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Get out of the same routine, try something, unusual.

The List of 5 Five must-run trails, from Downingtown to Valley Forge.


Check out our destination location.

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About the Issue y

Take Advantage of Your Home. The idea for Go Figure came when I was searching for some weekend fun. I looked around the region, found some amazing options and decided to share them with others I know would benefit just as I did. I was surprised at the number of different places I could go right in my own neighborhood. Rock climbing down the street, scuba diving an hour away, beautiful running trails, and tons of classes waiting for my participation. Go Figure is dedicated to promoting fun and healthy workouts and advocating increased opportunities in the region. Go Figure will be published quarterly and available for free at various sports, physical therapy and fitness outlets in the Greater Philadelphia area, or as a downloadable PDF from our web site ( The content will cover all forms of alternative fitness and be for readers of levels. We are starting small but plan to grow over time. We decided to bite the bullet and go with expensive glossy stock right from the start. The trade off is that the first issue is a bit thinner than we would like. But the magazine will grow in page count over time. Enjoy!

2 | Spring 2014

In This Issue 4 Stay Classy Find new classes in your neighborhood including; yoga, Zumba, spinning, kickboxing, plus a few highlighted local options.

6 List of Five - Must-Run Trails Outdoor vs. Indoor. Plus, five local paved trails you can access and get a great workout. All within 20 miles of each other, ranging from 3-10 miles.

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12 Do Something Different - Rock Climb Get away from the gym and take a break from running, time to try something different. In this issue, we spotlight some local rock climbing facilities, and found some hidden gems.

16 Event Spotlight >> p . 6

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Check the map to see some local races on our schedule. 5k, 10k, and half marathon’s all listed for this issue. Good Luck!

18 Destination Location - Lehigh Gorge Trail Pack up the family truckster, we’ve found a great location you can get to in about an hour. A massive trail, hiking and kayaking, all in a beautiful surrounding.

20 Featured App Check out our featured app. We select only the best to keep you going.

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Spring 2014 | 3

Class Information y

Mix it up a bit. There’s a variety of classes available in many locations.

4 | Spring 2014

The Benefits of Group Exercise Class exercise is a great way to keep your motivation, and push to meet personal goals. Exercising with others is much easier than trying to go at it alone. You will strive to keep up with others, push your own personal boundaries, and you’re much less likely to give up or take a break when everyone else around you is moving at a high pace. Most instructors won’t let you stop anyway! Before and after class is also a great time to meet people who share similar interests.

DRIVE Fitness SkyRobics Oaks, PA

An excellent workout on trampolines at the SkyZone in Oaks. Offering day and night classes. $14 drop-in per class. Punch cards available at 10 classes for $99.

Classes are usually offered to fit busy schedules. You can go before work, after, or on your lunch break if time allows. This enables people with limited time to get a full workout in a short time frame. You can stick to a daily routine, and learn something new. Most gyms offer a variety of classes, all providing different benefits and demanding varying skills. Each one can be adapted to your individual level. You can engage in group exercise according to your


Exton, PA Featuring Zumba classes in a nightclub atmosphere. Also offers, tone & sculpt, kickboxing, yoga, and insanity workouts. Offering day and night classes. $12 drop-in per class. Punch cards offered in various increments, as well as, monthly memberships.


Exton, PA

Group exercise classes vary by as much as the different fitness instructors who teach them. Here are a few local classes to try, there will be more choices and variety in upcoming issues. Try them all and mix it up. Variety really does create the best balance.

Main Line Health & Fitness Bryn Mawr, PA

Offering low impact aerobics, TRXtreme, bodypump, boot camp, Zumba as well as yoga and pilates. Offering day and night classes. Open 7 days a week. $20 full day access, $60 weekly. Monthly memberships available.

To submit a class to Go Figure Philly, please send basic information to:

Offers amazing classes in boxing & kickboxing. Offering day and night classes. Free trial classes available.

personal preference and luckily there are many different classes to choose from including: spinning, yoga, pilates, boxing, mixed martial arts, boot camp, and CrossFit.

Focus Fitness

Love 2 Be Fit

Bryn Mawr, PA

Exton, PA

Yoga, spinning, pilates, barre, and small group training. Offering day and night classes.

Hip-hop toning class and Zumba class with added strength training merge cardio and resistance workouts with energetic music. Offering day and night classes.

$18 drop-in per class. Punch cards offered in various increments, as well as, monthly memberships.

