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Become a Guest Blogger at the Go Garden Guides Guest Blog Go Garden Guides is offering guest bloggers a chance to win prizes of cash when they post gardening-related articles to the website, as well the opportunity for companies to sponsor the competitions.

Lafayette, Nov 08, 2011 -- Of interest to new editors and journalists covering: Blogging, horticulture, agriculture, gardening, online communities, guest blogging, and gardening websites. ONLINE GUEST BLOGGING CONTEST OFFERING CASH PRIZES AS WELL AS MARKETING AND ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES FOR GARDENING COMPANIES Gardening Website Offers Guest Blogging Option and The Chance For Companies To Promote Their Businesses With One of The Biggest Online Gardening Communities Go Garden Guides is offering guest gardener bloggers a chance to win prizes of cash when they post gardening-related articles to the website, as well as an opportunity for companies to sponsor the competitions in exchange for the information of their company being displayed on the website. This provides gardening experts and writers with the opportunity to earn extra cash while sharing their expertise, and an opportunity for gardening and agriculture companies to promote their businesses to a demographic that will be interested in products that they offer.

Go Garden Guides is an online community for all subjects related to gardening, agriculture, and horticulture, and there is a store of information available for those who are interested in developing a green thumb. The website is dedicated to sharing knowledge with others, and visitors to the website will find a wide variety of content related to the topic of gardening.

However, for creative writers and guest bloggers looking to spread the wealth of information around, there is the opportunity to win cash prizes for high quality gardening articles containing relevant information. The top three winners will receive

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cash as the reward for their high quality content, as well as the free gardening articles such as a greenhouse, hydroponics systems, and gift certificates to gardening stores.

Online and offline businesses looking to increase their online presence will find that the ability to sponsor a competition is a good way to promote their services. Sponsors will receive permanent listings in the home and garden link directory from Go Garden Guides and their network of websites. There are a variety of sponsorship packages available, and the packages provide gardening and agricultural companies with a way to help promote their services through the highly popular website. As the guest bloggers compete to post content of the best quality, attention and interest will be drawn to the website, and it is in this way that promotion will be most effective.

Whitney Segura, owner and founder of the Go Garden Website, stated, "Here at Go Garden Guides, we believe in community and sharing knowledge with others, and not expecting anything in return. By joining our community and sponsoring or participating in our competitions you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain."

About Go Garden Guides Go Garden Guides is one of the largest online communities dedicated to providing high quality content on all things gardening-related.[.color] With information on greenhouses, compost gardening, garden designs, and many other topics, visitors can find a wealth of information that will help them to make their gardens beautiful and fruitful. For more information on the Go Garden Guides competitions or sponsorship packages, visit their website at For more informaion,please visit:

Contact Information: Name: Whitney Segura

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