with the values of the chapters you visit with during recruitment week? This is great food for thought as you start to practice your conversation skills for recruitment!

Panhellenic Values Scholarship • Sororities concentrate on creating successful scholarship programs that help each member reach her academic goals. These programs include study tables, academic mentors, study files, and support technology. • Because of this strong commitment to scholarship, the all-sorority average GPA consistently exceeds the UC undergraduate average. The Panhellenic GPA for spring of 2017 was 3.39 while the undergraduate average was 3.23. Leadership • Sorority women and fraternity men hold many of the leadership positions on the University of Cincinnati campus, including Student Government officers, tour guides, Student Orientation Leaders, and as officers within a large number of other student organizations on campus. • Not only do sorority women seek out leadership positions on campus, but they also assume leadership roles within the individual chapters and in the Panhellenic community as a whole. Social Activities • Every UC sorority offers a healthy balance of social activities that focus on sisterhood, friendship, tradition and fun! Individual chapters organize date parties, formals, dual-chapter functions, sisterhood events, parents’ weekends, and membership retreats. • The Panhellenic Council promotes safety and discretion at all chaptersponsored activities. Additionally, all chapters utilize their own risk management procedures to decrease the likelihood of accident or injury at fraternity and sorority social events. Further, all social activities are required to be registered through the UC Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.

Philanthropy & Service • Sorority involvement in community service is a priority among all chapters at UC. Sorority women contribute volunteer efforts and monetary donations to a number of worthwhile local and national organizations, some of which are highlighted on the sorority profile pages of this booklet. • The Panhellenic Community supports many local philanthropies and participates in other campus wide service projects. These projects, along with countless others, provide UC sorority women the opportunity to grow as civic -minded leaders. In 2015-2016, the fraternity and sorority community reported more than 67,000 service hours and raised over $250,000 for charity.

Panhellenic Philanthropy Circle of Sisterhood

The College Panhellenic Council adopted Circle of Sisterhood as the national Panhellenic Philanthropy in 2013! Circle of Sisterhood helps remove educational barriers for women and girls around the world that face poverty and oppression. Each chapter has it’s own philanthropy, but every chapter works together to help raise money for Circle of Sisterhood on top of that. Just during spring semester 2017, the University of Cincinnati Panhellenic Council raised over $3,000 for Circle of Sisterhood, which is enough money to send more than 240 girls to school. “In the mid 1800’s in America, the women who founded our sororities stood together for the right to go to college, thus beginning a sorority movement. Now, almost 150 years later and more than 5 million strong, we vow to continue our Founders’ legacy by standing together again to help girls and women go to school around the world. Circle of Sisterhood is comprised of women, who have in common a college education. We know that access to quality schooling affords a better life for a woman and that of her family. For far too many girls and women around the world, access to quality education is often limited. And education is the answer to many of the global issues related to women—poverty, oppression, misogyny, brutality. Ultimately, more and more educated girls will mean stronger and healthier villages, communities, and entire countries. One person can make a small difference. But as a community of 5 million sorority women, our collective efforts will be transforming for generations to come.” -Ginny Carroll, Founder of Circle of Sisterhood To learn more about Circle of Sisterhood, visit or contact the Panhellenic Vice President of

Panhellenic Programming

Week of Women

Week of Women occurs in the fall semester every year, where the women of Panhellenic join together in celebration of women on our campus. During this week, we encourage women to show what they value. We aim to empower them to be the best women that they can be through tabling, discussions, and activities all week. For more information, contact the Vice President of Panhellenic Programming, Terese Vavro, at

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Panhellenic empowers women against sexual assault by creating awareness, providing resources, and offering programs such as a sexual assault awareness conference for all Greeks at UC, selfdefense courses, and bystander intervention training. For more information, contact the Vice President of Community Standards, Sarah Stoner, at

Diversity and Inclusion Panhellenic works towards diversity and inclusion by engaging with student groups across campus that represent the wide variety of student identities. From the LGBTQ Center, to the African American Cultural Resource Center, to the National Pan-Hellenic and Multicultural Greek Councils and beyond, we strive to create connections with organizations that promote the same tolerance for all that we hold so highly. Through programming, discussion, forming relationships, and simply supporting one another, we are building a more educated, inclusive, and diverse Panhellenic council, Greek community, and greater campus. For more information, contact the Vice President of Community Development and Outreach, Alyse Weinstein, at

[what are the requirements]

Academic Standards Per the National Panhellenic Conference, our Panhellenic Council has not defined specific academic requirements/standards for potential new members to participate in recruitment. That being said, it is important to understand that each chapter has grade point average requirements set by their inter/national organization and the local members. It is possible, but extremely rare, for exceptions to be made to these guidelines. Generally speaking, if your high school GPA is below a 3.0, or your college GPA is below a 2.8 (on a 4.0 scale), you may have significantly fewer opportunities than participants with higher GPAs. Potential new members who do not meet the minimum academic requirements of a specific chapter are typically released early in the recruitment process to allow these women to explore other alternatives. These review the individual chapter requirements listed on the sorority profile pages later in this booklet. Beyond the recruitment process, as an active member of a sorority you will have additional academic requirements to maintain good standing. These requirements differ from chapter to chapter (requirements listed on pages 40-49) and if you have any questions reach out to chapter recruitment officers (on page 39). To be eligible for recruitment, and active standing, you must be enrolled at least part-time in a matriculating degree-seeking program at the University of Cincinnati, including branch campuses. However, it should be noted that some chapters require students to be full-time and/or studying on main campus.