$12 drop-in per class. Punch cards available. Monthly Unlimited $59.

* All prices subject to change. Contact individual facilities for accurate weekly pricing.

Spring 2014 | 5

list of Five trails, within 20 miles.

6 | Spring 2014

Ridley Creek State Park

Outside or Inside?

It’s really a matter of preference, but is outdoor exercise more challenging? We have five trails for you to test your endurance. Whether you run, walk or bike, most of us get outside for a workout from time to time. Some take a daily walk, ride 50 miles or run 5 miles per day, all with the same general goal, to stay fit, be healthy, burn calories and develop strength. Some people live and die by their gyms, others take to the streets. Exercising inside allows you to stay out of the elements, watch your favorite program, and get a great physical workout. Going to the outdoors offers constant elevation changes, uneven courses, and exposes us to the elements, creating a much more challenging (and effective) workout.


On an exercise machine you can easily change the incline/decline of your machine with the push of a button. You can also adjust the speed to the level you wish, to make your workout more challenging. When you’re outside you have no control over the elevation changes, making you push harder at every turn, requiring your body to constantly adjust to the terrain.


Unless the ceiling fan is on, there’s no wind in a gym. When you’re outside you may have to deal with high winds, or maybe a mild breeze, either which can make your workout much more challenging.

Difference in Terrain

There aren’t any road hazards indoors which is definitely a benefit for all of us. When you are outside be sure to locate an area that is well maintained and has less chance for you to deal with potholes, large debris or uneven terrain. However, all road races are run outside, so it’s best to acclimate yourself to these ‘obstacles’ and be prepared for your next competition.


hills, creeks, and wild animals that join us when we’re outside. Not to mention all your fellow athletes taking advantage of those same things.

When you are outside, you may get caught in a downpour. Let’s face it we’ve all been there. Hopefully you we’re able to find shelter, or you just kept moving. It all adds to the challenge.

Whether you prefer being indoors or outdoors you will still get your desired results. But just in case you prefer to be a road warrior, we chose a five local trails (all within 20 miles of each other) to keep you off the streets, and help you reach your goals.

The Environment

Probably the best part of exercising outdoors is nature. Fortunately in this area we have many beautiful parks, rolling

Average weight vs. calorie output* *Running at a 5.0 pace Roughly 125 lbs.

480 calories burned per hour

Roughly 155 lbs.

Roughly 185 lbs.

Roughly 205 lbs.

595 calories burned per hour 710 calories burned per hour 825 calories burned per hour

* All data is from the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal, the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Spring 2014 | 7

2.6mi Norwood Road to Dorlan Mill Road

1. Struble Trail - Downingtown, PA The Struble Trail begins on Norwood Road, and follows the east branch of the Brandywine Creek up to Dorlan Mill Road. The trail is generally flat, paved, and is great for riding bicycles, running, hiking and walking. Picnic areas and rest stops are found at various locations, allowing visitors to stop and chat. There are several branches from the main trail into local neighborhoods which allow additional access, and lengthens the trail considerably. The Uwchlan Trail adds 2.1 miles of winding trail which has considerable elevation changes and winds through the woods. The Lion’s Trail is short (.4m) but can add that little extra to your run/ride. Have fun!


Elevation. From Lion’s Trail parking lot to Dorlan Mill Road.

Trail type: Multi-use paved, dogs permitted Additional Branches: Uwchlan (2.1M) Lion’s (.4M) Parking: 3 lots, average 10-20 Vehicles Go Figure Trail Rating:


Loop beginning at Barren Road Lot

245’ Trail parking lot to end.

Trail type: Multi-use paved, dogs permitted Additional Branches: Various unpaved branches Parking: Park lots #7, #11, #15 and # 17. Average 10-20 Vehicles Go Figure Trail Rating: 8 | Spring 2014

2. Ridley Park - Media, PA Ridley Park’s 4.3-mile, paved multi-use trail along Sycamore Mills and Forge roads is designated for bicycles, joggers, walkers and cross-country skiers. Bicycles are not permitted on unpaved trails. Portions of the trail run along beautiful Ridley Creek, which has a waterfall at the trail head. There are picnic tables to bring a lunch and take in the surroundings.

