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THE SPA & GOLF GUIDE 2014/2015

GET YOUR RELAXATION ON WITH A PAMPERING SPA TREATMENT! Begin to relax the moment you arrive at your destination with a pure, invigorating treatment at a world-class spa. Getaways are perfectly named; they are trips to literally “get away” from everyday stresses and tensions. Serenity is paramount when seeking rejuvenation of the body, mind, and spirit, and spas are the quintessential sanctuaries. Housed in luxurious resorts with unparalleled services, these indulgent retreats offer relaxing experiences that will sooth you into a state of utter tranquility. The intimate setting, infused with personalized aromatherapy, ignites the bonds of romance while providing a haven for wedding parties and girlfriends who wish a few quiet moments before or after the Big Day. Spa journeys include a delightful range of treatments for stress management, detoxification, flexibility, and overall well-being, including Swedish massages, facials, hydrotherapy, reflexology, Turkish baths, microdermabrasion, steam therapy, and beauty treatments. Methods vary, but whether you fancy Balinese-inspired therapy, Mayan traditional treatments, European-style massage or even chocolate and coffee blends, you’ll reach a harmonious bliss. So get away from stress and get your relaxation on in one of the many world-class spas in the Caribbean and Mexico.

SPA SECRETS 1 Location. Location. Location! Take your spa treatment on the beach or in a private outdoor bungalow. 2 Indulge in a chocolate body wrap to release endorphins. (No eating the scrub!) 3 Meet with the spa specialist to choose the right treatment for your skin. 4 Don’t leave the kids at the club; bring them for their own mani/pedi. 5 Some spas offer yoga on the beach, so you can see the sun rise over your downward facing dog. 6 Babymoons are the thing. Make them your thing with a pregnancy massage. 7 Can’t choose just one type of massage? Choose the Open Bar Massage with six therapies. 8 Support wellness even after your vacation. Take a massage class to learn the techniques. 9 Be caressed by a revitalizing Vichy shower. Just hold onto your towel. 10 When booking, select a myTime resort. Many offer discounts on spa treatments.

Spa services promote wellness mentally and physically. Certain treatments cannot only increase flexibility and improve self-esteem but reduce blood pressure and detox the body. Enjoy one of the following treatments on your next vacation and experience the benefits of an invigorating spa service.

Beauty Salon Services World-class spas offer full beauty salon services such as basic and spa manicures and pedicures, male and female haircuts, hair braiding, waxing, and hair and scalp treatments. If you’ve made dinner reservations at the resort’s signature restaurant, then why not stop by the salon for a blow-out and style? They also provide bridals services, such as bridal hairdos and makeup design.

Body Wraps A body wrap begins with an exfoliation process before you take a quick shower and are then wrapped with heated bandages and thermal blankets. Once your muscles relax and your pores open to release the toxins, you are rinsed and moisturized. There are several different types of body wraps, and each has a different purpose. Some body wraps include: chocolate wrap, which stimulates endorphins (uplifts your spirits) and tones muscles; a mud wrap which detoxes the skin and clears the pours of any impurities; and an herbal wrap to nourish skin.

Facials A staple in the spa community, facials are the stereotypical woman’s spa treatment, at times even been shown as do-it-yourself home remedies; however, facials are truly a luxurious spa’s specialty that rejuvenate the skin and help minimize acne, blemishes, and even wrinkles. Choose between a basic facial, which simply cleanses and exfoliates the skin, to an aromatherapy facial, which uses specific oils and massages to sooth the body and mind. Some facials even offer masks made with pure gold, which encourages the skin to grow after exfoliation.

Hydrotherapy A splash of cold water, a dash of hot water—hydrotherapy includes the well-known hot and cold baths as well as the warm massages that help circulation and mentality. One of the most revered types is the vichy shower. During a vichy shower, guests will feel like they are literally floating on water as the body detoxes and relaxes. Thalassotherapy, a specialized type of hydrotherapy, provides not only relaxation and beauty but also healing. It mainly uses enriched seawater to sooth body and mind.

Massages The best known treatment at a spa, massages serve many wellness causes, such as neck, shoulders, and back message for pain relief and comfort. The well-known Swedish massage invokes massage oils and various strokes to release tension and relax the body. Though generally done nude where the therapist uses a technique called draping, the Swedish massage is a great first massage and can be done with underwear on. A deep tissue massage focuses on deeper layers of muscle tissue and can help to lower blood pressure. Reflexology is a popular type of massage that believes points on the hand and feet can help other parts of the body function better.

