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In the 1990s, Pablo appeared on MADtv as a featured player. His stand-up act was introduced to America at large when he landed his own half-hour comedy special on Comedy Central Presents in 2000. In 2001 and 2002, Francisco toured as part of “The Three Amigos” with Carlos Mencia and Freddy Soto. Since then, he has performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, VH1’s ILL-ustrated, Mind of Mencia as “The Voiceover Dude” (same as “Movie Voiceover Guy”), and most recently, Frank TV. Pablo is recognized for vocal impressions of famous people including Jackie Chan, Aaron Neville, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Howard Stern, Casey Kasem, Keanu Reeves, Michael J. Fox, Jerry Springer, Don Lapre, Celine Dion, William Hung, Danny Glover, Gary Busey, and most notably Don LaFontaine (the Movie Voiceover King).

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TSU: Frazer, thank you for your time to interview with The Stand Up. You are a funny, classical comedian.

F O s d n e leg



razer Smith is not only one of the funniest comics on the LA scene today, he is also one of comedy’s most well connected personalities. Frazer is undoubtedly a MADE MAN in the comedy business. After 30 years in the business as a comedian, Frazer has made stops on Numerous TV shows as well as being one of the nation’s most listened to Radio Jock’s on KLOS for years on end! You may also recognize Frazer as the host on NBC’s “Rockin’ America”!


Frazer not only has the ability to make you laugh, but to inform you as well. One of the industry’s top interviewers, Frazer can do more that just ask questions with the best of them, he can get all the right people to ask those questions to! If you don’t know, Frazer Smith is BACK, and he is going to be taking the entertainment scene by storm soon!

Frazer: Well, thank, I appreciate the comment. I have always like that old-school style comedy for me. I don’t think it works for everybody, but it works for me. I am just a big fan of the one-liner guys – Rodney Dangerfield, Jack Benny, Steve Allen, all those oneliner guys. “Take my wife……please.” kind of guys. TSU: I see you as a cross between Rodney Dangerfield and Henny Youngman, without the violin, of course. Frazer: Well, I might put that violin in. I am a big fan of Henny’s, those one-liners, Rodney, too. I don’t know if I measure up to those guys, but I do like their style. TSU: You did a great job at the LAPD Christmas party. Thank you for filling that bill. Frazer: Well, they were a great crowd. That’s a big part of it. TSU: Thanks for bringing Steve Simeone to open for you. He was great. Frazer: Yes, Steve did a great job! He’s very talented. TSU: Coincidently, he will be featured in this issue, too. He was interviewed by our Ryan Thomas, a friend of his. Frazer: That’s great. There are a lot of talented comics out there. I am fortunate to see many of them, because I do a lot of hosting. TSU: Well, let’s talk about this something you are doing, again, that is hosting your own show on KLOS 95.5 FM! Frazer: Well, I was out of professional radio for five years. I have been on the air for some 30 years. It was weird to be out, and I sustained myself by doing standup. I was able to get a lot of out of town gigs. Out of blue, I got a call in June of this year. It was from KLOS. It was from a program director who I did not know. He seemed to know a lot about me and my history. ! TSU: That is great! Frazer: I guess that’s what you wait around for, that phone call that goes your way. This guy called saying that they want to hire me. To read the rest of the interview, please go to

1 Kevin Hart

2 Louis C.K.

“Seriously Funny”

“Chewed Up”

I imagine Kevin Hart had it rough growing up in Philadelphia. If it was bad for Will Smith it had to be ten times worse for a Hart who’s only 5’2. The comic has milked that pain into four stand-up specials that have helped make him one of the highest grossing touring comics. Hart pulls out new stories about his childhood and family with each special and Seriously Funny has emerged as the fan favorite.

I feel like it’d be a little redundant to add more praise to the Louis C.K.’s reign as current stand-up god. Lots of comics talk about their health/weight, but few have the chops to come up with a comparison as good as, “both of those guys still need a fat baby and a dead dog to make me.”

3 Bill Burr

“You People are all the Same” In the opinion of this writer, there’s not a comic working today who is both as prolific and funny as Bill Burr. Every time he makes an appearance on Conan he rolls out a twisted new theory on current events. You People Are All The Same is an hour of those unapologetic warped theories.

