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1 PERSONAL TOUCH They’ll spend time getting to know your personal preferences so they can design a vacation that’s just right for you.

2 ADDED VALUE They’ll negotiate directly with resorts, tour companies, and cruise lines to get you deals you won’t find online.

3 PERKS From rooms with the best views to construction notices, upcoming events, and itinerary suggestions, travel agents have the knowledge, connections, and experience to book you in your preferred room category and resort.

4 CONVENIENCE A travel agent strives to get you the best value for your journey, which can mean exclusive packages, rooms in “sold-out” hotels, and special arrangements or requests. Agents can also help you navigate traveler’s insurance.

5 24/7 HELP A travel agent has the latest information at their fingertips. With years of experience and firsthand knowledge, travel agents save you countless hours and plan your trip with expertise no search engine can give.



With GOGO on your side, we have you covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you have an emergency within 24 hours of departure or while traveling, contact the Emergency Travel Center.

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About Our Star Ratings 22222 Exceptional properties offering the finest accommodations and amenities with an outstanding variety of premium facilities and services. 2222 Excellent properties offering well appointed accommodations and amenities with a superior variety of excellent facilities and services. 222 Comfortable and appealing properties offering dependable accommodations and amenities with a variety of facilities and services. 22 Moderately priced properties offering basic accommodations, amenities, facilities, and services. 2 Economically priced properties offering modest accommodations and limited amenities, facilities, and services. 1/2 star indicates that the property meets all criteria of the assigned rating and exceeds in certain areas.


KEY HOTEL FEATURES Throughout this brochure, certain hotel profiles denote one or more key features of that property. Below is a detailed guide to these distinctions to help you choose your best vacation spot!


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Overwater Bungalows

MALDIVES IDYLLIC. ISOLATED. UNFORGETTABLE. KNOW YOUR DESTINATION Awaken in a sun-soaked archipelago comprising 1,192 coral islands and 26 atolls – where the sunset transforms into a hypnotizing fusion of striking colors, where your senses are balanced, where there is an abundance of underwater life and thrilling water sports. With its stunning beaches, blue waters, and pure air, the Maldives may be the ultimate exotic getaway. Escape to one of the most idyllic – and isolated – destinations on the planet. Enjoy a picnic lunch on an uninhabited island. Take a sunset cruise on a catamaran. Dive into the clearest water you’ll ever see. Rejuvenate body and soul at a sinfully delicious spa. Knowing where to begin your Maldives holiday will be your only question – for starters, there are 26 coral atolls to choose from, and it’s near impossible to pick a favorite. Intrepid travelers can opt for some city buzz in the energetic capital Malé. Notice that when you check into your resort, it occupies its own separate island. And in the Maldives, it’s the law that all resort guest rooms must face the beach, and five linear meters of beachfront is allocated to each resort bungalow. When it comes to food, Maldivians adore three things: fish, coconut, and starch. Opt for local favorites like skipjack and yellowfin tuna, best served with rice, taro, sweet potato, or cassava. Beyond seafood, the Maldives is also renowned for its delectable vegetable curries – spicy, redolent, and packed with a fresh selection of aubergine,


pumpkin, potato, and carrot. And then there’s roshi – a tasty flatbread that’s a nationwide staple, often eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The people in Maldives live a simple, unhurried lifestyle and are extremely devout in their Islamic religion. Even though Maldivian Dhivehi is the official language, English is widely spoken.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS A valid US passport, return or onward tickets, and proof of sufficient funds are required for entry; a no-cost visa valid for 30 days is issued on arrival.

GETTING AROUND A speedboat, seaplane, or local dhoni (a multipurpose sailboat) are used when traveling within the islands. Taxis, motorbikes, and walking are also options on Malé; it takes approximately 10 minutes to walk from one end to the other on the island. Scheduled ferries are available when traveling to other islands.

TOP EXPERIENCES Spa Therapy Reconnect with your spirit as you plunge into a sensory journey in an overwater spa palapa with therapeutic rituals and hypnotic Maldivian waters as your backdrop.

Local Breakfast Specialty Wake up in the Maldives and sample mas huni, a Maldivian local delicacy including tuna, onion, coconut, and chili accompanied by hot tea and roshi flatbread.

History Museum Marvel at the impressive collection of artifacts that reflects the rich history of the island at the former Sultan Palace, now called the National Museum in Malé.

Diving Snorkel right off a private terrace and dip into the Tiffanyblue waters amid tropical marine life and some of the planet’s most mesmerizing coral reefs.

Craft Market Join an excursion to some of the inhabited islands, where local shops sell authentic lacquer works, dhoni crafts (miniatures of traditional boats), wood carvings, mat weavings, coconut shell products, coir ropes, and clothing.

Land Sports Many resorts have built elaborate sports facilities, so it’s easy to find a pick-up basketball game, soccer and volleyball action, and top-level tennis. And all the islands are tailor-made for jogging and bicycling.

Sport Fishing Experience an unforgettable adventure on a sport fishing cruise for giant trevally, sailfish, marlin, barracuda, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, swordfish, and other impressive game.

Le Morne

MAURITIUS PARADISE AMID THE BLUE HORIZON KNOW YOUR DESTINATION An idyllic volcanic island surrounded by immaculate waters and covered with lush vegetation and swaying palm trees, full of friendly smiles and hand-picked resorts carefully designed to preserve nature’s organic beauty – get ready to recline on a stretch of powdery sands or break out your water sports gear. There is much to love about Mauritius and not just its organic mountainous beauty and pristine beaches. It’s also a melting pot of cultures, religions, and warm-hearted people welcoming you to their land.

You’ll also find a string of modern resorts that have been carefully developed to preserve the island’s beauty and ecology. English is the official language but French and Creole are widely spoken.