Get Outside

Take Advantage of The Outdoors. For advertising information, contact


Route 322/Bradford lot to Skelp Level Road


Rolling trail, elevations vary

3. Brandywine Trail - Downingtown, PA The Brandywine trail follows the abandoned West Chester Street Railway Trolley bed south along the east side of the Creek to Harmony Hill Road. The paved trail is approximately 10 feet wide and designed to accommodate pedestrians, cyclists, and similar passive recreation uses. The township provides parking, benches, and trash receptacles. Future plans include a canoe launch and kiosk. The trail weaves through the Harmony Hill Nature Area, along the Brandywine Creek, and has several unpaved trails leading into the preserve.

Trail type: Multi-use paved Additional Branches: Multiple unpaved Parking: 2 lots, Average 10-15 Vehicles Go Figure Trail Rating:

4.98mi Loop beginning at park office

180’ Elevation. Total trail.

4. The Loop - Valley Forge, PA Trail type: Multi-use paved Additional Branches: No Parking: Main parking lot 50+ car capacity Go Figure Trail Rating: 10 | Spring 2014

You can’t get more of a scenic route than the Valley Forge Park. It passes by several monuments, recreations of George Washington’s army structures, and historical structures/buildings. At 5 miles, the loop is a picturesque and a challenging run. Passing through fields and wooded sections, there are plenty of opportunities to stop and just enjoy the sights and the weather. The park offers restrooms, a visitors center, and a snack bar. Bring water, much of the paved trail is wide open, and has several elevation changes. It’s a worthwhile trip. A bike rental is also available with daily rates.

9.8mi Ship road to Old Eagle School Road - One Way

124’ Total Elevation

5. Chester Valley Trail - Exton, PA Trail type: Multi-use paved Additional Branches: No Parking: Valley Creek Corporate Center 50+ Go Figure Trail Rating:

This is the longest trail in the list. It was opened in the fall of 2010 extending from Exton Park to Route 29 and is approximately 4 miles. Phase II extended the trail from Route 29 to Old Eagle School Road in Tredyffrin, an additional distance of approximately 5.8 miles. The one-way distance of the trail equals 9.8 miles. It has a paved surface and is generally flat for the duration. Good for kids, stroller and bikes! The trail is flat and family friendly and often has a shoulder to prevent you from stepping off the trail. It’s very popular with cyclists, in-line skaters, hikers, joggers, dog walkers and parents pushing young children in strollers. Phase III construction is scheduled to begin in March 2014. and will add another 1.25 miles and connect the county’s Exton Park site with Ironlake Boulevard in Exton.

Running is one the best solutions to a clear mind. For advertising information, contact

Keep Running

Get out of the gym, give running a break. Time to try something, well a little different.

Do Something


12 | Spring 2014

Benefits of Rock Climbing

Relieve stress, build core muscles, and develop mental ability. Rock climbing has it all. Rock climbing is an indoor and outdoor recreational sport that is one of the world’s fastest growing mainstream sporting activities. It’s a safe and fun sport for anyone to enjoy at any age. It’s also one of the best total body workouts available, not necessarily just an upper body workout. You will use your fingers, forearms as you grip the rock/mold, and your abs and legs to push yourself into position. Climbing requires as much upper body strength as it does technique, and leg strength. It develops lean muscle and strengthens your core muscles better than exercise routines designed to focus on one particular region. Your entire body, including cardiovascular system, benefits from rock climbing. Physical benefits include a low-impact cardio workout, core muscle development and hand/finger strengthening. Climbing is also an excellent source to develop our children physically. Climbing is a fun challenging activity, and is not thought of as exercise, but more of a fun release of energy that will help develop muscle tone, and mental ability. In a controlled environment they’ll learn how to productively channel their youthful energy.

Planning Your Route

Climbing routes are always different. Each route requires different planning, expertise, and strength to complete. There are varying difficulty ratings, based on the size of the grips, and the direction of your route. You will have to make instant decisions as you move, solve problems, and execute an effective plan. Beginners usually look for a solution inch by inch, while advanced climbers plan they’re route well in advance. Over time, most will have the capability to visualize the route to attack, and continue moving forward. Once you complete an easier route, you will be inclined to advance to a more difficult climb, developing concentration and moving toward your fitness goals.

seemed impossible, it forces the climber to realize their true abilities versus their perceived abilities, further building confidence. When put into perspective of what has already been accomplished, anything seems possible.

One of the most beneficial aspects of climbing is stress relief. When you’re out there, you’re concentrating on your body movements, and the goal of the reaching the top. The real world drifts away, leaving you and gravity to duke it out. After a rigorous climbing session you can get back to life with a clear head.

