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Download #3 [UPDATED] PETAGAS WAR MEMORIAL *Please do a short write up to say that Pedal for Peace will start in Kota Kinabalu. The first token wreath laying ceremony will be held at the Petagas War Memorial. Give a brief background on the Petagas War Memorial and its significance. No need to mention about the annual wreath laying ceremony as this is now an issue of contention. The Petagas War Memorial located about 10 minutes off Kota Kinabalu city, was built to pay tribute of the fallen soldiers who have lost their lives during the Japanese occupation in the World War 2. Believed to have been built on the exact same area where the 176 Sabahan guerillas were massacred, the Petagas War Memorial is now a beautiful peaceful landmark for the heroes, surrounded by the heroes’ plaques. This will be our first wreath laying pit stop. Download #11 [NOT UPDATED but this was edited by you already] *Short write-up on Peace Park in Labuan. 11 th March, 2013 Calm and serene, the Peace Park in Labuan was erected by the Japanese after their surrender in 1945 as a kind memento of promise, peace and friendship between Malaysia and Japan and is now part of the nation's landmark of harmony. The monument is curled by a walkway heading towards the memorable stone slab carved with the beautiful message of 'Peace is the best.' This will be the final wreath laying stop for Pedal for Peace 2013. Download #12 [NOT UPDATED] *Short write-up on the beaches of Labuan. Highlight the main tourism activity such as the Water Festival (Labuan International Sea Challenge) where they have the crosschannel swim, game fishing tournament and round island kayaking. Can get information from Labuan Corporation. The Water Festival will be held from 26 – 28 April this year. 13th March, 2013 – Updated but removed Download #13 [UPDATED] *Short write-up on The Chimney in Labuan. 15 th March, 2013 In 1847 – 1912, Labuan was greatly used as a coaling station for ships and coal was then transported by a track to Victoria Port. The Chimney is believed to be a rather interesting Labuan landmark, as the function of the Chimney during its time still remain a complete mystery up till today. Some have believed that it was a lighthouse, others proclaimed it was a ventilation shaft though findings have found that there were no traces of smoke, while others believed that it was a nothing more than a leftover of an unfinished mansion. Mysterious, yet so powerfully intriguing in its own ways; the Chimney has been around for decades and is deemed as one of Labuan’s must see landmark for visitors and locals alike.

Download #14 [NOT UPDATED] *Short write-up on the museums in Labuan – Labuan Museum and Marine Museum. 17th March, 2013 As we draw closer to the event, let us get acquainted with our main destination, Labuan and its unique landmarks. Known for being an educational destination, Labuan is cornered with Labuan Museum and Marine Museum. Labuan Museum showcases the unique timeline of Labuan’s history covering pre-historic areas during the Brunei Sultanate, British Colonial days, World War II and eventually the establishment of the Labuan Corporation. Download #15 [NOT UPDATED] *Short write-up on Duty Free shopping in Labuan. 19 th March, 2013 One well-known takeout after you’ve visited the beautiful Labuan is that it has... duty free shopping! From perfumes, to chocolates to crafty souvenirs, indulge in the duty free shopping haven that is Labuan and bring back numerous of souvenirs for your friends and families. Download #16 [NOT UPDATED] *Short write up on diving in Labuan. 21st March, 2013 If you’re looking out on interesting places to dive, Labuan is definitely the place to be. Besides the prolific marine life under the waters off the coast of the Labuan island, Labuan island is well known for its’ “wreck diving” for the history enthusiast. Explorers will get to delve into cement wrecks, blue water wrecks and and other World War II remains. Download #17 [NOT UPDATED] *Short write-up on Labuan Walk. 23rd March, 2013

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