Saunas Why run for a half an hour when you can burn more calories relaxing? Infrared saunas help to purge the body of alcohol, nicotine, sodium, and cholesterol, and they also burn more calories than running for the same amount of time. The health benefits are immense with deep skin cleansing, improving the body’s immune system, and increasing energy. Please note: If you have any medical conditions, it’s best to consult your doctor before scheduling or receiving spa treatments. While spa treatments are beneficial to certain conditions, they can have adverse effect on others.

ACE YOUR NEXT GOLF VACATION! Don’t be a duffer when picking a golf resort—hit a hole-in-one! Dubbing when picking your next golf retreat could seriously add strokes to your scores, so consider this guide your free drop. Throughout Mexico and the Caribbean, luxury resorts offer free green fees, golf clinics, and serious discounts on retreats. So why would you ask for a Mulligan when you can play at signature golf courses from Jack Nicklaus, Robert Trent Jones Jr., Robert von Hagge, and Tim Dye for the fraction of the cost? Avoid the sand trap by taking a “working” holiday with the golf buddies or bring the kids for a sports-minded vacation. For a special treat, seek a course with lavish, tropical greenery amidst a stunning ocean vista, or if you’re heading to Cabo, enjoy the unique cactus and arid climate next to the turquoise water. Play on a wide variety of courses from 9 to 18 holes, link course, executive course, to even PGA courses, and score big on the nineteenth hole with drinks and maybe even a massage.

SWING SWEETS 1 Depending on which room category you stay in, you might be entitled to unlimited free golf. 2 Many resorts have a pro shop where you can rent a set of clubs. 3 Don’t want to lug your cubs around? No worries. Caddies are on hand (and most of the time required). FORE! Stay longer for upgraded accommodations and greater discounts at certain resorts. 5 Choose a myTime resort for up to $75 in resort credit to be used toward a free round of golf and more! 6 That sore muscle giving you some grief? Some courses even have spa treatment rooms and hydrotherapy at the club house. 7 If that ball’s in the jungle again, take a few lessons at on-site golf academies. 8 Know what course you want to play and talk to your travel agent. 9 Get a sneak peek of the course before you play. Some have jogging trails! 10 Early birdie. Most resorts allow you to book your tee times through the concierge as many as 180 days in advance.

Golfing is as simple as basketball where you can just hit the court and enjoy a leisurely game. With so many choices from oceanfront courses to wider fairways, you’ll want to choose the one that best suits your style and skill set.

Link Courses Also known as “seaside links,” you’ll find this type of golf course in coastal areas with sand dunes, few water hazards, and scattered trees. Shorter and stiffer blades lend this grass buoyancy, causing the ball to bounce. It’s a favorite course of avid golfers because of its firm surface year round, and it’s this type of course the open championship utilizes year after year. This course favors low but accurate golfers.

Executive Courses If you’re traveling with clients, then you’ll want to do business on the grass but not linger too long before grabbing that power lunch. An executive golf course is your ally. With either nine or 18 holes, these courses are shorter than the usual regulation course, usually with more par-3 holes and fewer par-4 holes and par-5 holes. This speeds up the game to allow you more time at the resort or on another course.

Nine-Hole and Par-3 Courses On an action-packed vacation or sneaking in a quick round before that next business meeting? These courses are for you. A 9-hole course is pretty self-explanatory. Instead of 18 holes, there are nine. This course consists mainly of par-4 holes with a few par-3 holes and par-5 holes. However, it’s purpose to get you through the holes with enough time for that meeting. Likewise, a par-3 course is shorter than an executive course and has—you guessed it!—all par-3 holes.

Resort Golf Courses You’re on vacation for fun; don’t let the course spoil it! Resort golf courses are visually appealing with lush gardening, magnificent lakes (or oceans), and shallow sand traps. Designed for the experience not the sport, these resort golf courses have wider fairways, allowing for easier hits and speedy rounds at popular resorts. With unlimited golf packages, you won’t need to worry about these smaller courses. You can go again and again.

Desert Golf Courses Though mostly found in the southwest United States, desert golf courses are also the standard in Los Cabos, Mexico. These generally have lush green grass, beautiful lake features, and large sand pits. Cacti, sand, rocky landscapes, and palm trees decorate these breathtaking gardens and create a unique environment not experienced at any other golf course. Just try not to get your ball stuck in one of the cacti. Ouch!

Parkland and Heath-Land Courses Parkland Courses are the most common in the United States, though you will find them throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. These are the stereotypical golf courses with picturesque fairways, mature trees, and those pesky bunkers. Heath-Land Courses treat golfers to hills of lush green grass, bushes and scrubs with only a few trees. This type of course hosts the Ryder Cup.