Many local facilities have a variety of levels for climbers. In the warmer months, you can plan a trip to attempt an outdoor climb at one of the local parks in and around the area. Here are some local facilities that can help you can begin your ascent to the top.

The sense of achievement gained by reaching the peak is second to none. Whether it’s a route you’ve just discovered, or one you’ve been working on for weeks, you’ll find yourself challenged every time. By achieving something which once

Good luck!

Average weight vs. calorie output* If you weigh; Roughly 125 lbs.

680 calories burned per hour

Roughly 155 lbs.

Roughly 180 lbs.

Roughly 205 lbs.

775 calories burned per hour 940 calories burned per hour 1,075 calories burned per hour

* All data is from the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal, the official journal of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Spring 2014 | 13

Vertical Extreme Downingtown, PA

Vertical Extreme is a climbing gym in Downingtown, PA. In case you need to rent climbing equipment, Vertical Extreme has a rental package (including a harness and climbing shoes) available for $10 per day. If you’re looking for ways to save money, they also offers group discounts, birthday discounts, family discounts and kids discounts. Vertical Extreme offers two introduction packages. A basic package with a beginner class, and day pass for $30. The deluxe version offers the same, with a two-week pass for $47. An additional perk, it’s located in the same area as Victory Brewing, so you can stop in for a beer after your class.


Tuesday - Friday - 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm Saturday - 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm Sunday - 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

















Philadelphia Rock Gym

Multiple Locations With locations in Coatesville, Philadelphia and Oaks PRC offers 11,000 sq ft of climbing wall surface area. They offer rental equipment and a variety of introduction classes for adults, families and kids. There are additional facilities available including a weight room and cardio center. They also offer group discounts, birthdays, family discounts and additional promotions.





In the warmer months they hold competitions, and provide outdoor guided trips. Start with an entry level package, which offers an introductory lesson, and a two-week pass for $45.














Monday - Friday - 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm Saturday - Sunday - 10:30 am to 6:30 pm

14 | Spring 2014

Reading Rocks Reading, PA

Reading Rocks is located in Reading, PA. They offer rock climbing for all abilities, birthday parties, indoor ropes course, team-building, seminars, and AMGA certified guided outdoor climbing. Some of the programs offered include: rappelling, indoor courses and climbing clubs. They also offer special seminars on various climbing essentials, which are free with paid admission. Outdoor introduction courses are offered with no experience, and serve as a general introduction to climbing starting at $60 for a six hour session.



Tuesday - Friday - 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm Saturday - 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Sunday - 12:00 am to 7:00 pm
















Get Out. Get Active.

For advertising information, contact

Spring 2014 | 15

Road Tripy

A 6,107 acre park following the Lehigh River from Francis E. Walter Dam in the north to Jim Thorpe in the south.

JimThorpe Destination

16 | Spring 2014

The Lehigh Gorge Trail The Lehigh Gorge Trail, is a 26-mile trail spanning from White Haven, PA to Jim Thorpe, PA. One of the most scenic rides in the state, the trail follows the Lehigh river, and passes through The Lehigh Gorge State Park. You will ride along over 20 miles of abandoned rail paths along the river, providing opportunities for hiking, bicycling, sightseeing and photography. There are three trail access points at Glen Onoko, Rockport or White Haven. You can board a shuttle in Jim Thorpe to cycle from the northern point in White Haven to the southern point in Jim Thorpe. A ride with excellent river views, and breathtaking scenery. Benches and picnic tables spot the trail, offering a change to stop, enjoy the views, and have a bite to eat. The first leg of the trail is 9.1 Miles beginning at White Haven through to Rockport. This section includes stone bridges, waterfalls, and the remains of the Lehigh Tannery. At Lehigh Tannery, you’ll come to a paved road. The trail picks up on the other side and continues to White Haven. The next section of the trail spans from Rockport to Glen Onoko. On this 13-mile one way trip, you will pass by steep 1,000 foot cliffs, the Turn Hole Tunnel (an abandoned railroad tunnel near Jim Thorpe ) and Pocono Mountain. If you are feeling adventurous, you can hike up to beautiful Glen Onoko Falls. A one-mile trail that allows hikers to climb through the woods along Glen Onoko Creek and experience this wonderful area. Finally from Glen Onoko, you can travel down the trail into Jim Thorpe, for a short 2.3 mile ride. The Lehigh Gorge State Park also offers opportunities to whitewater raft, fish, hunt and cross-country ski. The first 15 miles of the northern section is open to snowmobiling in winter months. The Lehigh River is a major tributary of the Delaware River. The Class III whitewater makes this upper section of the Lehigh River a popular whitewater destination. Rafters, kayakers and canoers are constant companions along the route, especially during the Spring (late March through June) and on summer weekends when the Army Corps of Engineers releases water from the Francis E. Walter Dam at the northern end of Lehigh Gorge State Park.