TOP STAND UP 6 Specials on Netflix

Highest Rated



John Mulaney “New in Town”

The old stereotype is that stand-up comics are depressed individuals from dysfunctional homes. John Mulaney doesn’t seem to fit any of that and his first stand-up special is both incredibly lighthearted and widely relatable. If you’re not already familiar with Mulaney, New In Town’s long-form stories about the awkwardness of looking like a “12 year-old boy” serve as a great introduction before the debut of his new sitcom.



Gabriel Iglesias

Jim Gaffigan

Gabriel Iglesias doesn’t necessarily cover any new ground about enjoying food that hadn’t already been done by the late John Pinette. He does manage to mix-in sound effects and goofy voices though, which combined with a likable stage persona has helped him garner more views than any other comedian on Netflix.

Jim Gaffigan is amazing. Besides finding the time to write new material, tour and do film projects while raising five kids, he continues to find new angles for what seems like the same three subjects: food, being fat, kids. Watching the sample clip, you might initially think “Hey, didn’t I hear this joke in 2004?” Nope, that was manatees, the whale bit is completely new and just as good.

“Hot & Fluffy”

“Mr. Universe”





Hot Tub Time Machine 2

When Lou, who has become the “father of the Internet,” is shot by an unknown assailant, Jacob and Nick fire up the time machine again to save their friend.

If you liked the first when prepare to get wet again with more silly and outrageous antics. Anything with time travel is worth watching.


An action/thriller centered on a woman who faces down assassins sent by her ex, a mob boss, while holed up in her apartment.

It’s Selma Hayek playing Antonio Banderas’s character in Desperado. Alot of crazy action, bullets and blood. It mimics the the movie “Lucy” with Scarlett Johannsen as a woman who can kick ass.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Literature student Anastasia Steele’s life changes forever when she meets handsome, yet tormented, billionaire Christian Grey.

Well, I’m sure women are going to watch this movie without their husbands, and if you go with your wife take notes. Not a movie to see with your parents.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

A veteran secret agent takes a young upstart under his wing. For those guys who do not want to see 50 shades of grey, go with the guys and see this movie. It’s got action, action and oh did I say more action. Great filler until the next James Bond movie.



Get Hard

When millionaire James King is nailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars. This movie has the ingredients of a great comedy movie, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart have the chemistry to keep you interested. Good writing and over the top laughs, make sure you get fresh popcorn.

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1957 - 2008



Bernie Mac

Jan Hooks

1957 - 2014


TOURS & SHOWS Patton Oswalt, George Lopez, Wanda Sykes set to headline


LAUGHFEST Patton Oswalt, George Lopez, Wanda Sykes and Bo Burnham are just a few of the headliners that will descend on Grand Rapids between March 5-15, 2015 for the fifth annual Gilda’s LaughFest, organizers announced. Other comedians set to perform are Pete Holmes (who’ll perform two stand-up shows and record a live podcast), Whose Line is it Anyway stars Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood, Brian Posehn, Lavell Crawford, Billy Gardell, Jerrod Carmichael and Iliza Shlesinger. Since its inception five years ago, proceeds from LaughFest are put into Gilda’s Club of Grand Rapids. Ticket packages now on sale. “In planning our fifth year, we were looking to bring back some of our most popular acts from festival’s past while continuing to bring fresh faces to West Michigan,” says Joanne Roehm, festival director of LaughFest. “Following four successful years, the festival’s foundation will continue the tradition of laughter by featuring stand-up comedy, improv, music, dance, speakers, pets, children’s shows, free professional and amateur showcases, and a variety of other events that will allow everyone an opportunity to laugh.” Two of the highlight events each year of LaughFest are the Best of the Midwest Competition and the national comedian showcase. Comedians Jeff Arcuri, Tom Brady, Katrina Brown, Danny Kallas, Bryan McCree, Mike Merryfield, Carmen Morales, Tommy Ryman, Norm Stulz and BT will compete for a $2,500 prize in the Best of the Midwest Competition. Joe DeRosa, Kyle Grooms, Ian Karmel, Randy Liedtke, Jared Logan, Alingon Mitra, Sara Schaefer, Dan Soder, Liza Tryeger and Sheng Wang will be featured in the national showcase. LaughFest each year also features a Clean Comedy Showcase, aptly sponsored by Bissell. This year Todd Andrews, Tracey Ashley, Sid Davis, Erin Foley, Dale Jones, Joe List, Andrew Norelli and PJ Walsh will sling jokes sans the R-rated flavor.




Maz is out on his book tour “I’m not a terrorist but I’ve played one on TV” and we have the up-to-date information so you can get your copy signed and enjoy Maz at the same time.

