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Antariksh/space is Ocean of Plasma. Primordial Galaxies and Rivers at Creation. GAAYATRI MANTRA/ MRITUNJAYA MANTRA/SAVITA MAHAMRITUNJAYA MANTRA Pashaan , Soma (C.B.R.) Sanskrit Computer and Computational System. << PREVIOUS NEXT >>

9. Aapah/Waters/Plasma In Rig Veda: --The following references are given for the Aapah /waters/plasna from Rig Veda: ----Sukta 1.23:--Vaayu. Chhand: Gaayatri 17) “Aapah/plasma which is near the Surya is sprinkled in Yagna. 18) “The Apa/water (refers to the biosphere) is drunk by our cows and is liked by us. 19) “The water is Amrit/elixir (as the opposite of poison according to “the theory of opposites” and corresponds to the poison drunk by Lord Shiva) and has medicinal properties. 20) “The waters have the medicinal properties as described by Soma. Soma also describes the fire that gives pleasure. 21) “O Agni! Waters elongate life by keeping our body free from illness so that we can observe sunrise for years. 22-24)“Let these waters fill us with sobriety of speech, feelings and actions …… ********* This is a threefold description of waters because the Gaayatri Chhanda is used in this Sukta and is devoted to Vaayu Devata (wind/solar wind) and is associated with the radiations of Agni/fire/thermal energy [R.V. 1.60.2] and belongs to the family of Soma/Cosmic Background Radiations ensuring the Creation to be exactly the same as before [R.V. 1.60.5]. And waters exist in Aakash/heaven Loka/world as well as on the Prathivi/black hole Loka. This is supported by [R.V.10.31.1] which states that wherever there is Mitra/light. Varuna is also present there. Also refer to Sukta 7.47 (given below) devoted to Indra in Jagati, Tristup and Panti Chhandas. The rays by which Surya increases waters, Jal Devataa (Varuna) and Indra pave the path for them to flow into the river Sindhu that is mirrored as galaxy in Antariksh. ******** Plasma is a conductor and interacts with electromagnetic fields. The study of these interactions is called hydro-magnetic or magneto-hydro dynamics. ********** Sukta 3.1:--Agni. Chhand: Trishtup, Panti.

6) “Agni/thermal energy move around the Aapah/waters/plasma and Aapah/waters /plasma do not extinguish the Agni/fire nor are they dried up. The Agni/thermal Energy/ fire, as son of Antariksh, is not covered by fabric/net-work. Yet the Aapah/waters/ plasma is covered by the fabric/net work. The Agni/thermal energy/fire is not naked. The eternal and ever-young seven rivers in Antariksh (Tritup Chhanda) keep the Agni/fire/thermal energy in the womb”. 7) “The Agni/thermal energy like the womb of Aapah/waters/plasma brightens after the rains with various rays. In this electrical Agni/thermal energy, the cows like waters in appearance, yield milk-like rains The Prathivi and Aakash are their mother and father respectively. 8) “Agni as the son of Aapah/waters/plasma… increases its light when Yajmaan eulogize and yield rains of the Aapah/waters/plasma. 9) “The Agni/fire as soon as reveals itself, it finds the place of Aapah/waters in the breast in the lower part of Antariksh and allows the thunderbolt to fall downwards, signifying the rainfall. Vaayu/ solar wind and other active brothers [Eldest is serpent/Surya (combination on living and nonliving beings) {R.V.!,164.1} and Agni/thermal energy is the youngest brother of Vaayu/solar wind [1.164.1]} move along with Agni and remain with their son like Aapah/waters/plasma of Antariksh.] 10) “At this moment no one can identify the Agni /fire. Agni by itself fills the lap of their father (Aakash) and mother (Prathivi). The magnified Agni devours medicines. Aakash and Prathivi look after the Agnis/fires like father and mother. O Agni! Protect the Aakash Prathivi. 11) “This Agni increases in Antariksh which is capable of expansion and in Antariksh. Agni increases with the Aapah/waters having huge quantity of Anna/sub-atomic particles. Antariksh is the place of birth of Aapah/ Waters/plasma. Agni residing in Antariksh dwells in peace in the Aapah /waters/plasma of the rivers. The rivers (of plasma) are like the sisters of Agni. 12) “Agni/thermal energy is the father of the universe born from waters/plasma. Agni dwells in peace with their sister-like rivers in Antariksh----13) “Beautiful Arani/wooden pieces (belonging to our Prathivi/Earth mirrored in Antariksh) created the radiant Agni in the womb of waters and medicines ---********** Sukta 6.70: ---.Ddhyava Prathivi/Aakash Prathivi Sukta Chhand Jagati. 1) “Aakash Prathivi belonging to Varuna (the presiding Devata of waters and electromagneto-hydro dynamism) is flooded with waters/plasma. It is perpetual, beautiful in its form and undertakes a number of tasks. 2) “It provides waters to the Purush (Viraat Purush 10.90) performing various functions excellently. She is the chief ruler of Bhuvanas (superstructures / firmament) and provides Bala (strength). 3) “The Purush who adores you performs in a superb manner his functions and begets sons (to further the Creation).

