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Designing takes Caffeine.

Creativity, Concentration, &

I was born in Culver City, California in September of 1996. I knew early on that I was destined for a career that involved creativity and inter-acting with people. I started my career developing, promoting, creating, and launching brand specific product marketing. I am able to teach and mentor a creative staff while developing cutting edge campaigns. I have learned to multi-task, collaborate with staff and management in a corporate setting and implement those work ethics in an agency environment. I relished in an atmosphere that allowed creative freedom and the opportunities developing award winning and successful concepts for Fortune 500 Companies across multiple industries, landscapes and medias. Going on 18 years in this industry I look forward to pushing the envelope of design and development producing campaigns to launch new start-up companies or brand existing companies to separate them from competition. Regardless the task, my imagination awaits.




The youngest rider to ever win an AMA super cross lites race and AMA motor cross lites championship. He broke the record for most super cross lites wins in a season. Most consecutive motocross lites wins. Earned the AMA rookie of the year award in 2002.

A two time ama super cross lites champion and 2 time motocross lites champion.

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Most career AMA super cross lites and motocross lites pro wins. He won the Amp'd Mobile AMA Supercross Championship by two points in May of 2006 Helped Team USA win the 2006 Motocross of Nations in Las Vegas Dominated the track in Las Vegas for the U.S. Open, where he finished 1-1 for the overall title.




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The 2007 Honda Gold Wing elevates luxury motorcycling to a higher plane with the advent of satellite navigation, 80-watt-per-channel premium audio, a cold-weather comfort package and an industry-first fully integrated rider airbag available on the full-featured version. • GL18PM7 Dark Red Metallic $19,599.00 • Premium Audio, GL18HPN7 Metallic Black $21,799.00 • Comfort Package & GL18HPNM7 Dark Orange Metallic $22,099.00 • Navigation System GL18HPNM7 Metallic Silver $22,099.00

Features of the 2007 FLHRSE3 Screamin' Eagle Road King include: • Twin Cam 110 cubic inch (1800cc) Black and Chrome Engine • 6-speed Cruise Drive transmission • New 18-inch x 3.5-inch Chrome, Road Winder Forged Aluminum front wheel • New 17-inch x 4.5-inch Chrome, Road Winder Forged Aluminum rear wheel • Radial 130mm x 18-inch front tire and 170mm x 17-inch rear tire

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BB - What made you decide to go to the military? TC - I wanted to travel the world and accomplish some life goals I set.

BB - What impact has your career had on you? TC - It has taught me discipline, responsibility, and loyalty. BB - Whom do you accredit your success to? TC - I accredit my success to my father. BB - What do you think is the solution to the AIDS epidemic? TC -Teaching responsibility at a young age.

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Top left Racer Dress- $62.99 / Right Camouflage Dress - $44.99 Bottom left Green Tee - $23.99 / Men’s Tank Top - $35.00

BB - Who has played a major role in your life? TC - My parents because they were good providers, worked hard and set standards. They taught me right from wrong and self-respect.

BB - Do you feel safer since 9/11? TC - Yes because the government is doing what it needs to do to protect the country.

The first African American in the history of motor sports to win a major championship Sports illustrated named him one of the 101 most influential minorities in sports.

37 | Bike Business | January 2007

BB - How do you feel about the future of America's youth? TC - They need to step up to the plate and stop playing video games, be responsible for their actions and set goals for themselves. BB - What are you future goals? TC - I want to retire for good at the age of 55 with two pensions. BB - What made you pick back up riding? TC - Because everyone is getting back into riding no matter their age, sex or economic Class. BB - What regrets do you have about your life? TC - Life has been great, no regrets.

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s I was walking through the s w a p meet I couldn't help but notice two tattoo artists “B” and Tattoo Mike doing some of the most intricate work I've ever seen. The music was bumping in the back ground while they did their “thang”.“B,” used a mans arm as a canvas to construct a picture of an eagle. Tattoo Mike was finishing up a music note on a guy's upper wrist that turned out really nice. I was captivated by the steadiness of B's hand while his client did not fret from the pain that was being administered to him. I've heard about the pain of getting a tattoo but never experienced the sting of the needle. I told “B” and Tattoo Mike that I was in the developmental stages of creating a motorcycle magazine and would like to interview them. Tattoo Mike seemed reserved and cold while “B” was skeptical. Once I started talking to them I realized that neither of these guys knew where their drawing skills would take them, but found out after life changing experiences. Talking with “B” I found out that he was a comedian in the making. Every question was answered with jokes and sarcasm. Eventually I got

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