A hilarious and moving memoir of growing up Iranian in America, and the quest to make it in Hollywood without having to wear a turban, tote a bomb, or get kicked in the face by Chuck Norris. In this laugh-out-loud memoir, Maz shares his struggle to build an acting career in post-9/11 Hollywood— from playing a terrorist on 24 to playing a terrorist opposite Chuck Norris to his mother asking, “Vhy you alvays terrorist?!” (Followed by, “Vhy you couldn’t be doctor?!”) But finally, through patience, determination, and only the occasional unequivocal compromising of his principles, he found a path to stardom. And he also learned the proper way to die like a bad guy on TV.

 

Feb 20

The Nourse San Franscisco, CA

   

Feb 21

The Wiltern Los Angeles, CA

Mar 6

Warner Theatre Washintgon, DC

    


 

Judd Apatow’s new Pee-wee Herman movie will stream on Netflix That Pee-wee Herman movie Judd Apatow is producing has finally found a home. Netflix will distribute a new untitled adventure starring Paul Reubens in his iconic bowtie. Reubens confirmed the sequel rumors earlier this year on The Tonight Show and revealed that shooting would begin in February 2015. No other details have been announced: no director, actors or plot details. All we know is that we will see Pee-wee Herman again…”exclusively on Netflix” (a phrase we are starting to become all-too-familiar with). Netflix already offers plenty of Paul Reubens to acclimate unfamiliar viewers. Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, Big Top Pee-wee, The Pee-wee Herman Show and all 45 episodes of Pee-wee’s Playhouse for streaming subscribers.

Broken Lizard score TBS comedy pilot ‘Quality Time’

DidKNOW! you ESPN steals Tosh.0 bit

By Laughspin

Daniel Tosh calls ESPN Hacks and says t hey love killing kids Daniel Tosh has lashed out against ESPN for blatantly ripping off his long recurring segment Web Redemption. In Tosh’s long running Tosh.0 segment, Tosh introduces a viral video star that has made him or herself a complete fool online. Tosh then visits said subject and asks, “Are you ready to give it another shot.” In other words, Tosh gives the viral video star a chance at “web redemption.” The other day, ESPN introduced a new segment, wherein they sent a reporter to visit Mark Donnelly, the Canadian singer who became a viral sensation after a video surfaced of him tripping over a carpet whilst singing the Canadian National Anthem “O Canada” at a hockey game. During the most recent episode of Tosh.0, Daniel Tosh played the Donnelly clip.

Broken Lizard may spend some quality time on TBS if all goes according to plan. TNT/TBS head Kevin Reilly ordered a pilot from the makers of Super Troopers and Beerfest. Broken Lizard members Paul Soter, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme and Erik Stolhanske will write and star in Quality Time. The show is about four college buddies who never truly grew up during their 20s and all of a sudden are faced with fatherhood. The buddies are caught up between who they used to be and the men they are trying to be.

“I know what you’re thinking—that would make a great Web Redemption,” Tosh said after the Donnelly clip ended. “And apparently you’re not the only one who thought so. Listen, I’m aware that America’s Funniest Home Videos and Talk Soup have a legitimate gripe against me and it’s bad enough that MTV has a PG girl version of this show. But now sports channels are stealing from me? Did ESPN really think I wouldn’t notice when they came up with an eerily familiar new segment called Awesome Video Segment?”

Broken Lizard is already getting ready for their highly-anticipated Super Troopers sequel, which will hopefully begin shooting early next year. The fifth member of Broken Lizard, Jay Chandrasekhar, is not part of the initial cad as he just did a comedy pilot for Amazon called Really. He’s also writing the new Cheech and Chong movie. Meow, don’t you worry. It wouldn’t be surprising if he popped his mustache in on Quality Time at some point.

ESPN issued the following statement: “This was more an instance of us using a common phrase than it was copying his wording. We know that doesn’t sound like the strongest explanation, yet it’s the truth.” We’re not buying it, ESPN!




Our reviews of what’s on the tube and whether you should turn on your DVR or watch re-runs of seinfeld (again).

A woman struggles to get through law school and then catches a break getting an unpaid internship

Young and fresh-faced, Mulaney approaches his material with a perplexed, self-effacing persona. Written by Mulaney and directed by Andy Ackerman, “Mulaney” doesn’t take itself too seriously, and its broad approach might explain why Fox opted to give it a shot on Sunday nights behind “Family Guy.” In this case, however, “live-action cartoon” really can’t be viewed as a compliment. It’s more like a contest — only here, to present the characters in the most banal and predictable manner possible.