Financial Commitment The financial requirements of joining a sorority vary widely from chapter to chapter. The main costs associated with becoming a member of a sorority at the University of Cincinnati consist of membership fees each semester, one-time new member fees, the cost of living in a sorority house and miscellaneous fees specific to each chapter. The dues range for new members is $650 - $1,060, and the range for active sorority members is $456 - $1,030. Dues often vary semester to semester for active and new members, so reach out to a sorority’s recruitment officer if you have questions. Members who chose to live in the sorority house can expect to pay additional housing fees. Dues are typically higher during your first semester to account for initiation fees, new member fees, building funds, security deposits and badge fees. In addition to mandatory expenses, there may also be additional, optional expenses such as apparel or house keys. Students are encouraged to determine how much they will allocate for these expenses at the beginning of each semester. Payment options, such as forms of payment and payment due dates, may be available, but vary from chapter to chapter as well. Some chapters require full payment at the beginning of each semester while others have implemented payment plans that allow payments throughout the semester. Specific financial information for each chapter is available on the chapter websites, later in this booklet, and will be discussed during the first recruitment round. It is important to consider all of the financial obligations associated with joining a sorority. We encourage you to ask any questions you might have regarding the potential costs of membership. Members of the UC sorority community are more than willing to answer your questions at any point during the process. Note: The monetary ranges listed above were correct as of the time this publication was printed. While the financial requirements for joining the University of Cincinnati’s sorority community are not expected to increase in the near future, there is the potential that costs could increase by three to five percent depending on economic trends. If you have any questions about a chapter’s specific finances, please contact their recruitment officer directly (contact information on page 39).

(what to expect)

Equal Opportunity and Non-Discrimination Policy The National Panhellenic Conference and the University of Cincinnati, in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Higher Education Act), do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin or ethnicity in any of their policies, practices or procedures.

Hazing Code Hazing in any form at the University of Cincinnati is absolutely forbidden. Hazing is defined as any activity which recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental health, physical health or safety of a student for the purpose of initiation or admission into, or affiliation with, any organization operating subject to the sanction of the public or private school or of any institution of higher education in the state of Ohio. In addition, the University of Cincinnati Student Rights and Responsibilities Governing Student Behavior document prohibits any form of racial, ethnic and sexual harassment.

Alcohol Policy Policies regarding the use and distribution of alcohol can be found in the Fraternity and Sorority Life Community Guidelines document on our website, as well as the Student Code of Conduct. Alcohol is strictly prohibited during Panhellenic Recruitment and New Member events. Additionally, members of fraternities and sororities must comply with local, state, and federal laws, as well as policies outlined by their national organization, advisor(s), and housing board (if applicable).

Attendance During Recruitment Recruitment, much like sorority membership itself, is a process that requires a substantial but reasonable commitment of time and effort. Women participating in recruitment must be available to attend all scheduled invitational rounds and evening events; exceptions can be made for university-related obligations, and we will make every effort to schedule your recruitment rounds around your conflicts. Potential new members are expected to be present at every chapter event they are scheduled to attend on any given day. Failure to do so will result in dismissal from recruitment. Women with considerable schedule conflicts resulting in multiple absences from recruitment events are encouraged to consider Continuous Open Bidding (also known as informal recruitment) or waiting to participate in formal recruitment the following year.

Recruitment Guides A recruitment guide, also known as a Rho Gamma, is an active member of a sorority at the University of Cincinnati. She was selected by her peers and completed an application and interview process. A recruitment guide’s purpose is to assist you throughout the recruitment process and to model Panhellenic spirit to you. Recruitment guides have been through months of training in preparation for recruitment. These women are educated to answer any questions you may have. They aid you in selecting the chapter that is best for your interests and needs. Recruitment Guides are available any time, day or night, to handle problems and offer guidance in a one-on-one situation. Recruitment guides will keep anything you tell them in confidence, so you can be open with them about any problems you have during recruitment. Recruitment can be a hectic and exciting time. Feel free to confide in your Rho Gamma, make friends with them and ask questions – that’s why they’re here!

Recruitment Weekends at a Glance Round 1: Open House Days (Friday, September 15th & Saturday, September 16th) This round is Open House Day. With your recruitment group, you will have the opportunity to visit all 9 National Panhellenic Council chapters. Spending 35 minutes in each chapter house will give you the opportunity to meet and speak with women from every chapter. These days are the most relaxed, so have fun and be yourself! Wear tennis shoes or flip-flops, khaki or denim shorts, a skirt, capris, jeans, etc. We will provide a t-shirt for you to wear for these two days.

Dress for Success: Each event round gets progressively dressier than the last. To help you “Dress for the Occasion,” the Rho Gammas model the appropriate outfit for each day. We also offer some helpful hints for recruitment. 1. DO … Wear something that expresses who you are, not what you think the chapters will want to see. They want you to be authentically you! 2. DO ... Be comfortable. You don’t want to wear something that will distract you from the conversations you’ll be having. 3. DON’T ... Wear shoes or clothing that will be difficult to walk in or uncomfortable to sit in. Some days there will be a lot of walking and no one will judge you for being comfortable!

