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Meritocracy Meritocracy is an older, more simple form of an economic and social system. In a meritocracy, those who are the “best” or “most efficient” at a task will be assigned to the leader in that role in government. For example, if you are in a small tribe of fisherman, and you are the best at fishing, you would be the leader of fishing in the tribe if the main concept was meritocracy. On the economic side of meritocracy, those who are the leaders and are the considered “best at their job”, they would be paid the most and be at the top of the rank for the company. As those who ascend to high ranking positions get praise and recognition, it creates a doubleedged sword, where those who are rewarded for their knowledge will get paid more and praised, those who didn't get to that position may hold a grudge or worse. Meritocracy also works with very small scale companies and ideas, such as a small-scale government or jobs like construction and education. Most of what Meritocracy is based off of an opinion of someone’s ability to complete a task or have a certain ideology. As so with what was said above, this also creates a “filter” for people and requirements. This could be referred as the “world of strength” ideology, with those not being able to get to a required goal will be left in the dust of the track, on the race of life.

The following is a transcript of an interview with an apparent “best” at being homeless Viewer discretion is advised … An interviewer from a local news station approaches a homeless man, presumably under the influence Interviewer: [to camera] And here we have found the best at being homeless, tell us sir, what is it like? The interviewer holds the microphone to the man Man: [rough translation] Whaggghhhh………...? Waya wunt? Can’t rrr se dat I have been tryn to get home? [burps] Interviewer: How does it feel to be the best in the nation at being homeless? The man partially swipes away the microphone Man: Ohgh honey, I ain’t noo brokkkkkkkkkk…… I gota sum cash here if yah wana to gooo. Aaaaa nevr mind. The man walks away into the alleyway Interviewer: Well there you have it folks, the best person in the nation at being homeless It is to note that the news station was closed for releasing fake news and other broadcasts. It will also be noted that the station was replaced by a better, more efficient news station

In a meritocracy, most of the wealth will flow to the “best” suited position in the system or company in place, this could be the owner or boss of the company. Then they would disperse that money to the best in each field, with excess going to the lesser workers. This process, though highly corrupt, is an effective way to weed out those who can’t make the cut of whatever job that they are in. this also creates negative feedback in a loop. There is always the persuasion of more money in turn of a higher position, or better pay altogether.


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