Fishing Expedition


Street Food

Sport fishermen can cast for blue or black marlin, all types of sharks, yellow tuna, and bonito. Excursions can be arranged through most of the resorts.

US citizens need only a valid passport, an onward/return ticket, and sufficient funds to cover your stay. A visa is not required.

In Grand Baie, dig into excellent, inexpensive street food like fresh coconut water, fruit smothered in chilli and sugar, hot curries, and Chinese noodles.


Tea Estate Tour


Nothing will prepare you for the genuine FrenchMauritian hospitality and laid-back island lifestyle, something that’s felt across the country. Experience it all first-hand – strolling through the neighborhoods, eating freshly-ripped loaves of bread, bathing in lagoons that are off the tourist trail, and weaving through sky-high fields of sugarcane. Beware, though – this type of cool routine can quickly get addictive.

Metered taxis can be taken from the airport, hotels, and at bus stations, and are generally the best way to traverse Mauritius.

Those looking for the best scenery should head for the nearby Le Morne peninsula, epitomized by a huge coastal monolith of the same name. But if you simply can’t tear yourself away from the beach, make sure you opt for some of the prettiest ones at least – Belle Mare and Trou aux Biches host some of the most picture-perfect sands. The island’s capital, Port Louis, serves up a blend of bustling markets, colonial architecture, and blissfully private beaches.

Seaplane Tour

Bus Economical express bus service is available throughout the island.


Join a tour of the venerable Bois Chéri tea estate, Mauritius’ oldest plantation, where a range of black, green, herbal, and flavored teas are produced, and stay for a taste-testing back at the chalet.

National Park Spend a day in the rugged refuge of Black River Gorges National Park, home to thick forests, jaw-dropping cascades such as Tamarin Falls, and much of the country’s most elusive wildlife species and avifauna.

Be whisked away on a seaplane journey with a dramatic water take-off and landing as you enjoy extraordinary views of the islands.

Duty-Free Shopping The island’s tourists-only duty-free shops are a great source of basketwork, embroidery, pottery, cut stones, and recycled glass art, as well as apparel like pull-overs and knitwear, plus tasty fruit jellies, chillies, vanilla tea, and rum.

Chamarel Seven Colored Earths


Eden Island, Mahe, Seychelles

SEYCHELLES & SRI LANKA ISLANDS OF SHEER EXOTIC PLEASURE, AND ONE OF THE HOTTEST NEW DESTINATIONS ON THE PLANET KNOW YOUR DESTINATIONS Seychelles Untouched. Uncrowded. Unobstructed views. Unimaginable natural wonders. In the Seychelles, you’ll wake up with an enhanced appreciation of life – and an otherworldly experience of sheer exotic pleasure. The Seychelles take the concept of beaches to a whole new level, with powder-soft sands and lapping turquoise waves acting as a gateway to the ocean and the marine gems hidden beneath its surface. Anse Major, Anse Boileau, and Anse Aux Pins on Mahé are all perfect for snorkeling straight from the beach. The warm Indian Ocean waters make it ideal for sailing, windsurfing, fishing, and surfing as well. Take a day to explore Victoria, the world’s smallest capital city, where many buildings are virtually unchanged since colonial times. Explore the downtown Victoria Market, packed with fresh fish, fruits, vegetables, and locally grown spices.

Sri Lanka No matter if you are a surfer, a food lover, or a culture maven, Sri Lanka is an exotic island destination with plenty of attractions for you to enjoy. Discover fantastic beaches, an abundance of wildlife, delicious cuisine, friendly locals, and absorbing historical and cultural sites – eight of which are World Heritagelisted. Small in size but big in personality, the island is easily traversed via rental car or tuk tuk, or abroad leisurely regional trains. If you’re fit and adventurous, try cycling around the country’s winding back roads to discover some 300 waterfalls.


The bustling capital city of Colombo is a great place to soak up the energetic side of Sri Lanka before heading to its many laidback locations. As well as being able to sip world famous tea, you can also treat your taste buds to some unbelievably flavorful food. Local dishes are similar to what you’ll find in India and usually consist of rice and curry, but Sri Lanka cuisine benefits from the addition of fruits and greater use of seafood.


on intercity-express runs as well as ancient minibuses on shorter runs between towns and villages.

Rail Sri Lanka has an extensive railway system serving most major towns and cities in the island.

Car Driving in Sri Lanka is on the left side and traffic is quite hectic – recommended only for confident and experienced drivers.



US citizens need a passport valid on the date of entry and exit, return/onward ticket, proof of stay, and sufficient funds to cover stay. A one-month visitor’s permit will be issued on arrival.

Seychelles No Worries Atoll

Sri Lanka

Dive down under the Aldabra, the world’s second largest atoll, and keep your eyes peeled for angel fish, sting rays, reef sharks, and whale sharks.

A US passport valid for six months beyond date of entry is required (also with a blank page); a visa is also required; visitors should apply online at www.eta.gov.lk).

Night Lines


Kalou You

Seychelles Air

Toast the surrounding natural beauty with a wine glass of Kalou, extracted from a coconut palm tree.

Air Seychelles operates multiple daily flights between Mahé and Praslin.

Sri Lanka Colombo City Tour


Take a tour of Colombo to experience the Floating Market, the offshore Colombo Port City, and the Gangarama temple, a Buddhist shrine.

Cat Cocos and Inter Island ferry offer multiple daily crossings between Praslin, Mahé, and La Digue.

Sri Lanka Bus Bus routes cover about 80% of the nation’s roads. Independent bus companies operate late-model coaches

Why go to bed early when you can try to hook barracuda and sharks on a night-time sport fishing adventure?

Dutch Heritage Explore the city of Galle, a UNESCO World Heritage site where classic Dutch colonial architecture meets a tropical setting, creating a vivid atmosphere of Old World charm.



