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Columbia homeowner looking to save on your - Are you a Columbia homeowner looking to save on your energy bills? Or are you a commercial HVAC company, contractor or property owner looking for energy efficient solutions for your project or larger building? We’re the experts when it comes to insulation, solar energy and more for the Columbia area. Find out why so many trust Energy Link with everything from duct blasting tests, large scale energy audits, and retrofit lighting to simple door installations and window replacements to conserve energy.

Residential Solar Energy

Installing solar panels on your home is a major investment, but one that will pay off in utility savings for years to come. You can even depreciate 100% of the cost of an electric solar system.


Making your company a “Green Business� is more than refurbishing used products. In an economy where sustainability drives growth up and costs down and there is an everincreasing customer focus on alternative energy and climate change around the world, your business must devise a plan for sustainable business practices.


Retain tenants longer Defer maintenance Increase property value (keyword) Attract new tenants quickly And demand higher rents for improved housing

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Columbia homeowner looking to save on your -