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BROCHURES Brochures are also called pamphlets or leaflets. It is usually made from a single sheet. It has majorly become an advertising tool to commercialize a business and its products and services. Brochure designs should be created in a unique way.

1.How to make an effective brochure? 2.How helpful can a brochure be? 3.What can you do with a brochure?

1.How to make an effective brochure? - Start by collecting few samples of printed brochures designs as to create ideas about designs, fonts, styles. - Think about the information you want to put in the brochure as it has to be precise along with conveying the message about your organization. Details should include the history of the company, goals, services also about the projects. - Create a wireframe of the brochure. It helps a lot in organizing your brochure. If the brochure is about a general information about the company details contain about the purpose and goals. - The order of the pages of the brochure should also be arranged. The sequence of the whole brochure should be sketched out.

2.How helpful can a brochure be? - A brochure can explain the services and about the products of the company. - It helps people to educate them about the events and programs about the company. - A brochure helps a person to know about the company through the brochure that you provide them.

3.What can you do with a brochure? - You can attach your brochures along with reports and proposals. - You can send direct mail to the targeted audience. - Brochures can be distributed in places where events, workshops or classes are held. - It can also be given amongst volunteers and employees - You should carry brochures whenever you meet a client so that you can leave behind after the meeting, thus spreading information about your company.

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Brochure designing its purpose, importance and how it should be made.  

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