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Experience “Exclusive” with My Time Unique recognition, special amenities, and services that go beyond your expectations — that’s what you get when you book a My Time property through GOGO Vacations and your travel agent. Our My Time partners include some of the world’s most spectacular hotels, and you’ll be treated like a treasured guest with exclusive perks at no additional cost. The special treatment begins at d check-in with private or expedited service, a room che upgrade, a welcome gift, or even a resort or spa up credit. Throughout your stay, you’ll receive even cred t. Thro more special extras, with each resort elevating mo e spe in its own way. From food and yyour ur experience exp p beverage beve age credits credit to free Wi-Fi to kids club access, and an d more, more elevate your time with My Time. All you d to d need do is book a My Time property, and get read readyy to be p pampered. Experience exclusive extras now at over 180 Exp so resorts in over 30 countries with My Time by GOGO Vacations.

We’ve highlighted some of our favorite My blic Time properties in the Dominican Republic t! over the next two pages. Check them out!

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