Cristela, plays a woman who has been in law school for six years, taking the slow route because she has to pay her way through it and thus must work. She lives with her sister, Daniela (Maria Canals-Barrera), her sister’s husband, Felix (Carlos Ponce), their two kids and Cristela’s mother, Natalia (Terri Hoyos). Felix’s cousin Alberto (Gabriel Iglesias) is the sitcom dude who walks through open doors all the time and has an unrequited crush on Cristela.

An African-American father worries about whether his children have lost touch with their cultural identity

New police Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher) finds he has his hands full with detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) Credit Samberg with choosing a solid concept, a Barney Millertype cop comedy from Parks and Recreation’s Dan Goor and Michael Schur, and surrounding himself with a great supporting cast led by Andre Braugher as the squad’s captain. It’s the first day at work for Braugher’s by-the-books Captain Holt, and his first assignment is to rein in Samberg’s bright but over-indulged Jake Peralta.

Black-ish revolves around Anderson as Andre “Dre” Johnson, a very successful advertising executive. His biracial wife is named Rainbow (yes, they went broad with that), played by Tracee Ellis Ross. She’s also extremely successful, and they have lovely kids who, to the immense admiration of Rainbow, now see the world as essentially colorless. This grates on Dre and amuses his father, Laurence Fishburne, who has the very sitcomlike (but very funny) job of commenting on how Dre’s family is, um, modern.


Photo credit: Tomas Whitehouse






Pablo Francisco has been setting the stage on fire with his zany, unscripted and hilarious antics of impersonations and out of this world improv. One thing is for sure you never know what to expect so make sure you drink a few red bulls so you can keep up with his performances. 13

Photo credit: Tomas Whitehouse

When Pablo Francisco hits the stage, he immediately brings his audiences to their feet with boisterous laughter and applause. He weaves together his arsenal of characters, spontaneous outbursts, and clever insights to create a stand-up show that more resembles an hour-long comedic jazz riff. He is an off-the-wall, animated character that points out the absurdity in an illogical, popculture obsessed world. His unmatched take on all things pop culture has taken him into the ranks of the most popular touring comedians worldwide. Pablo’s enormous popularity and outrageously funny material has hooked millions of viewers on YouTube and Facebook. Pablo’s latest one hour special, They Put It Out There, debuted last year on Comedy Central, and he will be continuing his worldwide tour through the end of this year. In the spring of 2009, Pablo completed a European tour where he sold almost 20,000 tickets in 9 cities across Scandinavia (the Fall 2007 Tour sold 30,000 tickets in 30 days). Concurrently, Pablo is packing colleges and major concert venues across the country. Francisco recently contributed self-produced content to digital campaigns for Nokia, Absolut and Rhapsody. It is not uncommon to sense the anticipation of Pablo’s audience as his fans await their favorite impressions, while being surprised by his unpredictable transformations. Those who experience Pablo’s show for the first time find themselves captivated by his hilarious dead on impressions.


Photo credit: Tomas Whitehouse

TSU: What comics did you admire growing up? Pablo Fransisco: Steve Martin and Richard Pryor TSU: Is it hard not to laugh on stage? PF: It’s very hard not to laugh on stage. TSU: What projects do you have coming up? PF: I am in production for a cartoon reality show, anything that has to do with animation and/or reality. Right now, I’m just finishing up this new comedy special with NUVOtv and Steve Kramer. TSU: Do you write your own material? PF: Yes I do. TSU: How was your first time on stage? PF: Fantastic it just took a lot of preparation. I went on amateur night and I remember the host was really good so there was a lot of pressure to follow him. TSU: What advice would you give a starting comic? PF: Don’t tell your parents or your friends, make it a hobby at first. And always try your material on a crowd and go on amateur night.


