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By Von Roburtson

By Jovan Roburtson

Meet the new faces of comedy that are taking the stage by storm.

Sean Leary Jeremiah Watkins

Steven Briggs Briggs is a high-level and high-energy act that keeps the crowd entertained by beat boxing and high-energy jokes. He recently was just signed to a uproar management , for more on him visit

Jeremiah Watkins is a staple of the LA comedy scene. Whether you’re seeing him as part of The Wave for Roast Battle, the roadie character Moshpit for The Goddamn Comedy Jam, or hosting Stand-Up On The Spot, you’re greeted with a dynamic physical performance in any setting. Visit him @

Sean has many accolades in comedy, which includes his webseries Brick and Sizzle that’s garnered buzz. This upriser is killer standup also, visit his website for more @

Davon Magwood

Dame Fk Anna Seregina


Anna is a stand-up comic and performer, described as having the “worst aura.” She was named a “Comic to watch “ by sf weekly. She holds a list of achievements, visit her website

Dame is a young fresh standup from nyc who is not only funny but very fashionable. Currently doing shows on the east coast, having done shows with big names like Hannibal Burress created a buzz for Dame, for more visit his site

Davon has done a long list of tours, opened for high-level comics, paid dues and even has a comedy album out. Recently he was in the news for his jokes being stolen by Fat Jew. Visit Davon Magwood’s website for more updates on him.

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