Praslin Island


La Digue Island

North Island



ETHIOPIA Silhouette Island

Indian Ocean

MALDIVES Frigate Island Mahé Mahé Island

MALDIVES Ihavandhippolhu Atoll

Haa Alifu Atoll Haa Dhaalu Atoll

Maamakunudhoo Atoll


Indian Ocean

Shaviyani Atoll Noonu Atoll

Raa Atoll

Lhaviyani Atoll

Baa Atoll Goidhoo Atoll Malé Indian Ocean

Malé Atoll

Ari Atoll Vaavu Atoll Port Louis


Faafu Atoll

Meemu Atoll

Dhaalu Atoll Thaa Atoll


Laamu Atoll

MAURITIUS Indian Ocean

Huvadhoo Atoll

REUNION Addu Atoll

Coco Island, Seychelles











The lush South Ari Atoll is home to this exceptional boutique resort that welcomes you into serene beachside and overwater villas with private terraces and ocean views. Go diving, kayaking, and Jet-Skiing, and unwind with signature treatments at the spa.

All-Inclusive A fusion of traditional and modern architecture, this luxury beachfront resort teems with recreational activities. Individual villas have direct access to the pristine white beach and turquoise lagoon, and feature private outdoor areas and whirlpool baths.

All-Inclusive Surrounded by white-sand beaches and aqua waters, this stellar resort welcomes couples and families seeking the ultimate escape in the sun. Guest rooms have the latest tech amenities, plus private verandas with awesome ocean views.

• 51 ac suites & villas • 2 restaurants/bar • room service • outdoor infinity pool/kids pool • Amaya Spa by Mandara/fitness center • water sports • Nemo Kids Club • cooking classes • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 132 ac suites & villas • 4 restaurants/2 bars/pool bar • 24-hr concierge/ room service • 2 outdoor pools/kids pool • Akiri Spa by Manadara/fitness center • water sports/tennis • The Kids Club • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 112 ac suites & villas • 3 restaurants/2 bars • 2 outdoor pools • Spa Cenvaree/fitness center • water sports/PADI dive center/tennis • kids & teens clubs • nightly entertainment • complimentary Wi-Fi





Preferred Partner






An intimate and unique experience, this exclusive boutique hideaway on North Malé Atoll defines island elegance in spacious beachfront villas and secluded overwater villas. Go swimming and diving, and unwind at the spa.

Escape to pure white beaches, turquoise lagoons, and vibrant coral reefs at this eco-resort that blends with its surroundings on its own private island. Posh villas stand amid palm trees or on stilts over the lagoon with views to the horizon.

Jetties thread across crystal-clear waters to spacious villas with spectacular ocean views at this exquisite resort, an intimate coral island in a sparkling lagoon. Guest villas have private water gardens and sundecks.

• 100 ac villas • 5 restaurants/2 bars/wine bar/weekly seafood BBQ • 24-hr room service • outdoor pool/private beach • Coco Spa/fitness center/salon • water sports/PADI dive center • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 98 ac villas • 2 restaurants/2 bars • 24-hr room service • Coco Spa/ fitness center/yoga • water sports/PADI dive center • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 45 ac over-water villas • 3 restaurants/bar/wine cellar/chocolate cave • organic garden • outdoor pool • Meera Spa/fitness center/sauna/yoga/ Tai Chi • PADI dive center/water sports • tennis







Famous for its dive sites, the sun-drenched island of Kodhipparu in North Male Atoll is home to this exceptional boutique resort. Set on the beach or lagoon, or over the water, chic guest villas feature private plunge pools and furnished terraces.

Hailed as an “exotic paradise” by Condé Nast Johansens, this exceptional resort sets on a crescent-shaped private island in the northern Haa Alifu Atoll. Retreat to plush villas, most with private pools, set on the beachfront or on stilts over the lagoon.

• 120 ac rooms • 2 restaurants/bar • 24-hr room service • outdoor infinity pool/kids pool/beach club • spa/fitness center/sauna/yoga • water sports/PADI dive center • Little Explorer kids club • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 103 ac rooms & suites • 4 restaurants/2 bars • room service • 2 outdoor pools/kids pool • Hideaway Spa/fitness center/yoga instruction • water sports/ PADI 5-Star Gold Dive Resort/tennis • kids club • complimentary Wi-Fi



HHHHH Maldives

My Time / Preferred Partner

My Time / Preferred Partner

HHHHH Maldives All-Inclusive Bringing you the Maldives at its finest, this sparkling luxury resort is noted for its pristine beaches, lush tropical vegetation, and exotic reef just offshore. Individual guest villas have furnished patios, spa tubs, and private decks with beach access. • 125 ac villas • 4 restaurants/3 bars • 24-hr concierge & room service • 2 outdoor pools/kids pool • Tamara Spa/fitness center • water sports/ tennis • live music • Turtles Kids’ Club • complimentary Wi-Fi


HHHHH Maldives

Preferred Partner

This exceptional boutique resort rests within the crystal waters of Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, offering complete privacy and intimate luxury. Stunning individual guest villas feature floor-to-ceiling windows and private terraces and pools.

Hailed as “island living in uncompromising style” by The Telegraph of London, this stunning luxury hideaway encompasses the entirety of Villingili Island. Set on the beach or over the water, spacious villas open to private terraces with ocean views.