- Schedules and times are subject to change without notice -

Brian Regan 02/05 02/13 2/14 2/27 2/28

Dennison Theatre • Missoula, MT Honeywell Center • Wabash, IN Von Braun Center • Huntsville, AL Nob Hill Auditorium • San Francisco, CA Dolby Theatre • Hollywood, CA


Improv • W. Palm Beach, FL Improv • Chicago, IL The Venetian • Las Vegas, NV Comedy Works South • Greenwood, CO

02/13-15 02/18-21 02/27-03/01 04/10-18

Improv • Tempe, AZ Tacoma Comedy Club • Tacoma, WA Improv • Palm Beach, FL Improv • Irvine, CA

Ralphie May

Whitney Cummings 02/14-15 02/27-28 03/13-14 04/03-04

Jo Koy

02/13 02/16 02/20 02/25 02/26 02/27 03/12-14 03/19-20

Hard Rock Live • Orlando, FL Zanies COmedy Club • Nashville, TN Borgata Casino • Atlantic City, NJ Weinberg Center • Frederick, MD Comedy Connection • E. Providence, RI Wilbur Theatre • Boston, MA Gotham Comedy Club • NY, NY Magooby’s Joke House • Lutherville, MD

Sebastian Maniscalco 02/12-15 02/26-28 03/05-07 04/02-04 04/07

Improv • Fort Lauderdale, FL Cobb’s Comedy Club • San Francisco, CA Ice House • Pasadena, CA Improv • Irvine, CA Comedy Cabaret • Levittown, NY

Don Rickles 02/21 THe Orleans Showroom • Las Vegas, NV 05/13 Community Theatre • Morristown, NJ

Joe Rogan 2/20-21 02/27 03/13 03/22

Helium Comedy Club • Portland, OR Comedy & Magic Club • Hermosa Beach, CA Majestic Theatre • Dallas, TX Comedy & Magic Club • Hermosa Beach, CA

Howie Mandel 02/19 Floridea Theatre • Jacksonville, FL 02/20 Capitol Theatre • Clearwater, FL 03/13 Peppermill Hotel • W. Wendover NV

Bergen Center • Englewood, NJ State Theatre • New Brunswick, NJ NYCB Theatre • Westbury, NY Grand Opera House • Wilmington, DE Sandler Center • Virginia Beach, VA Agua Caliente Casino • Rancho Mirage, CA

02/06 02/13 02/19 02/27-28 03/06

Fox Theatre • Atlanta, GA Times Union Center • Jacksonville, FL F.M. Kirby Center • Wilkes-Barre, PA Hard Rock Live • Hollywood, FL Coamerica Theatre • Phoenix, AZ

Maz Jobrani 02/17 02/19 02/20 02/21 02/26-28

Kathy Griffin 02/12 02/13 02/14 02/15 02/17 03/07

Jerry Seinfeld

Improv • Irvine, CA Improv • San Jose, CA The Nourse • San Francisco, CA The Wiltern • Los Angeles, CA Up Comedy Club • Chicago, IL

Wayne Brady 02/15 02/27 02/28 03/14 04/17

Verizon Theatre • Grand Prairie, TX Mirage Hotel • Las Vegas, NV River Cree Resort • Edmonton, CAN Hollywood Casino • Fort Gay, W. Virginia Casino Rama • Orillia, CA

Bill Maher 02/07 02/15 03/15 04/12

Macon Auditorium •, Macon, GA Moody Theatre • Austin, TX Fox Theatre • Oakland, CA Place Des Arts • Montreal

Louie Anderson 02/04-07 02/11-14 02/18-21 02/25-28 03/04-07

Plaza Casino • Las Vegas, NV Plaza Casino • Las Vegas, NV Plaza Casino • Las Vegas, NV Plaza Casino • Las Vegas, NV Plaza Casino • Las Vegas, NV


Carlos Mencia

Pablo Francisco 02/05 - 08 02/12-15 02/27-03/01 03/19 - 22

Improv • Chicago, IL Improv Comedy • Houston, TX Gotham Club • NY, NY Improv • Irvine, CA

George Lopez 02/13 02/14-15 2/27 2/28 03/06 03/13-14 03/15

Civic Auditorium • Redding, CA Bob Hope Theatre • Stockton, CA Laredo Civic Center • Laredo, TX Verizon Theatre • Grand Prairie, TX Civic Auditorium • Santa Cruz, CA Terry Fator • Las Vegas, NV DeVos Hall • Grand Rapids, MI

02/19-22 02/26-03/01 03/05-08 03/26-29

Improv • Ontario, CA Improv • Ontario, CA Improv • San Jose, CA Improv • Tempe, AZ

Lisa Lampinelli 02/14 02/20 02/21 02/28 03/06 03/07 03/14

Kathleen Madigan 02/27 03/06 03/10 03/21

RiverCenter Arts • Columbus, GA CA Center for the Arts • Escondido, CA Gilda’s Laughfest • Grand Rapids, MI Fred Kavli Theatre • Thousand Oaks, CA