Round 2: Philanthropy Day (Sunday, September 17th) Round 2 is Philanthropy Day. Just like with Round 1, you will receive a tshirt to wear for this round. Starting this morning. you will receive your schedule for the day from your Rho Gamma first thing, and the Rho Gammas will be available to help you find the chapter houses each day. For this round, you will visit up to 7 chapters based on the mutual selection process. You will spend 35 minutes with each chapter and learn more about their local or national philanthropy. The attire for this round is a little dressier but still comfortable. Nicer shorts, pants, or a skirt paired with the provided t-shirt will be perfect.

Round 3: Sisterhood Day (Friday, September 22nd)

This round is Sisterhood Day, and events will last 40 minutes. In the morning you will receive your schedule. This is an exciting day because you will have the opportunity to talk more in depth with the women at the chapters you visit, and get to know them better! You will visit up to 5 chapters. After today, you will have a better understanding of what the chapter is about and how the members feel about one another. Again, the attire gets a little dressier, with attire being business casual—but don’t feel like you need to dress like you do for your job! You can look stylish in a skirt and blouse, pants and a blouse, or a more casual dress.

Round 4: Preference Night (Saturday, September 23rd) This round is called Pref Night, and events will last 65 minutes. This is a significant day because the chapters will be expressing to you what their sisterhood and sorority as a whole means to them. You will have an opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with someone you have possibly already talked with during the week. The attire is the dressiest on this day—semi-formal. Wearing a dress on this day isn’t a requirement. Feel free to wear nice pants and a blouse, a romper, or a jumpsuit. Be tasteful and wear something in which you feel comfortable and confident.

Bid Day (Sunday, September 24th) Congratulations, you made it! You will receive your bid on this day and be given a T-shirt from the chapter that you join. Attire is casual bottoms (like jeans, shorts, or leggings), comfortable casual shoes, and a plain shirt or tank top to wear before you get your new chapter t-shirt. Each chapter will have events planned to celebrate its new members.


Thursday, September 14th |

Recruitment Convocation

6:00 pm—8:00 pm ………………………………………..Panhellenic Welcome Friday, September 15th |

Open House Round, Day One

5:00 pm ..…………..…………………………….Meet with Recruitment Guide 6:00 pm—10:45 pm …….………………………....Events at Chapter Houses Saturday, September 16th |

Open House Round, Day Two

8:00 am ..…………..…………………………….Meet with Recruitment Guide 9:00 am ……………….…….………………………....Events at Chapter Houses 12:00 pm ..…..……..……………………………………………………..………. Lunch 1:00 pm …….………………………...……………….. Events at Chapter Houses 4:30 pm—6:00 pm …………………………….……………………….... Selections Sunday, September 17th |

Philanthropy Round

8:00 am ..…………..…………………………….Meet with Recruitment Guide 9:00 am ……………….…….………………………....Events at Chapter Houses 12:00 pm ..…..……..……………………………………………………..………. Lunch 1:00 pm …….………………………...……………….. Events at Chapter Houses 6:30 pm—8:00 pm …………………………….……………………….... Selections

*During Rounds One and Two, PNMs will receive at least three breaks

Schedule Friday, September 22nd |

Sisterhood & Values Round

5:00 pm ..…………..……………….…………….Meet with Recruitment Guide 6:00 pm ……………….…….………………………....Events at Chapter Houses 9:00 pm ..…..……..………………………………………………...…..………. Dinner 10:00 pm …….………….…………...……………….. Events at Chapter Houses 11:00 pm—1:00 am …………………………….……………………….... Selections Saturday, September 23rd |

Preference Round

3:00 pm ..…………..……………………………. Meet with Recruitment Guide 4:00 pm ……………….…….………………..…….... Events at Chapter Houses 9:00 pm—11:00 pm …………………………….……………….…….... Selections *During Rounds Three and Four, PNMs will have at least two breaks Sunday, September 17th |

Bid Day

11:00 am ..…..……..…………………...………. Meet with Recruitment Guide 12:00 pm …….……………….……...…………..……….. Chapter Introductions 1:00 pm …….……………….……….…..……….. Activities at Chapter Houses

Stratford Pavilion will serve as the “Recruitment Headquarters”. You must remain in Stratford Pavilion during your breaks! We have snacks, games, and friendly Rho Gammas to keep you busy and entertained during breaks.

Letters of Recommendation A letter of recommendation is written by an alumna member of an organization for the purpose of introducing a woman to a chapter. It provides a brief description of her interests, activities and personality. The standards and policies set by the National Panhellenic Conference regarding letters of recommendation state: •

• • •

The responsibility for providing letters of recommendation for prospective new members rests with the members of NPC fraternities, and recruitment information distributed through College and Alumnae Panhellenics shall contain nothing that infers that letters of recommendation must be secured by the potential new member. Individual NPC member groups will clarify this responsibility with their membership. NPC area advisors will clarify this responsibility with College and Alumnae Panhellenics. Remuneration from the potential new member or her family for any such letter is inappropriate.