Parking and Trail Access

Shuttles run from Jim Thorpe, and there are multiple options for bike rental, and kayak rental in the summer. Parking, handicapped accessible comfort and changing room stations are available at Rockport and Glen Onoko. Limited parking at White Haven. To reach the northern trail head in White Haven, take I-80 to Exit 273 into White Haven Borough. Follow State Route 940 east to the White Haven Shopping Center. Go through the shopping center parking lot and bear left to the state park access area. To reach the southern trail head in Jim Thorpe from I-476, take Exit 74 to 209/Lehigh Avenue into Jim Thorpe. The parking is across from Packer Hill Road near the Carbon County Courthouse. To reach the Rockport Trail head (15 miles north of Jim Thorpe) from Jim Thorpe, take 209 South to State Route 93 north. Continue to Lehigh Gorge Drive into the village of Rockport. Turn on State Route 4014 to access the parking lot for this trail head. Spring 2014 | 17

Featured App y

Nike + Running App Get GPS tracking, audio feedback and cheers from your friends while you run.

Push it for the Victory

Map your runs, track your progress, and get the motivation you need to keep going. The Nike+ Running app tracks your distance, calories burned, pace, and keeps track of your activity. You can sync up to the website and keep track of your monthly progress, calculate average pace, total time, mileage, challenge friends and compete with your personal goals. Push for your longest, farthest, and fastest run yet. Take on yesterday, last Tuesday, or a personal best.

Extra Motivation

The App taps into your personal itunes library, so you can play your music as you run and the activity will pause with your music. Add powersongs to push you through those tough moments.

Nike+ Challenges

Team up with your friends and motivate each other to go farther than ever before. Add your friends via Facebook or through the Nike + App, and compete in monthly, weekly or daily challenges. You can set a challenge to 10 miles/week, or to 100 miles/month. It will show your personal comparison to your friends including, average distance, longest distance, fastest time and overall mileage. See how you stack up, start a challenge today!

Additional Features

When running outdoors, use the GPS feature to view your pace, duration, and distance completed while you run. Unlock achievements and earn badges every time you beat your best or reach a new milestone. Automatic weather tagging will inform of the local weather after your run. Check your trophy wall when you have a chance. You will receive awards for challenges completed, weekly streaks, monthly milestones, and special events such as completing a run on a holiday or an early morning workout. That perfect little extra to push yourself as much as you can.

18 | Spring 2014

Get Outside

The hardest thing about exercise is to start doing it. 3 Reasons why you should advertise with Go Figure Magazine. 1. Only local, all the time. We are distributed in the Philadelphia area, to your customers. 2. We offer high content to advertising, so you won’t have a lot of competition for reader’s attention. 3. We offer competitive pricing, so you can take advantage of all ad sizes. For advertising information, contact

Events of the Month y

April 19 Run or Dye Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA

April 6 Hot Chocolate 15/5k Philadelphia, PA

April 26 Race for Traditions - 5K Exton, PA

Run a color-blasted 5K, where you get showered in safe, eco-friendly, plantbased cornstarch dye every kilometer!

5K runners start at 9am, followed by the one mile fun run, 5K and 1M running strollers, 5K and 1M walkers.

Individual Entry: $47

Individual Entry (5k) $30

To submit an event listing to Go Figure Philly, please send basic information to

April 27 Valley Forge Revolutionary 5-mile Run Valley Forge , PA

Each Hot Chocolate 15/5k race features both a 15k (9.3miles) and 5k (3.1miles) distance and a finisher’s mugs filled with hot chocolate, chocolate fondue and tasty dippable treats!

April 20 Rocky Steps Running Tour Philadelphia, PA

Trek this challenging 5-mile USATF certified course through scenic Valley Forge National Historical Park

Individual Entry: (5k) $40, (15k) $64

* Not a race. A 6 mile run through Philadelphia’s Fairmount neighborhood. Pass the Rodin Museum, the Barnes and the famed Philadelphia Museum of Art. Run to the top of the Rocky steps and get a spectacular view of the city.