Daniel Tosh 03/27-28 The Mirage • Las Vegas, NV 04/24-25 The Mirage • Las Vegas, NV

Christopher Titus Pauly Shore 02/13-14 The Comedy Store • La Jolla CA 03/04 The Melting Point • Athens, GA 03/05-07 Improv • Atlanta, GA


Sands Event Center • Bethlehem, PA Paramount Theatre • Austin, TX Tobin Ctr. of Perf. Arts • San Antonio, TX Auditorium Theatre • Rochester, NY River City Casino • St. Louis, MO Majestic Theatre • Dallas, TX Club Nokia • Los Angeles, CA

02/12-14 02/27 03/12 03/13

Crown Uptown • Wichita, KS Skagit Casino • Bow, Washington The Knitting Factory • Spokane, WA The Punchline • Atlanta, GA

Demetri Martin 02/13 02/27 02/28 03/01

Balboa Theatre • San Diego, CA Hard Rock Live • Orlando, FL Town Hall • New York, NY The Wellmont Theatre • Montclair, NJ

Charlie Murphy

Ari Shaffir 02/10 Improv • Los Angeles, CA 02/19-21 Parlor Live • Bellevue, WA 03/12 - 15 Improv • Brea, CA

02/15 Caroline’s • NY, NY 02/27-03/01 Improv • San Jose, CA 03/20 Yoshi’s • Oakland, CA

02/27-03/01 Improv • Homestead , PA 03/07 Funny Bone, Columbus, OH 04/23-26 Improv • Irvine, CA

Jim Breuer

Tommy Davidson

02/05-07 Stress Factory Comedy Club • NJ 04/10-12 Stand Up Live • Phoenix, AZ 06/11-13 Improv • Atlanta, GA

02/13-15 Addison Improv • Dallas, TX 03/19-22 Improv • San Jose, CA 05/14-17 Levity Live • West Nyack, NY

Dave Coulier 02/26-28 Laugh Boston • Boston, MA 03/27-28 Governors of Levittown • NY 05/22-24 Levity Live • West Nyack, NY

Mike Epps

Harland Williams 02/19-21 Improv • W. Palm Beach, FL 02/26-03/01 Improv • Brea, CA 03/07 Rumor’s •Winnipeg, Manitoba

John Heffron

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Columbus Civic Center • Columbus, GA Macon Coliseum • Macon, GA Sacramento Aud.• Sacramento, CA Soldiers & Sailors Aud. • Chattanooga, TN Mobile Civic Center • Mobile, AL Midland, TX

Jay Mohr 02/26 American Comedy Co • San Diego, CA 03/12 Cobb’s Comedy Club • San Francisco, CA 03/27 Improv • Brea, CA

UP Gabe liedman Comedian/writer Gabe Liedman recently moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles to write for Comedy Central’s “Kroll Show.” His other writing credits include Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer” and Fuse’s “Billy on the Street.” During his time in Brooklyn, he hosted the popular weekly standup show “Big Terrific” with frequent collaboratorJenny Slate. Gabe has also been a guest on “This American Life” and “WTF with Marc Maron” and has appeared on the Onion News Network. His first comedy album, “Hiyeeee!!,” is available now.

Jak Knight

Cristela Alonzo Stand-up comedienne, actress, writer and producer, who created and stars in the ABC sitcom Cristela. She began her career as stand-up comedienne and has appeared on Conan, Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution, Showtime, Last Comic Standing and Live at Gotham.

Meet the new faces of comedy that are taking the stage by storm.

Young storyteller shows a lot of promise, “likeable youth” knight is very imaginative when he brings his funny. The Jordan wearing Seattle kid is has only been in comedy for a short period and already getting looks from prominent figures in comedy. His year’s to come should bring interesting development, keep watch.

Trevor Noah Jamar Neighbors Jamar has a unique, raw, and colorful perspective ,which is still brewing and becoming more colorful as time progresses. recently produced his first stand up comedy album titled “Naked”. And it is a dual disk release, great work ethic ; look out for more from Jamar.

Trevor is a South African comedian.He has also been a radio DJ, actor and TV host. Noah dropped his radio show and acting to focus on comedy, and has performed with South African comedians such as Riaad Moosa, Darren Simpson, Marc Lottering, Barry Hilton and Nik Rabinowitz,[8] international comedians such as Paul Rodriguez, Carl Barron and Paul Zerdin, and as the opening act for Gabriel Iglesiasin November 2007 and Canadian comedian Russell Peters on his South African tour. First South African stand-up comedian to appear on The Tonight Show and he became the first to appear onLate Show with David Letterman. Presently has a special on Netflix, check it out.

