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Nikon L810 - Remarkable Zoom Range and Excellent Image Quality at a Low Price Merely this year, Nikon discharged its latest mega-zoom digital camera. The Nikon L810 includes an extensive 26x optical zoom that could seize reasonable quality photos. Selling at an average of $ 229.00, this camera is an inexpensive option for people that are only trying to find decent digital cameras that are user-friendly. At first glance, the camera appears like a mid-ranged DSLR from the outside because of its huge lens and large handgrip. However, when used, customers will soon find out that it is just a standard digital camera without the bells and whistles. Several users and photographers are even consistent in pointing out that the Nikon L810 is a decent point and shoot digital camera. The big handgrip mentioned earlier was particularly made to supply the user with easier handling of the camera. It goes without pointing out that its sizable lens is one of its significant selling points. With its 26x optical zoom, it can catch minute details of the subject matter, without dropping much of the quality of the image. Aside from its zooming capacities, the Nikon L810 also features two Auto modes. The first is the Easy Auto wherein the camera classifies the scene one is trying to catch into one of several scene choices. If the camera is incapable to categorize under which scene it belongs, it chooses the general scene selection. The other Auto feature of this camera is the normal Auto mode which permits the user a little bit more freedom in customizing the environments including the ISO and white balance. The camera also features four different types of digital effects namely, sepia, black and white, vivid and cyanotype. There are also 16 various scene collections to choose from such as portrait, landscape, panorama and sport. The panorama option supplies the individual to shoot a series of different shots and the following software may stitch them up together to form one natural panoramic pic. One more nice component of this camera is its capacity to take video recordings. This camera runs on 4 AA batteries which could be altered to lithium or rechargeable batteries. All of these attributes are ideal for those that are only looking for a decent point and shoot digital camera with a lengthy ranged zoom but not for those that should a more sophisticated camera to shoot fast moving objects since this camera is at times lagging in taking shots with quickly moving subjects. Still the in the end, this device is a no fuss digital camera that can easily shoot respectable photos for personal use. If you would like more information about Nikon L810 please feel free to visit our website at

Nikon L810 - Remarkable Zoom Range and Excellent Image Quality at a Low Price  

Introducing the newest product, the best and most sophisticated models in Nikon’s “Lifestyle” series of easy to use digicams, the Nikon L810...