Recommendation letters may be considered in the membership selection process. Women going through the recruitment process are allowed to have letters of recommendation sent to a chapter; however, this is not required. If an alumna chooses to send a letter, the alumna will obtain the proper forms from the sorority with which she is affiliated and will send the letter directly to the chapter. An alumna member unfamiliar with the recommendation letter process can visit her inter/ national organization’s website for further instructions. The letter of recommendation should be addressed to the attention of the recruitment chairman, or submitted electronically via the inter/national organization’s website. See the sorority profile pages in this booklet for chapter house addresses. Any recommendation letters received by the university and/or by the Panhellenic Council will be destroyed. Registering with a local Alumnae Panhellenic Association for recommendation letters does not register you for recruitment. To register, you must complete the online registration form. See page 2 for more information on registration.

Mutual Selection Process Recruitment is a mutual selection process that balances the preferences of each potential new member with those of the existing sorority chapters. The Panhellenic Council strives to allow every young woman an opportunity to find a sorority that best suits her personality, interests and future goals, while providing an organized and unbiased membership selection process for the chapters. Invitations are only guaranteed to potential new members for the first round, which begins on Friday, September 15th, and concludes on Saturday, September 16th. There is no guarantee that a PNM will be invited to attend the second (Sunday, September 17th), third (Friday, September 22nd) or fourth (Saturday, September 23rd) event rounds. Invitations to subsequent rounds are made based on the selections of the chapters and the preferences of the potential new members. PNM schedules will be maximized so they are able to meet with as many chapters as possible during their recruitment experience. There is no guarantee that a woman will receive a bid to any sorority. There is no specific formula that explains why a woman is released from a particular chapter, or why a woman prefers one chapter more than another. The Panhellenic Council makes every effort to allow each potential new member the best opportunity to join the sorority of her choice, but there are no guarantees a young woman will be placed within that specific sorority. It is important to keep an open mind during recruitment, and to use the time to meet and make new friends!

Statement on Legacies

A legacy is defined differently by each inter/national organization. However, in general, a legacy is defined as a woman whose sister, mother, or grandmother is a member of a National Panhellenic Conference sorority. Most chapters are asked by their inter/national organization to get to know each of its legacies participating in recruitment. It is important to note: a sorority is not obligated to offer a bid to a legacy, and a potential new member is not obligated by anyone to commit to a chapter where she is a legacy.

Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement If after going through the recruitment process, a PNM decides she would like to join either one or both of the houses she visits on Preference Night, she will be asked to sign a Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binging Agreement (MRABA). The MRABA is broken into six sections, all of which someone will go over with you before you submit your final selections or preferences. The sections might seem official and confusing, but they're nothing to freak out about. Here is what you can expect, and what signing the agreement means: I am willing to accept an invitation to membership from any sorority or women's fraternity that I list on this agreement. Only list the chapters that you are willing to join or accept a bid for membership from. I may limit my choices to just one OR list any sorority or women's fraternity whose preference-round (last) event I attended, and from which I am willing to accept membership. I realize that by not listing the maximum number of events I attended, I may be limiting my potential to join any other NPC group during formal recruitment should I not be placed with my choice(s). You can only rank those chapters whose events you attended (if you went to A and B, C isn't an option). You don't have to rank all the chapters you attend, but we encourage you to maximize or list all the options available to you, as it gives you a better chance of being matched to a group. If you attend preference (final) round events for more than one chapter but could never in a million years see yourself as a member of one of those chapters it's OK to not list that one as long as you understand the risk you're taking by not listing all options available to you.

Once I submit this agreement to the College Panhellenic Association, I cannot change the order of my preferences or add or delete a preference. Know what you want! After submitting preferences, you can't go back. If I do not receive an invitation to membership from a group that I have listed, I am eligible for continuous open bidding. If you don't get a bid from a group that you list, you can join a chapter through continuous open bidding (COB), or informal recruitment. This is only available to groups that have open spots in their chapter. I have the option of not submitting an agreement at this time. You don't have to sign and submit an MRABA card right now. If you go through the final round and decide a sorority isn't for you, at least you know for sure. Once I submit this agreement, I am bound by the National Panhellenic Conference one-calendar year rule. This rule states that if I receive an invitation to membership from a group that I have listed and then do not accept it, I am not eligible to be pledged to any other NPC member sorority or women's fraternity on this campus for one calendar year (12-month period) from the time of this signing. If you receive a bid from a group you have listed and later decide not to pledge or choose to break your pledge, you can't try to join another NPC group on your campus for one year. If you are not initiated and transfer schools, you can participate in recruitment at the first opportunity. See? Not so scary. In the end, just remember the MRABA is in place to help you. If you have questions, talk to the fraternity/ sorority advisor, a member of the Panhellenic Recruitment team or a Rho Gamma. They're happy to help! Excerpt From The Sorority Life’s “Decoding the MRABA”

PNM Responsibilities During Recruitment

During the recruitment process, potential new members have certain responsibilities that ensure the process runs smoothly and that each woman has a similar experience. If you have questions about any of the following responsibilities, please contact

PNM Responsibilities: • •

• •

A PNM shall provide her own transportation to and from recruitment events. Letters of recommendation are not required. PNMs who chose to send letters of recommendation must send them directly to the sororities. Letters mailed to the university will be discarded A PNM must contact either her Rho Gamma, the Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment, Panhellenic President, or Panhellenic Advisor if she desires to withdraw from recruitment and must complete a withdrawal evaluation. If a PNM cannot attend recruitment events because of class, work, or other excuse, it is up to individual chapters to determine whether or not to invite her back. Panhellenic will make every effort to schedule a PNMs recruitment parties around her schedule conflicts. PNMs shall not have conversation or contact (verbal, written, typed, or printed) with sororities (including active and alumnae members) outside of recruitment rounds. Strict silence is enforced. PNMs must wear the provided name tag throughout each recruitment event. PNMs must wear the provided shirts for the first two rounds of recruitment (September 15th-17th) and must not alter them in any way.