• 53 ac villas • 3 restaurants/bar/BBQ grills • concierge/24-hr room service • 2 outdoor pools/kids pool • Navasana Spa/fitness center • water sports/dive center • Coral Kids • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 132 ac villas • 3 restaurants/3 bars • concierge/24-hr in-villa dining • outdoor infinity pool/Jacuzzi • Chi, The Spa/fitness center • water sports/PADI dive center • 9-hole golf course/tennis • Cool Zone kids club • complimentary Wi-Fi



HHHHH Maldives

Preferred Partner

All-Inclusive Option Play, indulge, and escape in your own private island paradise at this stellar resort. Choose from stylish beach or overwater accommodations, each one with stunning ocean views and private freshwater pools. Spend your days snorkeling, diving, and swimming. • 125 ac suites • 3 restaurants/2 bars/wine cellar • 24-hr room service • outdoor pool • Sun Aqua Spa/fitness center • water sports/ PADI 5 Star Gold Palm-SSI Diamond dive center • Turtle Kidz Kids’ Club







HHHHH Maldives

All-Inclusive Located on Maadhoo Island in South Malé Atoll, this stellar resort is hailed by Condé Nast Traveler for its “astoundingly beautiful hotel rooms.” Elegant beachfront and overwater villas feature private pools and ocean views to the blue horizon.

All-Inclusive Luxury and serenity come together at this deluxe boutique hideaway, set on a lush private island. Retreat to spacious beachfront and overwater villas with private terraces and views to the endless blue horizon. The spa is a blissful, indulgent diversion.

• 90 ac villas • 4 restaurants/2 bars • 24-hr concierge/room service • outdoor pool/kids pool • Elena Spa & Wellness Complex/fitness center • water sports/PADI dive center/tennis • kids club • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 103 ac villas • 4 restaurants/2 bars/wine cellar • Sun Aqua Spa/fitness center/salon/sauna/steam room • water sports/ PADI 5 Star Gold Palm-SSI Diamond dive center • live entertainment • kids club • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 221 ac villas • 10 restaurants/5 bars • 2 outdoor pools • Spa by Thalgo France/fitness center/salon/sauna/steam room/yoga & meditation • water sports/PADI-SSI dive center/tennis • Komas Kidz Paradise • complimentary Wi-Fi





Preferred Partner




Preferred Partner

The remote Noonu Atoll is home to this exceptional resort, set on a 52-acre private island. Step into beachside and overwater villas with private terraces and ocean views. Go windsurfing, Jet-Skiing, snorkeling, or scuba diving in the nearby coral reefs.






Surrounded by the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, this romantic resort is an island sanctuary along an idyllic beach and serene lagoon on Emboodhu Finolhu. Overwater bungalows and beachside cottages have private terraces and ocean views.

All-Inclusive Option A hip, luxurious yet affordable hideaway on Hembadhu Island, this superb resort opens to one of the Maldives’ best spots for diving. “Rustic elegant” villas have private decks with sea views.

Escape to a private island and luxury playground in a wonderland of white-sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, and breathtaking reefs. Luscious beachfront and overwater accommodations have private plunge pools and other luxury accessories.

• 62 ac villas • 3 restaurants/bar • room service • outdoor infinity pool • Jiva Spa/24-hr fitness center • water sports/PADI dive center • excursions • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 77 ac rooms & suites • 3 restaurants/2 bars/pool bar • WET® Outdoor Infinity Pool • Away® Spa/FIT Fitness Center • Whatever/Whenever® Service • water sports/PADI dive center • nightclub • complimentary Wi-Fi



• 64 ac bungalows • 3 restaurants/2 bars • room service • outdoor infinity pool • Jiva Grande Spa/fitness center • water sports • library/ boutique • complimentary Wi-Fi


HHHH½ Maldives

Preferred Partner


HHHH½ Maldives


Optional All-Inclusive Dive into absolute serenity at this adults-only luxury getaway, set on a pristine North Malé Atoll, ideal for couples and honeymooners. Beachside and overwater villas provide sensational views of the Indian Ocean.

This contemporary family resort welcomes you into luxurious beachfront and overwater villas with private terraces and ocean views. Go sailing, windsurfing, and Jet-Skiing, and unwind with dreamy massage treatments at the spa.

• 140 ac villas & over-water villas • 4 restaurants/4 bars/pool bar • outdoor beachfront free-form pool/sundeck • Spa Cenvaree/fitness center/yoga • water sports/PADI dive center • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 160 ac villas • 3 restaurants/4 bars • 24-hr room service • outdoor pool/kids splash pool • Kandooma Spa by COMO Shambala/fitness center • water sports/PADI 5-Star dive center/surf school/tennis • kids club • complimentary Wi-Fi

All-Inclusive Hide away in posh thatched-roof and overwater villas with views to the horizon at this deluxe resort, set in South Malé Atoll. After a day of lolling on the sands, dipping into azure waters, and playing tennis, unwind with signature spa treatments.



HHHHH Mauritius

My Time / Preferred Partner

Preferred Partner

• 225 ac villas • 5 restaurants/2 bars • 2 outdoor pools/kids pool • Sun Aqua Spa/24-hr fitness center/sauna/steam room • live entertainment • complimentary Wi-Fi



HHHH½ Mauritius


All-Inclusive This tranquil luxury retreat on the north coast is home to a wide range of recreational activities for the entire family. Hide away in spacious guest accommodations with private verandas and spectacular ocean views.

Set on a peninsula between Mahébourg and Blue Bay Marine Park, this deluxe resort offers a friendly atmosphere and authentic experiences. Guest rooms open to private verandas overlooking the lagoon, Île aux Aigrettes, or majestic Lion Mountain.

Blending natural beauty and contemporary design, this adultsonly getaway fronts a white-sand Indian Ocean beach on Mauritius’ eastern coast. Guest rooms are all sea-facing and open to private balconies or garden patios.

• 198 ac rooms, suites & villas • 3 restaurants/2 bars • concierge/room service • 3 outdoor pools/kids pool • LUX* Me Spa/fitness center • water sports/tennis • PLAY kids club/Studio 17 teens club • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 214 ac rooms & suites • 3 restaurants/2 bars • room service • outdoor infinity pool/kids pool • Banyan Spa/fitness center/sauna/hammam • water sports/PADI dive center//tennis • daily live entertainment/ Tikoulou kids club • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 117 ac rooms & suites • 3 restaurants/2 bars • room service • outdoor pool • Yland Spa/fitness center • water sports/tennis • cultural entertainment








HHHHH Preferred Partner




A member of The Leading Hotels of the World, this sparkling boutique resort stands on a stunning strip of beachfront formerly owned by the Beatles’ George Harrison. Exquisite pool villas have panoramic views.