London Brown London has performed on some of the most legendary stages in California and abroad, including The Laugh Factory, Improv, the Apollo Theatre, and the O2 Apollo Theatre Manchester in England, touring with the likes of Kevin Hart, Katt Williams, Tony Rock and Chris Tucker. He is a emerging talent that deserves attention.

Njambi Mcgrath Njambi has been described as “the hottest thing to come out of Africa since the Sahara”. She performs regularly on the London circuit including the Comedy Store, Comedy Café, Leicester Square Theatre, Drayton Arms, Top Secret Comedy, Downstairs at the Kings Head, Up the Creek, Mirth Control, Soho Comedy Club, Monkey Business Kentish Town, Charing Cross Comedy, She is the promoter and resident MC for The Big N Comedy Nights and Heavenly comedy nights. She is a definite killer.


news & notes Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation producer Aisha Muharrar developing comedy series Amy Poehler has become a producing powerhouse with her newest project about one woman and her new church. As Parks and Recreation comes to a close after its next and final season, Poehler will develop a single-camera workplace comedy with Parks and Recreation co-executive.

Leslie Jones added to the cast of "Saturday Night Live" as featured player In a move that has seemed more and more obvious with each passing week. Lorne Michaels has called Saturday Night Live writer and stand-up comedian Leslie Jones as a featured cast member. She will begin her run with this week’s episode, which is hosted by Jim Carrey. Jones has been a writer for SNL since early 2014 and was one of the 12 ladies Michaels was determined to find a black woman to join the cast. Sasheer Zamata ended up joining the cast at the time but Jones was brought on as a writer.

Dave Chappelle's return to television: Walking Dead, Scandal, CSI? He'll do it all.

Will Ferrell-Kevin Hart Comedy 'Get Hard' Lands Release Date When millionaire James King is nailed for fraud and bound for San Quentin, he turns to Darnell Lewis to prep him to go behind bars. Get Hard, a comedy starring Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, has been slated for release on March 27, 2015. Directed by Etan Cohen (Men in Black 3 writer), the film follows an innocent man who is convicted of a crime and prepares for prison with help from the man who washes his car. The script was written by Ian Roberts and Jay Martel, who are executive producers on Comedy Central’s Key & Peele.

Dave Chappelle wants to play a zombie on AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead. He also wouldn’t mind snagging roles on CSI and Scandal. It’s all part of Chappelle’s goal to return to television. “For one year, I want to do this thing where I guest-star on as many television shows as I possibly can,” he tells GQ in a new interview. “I’d be a zombie on The Walking Dead. A corpse on CSI. I’d be the first black guy to sleep with Olivia Pope on Scandal…” 20

Ferrell and Adam McKay are producing via their Gary Sanchez banner. The March 27 release date puts the comedy up against Neill Blomkamp’s sci-fi actioner Chappie and Fox’s The Penguins of Madagascar.

Rodney Carrington –“Laughter’s Good”

Weird Al – “Mandatory Fun”

Comedy albums Cameron Esposito - “Same Sex Symbol”

Laughter good is the new release from Rodney Carrington, in which he proves laughter is good for your health, business and people agree obviously, because it was the number 1 comedy album in the U.S. in October. Combining standup comedy and original songs has worked well for the 15 year vet, in this installment he tells you about conversations with his penis, puss island and white shirts in the rain.

The platinum – selling song parodist strikes again with mandatory fun. He’s been killing for almost 4 decades, this time he satires Iggy Azalea’s” fancy”, Robin Thicke’s“burred lines” and many others. This a definite must listen.

Steve Simeone –“Remember This”

Jay Leno said she was “the future of comedy”. Her album “Same Sex Symbol”, reached number 1 on iTunes in less than 24 hours in October. Employing sharp wit and animated delivery she tells you about her life in 18 tracks. Give the album a listen. “Guacamole” is a favorite.

Darren Carter – “Stay At Home Stripper”

When you think Steve Simeone, you think highenergy storytelling; in which you can hear in “Remember This”. In this album backed by All Things Comedy, Steve tells you funny bits about staying awake, Sugar milk and the china palace.

Jay Philips – “Mind Of The Quiet Dude”

Stay at home stripper is the latest release from the humble and hardworking Darren Carter. The cover of the album is hilarious alone, in this album he talks about being adopted, Armenian farmers and Snoop dog’s new A.K.A..