Advice From the Rho Gammas Arrive early/on time! –Kylie Make sure you get enough sleep! –Lydia Recruitment is only two weekends and you only get to scratch the surface of chapters- keep an open mind to the process because your future sisters are looking for someone like you and you may end up somewhere that you never thought you would but will be happy that you did. –Madison 100% be yourself—it will help the chapters and yourself find where you best fit! –Ellie Don’t listen to your friends or other PNM’s opinions of the sororities, stick with your gut. –Lauren If you feel sick, don’t be afraid to tell someone. No one will judge you. –Sarah Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! You’ll be doing a lot of talking and this will keep you feeling happy and healthy! –Steph

—Recruitment Rules— PNM and Chapter Contact The recruitment process is governed by a set of recruitment rules developed and voted on by the Panhellenic community. Part of these rules provide stipulations for the type of contact that active sorority women can have with potential new members (you!) leading up to recruitment and throughout the recruitment process. These rules are put into place to support the PNM Bill of Rights (on page 8) and Panhellenic Code of Ethics, to afford every woman a positive and fair recruitment experience. In an effort to be transparent, we want to share some of the recruitment rules with you, so you understand what is expected and allowed of the chapters, active sorority members, and alumnae.

Pre-Recruitment Contact (Before the deadline for registration): • •

Sorority members may not buy anything for a PNM. Sorority women should not interact with PNMs unless there is a previous existing personal connection. This includes adding or accepting requests from PNMs on any social media platform. If a PNM asks specific questions about chapters or the recruitment process, sorority members should direct the PNM to a member of the Panhellenic Recruitment Team.

During Recruitment Contact (Recruitment Registration Deadline to Preference Round): • • • •

Sorority members may not initiate nor have someone initiate on their behalf, contact with any PNM. No sorority members, including alumnae, may visit a PNM in her place of residence. Conversation regarding recruitment is prohibited during this time. If a PNM asks specific questions about chapters or the recruitment process, sorority members should direct the PNM to her Rho Gamma or the Panhellenic Recruitment Team. Active members and alumnae are prohibited from escorting or transporting PNMs to and from recruitment events.

Strict Silence Period (End of Preference Round to Bid Distribution): •

• •

N0 sorority member may communicate with potential new members through verbal, nonverbal, written, printed, text message, and electronic communication, or communication through a third party. If potential new members or Rho Gammas live in a residence hall or off-campus facility with sorority members, only casual greetings are permitted. PNMs and Rho Gammas cannot initiate or respond to communication with active sorority members or alumnae during strict silence.

Panhellenic Code of Ethics

We, the members of women’s sororities at The University of Cincinnati, agree to promote honesty, respect, sisterhood and cooperation within the College Panhellenic and our respective chapters and in our daily lives. This code of ethics is designed to inspire our members, reinforce exemplary conduct and values-based leadership, and perpetuate lifelong membership to enrich the sorority and Panhellenic experience.

We, as Panhellenic women of the University of Cincinnati, agree on and commit to: •

Uphold and demonstrate the Panhellenic spirit in thought, word and action through our chapters as well as individual members. • Avoid disparaging remarks about any sorority or collegiate woman, and refrain from discussing Panhellenic matters with non-members in any capacity. • Recognize friendly relations with all collegiate women, both sorority members and nonmembers, realizing the importance of building friendships. Demonstrate ethical behavior and conduct ourselves in a manner consistent with the mission and values of the College Panhellenic, each inter/ national organization, and our university. • Respectfully adhere to the bylaws and recruitment rules of the University of Cincinnati Panhellenic Council. Respectfully adhere to the Unanimous Agreements and all policies established by the National Panhellenic Conference. • Provide a safe, positive and enriching recruitment experience; understanding that membership is arrived at by mutual selection. • Refrain from limiting a potential new member’s chances of becoming a member of the Panhellenic community by encouraging her to make a single intentional preference or to limit her choices. Plan recruitment events that provide opportunities for the greatest possible number of women to become sorority members while protecting the rights and privileges of individuals and the chapters. • Strive to be truthful, honorable, open and friendly to all potential new members during all recruitment events. • Be respectful of the rights of every potential new member to make her own choices, including the right not to join the women’s sorority community. Hold one another accountable to these standards, remembering at all times that we represent not only our individual chapters but also the Panhellenic community as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions What questions should I ask during Recruitment? The best way to get to know a chapter is by asking questions about topics that are important to you. Keep in mind that chapters want to get to know you too, so don’t be afraid to talk about yourself! A few common questions for active sorority members are: • Why did you decide to join the chapter you did? • What does the chapter mean to you? • What kind of scholarship and awards program does your chapter have? • How does your chapter develop its’ members? • What does your chapter do for your philanthropy? • How would you describe your sisterhood? • What kind of leadership opportunities does your chapter offer?

What if I go through Recruitment and decide that not to join a sorority? That is totally okay! PNMs are allowed to withdraw from the Recruitment process at any given time, provided that they fill out a withdrawal survey and discuss the decision with their Rho Gamma. We would highly encourage PNMs to try the new member process, however the decision is completely up to her!