Nestled between two idyllic beaches, this family-friendly resort welcomes guests into luxury accommodation set amid a tropical paradise. Guest suites and villas feature private balconies or terraces with garden or ocean views.

Prepare to be spellbound as you discover this hidden gem, featuring 10 exquisite villas on a private island in the middle of the Saint Anne Marine Park. Feast on delicious Creole cuisine, unwind at the hilltop spa, and lounge in your own private pool.

• 60 ac villas • 4 restaurants/2 bars/pool bar • outdoor infinity pool • spa/fitness center • tennis/water sports • catamaran cruises

• 271 ac suites & villas • 5 restaurants/5 bars • concierge/room service • 4 outdoor pools/kids pool • U Spa by Constance/fitness center • Constance Kids Club • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 10 ac pool villas • restaurant/bar • concierge/room service • outdoor pool • spa/fitness center • water sports • complimentary Wi-Fi




HHHHH Seychelles

Preferred Partner





Sri Lanka

An indulgent retreat offering a huge variety of facilities and activities, this romantic luxury resort sits between an idyllic private beach and an epic granite mountain on the island of Mahé. Guest rooms open to private balconies or terraces with ocean views.

Set on a lush hillside and opening onto a private white-sand beach on the northeastern tip of Praslin, this outstanding boutique resort welcomes guests into spacious villas featuring private plunge pools, balconies, and outdoor pavilions with breathtaking views.

• 142 ac rooms & suites • 3 restaurants/bar • concierge/24-hr room service • outdoor Olympic-length pool/kids pool • spa/24-hr fitness center/yoga • water sports/PADI 5 Star Dive Center/tennis • Esmerelda Kids Club • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 86 ac villas • 3 restaurants/2 bars/pool bar • concierge/24-hr room service/24-hr butler service • outdoor infinity pool • spa/fitness center/ salon/yoga/Pilates • water sports/hiking • Sugar Palm Kids Club • complimentary Wi-Fi

Overlooking the Indian Ocean on the southwest coast, and surrounded by lush greenery, this sterling resort combines Sri Lankan charm and traditional Asian hospitality. Step into spacious guest rooms that open to breezy private balconies with ocean views.




• 172 ac rooms & suites • restaurant/2 bars • concierge/room service • outdoor free-form pool/kids pool • Breeze Spa/fitness center • kids club • complimentary Wi-Fi




Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Set in the heart of Colombo, this modern hotel puts you close to the Galle Face Green seaside promenade, World Trade Centre, and great shopping and entertainment. Step into contemporary guest rooms with Frette linens, marble baths, and ocean views.

Known as the “Palace in the Hills,” this stunning resort infuses the elegant charm of traditional Kandyan culture with the comforts of modern luxury. Elegant guest rooms feature private terraces with views of the gardens or hill country.

Step directly onto a gorgeous stretch of golden-sand beach from this picturesque resort on Pasikudah Bay on the northeast coast of Sri Lanka. Contemporary-style guest rooms open to private furnished terraces or balconies with sweet ocean views.

• 229 ac rooms & suites • 9 restaurants/3 bars • concierge/room service • outdoor pool/kids pool/Honey Beach Club • Senses Spa/salon/fitness center/Jacuzzi • shops • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 100 ac rooms & suites • 2 restaurants/2 bars • concierge/room service • outdoor pool • Pancha Karma Ayurveda Center/fitness center • Le Garage Nightclub • complimentary Wi-Fi


• 125 ac rooms & suites • 3 restaurants/2 bars • 24-hr concierge/room service • outdoor pool/kids pool • Senses Spa by Amaya/24-hr fitness center • water sports/tennis • game room • complimentary Wi-Fi



Preferred Partner




Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Become immersed in the culture and traditions of Sri Lanka at this relaxed resort, nestled along the shores of Kandalama Reservoir. Rustic style courses through the guest suites and villas, which overlook the lush forested landscape.

Just across the street from the ocean and only minutes from Colombo city center, this deluxe resort hotel is an innovative urban outpost. Guest rooms feature contemporary style, the latest tech amenities, and city or ocean views.

• 101 ac suites & villas • 2 restaurants/2 bars • concierge/room service • outdoor pool/sundeck • Pancha Karma Ayurvedic Center • tennis • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 158 ac rooms & suites • restaurant/bar • concierge/room service • outdoor pool • fitness center • complimentary Wi-Fi

Smart, stylish, and inspired by Sri Lankan charm, this modern hotel in the Central Province capital of Kandy is within walking distance of the Temple of the Tooth, a World Heritage Site. Step into contemporary rooms with garden, mountain, city, or lake views.


• 122 ac rooms & suites • restaurant/bar • concierge/room service • outdoor pool • fitness center • complimentary Wi-Fi










Traditional stilt fishermen, Sri Lanka



U.A.E. & QATAR ANCIENT ALLURE & SURPRISING STYLE IN THE DYNAMIC MIDDLE EAST KNOW YOUR DESTINATION Dubai is a thriving cosmopolitan country and has become one of the world’s hottest vacation destinations. From the world’s largest artificial islands and the planet’s tallest building, to uber-luxury accommodations and top-notch dining, it’s nothing less than a scintillating experience for the senses. An elegant fusion of sand and sea, Abu Dhabi graces its visitors with a rich cultural heritage, pristine waters, dutyfree shopping galore, high-touch prestigious hotels, one of the largest mosques in the world, and the planet’s most spectacular sand dunes. Soon to make history as the first country in the Arab world to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, Qatar is a country of affluence and extravagance, with futuristic skyscrapers, luxurious spas, and modern galleries littering the capital city of Doha – all set against the backdrop of massive sand dunes and the glimmering Persian Gulf. The people of the UAE and Qatar are friendly and welcoming and adhere to a number of Islamic traditions. It is important to respect these traditions, and both men and women should dress appropriately, and refrain from dressing suggestively. English and Arabic are both commonly spoken throughout the UAE and Qatar.

