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Sukta 10.88:----



Surya Vaishvaanari Chhand: Trishtup.

1) “Soma (Cosmic Background Radiations)which is drunk by the Devataas is ever new and suitable for drinking. It is offered as an ingredient for Yagna to the Yagnaagni that rises to touch the Aakash/sky. For the welfare of the propitious Agni, Soma is produced, perfected and drunk by the Deva Ganas. They ensure its growth. 2) “The Lokas are enveloped by darkness, Darkness hides them. However, as soon as the Agni (thermal energy)/fire is produced, every thing is revealed. Aakash, waters, trees, Deva Ganas and other rejoice. 3) “Inspired by the Devataas, who are assure of their part in Yagna, I worship the venerated indestructible (potential energy) Agni. This Vaishvaanar Agni filled the Aakash Prathivi/white hole and Antariksh/space by its Tej/radiant energy. 4) “Vaishvaanar Agni becomes the chief Hota to be served by the Devataas. Aspiring Yajmaan offers Ghrata (clarified butter) as an ingredient in Yagna to it. This Agni created the moving and non-moving (stable) form of the universe. 5) “Vaishvaanari Agni resides with Surya in Swarga/heaven at the top of the three Lokas/worlds. It completes Aakash Prathivi/white hole and hence it deserves praise for its role in Yagna. 6) “This Agni is like the head of all Pranies/living beings in the night and appears in the morning in the form of Surya. This is called the Praja/progeny of the Devataas who conduct the Yagna. This travels with speed in all places in Antariksh. 7) “All the Devataas protect the body of the (Vaishvanar) Agni which assumes a beautiful Roopa/form and scintillating with extraordinary brilliance, it attains a place in heavens These Davataas offered Havya (the ingredients offered in Yagna) as token to this Agni. 8) “The Agni is produced for the Devataa who first ascertained the Aakash Prathivi. The same Devaata is the producer of the Haviratna/ jewels – the precious offering in Yagna. This Agni appreciated in Yagna protects the body of the Devataa.

9) “The offering of all the ingredients are made in all pervading Yagna to this Agni/fire produced by the Devataas. They travel easily and heat the Aakash Prathivi/white hole by their flames. 10) “ The Agni produced by the praise of the Devataas completes the Aakash Prathivi, They produced the pleasing Agni in three different ways. This Agni brings forth the medicines (light and electromagnetic radiations) in a refined way. 11) “When Agni/thermal energy and Surya were installed by the Devataas participating in Yagna, they began their motion adopting a single form and are seen by all the Pranies. 12) “ Agni is the well wisher of Manushya. Devataas consider this Agni as a form of flag of the universe. Agni emitting special light enlarged the morning light and removed the darkness in totality with their flames. 13) “The learned Devataas deserve Yagna revealed Agni in the form of Surya. When that Agni was splendorous and massive, the glow of the Nakshatras /constellations became faint and without any radiance. 14) “We praise this Agni using best mantras because they are always ascending and are full of radiant energy and splendor. They fill the Aakash Prathivi by their glory and kindled above and below. 15) “ I have heard about the relationship between the two paths of my Pitars/Atmas of ancestors, Devataas and Manushya. The entire universe grows and advances along the same paths. 16) “The Agni/thermal energy produced at the top of Surya is pleased by the hymns praising them. Agni is preserved Aakash Prathivi when they move. They are never tired of according protection and being illuminated live happily in the world. 17) “When the physical (sonic sound) and Madhyamiki Vaak (spoken words on the middle scale in the vocal chords related to sound) Agni debate the knowledge about Yagna, The Ritwaj Gana begin to the performance of Yagna. But when there is a controversy, no one is capable of taking a decision. 18) “O Pitars! I do not involve myself in this logical debate except that I am curious to know Surya, Agni, Ushas (twilights) and the number of their Devies/Goddesses. 19) “ O Vaayu/solar wind! The Agni residing on Prathivi takes seat near Yagna only after the night releases the garments of Usha/twilight because Agni is the eulogizer and is also the Hota. ***********




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