How do I decide which sorority I want to join? The sorority you pick depends on your own personal values and the connection you feel to the chapter’s sisterhood and philanthropy and how important those are to you. Many women pick a chapter that reflects their interests and personality. A place where they feel comfortable to be themselves and become the person they want to be.

If I am an international student, can I go through Recruitment? Absolutely! As long as you are enrolled at the University of Cincinnati and meet the GPA requirements for the individual chapters, international students are welcome in our organizations.

When are recommendation letters due? There is not a due date for recommendation letters. The earlier they are sent in, the better off you will be. However, recommendation letters can be sent in as late as August. Please note, recommendation letters must be sent directly to the chapters using the addresses found on the Chapter Profile Pages. Alumnae are also encouraged to submit electronic recommendation forms online by visiting their inter/national chapter’s website before recruitment.

What if I don’t have any recommendation letters? You are not required to have any letters of recommendation to go through recruitment. If you know alumnae from chapters we have on campus, ask them to write you a letter. These letters are written to introduce you to the chapter members, but it does not guarantee you will be given a bid to a certain chapter.

Will I get to talk to my family and friends during recruitment? During the day, you will not be allowed to talk on your cell phone. This is to ensure you focus on the recruitment events as well as meeting new people. Once the round is over you will be able to call your family and friends, but please remember this is a special week — you should be focusing on finding the right fit for YOU and making new friends.

What if I don’t visit the maximum number of chapters during each round? During the recruitment process, the number of chapters a PNM will visit each day will vary from one woman to the next. The majority of women who go through recruitment at UC do not have full schedules of events to attend. The number of events is not important; it is the conversations and people you are interacting with that are important.

If I am going through recruitment as a sophomore or going through Recruitment for a second time, am I at a disadvantage? Many women choose to go through recruitment as a sophomore or junior for various reasons. For those going through recruitment a second time, there is a chance that chapters that released you the first time through will release you again. You should keep an open mind and discuss all the activities in which you have been involved over the past year as well as let the sororities know why you are going through a second time.

Am I guaranteed to receive an invitation for membership (bid) from a chapter? Invitations are only guaranteed to potential new members for the first round, which begins on Friday and concludes on Saturday. There is no guarantee that you will be invited to attend the second (Sunday), third (Friday) or fourth (Saturday) event rounds. There is no specific formula that defines why a woman is not invited back. Therefore, there is no guarantee you will receive a bid to any sorority.

Will I not get to live in the sorority until my sophomore year? This varies from chapter to chapter and moving in as a freshman is very rare. However, there is a possibility that you could move into your prospective sorority sometime throughout the year. If this is something you are interested in, you need to ask the chapters during recruitment week if they have rooms available as well as whether or not a freshman can move into the house.

Will my grades suffer if I am in a sorority? The all-Greek average GPA at UC is consistently higher than the non-Greek average GPA. The spring 2017 Panhellenic GPA was a 3.39. Each sorority has its own scholarship program that will help you succeed academically as well as learn to effectively manage your time outside of class.

Is it common for women in different chapters to be friends with one another? Absolutely! Many women make friends outside of their chapters during Recruitment and other Panhellenic events. UC has a strong Panhellenic community with many shared values among our sororities.

Frequently Asked Questions cont. What is the difference between Formal and Informal Recruitment? Formal Recruitment takes place at UC once a year a couple of weeks after the fall semester ends. Informal Recruitment is the recruitment process that takes place after Formal Recruitment during the fall semester and during the spring semester. There is no guarantee that any chapter will take part in Informal Recruitment, so your best bet for joining a sorority is during Formal Recruitment.

Are there other sororities on campus outside of Panhellenic Council? Yes! Our Greek Community has two other councils that include sororities! The National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) and Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) both have sororities. To find out more information about these councils and their sororities, check out

How much of a time commitment is being in a sorority? Every sorority has it’s own attendance policies for mandatory events and commitments. Most chapters excuse you from events if you have work, class, or another important commitment. No matter how involved in the organization you are, joining a sorority is a significant time commitment. However, many women in our chapters work jobs outside of class , are leaders of other organizations, and/or volunteer on top of being members of their organizations.

Am I allowed to go out during Recruitment? For PNMs that are over the age of 21, there is no rule that they cannot go out during Recruitment. Anyone under the age of 21 is expected to follow all local, state and federal laws. However, Recruitment is an exhausting process, and it is highly recommended that PNMs do not go out and instead get extra sleep and hydrate. You want to be on top of your game to ensure that you make connections with the women you are meeting!

Terms You May Hear Active - The term used to indicate a sorority woman or a fraternity man who has been formally initiated by his or her chapter. Alumna (Plural : Alumnae) - An initiated sorority member who is no longer in college. Bid - An invitation extended by only one sorority per potential new member on Bid Day; this is the formal invitation to become a new member of that sorority. Chapter - The women comprising each local collegiate group of an inter/ national sorority. UC has 9 National Panhellenic Conference chapters on campus that participate in recruitment and 1 associate member. Colony - A new fraternity or sorority that is working to receive a charter from the inter/national organization to which it is affiliated. When a charter is received, they become a chapter of that inter/national organization. Continuous Open Bidding (COB) - The period other than fullystructured recruitment when Panhellenic sororities acquire new members. Not every chapter participates in COB throughout the year. Formal Recruitment - The formal process of mutual selection by which chapters invite potential new members to join their sorority prior to the fall semester. Every chapter (except Phi Sigma Rho) participates.