THE REGIONS Dubai Downtown Dubai plays host to the world’s tallest manmade structure, the Burj Khalifa and to the largest mall in the known universe. Jumeriah Beach is home to upscale hotels boasting high-touch facilities, sumptuous restaurants, white-glove service, and spectacular vistas


uniquely designed to enchant and luxuriate the most discerning traveler. Take a waterfront stroll and relish picturesque views when visiting the historic Dubai Creek that once served as a port for trading vessels.

Abu Dhabi It couldn’t be a better time to visit Abu Dhabi. With so many sights to see, you’re bound to become utterly entranced by its remarkable wonder. You’ll want to make sure you’ve at least tried some of the experiential activities like a water take-off on a seaplane for the ultimate million-dollar views, sailing on a catamaran along the majestic coastline, or skiing on the orange-hued desert dunes for a thrill of a lifetime.

Qatar Occupying an elongated peninsula on the eastern edge of Saudi Arabia, Qatar’s small geographic size means that most of the country’s attractions lie around Doha and its surrounding suburbs. (You’ll know Doha by its skyline – a cacophony of skyscrapers.) For a glimpse of the Old World, visit the majestic Doha Fort and the venerable Souq Waqif, Doha’s main traditional market.

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Dubai US travelers visiting Dubai need only passports valid for three months, as well as an onward/return ticket. Visas are not required.

Abu Dhabi US citizens need a passport valid for three months from the date of entry, as well as an onward/return ticket. Visas are not required.

Qatar A US passport valid for six months beyond date of entry is required (also with a blank page); a visa is not required.

GETTING AROUND Dubai Taxi Metered taxis are the most common form of transportation and can be easily found outside of hotels or malls, or you can flag one down on the street.

Metro The Red and Green Lines offer frequent air-conditioned trains that are available every three to five minutes. You can obtain a day pass for unlimited rides.

Abu Dhabi Taxi Abu Dhabi is built for cars, and taxis are a great way to get around. They are also fairly cheap compared to other developed countries.

Bus The main bus station in Abu Dhabi is on Hazaa Bin Zayed Road for all routes.

Qatar Bus There is limited bus service available in Qatar; you can travel as far north as Al Shamal/Al Ruwais, as far west as Dukhan, and as far south as Mesaieed (Umm Said).

Burj al Arab, Dubai

TOP EXPERIENCES Dubai – Afternoon Delight Spend a delightful afternoon immersing in utter sophistication at the lavishly adorned Burj Al Arab with a cup of aromatic tea, gourmet sandwiches, sinful treats, and jaw-dropping vistas from the 27th floor.

Dubai – Strike Gold Haggle away for the lowest price as you pop in and out of an impressive collection of jewelry shops at the legendary Deira Gold Souk, packed with gold bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Dubai – Dune It Right Traverse the rolling dunes of the Arabian desert on a 4-wheel-drive vehicle for the ultimate adrenalinepumping adventure. Then ride a camel and catch a bellydancing show under the starlit skies.

Abu Dhabi – Formula One Thrills Visit Yas Island for roaring Formula 1 excitement at Abu Dhabi’s Grand Prix, the largest sporting event in the Middle East.

Abu Dhabi – Worshipful Explore Islamic spirituality as you visit Abu Dhabi’s divine Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and marvel at its immaculate resplendence, housing the largest knotted carpet in the world under its 82 domes.

Persian Gulf



Qatar – Monumental Mosque A Doha city tour takes you to the famous Corniche, the Gold Souq, the Pearl-Qatar (a man-made island off the West Bay coast), and Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab Mosque (National Mosque of Qatar).

Qatar – Fascinating Fort Head north from Doha to explore Old World landmarks like the Al-Zubarah fortress, a sand-colored, four-towered fort standing lonely guard in the desert.

rmuz of Ho Zighy Bay Strait OMAN Ra’s al Khaimah Dubai Gulf of Abu Oman Dhabi Al Ayan


Muscat Nizwa



Qatar – Day in the Desert Join a tour of Qatar’s most impressive desert landscapes, where you can ride a camel and conquer the endless dunes on a sand board.



Abu Dhabi – Super Car Park Experience adrenaline-pumping action in the world’s largest indoor theme park, showcasing state-of-theart attractions like 3D & 4D adventures, exhilarating simulation races, and Formula Rossa, the fastest roller coaster in the world – only in Ferrari World.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi

Doha, Qatar


Photo: RiumaLab/Shutterstock.com


Abra ferry

DISCOVER DUBAI 6 Days / 5 Nights • DUBAI Day 1: Dubai Welcome to Dubai! After clearing customs you will be met and taken to your private vehicle for a transfer to your hotel. The afternoon is at your leisure to explore the resort and the local area.

Spend the day at your leisure. Cool off at your hotel pool or at the beach. In the evening, head back to the Mall of the Emirates to a restaurant that overlooks the Dubai Fountains, the world’s largest dancing fountain, featuring classical, Arabic, and world music.

Day 2: Dubai

Day 5: Dubai

This morning you will join a half-day Traditional City Tour that will give you an insight into Dubai’s rich history. You will pass royal palaces, visit important historical buildings, and take a ride across Dubai Creek in a traditional abra (water taxi) and explore the city’s vibrant souks. The remainder of the afternoon is at your leisure to explore further.