When traveling, make sure to consult your agent about which type of course you enjoy, so you’ll get that golf getaway you desire.

BEACHES RESORTS Swing into a Sun-Filled Golf Getaway Perfect your swing over rolling Jamaican fairways on the golf getaway of a lifetime. Beaches® Ocho Rios Resort & Golf Club offers access to one of the most challenging and prestigious courses in the islands. The exciting 18-hole course at Sandals Golf & Country Club offers three sets of tees to suit everyone from first time players to seasoned pros and unlimited play with greens fees included*. Even kids can join in the fun with lessons and free club rental. So whether you’re jetting away for a guys weekend or to spend some quality time with the kids, a fun-filled round of golf—or two—is the perfect opportunity to get together while getting away at Beaches.

A Caribbean-Infused Escape From it All Inspired by the beautiful traditions and exotic scents of the Caribbean, Beaches’ signature Red Lane® Spa* is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Using all-natural organic products, made from nourishing tropical ingredients indigenous to the islands, every spa service will leave you feeling revitalized, refreshed and utterly relaxed. Indulge in some well-deserved “me” time away from the kids with a rejuvenating scrub or facial. Rekindle the romance with that special someone over a sensual couples massage. Or spend some quality time with your little ones with a set of mommy-and-me mani/pedis. No matter what you desire, Beaches’ Red Lane® Spa specialists will adapt everything, from the aromas to the treatments, to create an unforgettable experience that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.



*Complimentary greens fees at Sandals Golf & Country Club, Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Transfers included from Beaches Ocho Rios only. Caddies are mandatory, but not included. Adults must accompany children under 16. Spa services are additional.

Ask about exclusive myTime amenities at Beaches Negril & Beaches Ocho Rios

EXCELLENCE GROUP LUXURY HOTELS & RESORTS The ultimate retreat where relaxation happens naturally Wellness...It’s the core of our luxurious spa resorts. More than just a resort, the spas at each of the Excellence Group Luxury Hotels & Resorts are a state of mind and well being. Wellness here is more than health; it’s a passion for life, and a philosophy of living well, feeling well, and being well. Comprehensive Spas offer an unparalleled range of full-service treatments, fitness equipment, and facilities to address well-being on every level. Whether you’re on a quest for spiritual balance, a relaxing getaway, a makeover, or a tune-up for the body and mind, our Spa resorts program will set you on a path to total wellness. The Spas at Excellence Resorts will rejuvenate you with treatments like therapeutic massage, Watsu massage for couples and individuals, temazcal baths and other traditional healing rituals, therapeutic body work, full-body cocoons and wraps in heated beds, aromatherapy, seaweed treatments, Ayurvedic treatments, facials, or any of our signature spa services. All complemented with our Agua Viva or Aqua Wellness facility. Whether your travel takes you to Mexico or the Dominican Republic you will find every Excellence property to be located at convenient distance from signature golf courses, either right by the Caribbean sea or surrounded by ecological areas with carefully crafted water holes, jungles, bunkers and greens utilizing native plants, trees, and foliage.

Ask about exclusive myTime amenities at Excellence Riviera Cancun, Excellence Punta Cana, Excellence Playa Mujeres

MAJESTIC RESORTS The ideal place for Caribbean lovers, or for the first time visitor to the Dominican Republic. Located on a beautiful white sand beach, these 2 sophisticated and elegant resorts are the perfect choice for you enjoy the Caribbean the Majestic Way. Step into the Suite or Junior suite of your choice, or chose one of our Clubs adults only section, all including a private Jacuzzi and decorated with the finest materials. Our 24 hour allinclusive resorts offer an array of dining choices and a selection of bars to suit every mood! Enjoy a day by the free form pool, go to our state of the art gym, play a game or head for the show, the choice is yours. Whether travelling alone, as a couple, with your family, or as a group everyone will enjoy the Majestic way. For those guests looking for a sanctuary, our magnificent SPAs offers a relaxing atmosphere and a mix of body and health treatments, there is one Spa at the Majestic Colonial and one Spa at the Majestic Elegance two of the most complete spas in Punta Cana offering 3 specific areas of enjoyment. The massages area: with a beautiful fountain and lush gardens surrounded by 10 massage rooms with different massages and views to the pool. The “VIP Room� is a double size room with its own independent shower, Jacuzzi and Sauna, Ideal for couples. The humid area: with different showers, from ice cold to tropical, Swedish, and flavored showers, Sauna, Turkish baths an Ice fountain for facial refreshment and a huge Jacuzzi with warm and cold areas. The beauty parlor: offering hair dressing, manicures, pedicures and facial treatments. Charges apply. Enjoy our Complementary Golf offer Up to two complementary rounds of Golf at the Punta Blanca Golf Course. 1 Green Fee per adult per 5 night stay and 2 Green Fees per adult per 5 night stay for guests staying at our adults only section Colonial Club and Elegance Club. Restrictions apply.