Initiation - The formal ceremonies by which new members complete membership into a chapter and receive full membership privileges. Legacy - A woman whose mother, sister or, in some cases, grandmother or half-sister is an alumna or active member of a sorority. A sorority is not obligated to offer a bid to a legacy, and a potential new member is completely free to choose the sorority of her individual preference. New Member - A potential new member who has accepted the bid of a sorority and has taken the first step toward full membership but has not yet been initiated.

Panhellenic Community - The term that refers to all members of the sorority community at the University of Cincinnati. Panhellenic Council - An organization composed of representatives of each sorority chapter who act as the central governing body of all sororities. Potential New Member (PNM) - An unaffiliated woman who attends formal recruitment or participates in Continuous Open Bidding. Quota - The number of new members that each Panhellenic sorority may select during formal recruitment. Recruitment Guide (Rho Gamma) - A Panhellenic representative who assists PNMs during the recruitment process. This woman provides objective advice and support to anyone going through the recruitment process. Rho Gamma Group - A group of around 10 women who are led by a Recruitment Counselor. This group will attend all of the Round 1 events together on the first and second days of recruitment. Rec Letter - A recommendation letter written by an alumna. These letters are not required for participation in recruitment. However, it is highly recommended that if you know an alumna, you ask them to write a recommendation letter on your behalf. Sorority (Women’s Fraternity) - A values-based, social experience based on the fundamental right of a free people to form voluntary associations.

Greek Alphabet Α - Alpha Β - Beta Γ - Gamma Δ - Delta Ε - Epsilon Ζ - Zeta Η - Eta Θ - Theta Ι - Iota Κ - Kappa Λ - Lambda Μ - Mu Ν - Nu Ξ - Xi Ο - Omicron Π - Pi Ρ - Rho Σ - Sigma Τ - Tau Υ - Upsilon Φ - Phi Χ - Chi Ψ - Psi Ω - Omega

University of Cincinnati

Panhellenic Council Chi Omega

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Delta Delta Delta

Phi Mu

Gamma Phi Beta

Phi Sigma Rho

Kappa Alpha Theta

Pi Beta Phi

Kappa Delta

Theta Phi Alpha

Chapter Contact List

Chi Omega Sierra Bell | Delta Delta Delta Morgan Smith |

Gamma Phi Beta Kylie Bethel | Kappa Alpha Theta Cat Guy | Kappa Delta

Rowen Durban | Kappa Kappa Gamma Sarah Imhoff | Phi Mu Sam Markle | Phi Sigma Rho Megan Miller | Pi Beta Phi Nikki McKenna | Theta Phi Alpha Raygene Skrinak |

*These are the only chapter representatives you should be speaking with about recruitment!*

Nickname | Chi O National Founding Date | April 5, 1895 Local Founding Date | December 24, 1913 Colors | Cardinal & Straw Flower | White Carnation

Mascot | Owl National Philanthropy | Make-A-Wish Local Philanthropy | Make-A-Wish Ohio National Website | Local Website | Length of New Member Program | 12 weeks HS GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.9 College GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.6 GPA for Active Good Standing | 2.5 Live-In Requirement | N/A Semester 1 Dues for New Members | $830 Semester 2 Dues for New Members | $815 Semester Dues for Active Members | $630-$670

Address | 311 Joselin Avenue

Nickname | Tri Delta National Founding Date | November 28, 1888 Local Founding Date | 1892 Colors | Silver, Gold, and Cerulean Blue Flower | Pansy

Mascot | Dolphin National Philanthropy | St. Jude’s Local Philanthropy | St. Jude’s National Website | Local Website | Length of New Member Program | 7 weeks HS GPA Requirement for PNMs | 3.0 College GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.6 GPA for Active Good Standing | 2.9 Live-In Requirement | N/A Semester 1 Dues for New Members | $1,060 Semester 2 Dues for New Members | $837 Semester Dues for Active Members | $837

Address | 2609 Clifton Avenue

Nickname | Gamma Phi National Founding Date | November 11, 1874 Local Founding Date | 2012 Colors | Brown and Mode Flower | Pink Carnation

Mascot | Crescent Moon National Philanthropy | Girls on the Run Local Philanthropy | Girls on the Run Cincinnati National Website | Local Website | Length of New Member Program | 8 weeks HS GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.8 College GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.6 GPA for Active Good Standing | 2.5 Live-In Requirement | 1 Year Semester 1 Dues for New Members | $800 Semester 2 Dues for New Members | $700 Semester Dues for Active Members | $500-$600

Address | 2659 Stratford Avenue Building 6

Nickname | Theta National Founding Date | January 28, 1870 Local Founding Date | December 13, 1913 Colors | Black and Gold Flower | Black and Gold Pansy

Mascot | Kite and Twin Stars National Philanthropy | CASA Local Philanthropy | ProKids National Website | Local Website | Length of New Member Program | 6 weeks HS GPA Requirement for PNMs | 3.2 College GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.8 GPA for Active Good Standing | 2.8 Live-In Requirement | N/A Semester 1 Dues for New Members | $895 Semester 2 Dues for New Members | $870 Semester Dues for Active Members | $690-$1,030

