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PUERTO VALLARTA What Vacation Destination Dreams Are Made Of Sit back and dream of this. You’re on vacation, weaving your way along cobblestone streets, popping in and out of quirky boutiques and cafes. Towering above the colonial buildings is the wroughtiron detailed bell tower of a picturesque church, commanding the skyline as a spiritual tribute to the history of the town. Now you feel the ocean breeze on your skin, listening to azure waves lap against the pier as you marvel at pleasantly strange and intriguing statues that guide tourists and locals up and down the walk. Then it’s morning, and you’re bumping along a dirt path in the back of an all-terrain vehicle past mountain villages before stopping to hike through the surrounding tropical forests. You’ll spend your afternoon back at your beachside resort relaxing by the pool. You’re not in a coastal town in Europe, or a tropical island in the Caribbean. You’re in the charming west-coast Mexican town of Puerto Vallarta. (continued on next page)

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