Individual Entry: $35

April 13 Buck’s County Half Marathon Richboro , PA

Individual Entry: $75

All participants will be provided with a variety of amenities, including technical racing shirts, die-cast medals, Jaguar chip timing, and frequent rest stops. Individual Entry: $75

April 27 Upper Main Line YMCA Triathlon Berwyn, PA Swim 450 a heated, outdoor 50 meter pool, bike 10 miles through Easttown Township and finish with a challenging 5k run. Individual Entry: $75 20 | Spring 2014

May 17 Paws & Feet 5K Doggie Fun Day Pennsauken, NJ This 3.1 mile run or walk is a great way for animal-lovers to support AWA’s mission of helping pets and people. Individual Entry: $25

May 3 CitySolve Urban Race Series Philadelphia, PA You’ll use your brains, smartphones, and the kindness of strangers to solve clues and face thrilling challenges. Travel by Subway, trolley, bus, light rail, ferry, or foot through the city. Individual Entry: $50

May 18 Run the Vineyards Chadds Ford, PA

Exercise: you don’t have time not to.

Run through the vineyard and a 1/2 mile wooded trail. After the 5K run, you will be able to enjoy great live music, wine tasting, food and craft vendors, awards, and spectacular views.

May 11 Delware Half and Full Marathon Wilmington, DE The Delaware Marathon™ course consists of two half marathon distance loops. Both loops take you from the Wilmington Riverfront on the Christina River, across town to beautiful Brandywine Park on the Brandywine River. Individual Entry: (Full) $115, (Half) $80

Individual Entry: $40

May 31 MuckFest MS Philadelphia, PA You and your friends will run, swing, slosh, climb & laugh your way through a 5K course of incredible obstacles and muddy pits, trenches and craters. Individual Entry: $80 For advertising information, contact Spring 2014 | 21

Events of the Month y

June 8 Oddyssey Half Marathon Philadelphia, PA Features live music along the course and at the finish, medals with beer openers built in, and commemorative pint glasses to all finishers! Best of all, sponsors Sly Fox Brewery will provide you with a free beer at the finish line!

June 1 Trail Blazin’ 5k Mud Run Spring City, PA Logging mountain jump, hay bale climbing, cargo net creek crossings, hills, swamps, a waterslide and sand dunes are some of the challenges you will face on this course. Come prepared. Individual Entry: $40

June 7

Individual Entry: $80

June 14

June 20 Media 5-Miler Media, PA

Fight Twilight 5K Conshohocken, PA

The course moves through the streets of Media, PA over gently rolling hills with an exciting finish on State Street.

Every 5K entrant receives free general admission to the Philadelphia Fight rugby home opener before the race, and a beer/soda after the race. Game 5PM, Race 7:20PM.

Individual Entry: $40

Individual Entry: $25

DUB C 4-Miler West Chester, PA Run through the borough of West Chester. A 4-mile run. This is a night race beginning at 7PM. Individual Entry $25

June 7

June 14

Hicks 3-way Relay West Chester, PA

1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Philadelphia, PA Course utilizes the paved bike path along Pennypack Creek. No traffic at all.

This year’s race will consist of a 1.6 Mile Walk, or a 5 Mile Run, or a Relay with three people, each running 1.6 miles!

Individual Entry: (Half) $75, (Full) $80

Individual Entry: (Relay) $60 per team, (5-mile) $30.

22 | Spring 2014

To submit an event listing to Go Figure Philly, please send basic information to

June 22 Run the Yards Beer Run Philadelphia, PA *Not a race. A 3 mile guided running tour plus a guided tour of Yards Brewery. Our fun and knowledgeable guides will lead you past Philly’s founder’s home site, a Continental Congress hangout and through the streets of colonial Philadelphia. Individual Entry: $30

Stay Fit

Try Something Different. For advertising information, contact

Visit Us:

Wellness Programs that implement on-site Nutrition what we do| Comprehensive Counseling in businesses taking strides towards a healthier workplace. Your Wellness Consultants understand the restrictive and unrealistic diet plans just don’t work because they simply DO NOT address the underlying reason why most people have a very difficult time changing their habits. Your Wellness Consultants offer a much better solution for you to become successful in developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Contact Us John Rickards

RD LDN CPT Owner 215-431-8980

Christa Mantey

RD LDN Certified Holistic Health Coach Owner 484-431-4173

Nutrition Counseling is FREE for those individuals who have Independence Blue Cross insurance plans. Contact us today for details.

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