4) “The Aakash Prathivi is enveloped by waters/Ghrat/plasma represented by the clarity of clarified butter in Yagna to increase the heat and intensity of fire. It serves as the residence of waters/Ghrat. The Prathivi called Urvi becomes Vistirna (extensive) with waters all around and rules the regulating powers of causing rains. Yajmaan (performing the Yagna) seeks favor for Aakash Prathivi. 5) “The Aakash Prathivi which milks the waters and gives Yagna, wealth, glory and strength is worshipped and sprinkled with honey. 6) “Aakash Prathvi is the father and mother and provide Anna (sub-atomic particles for Creation). It is the knower of the Jagat (universe).” This is the mental /Yagnic version of the white hole

Sukta 7.49:---


Chhand: Trishtup.

********* Aapah. Chhand: Trishtup.

1)“The Aapah/waters/plasma overflowing the oceans reached the Devataa of waters from Antariksh. Indra set free the waters. ….. 2)“The waters produced in Antariksh are akin to the water of the rivers or those obtained from a well. 3)Varuna, the lord of waters moves in the middle Loka/world. These waters are shining with light and are filled with Rasa. (4)The waters in which Varuna and Soma reside produce Anna/sub-atomic particles as food for black holes. The waters please Vishwa Devataa in which Vaishwanar (electrical) Agni resides in Antariksh Let these waters give us protection.” [Signals of the turbulent flow in ionized gas called plasma swirling in the solar wind in space changes with time. Astrophysicists inferred the presence of turbulence inside stars, among interstellar clouds, in black holes accretion disks and around Jupiter’s red-spot. A flotilla of four satellites measured random variations in the solar wind’s propagation. Turbulence is quite common on Earth as any frequent airplane passenger can attest. This is measured by assessing how much the pressure or velocity varies over a certain distance]. “Aapah/waters/plasma move around Agni” [R.V.8.1.11; 8.39.10].

Antariksh/space is Ocean of Plasma. Primordial Galaxies and Rivers at Creation. ******** Sukta 10.9: --Aapah. Chhand: Gaayatri, Anushtup. 2) “Water is a source of happiness for human life.