Address | 2711 Clifton Avenue

Nickname | KD / Kay Dee National Founding Date | October 23, 1897 Local Founding Date | January 25, 1913 Colors | Olive Green and Pearl White Flower | White Rose

Mascot | Teddy Bear National Philanthropy | Girl Scouts of America and Prevent Child Abuse America Local Philanthropy | Council on Child Abuse National Website | Local Website | Length of New Member Program | 6 weeks HS GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.6 College GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.6 GPA for Active Good Standing | 2.6 Live-In Requirement | 1 Year Semester 1 and 2 Dues for New Members | $810 Semester Dues for Active Members | $615-$660

Address | 2634 Stratford Avenue Building 3

Nickname | Kappa National Founding Date | October 13, 1870 Local Founding Date | May 16, 1914 Colors | Dark Blue and Light Blue Flower | Fleur-de-Lis Mascot | Owl National Philanthropy | Reading is Fundamental Local Philanthropy | Kappa Kidney Kamp National Website | Local Website | Length of New Member Program | 8 weeks HS GPA Requirement for PNMs | 3.3 College GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.7 GPA for Active Good Standing | 2.7 Live-In Requirement | N/A Semester 1 Dues for New Members | $1,038 Semester 2 Dues for New Members | $965 Semester Dues for Active Members | $873-$963

Address | 2801 Clifton Avenue

Nickname | Phi Mu National Founding Date | March 4, 1852 Local Founding Date | January 12, 2014 Colors | Rose and White Flower | Carnation Mascot | The Lion “Sir Fidel” National Philanthropy | Children’s Miracle Network Local Philanthropy | Cincinnati Children’s Hospital National Website | Local Website | Length of New Member Program | 8 weeks HS GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.75 College GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.75 GPA for Active Good Standing | 2.75 Live-In Requirement | Only Executive Board Semester 1 Dues for New Members | $705 Semester 2 Dues for New Members | $646 Semester Dues for Active Members | $596-$605

Address | 2629 Stratford Avenue Building 20

*Membership Limited to CEAS and Industrial Management Programs* Nickname | Phi Rho National Founding Date | September 24, 1984 Local Founding Date | November 5, 2011 Colors | Red Wine and Silver Flower | Orchid Mascot | Sigmand the Penguin National Philanthropy | Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Local Philanthropy | Leukemia and Lymphoma Society National Website | Local Website | Length of New Member Program | 10 weeks HS GPA Requirement for PNMs | 3.0 College GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.8 GPA for Active Good Standing | 2.5 Live-In Requirement | N/A Semester 1 Dues for New Members | $180

Semester Dues for Active Members | $200-$300

Nickname | Pi Phi National Founding Date | April 28, 1967 Local Founding Date | January 23, 2010 Colors | Wine and Silver Blue Flower | Wine Carnation Mascot | Arrow National Philanthropy | Read > Lead > Achieve Local Philanthropy | Champions are Readers National Website | Local Website | Length of New Member Program | 8 weeks HS GPA Requirement for PNMs | 3.3 College GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.9 GPA for Active Good Standing | 2.2 Live-In Requirement | 1 Year Semester 1 Dues for New Members | $870 Semester 2 Dues for New Members | $880 Semester Dues for Active Members | $560-$630

Address | 2634 Stratford Avenue Building 18

Nickname | Theta Phi National Founding Date | August 30, 1912 Local Founding Date | June 15, 1919 Colors | Blue, Gold, and Silver Flower | White Rose Mascot | Penguin National Philanthropy | Glenmary Home Missioners Local Philanthropy | Dragonfly Foundation National Website | Local Website | N/A Length of New Member Program | 6 weeks HS GPA Requirement for PNMs | 3.3 College GPA Requirement for PNMs | 2.85 GPA for Active Good Standing | 2.65 Live-In Requirement | N/A Semester 1 Dues for New Members | $910 Semester 2 Dues for New Members | $800 Semester Dues for Active Members | $456-$655

Address | 312 Joselin Avenue

(closing thoughts)

Letter from Traci Wiess, Panhellenic Advisor On behalf of the Fraternity & Sorority Life at the University of Cincinnati, and as the program coordinator and Panhellenic Advisor for Fraternity & Sorority Life, I would like to welcome you to Panhellenic Recruitment at the University of Cincinnati! Whether you are brand new to UC or returning to campus, we are excited that you are interested in being part of our dynamic fraternity & sorority community. UC Fraternity & Sorority Life is dedicated to intellectual development, philanthropy and service, social responsibility and citizenship, leadership development, and values integration and personal growth. I encourage you to go through recruitment with an open mind, eagerness to learn and connect with chapter members, and desire to create lasting friendships with the young women going through this process with you. If you have any questions, your Rho Gamma is available to answer any that you may. Should your family have any questions, my contact information is listed below. Please know that I serve as a resource and support before, during, and after the recruitment process. Our community is excited to get to know you and help you to “Find Your Fit� in Fraternity & Sorority Life at UC.

-Traci J. Wiess Program Coordinator for Fraternity & Sorority Life | Panhellenic Advisor | 513.556.6155

We are so excited that you are considering joining one of our wonderful organizations on campus. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to! We hope to welcome you into our community very soon!

Find Your Fit

2017 Panhellenic Recruitment PNM Handbook  
2017 Panhellenic Recruitment PNM Handbook