Ask about exclusive myTime amenities at Majestic Elegance Punta Cana, Majestic Colonial Punta Cana

PLAYA HOTELS & RESORTS Tee off with All Inclusive Golf If golf’s your game, when you stay at The Royal, Gran Caribe Real or Gran Porto Real you can play to your heart’s content at the best rated courses in Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Book 6 nights or more in an upgraded suite to enjoy complimentary all inclusive golf for one guest per suite and 50% off a second guest at the Riviera Cancun Golf Club by Jack Nicklaus or at the Playacar Golf Club, by the legendary Robert von Hagge. Or stay 3 nights in any suite category to get 50% off the all-inclusive golf package*. These 18-hole/Par 72 championship courses are highly acclaimed for their beauty and challenge. When the sport is complimentary the only hard part is playing the course! *All-inclusive golf package includes 1 green fee round, shared golf cart, food & beverage service at golf course, 10% discount at pro-shop, complimentary green fee on second round (based on availability). Valid thru 12/31/14.

Rest, relax or revel in all inclusive splendor The Mayan influence and heartfelt service of SPAzul envelopes you in a comforting and calm world. Choose from a menu of unique services, many inspired by ancient Mayan traditions, and all uniquely tailored for relaxation and calm transformation. Guests of THE ROYAL may also enjoy complimentary men’s and women’s hydrotherapy circuits featuring a steam room, sauna, dual- temperature Jacuzzis, cascading Polish waterfalls, and a cold plunge pool.


Ask about exclusive myTime amenities at Gran Caribe Real Cancun, Gran Porto Real Playa del Carmen, THE ROYAL Playa del Carmen

SANDALS RESORTS Golfing Down to a Tee Perfect your swing while overlooking the beautiful Caribbean Sea on the golf getaway of a lifetime. Throughout the Caribbean, Sandals’ All-Inclusive Resorts offer three of the most challenging and prestigious courses in the islands. Sandals® Golf & Country Club in Ocho Rios is one of Jamaica’s best courses, boasting 18 holes, while in Saint Lucia, Sandals Golf Club at Sandals Regency La Toc offers a challenging 9-par course. In Great Exuma, Bahamas, the Greg Norman-designed Sandals Emerald Reef Golf Club takes beginners and professionals alike on a winding, 18-hole course along the stunning peninsula. Recognized as the Bahamas’ Leading Golf Resort at the World Travel Awards, Sandals Emerald Bay is home to this par 72 championship course, featuring six signature holes and prevailing trade winds that promise a new experience with each game. No matter what the occasion, a Sandals vacation is never complete without a round of golf, or two. And with greens fees* included and unlimited play, there’s a good chance it will be the highlight of your golf escape.

Island-Infused Romance and Relaxation Inspired by the beautiful traditions and exotic scents of the Caribbean, Sandals’ signature Red Lane® Spa* is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Using all-natural organic products, made from nourishing tropical ingredients indigenous to the islands, every spa service will leave you feeling revitalized, refreshed and utterly relaxed. Whether it’s indulgently pampering you from head to toe in preparation for your dream destination wedding, or rekindling the romance between you and your love in a sensual couples massage, Sandals’ spa specialists will adapt everything, from the aromas to the treatments, to create a truly unforgettable experience.







*Greens fees may be additional at Sandals Emerald Bay. In Jamaica and Saint Lucia, caddies are mandatory but not included. Spa services additional.

Ask about exclusive myTime amenities at all Sandals Resorts properties in Jamaica

myTime myTime is a new concept in vacations, providing unique recognition, extra amenities and special touches when traveling – all at no additional cost. Differentiate yourself from other travelers, select one of our myTime resorts and experience complimentary extras such as special transfers from the airport, separate check-in/check-out areas, free spa services and spa credits, resort credits and discounts guaranteed restaurant reservations and much more. Whether you are traveling with a family, with friends, or with the one you love - make your next vacation a myTime vacation.

