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 And Different Ways Of Its Spreading 


Adware is a combined term for an Advertising Malware. Adware is a malicious program that renders advertising supporting contents on users display and prompts for click and it deceptively enters a PC. The main objective of such ads is to prompt the users for click and generate revenue per click. It can hijack users’ browser which is used to track, users’ activity on the internet, keywords, history, cookies details, to display attractive ads on the sites people mostly visit and for statistical purposes like which sites mostly people visit, what they search for, what type of ads they prefer etc. Adware

How Adware Is Spread ? Oppose to viruses adware  is not spread openly it  penetrates a system  through deceptive  mechanisms.  There are  three possible ways of  adware penetration: Adware

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What Is Adwar And Different Ways Of Its Spreading