3, 4) “Water resources are helpful in the cultivation of food. Just as a child derives satisfaction from mother’s milk, Manushya and living beings derive the elixir of life from water. 5, 6) “By taking bath, the body is cleansed from the tensions of life. The divine water that is drinkable and free from pollution is used in the performance of Yagna (on this biosphere). Let the hidden diseases be removed and let it help in curing diseases (Heavy water). It is used in the preparations of health giving drinks and it has medicinal properties. It prolongs life so that we can live to observe sunrise everyday in our lifetime.” ********** Water is an important ingredient of life that abounds on our Earth and other parts of our solar system as well as in other parts of the cosmos, for example as ice or gas around many stars and asteroids. Astronomer Dan Watson of the University of Rochester, NY and leader of the team peered at an embryonic star called IRAS 4r located in our Milky Way galaxy about 1,000 light years from Earth in the constellation Perseus. NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope using IR spectroscopy enabled them to find quantities of water vapor equal to five times the volume of all the oceans of the Earth that had rained down into a dusty disc around the star where planets are believed to be formed.[Journal Nature,‘07] A heavy form of hydrogen-deuterium is created just moments before the Big Crunch in large quantities. It is found in the interstellar dust grains in the Milky Way in large quantities than expected. This finding can radically alter the theories about star formation as well as the formation of galaxies (Journal Astrophysics, Aug.20 2006) NASA’s Far Ultraviolet Spectrophotoscopic Explorer (FUSE) obtained its fingerprints and the leader of the study Jefferey Linsky of the University of Colorado reported these findings. At present a third of the primordial deuterium present in the Milky Way was destroyed as it was cycled through the stars. The amount present is less than 15 percent below what was there originally and it is not distributed evenly. “When there are high concentrations of interstellar dust in the galaxy, lower concentration of deuterium gas is found and where there is less interstellar dust higher levels of deuterium gas is detected (with FUSE)”, said Linsky. Heavy water (D2O) is chemically called deuterium oxide. Deuterium is one of the isotopes of hydrogen and is also known as heavy hydrogen. Urey first proved that ordinary water contains one part of heavy water in 6,000 parts of it. Lewis and Donald were able to isolate pure heavy water by continuous electrolysis of water containing alkali in 1933. Heavy water acts as a moderator in nuclear reactors where fission of uranium (U235) takes place. In India, it is manufactured at Trombay, Nangal, Rourkela Namrup and Nayaveli. It also has germicidal and bactericidal properties. As mentioned above in Rig Veda Aapah Sukta 10.9 the medicinal properties of water in our biosphere are extolled and with the Gaayatri Chhanda (octal in modern computers) its properties are encompassed by all the Lokas: Aakash/sky, Antariksh and our Prathivi. When referred to its presence in heaven, it is called Gaayatri Mantra GAAYATRI MANTRA/ MRITUNJAYA MANTRA / SAVITA

Amrit/elixir/water (according to the theory of opposites)/Soma (Mrityunjaya Mantra) gives eternal life to the souls and to the naturally occurring plasma involving x-ray ripples in the cosmic microwave background radiations. MAHAMRITUNJAYA MANTRA [They also help in the evolution of the Sanskrit language], and Saama Gana [cosmic music used in Yagna is performed for the first time by the Devataas of Nature. These are received from black hole in space (discovered by Mark Whittle)]. In Aakash it refers to long life of the stars and of Antariksh and Prathvi/Black hole cum white hole. On our Prathivi/Earth no biological species can exist without water that is the opposite of Aapah/waters (.Theory of opposites) Sukta 10.30: -Apaannapaadvaa

Chhand: Trishtup.

1) “Let the Soma Rasa (C.B.R.) flow towards the Devataas for the sake of Jal/waters/plasma (in Antariksha/Trishtup Chhand) flow in Yagna. Hey Ritwaja! Perform the Maha Yagna for MitraaVaruna (Devataa of light radiations and Devataa of rivers and oceans respectively) and pronounce praises for Indra. 2-5) “That wood which burns because of waters is praised in the Yagna of Devataas (Aapannapat Deva). These waters in ocean produces the best quality of waves in the Anna (particles) for Mitra-Varuna [the presiding Devataas of light and other radiations (Mitra) and that of the waters in ocean (Varuna)] It is used for purifying Soma, (radiations in Antariksh acting as filter because the Chhanda used is Trishtup) the cosmic Vaani (mother of Marut Ganas/Storm God/lord of the coronal atmosphere of the sun [R.V.9.73,7-9] used for praising in hymns and Indra.—— Pashaan , Soma (C.B.R.) (9) “Aapah/Waters are attracted by Soma. The waves produced in Aakash are capable of moving in all the three Lokas/worlds constituting the universe. (10) Indra who fights to release waters divides it into a number of streams and continues to rain. The waters are the protectors of the universe like mother and it mixes with Soma.”— The Agni/fire dwells in the three Lokas and Prajapati produced them. They are ignited by Samidhas/pile of wood and know the path to Pitruyana. The Agni is resplendent with Tej/radiations.”[10.2.7] *************

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Aapah-Waters-Plasma In Rig Veda  

Also refer to Sukta 7.47 (given below) devoted to Indra in Jagati, Tristup and Panti Chhandas. The rays by which Surya increases waters, Jal...

Aapah-Waters-Plasma In Rig Veda  

Also refer to Sukta 7.47 (given below) devoted to Indra in Jagati, Tristup and Panti Chhandas. The rays by which Surya increases waters, Jal...