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Ask any traveler what’s on their wanderlust list, and guaranteed, the Islands of Tahiti are there. Visions of overwater bungalows, water so clear you can see fish from land, and luxurious resorts made for pampering immediately spring to mind at the mere mention of these pearls in the Pacific. There’s no time like the present to turn your dreams into reality. Set your sights on Tahiti for the upcoming year and make it your most memorable vacation yet.

Don’t forget to explore our own backyard. Cities in the US are as diverse and unique as the people that live here, and the city that best embodies this is San Diego. In addition to picturesque beaches and the famous zoo, this metropolis has earned the designation of “America’s Finest City” with its laid-back vibes and surf culture, the Cali-Baja culinary movement, and rocking craft beer scene. Its southern location also makes it the perfect home base for heading up to bustling Los Angeles for the day.

The secret of Thailand’s ultimate adventure potential is out. Golden temples, maze-like markets, and close encounters with exotic wildlife—elephants, tigers, and monkeys to name a few—make visitors feel as though they’ve stepped into the pages of a fantasy novel. The people here are some of the most welcoming in Asia, and their zest for flavor has created an enjoyably complex, albeit spicy, culinary repertoire. Whether hiking through national parks in the north or island hopping in the south, a Thailand adventure is a trip of a lifetime.

Visitors to Los Cabos will be pleasantly rewarded with two destinations in one. San Jose del Cabo preserves the feel of authentic Mexico with cobblestone streets and Spanish colonial architecture while the Cabo San Lucas neighborhood lights up the night with world-famous evening entertainment, luxurious shopping, and posh resorts. One trip to this trendy Mexican province and you’ll understand why this area has been a celebrity favorite for years.

The year 2017 is a blank slate ready to be filled with adventure. No matter where the following year takes you, it’s never too early to start planning your next getaway. Talk to your travel agent today to start planning your trip to one of these destinations or for expert recommendations to locations around the world.

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