This morning is at your leisure to explore the city. Make sure you are ready to go for your pick-up in the afternoon to continue discovering the highlights of Dubai. It is your turn to explore the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, not with camels but with 4WD vehicles. Your evening starts with a thrilling journey over the sand dunes deep into the heart of the desert, then after arriving at your private Bedouin-style camp you will enjoy a Middle Eastern feast and cultural show under the stars.

Day 3: Dubai

Day 6: Dubai A private vehicle will take you to the airport for your onward journey.


Persian Gulf



Palm Islands Abu Dhabi


Desert Safari


Dubai Jebel Ali


Rub’ Al Khali Desert

Day 4: Dubai


of Ho


Aerial view of downtown Dubai from the Burj Khalifa Photo: Adrian Lindley/Shutterstock.com

Head to the Mall of the Emirates to indulge in some shopping. Your travel consultant has booked you tickets to the Burj Khalifa’s “At the Top” observation deck on Level 124 of the world’s tallest tower, where you can experience 360° views, from the Gulf Coast to the Arabian desert and beyond. Explore the unique, interactive Burj Khalifa multi-media exhibits.



Photo: Philip Lange/Shutterstock.com


Ferrari World


Welcome to the United Arab Emirates. After clearing customs and immigration you will be met by a representative and private vehicle to transfer to your hotel in Abu Dhabi. The remainder of the day is for you to relax and acclimatize.

Day 2: Abu Dhabi Today is at your leisure to explore Abu Dhabi’s vibrant culture and amazing history. Why not visit the Old Town or one of the many souks in the area? Alternatively you can relax poolside and enjoy the luxuries of your hotel, or indulge in a day of shopping at one of the many expansive air-conditioned malls.

Day 3: Abu Dhabi Today is your opportunity to visit Ferrari World. Abu Dhabi is home to the world’s first and only Ferrari branded theme park and the largest attraction of its kind. You will need to make your own way to the park, where our VIP tickets will allow you to fast-track your way through every attraction.

taxi), and explore the city’s vibrant souks. The remainder of the afternoon is at your leisure to explore further.

Photo S-F/Shutterstock.com

Day 1: Arrive Abu Dhabi

Day 6: Dubai The day is yours to leisurely shop at the Mall of the Emirates, or visit the Burj Al Arab and enjoy high tea in the Skyview Bar overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

Day 7: Dubai This morning is at your leisure to explore the city. Make sure you are ready for your pick-up in the afternoon to continue discovering the highlights of Dubai. It is your turn to explore the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, not with camels but with 4WD vehicles. Your evening starts with a thrilling journey over the sand dunes deep into the heart of the desert, then after arriving at your private Bedouin-style camp, you will enjoy a delightful Middle Eastern feast and cultural show under the stars.

Day 8: Dubai A private vehicle will take you to the airport for your onward journey.


Persian Gulf


of Ho


Mall of the Emirates


Day 4: Abu Dhabi – Dubai Doha

Say goodbye to Abu Dhabi as you are transferred to your hotel in Dubai. A short two-hour drive to the neighboring Emirate will allow you to witness how the desert encapsulates each of these awe-inspiring cities. The afternoon is at your leisure to explore your hotel and the surrounding area.

Palm Islands Abu Dhabi


Day 5: Dubai This morning you will join a half-day Traditional City Tour that will give you an insight into Dubai’s rich history. You will pass royal palaces, visit important historical buildings, take a ride across Dubai Creek in a traditional abra (water

Dubai Jebel Ali



Rub’ Al Khali Desert












Located on the East Crescent of Dubai’s iconic Palm Jumeirah, this Condé Nast Traveler 2018 “Readers’ Choice Award” winner welcomes guests into unique, private guest accommodations, including the only overwater villas in the UAE.

Step out of the resort and right onto Jumeirah Beach from this elegant hotel, located within Dubai Marina. Guest accommodations spotlight traditional style and have spectacular views of the gardens, beach, and ocean.

This deluxe beachfront resort on Palm Jumeirah is close to downtown Dubai’s shopping and tourist attractions. Retreat to spacious guest rooms with private balconies featuring spectacular Arabian Gulf and city views.

• 446 ac rooms • 14 restaurants/8 bars • 24-hr concierge & room service • 3 outdoor pools, kids pool Elixir Spa/fitness center/steam room • water sports/tennis • Junior Jungle Club • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 132 ac rooms, suites & villas • 3 restaurants/lounge/coffee shop/swim-up bar • concierge/24-hr room service • outdoor pools • Nikki Spa/24-hr Tone Gym • water sports/tennis • Nikki Beach Club • complimentary Wi-Fi



• 293 ac rooms & villas • 5 restaurants/2 bars • 24-hr concierge & room service • outdoor infinity pool/kids pool/Jacuzzi • Anantara Spa/fitness center • water sports/tennis • Tuk Tuk Kids Club/Chill Tenns Club



Preferred Partner

Preferred Partner


Preferred Partner


On the Jaddaf Waterfront near the Burj Khalifa and Downtown Dubai, this sterling hotel features exclusive décor tailor-made by Versace. Lavish guest rooms feature baths with handcrafted Carrara marble tiling, plus private balconies.

Set amid Dubai’s historic district and rich cultural attractions, this luxury hotel stands opposite Burjuman Mall and has easy access to Downtown Dubai. Spacious, contemporary rooms feature great city views.

Elegant and contemporary with a warm ambiance, this modern high-rise hotel overlooks Sheikh Zayed Road and the Dubai Marina. After sightseeing, retreat to plush, spacious guest rooms with the latest tech amenities and city views.