A “Mind Of A Quiet Dude” is the latest comedy album from Jay Philips. The veteran also has a podcast with the same name as the album, so pay close attention when purchasing on iTunes. On this album Jay explores and shares his views on road rage, dating and hotel cable in well put together bits.

21 21

BEHIND the mic

Stephen KRAMER

Impressionist Musician Comedian


teve Kramer is the “Renaissance Man” of the 21st century. This stand-up comedian impersonates more than 80 celebrities and co-starred with Frank Caliendo on national TV. But his latest achievement is nothing short of extraordinary. He taught himself how to animate so he could put a unique twist on a television sizzle that he single-handedly created and co-produced with Craig Glazer. His cartoon was featured at the “Just For Laughs” Comedy Festival in Montreal and he is currently touring with comedian Pablo Francisco. Photo credits: John Sandoval


Comic close-up



When Darren Carter takes the stage, he takes the audience with him. A whirlpool of impressions and observations with on-point improvisation keeps the crowd rolling through the night, and on through the morning if they’re lucky.. From The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to Be Cool with John Travolta, to Comedy Central, BET and Showtime, the aptly named “Party Starter”, and sometimes even “Rooster”, gets recognized on the daily by his many adoring fans. See what all the fuss is about and join the party! Darren Carter style. What is the rating on your album? The album definitely is pg-13. How many albums does this make? This is my third album and it is nice to have new material for the fans and hopefully make new fans as well. Where can your fans buy this album? It is available on iTunes and Amazon. What projects are you working on? I’m working on my next special and my next album doing some tour dates with Mike Epps 2015.


talent spotlight


he Great Omar was eighteen or nineteen when he started his career as a magician. He was installing large windows in buildings for 5 years, wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with life. His older brother gave him the advice that whatever the choice, make sure you are good at it. That was the best advice he says that he received in this career. He (Omar’s brother) said that if you’re going to do magic, singing, whatever you decide on doing in your life, just be good at it, and you will always have work Sometime later that year while at Best Buy looking through the DVDs, he saw one with David Blaine (www.davidblaine. com). Remembering watching David Blaine doing all these crazy things on the street, freaking people out and running away gave him the idea of wanted to do. A week later, at a home show at the Pomona Fairley, among all the “How-to” books on home improvement, he spots a David Blaine autobiography. It was sticking out like a sore thumb. He bought the book, read it and learned all about David Blaine, how he idolized Houdini. That’s when he decided to take that route of freaking people out. David Blaine’s book shows how to do some magic tricks. He started doing magic tricks for his friends and family. Eventually, he realized how limited these simple tricks were. He was determined to learn more complicated ones. He paid a visit to the Old Hollywood Magic Store, was shown some books on cards and coin tricks. It was bit challenging, but found myself practicing three or four good tricks every day. While it took about a week to be able to do the trick, the presentation was lacking. It was time to perform for a live audience rather than my bedroom mirror.


Comics & causes

ebraska native and University of Arizona Alum, comedian Aubree Sweeney made her way to Los Angeles of 2011. She is an animal advocate who loves nothing more than talking about her two rescue pets, Jake, a lab-mix and SheRa, a tuxedo cat. When Aubree’s not performing at a comedy club, she’s on stage at a pet awareness event. In fact, she just brought down the house headlining at Boxer Rescue LA’s Woof and Wine Benefit. Aubree works closely with the Patriotic Service Dogs Foundation, a non-profit that was established to pair retired and active duty military, with physical or trauma related needs with a service dog. Aubree will be performing in support of PSDF at their upcoming shows at the Irvine Improv. Keep an eye out for those shows.

Aubree & Jake In addition to stand-up comedy, Aubree is a writer and actress. You can find her web-series Dog Treats and Jingle Toys at or on YouTube. The show follows a young woman who has recently adopted her first dog, loosely based off Aubree’s own experiences with her pets. She told us, “If it wasn’t for Jake and She-Ra (her adopted pets) I wouldn’t be me. That’s what I’m trying to convey with this show. Her hope is that it encourages people to get out and adopt or at least, have some new zany adventures with their fur-kids. New webisodes will be airing this February. We’re excited! Aubree has two short film in production; Fix Me and Under the Law. Both are set to be completed in the fall of 2015. For more information on Aubree’s shows and upcoming projects, you can follow her on twitter @seedogrun. She follows back.

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