It’s myTime to receive*... •

Exclusive check-in and check-out area

Room upgrades and late check-out based on availability

Free round of golf

Free spa access, spa services and up to $100 in spa credits

Up to $75 in resort credits to be used towards spa or golf

Guaranteed restaurant reservations

Reserved Balinese Beds with cabana & much more!

On this vacation, it’s ALL ABOUT ME! M E X I CO





ATLANTIS PARADISE ISLAND Ocean Club Golf Course From golf on one of the world’s most beautiful and demanding courses to active pursuits of fitness and sports, the playground of Atlantis offers fun for everyone. The nearby Ocean Club Golf Course offers guests of Atlantis an invigorating game with spectacular ocean views. Designed by Tom Weiskopf, this 18-hole, par 72 championship PGA course is sure to be an amazing experience for any golfer. The Ocean Club Golf Course is a PGA course, featuring meticulous seaside green and tee settings, alternating fairways and breathtaking signature holes stretched over 7,123 yards.

Mandara Spa The Mandara Spa, a 2-story 30,000-square-foot spa facility, features Balinese-inspired therapies blended with European techniques. Accessed via a glass bridge spanning a bamboo water garden, this truly divine sanctuary is awash in soothing natural elements such as wood, stone and bamboo. A fusion of the beautiful traditions of exotic cultures found worldwide, Mandara Spa applies ancient Asian secrets with traditional spa therapies and natural spices, fruits and minerals indigenous to The Bahamas. Here, your clients may relax and take a steam or a tropical rain shower. Unwind in a saltwater pool. Succumb to a Swedish massage, or luxuriate in the ultimate “taking of the waters” bathing experience that includes sauna, steam, cold plunge and hot whirlpool. Guests enjoy a full complement of therapies, from refreshing facials and exotic body scrubs to a full range of salon and beauty services. Innovative programs also include teeth whitening, micro dermabrasion, “Generation Y Spa” therapies for teenagers, “Time for Men” grooming menu for barber services, and other signature Mandara Spa treatments.


DREAMS RESORTS & SPAS Dreams of Serenity Take time for yourselves with relaxing and indigenous treatments in world-class spas that are designed to renew and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. At Dreams Resorts & Spas, your peace of mind is our top priority. Begin with a Dreams Signature Facial, designed to cleanse, tone, and moisturize your skin. Follow that with an intensifying seaweed wrap - a treatment containing natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes that detoxify and nourish your body. Finish with a Swedish massage that will take you to a total state of relaxation and bliss, increasing circulation, and alleviating pain and stress in joints and muscles.

Tee off with Dreams Resorts & Spas Perfect your swing with complimentary greens fees at nearby, championship golf courses when you stay at Dreams Resorts & Spas in Cancun, Riviera Cancun, Riviera Maya, and Nuevo Vallarta. With courses designed by such golf greats as Jack Nicklaus, Robert Trent Jones Jr., and Tim Dye, you’re sure to be challenged on the links. Enjoy the serene, lush landscapes at championship golf courses in destinations including Los Cabos and Huatulco, as well. No matter which Dreams Resort & Spa you choose, you’ll be hitting the links in no time.




Top Left Photo: Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa, Right Photo: Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa

PALACE RESORTS Palace Resorts offers unparalleled service and signature amenities that set the stage for an exceptional all-inclusive vacation. Spacious accommodations feature luxurious amenities including double whirlpool tub in every room, 24-hour room service, included unlimited long distance phone calls to the continental US and Canada, wireless Internet and brand name liquor dispensers. The Moon Spa & Golf Club is home to one of the only two Jack Nicklaus Signature golf courses in Cancun. Its dynamic layout challenges golfers to navigate through native vegetation as well as wetlands and strategically placed bunkers. Each of the three nine-hole courses offers a distinctive environment that challenges professionals and amateurs alike. Players can enjoy 27 holes within the following combination of golf courses: Dunes & Jungle, Jungle & Lakes, and Lakes & Dunes. Experience relaxation and rejuvenation of your mind, body and spirit at Moon Palace Golf & Spa resort’s world-class spa facilities. upon arrival, a thoroughly relaxing hydrotherapy experience is your first stop, followed by your choice of the latest spa services – massages, bath therapies, facials and body scrubs – expertly administered in one of our 39 spacious treatment rooms. Couples can enjoy a relaxing treatment in one of our three couples' massage rooms with golf course/lake views. Six master spa suites provide balneotherapy, where soothing mineral water brings both relaxation and stimulation. All spa packages include complimentary use of the hydrotherapy facilities on the day of your scheduled appointment.


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