• 215 ac rooms & suites • 7 restaurants/2 bars • 24-hr concierge & room service • 3 outdoor pools/kids pool/access to Nikki Beach • spa/fitness center • kids club • shopping • complementary shuttles to Nikki Beach & Dubai Mall • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 386 ac rooms & suites • 2 restaurants/café/2 bars/wine bar • concierge/ 24-hr room service • outdoor rooftop pool/kids pool • fitness center/ sauna/steam room/Jacuzzi/salon • nightclub • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 354 ac rooms & suites • 5 restaurants/pool bar • concierge/room service • outdoor heated pool • spa/fitness center/sauna/Jacuzzi • complimentary Wi-Fi








A stunning landmark hotel with a distinctive pyramid shape, this property is connected to Wafi Mall and convenient to Dubai’s famous attractions and shopping. Step into spacious 750-sf rooms with private balconies offering breathtaking skyline views.

Set on Dubai Creek in the heart of the city, this stylish contemporary hotel is close to the Gold and Spice Souks as well as city center attractions. Guest rooms have the latest tech amenities, plus floor-to-ceiling windows with Creek or city views.

•• 252 ac rooms & suites • 4 restaurants/3 bars/pool restaurant & bar • concierge/24-hr room service/butler service • outdoor pool • Raffles Spa/fitness center/sauna/steam room/whirlpools • nightclub • Wafi Mall • complimentary Wi-Fi


• 268 ac rooms & suites • 4 restaurants/24-hr café/2 bars • concierge/ 24-hr room service • outdoor pool/kids pool • 24-hr Sheraton Fitness Center by Exous/sauna/steam room • complimentary Wi-Fi

Preferred Partner

Overlooking Burj Khalifa and just steps from the Dubai Mall, this family-friendly resort hotel fuses extravagance, heritage, and contemporary style. Lavish guest rooms offer stunning views of the majestic Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. • 296 ac rooms & suites • 3 restaurants/3 bars/afternoon tea • 24-hr concierge & room service • outdoor pool/kids pool • Jiva Spa/fitness center/sauna/steam rooms • complimentary Wi-Fi




Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Dubai’s original hotel apartments, this modern property welcomes guests into studio and 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom accommodations with kitchenettes and private balconies. You’re close to Dubai’s many attractions and great shopping.

A former palace, this lavish boutique resort opens onto a sandy island beach on a private nature reserve. Spacious guest rooms have Arabian Gulf views. Unwind at Anantara Spa and experience the natural beauty of this wildlife paradise.

A unique architectural achievement, this stunning modern hotel is centrally located in Abu Dhabi’s new business and government district. Step into guest rooms and suites with Thai-inspired décor, spacious baths, and city views.

• 616 ac studios, 1-, 2- & 3-bedroom apartments • 2 restaurants/ 2 lounges • concierge/24-hr room service • 3 outdoor pools/sundeck • fitness center • kids playroom • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 64 ac rooms & suites • 3 restaurants/2 bars • outdoor infinity-edge pool/kids pool • Anantara Spa/fitness center/Jacuzzi • tennis/water sports center • kids club/horseback riding • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 527 ac rooms & suites • 4 restaurants/3 bars & lounges/bakery café/ pool bar • concierge/24-hr room service • outdoor rooftop heated pool/ kids pool • Namm Spa/DFiT Fitness Centre/salon • complimentary Wi-Fi


Preferred Partner



HHH½ Dubai

Preferred Partner

Preferred Partner









Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Majestically set on the Abu Dhabi waterfront, this exotic hotel is a natural haven on the cusp of urban life. Step into oversize rooms with private balconies and city or mangrove forest views. You’re close to Yas Island and major attractions.

Set in Liwa Desert, the world’s largest uninterrupted sand desert, this top-flight resort embraces the epic adventures of indigenous desert culture with renowned luxury. The deluxe Anantara Spa’s facilities include a hammam.

Set directly on Abu Dhabi’s famous Corniche just steps from city center, this modern high-rise hotel welcomes you into contemporary guest rooms, most with stunning views. Swim in three pools, and sunbathe on the private beach.

• 222 ac rooms & suites • 3 restaurants/2 bars/poolside bar & grill • outdoor infinity pool/kids pool/Jacuzzi/sundeck • Anantara Spa/fitness center/hammam • golf & water sports nearby • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 206 ac rooms, suites & villas • 3 restaurants/3 bars • outdoor free-form pool/kids pool • Anantara Spa/fitness center/kinesis, yoga & aerobics studio • tennis • kids & teens clubs • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 272 ac rooms & suites • 5 restaurants/café/4 bars/pool bar • concierge/ 24-hr room service • 3 outdoor pools/sundeck/kids pools/private beach • Sheraton Fitness/personal trainers • complimentary Wi-Fi







Abu Dhabi

Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar

One of Abu Dhabi’s original urban resorts, this newly renovated landmark opens directly onto the beachfront near the famous Corniche. Spacious guest rooms feature contemporary design and open to breezy private balconies.

Conveniently located in the heart of Doha’s business district, this modern luxury hotel is close to the Gold Souq, Souq Waqif, and Doha Corniche. Step into plush guest rooms with the latest tech amenities, plus city views.

Soak up the best of Qatar’s capital at this stellar hotel, featuring skyline views on one side and a pristine, private Arabian Gulf beach on the other. Dine on new-style Japanese cuisine with infinite sea views at the world’s largest outpost of Nobu.

• 248 ac rooms • 6 restaurants/2 bars • concierge/24-hr room service • 3 outdoor pools/kids pool/private beach • Eden Spa/fitness center/ Jacuzzi • water sports/tennis & squash courts • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 378 AC rooms & suites • 2 restaurants/4 bars • 24-hr concierge & room service • outdoor heated pool/kids pool • The Spa/24-hr fitness center • live entertainment • complimentary airport shuttle • complimentary Wi-Fi

• 232 ac rooms & suites • 5 restaurants/2 bars/café/tea lounge/cigar lounge • concierge/24-hr room service • 5 outdoor pools • Spa and Wellness Center/personal trainers/sauna/steam room/whirlpool • tennis/ squash courts • kids & teens programs



Camel in front of Dubai Marina




Dubai skyline at night


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