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Ok, you’re settled in your coach seat; congratulations now sit there and wait. In

first class, the flight attendant will be serving you orange juice, mimosa, or Champagne, whichever you prefer or all if you prefer.

Given By Christine Krzyszton

the fact t h a t m o s t people who travel in first class airline seats, don’t actually pay for first class leaves hope for all of us that we too can experience it sometime in our lives. What’s the big deal between a first class plane ride and flying coach? Only a million wonderful things I’m telling you, but please let me elaborate. When you board the plane in coach you navigate, wait for hoards of lost wandering souls to find their seats, struggle to fit your bag under the seat in front of you and stuff your coat in the bin above. In first class there is no mindless wandering; everyone knows exactly where they’re sitting and what’s in store for them. The flight attendant gently takes your coat and hangs it up for you. You have so much leg room that you have to walk with your bag to place it under the seat in front of you.

In coach you will not be wakened until it’s time to clean the plane and you may be asked to help.



So, you’re settled in your coach seat. Congratulations, now sit there and wait. In first class, the flight attendant will be serving you orange juice or Champagne, whichever you prefer- or a mimosa for the best of both worlds. Doesn’t appeal to you? Ask for something else to drink, anything is possible in the front of the plane. In the back, you’ll be lucky to get peanut crumbs. That little serving of wine, it’ll cost you around a few bucks, and you won’t be served until you’re in the air. Back in first class it’s time for warm nuts! All you can eat warm nuts- not peanuts mind you- cashews, pecans, hazelnuts and other nuts with exotic names. These will be brought to you following the hot steamy wet hand towel you’ll use to clean your anxious, warm-nut-eating fingers. You’ll also want to have clean hands to throw on your slippers, eye mask, and facial moisturizing spray provided along with other “essential” items in your velvet lined seat pocket travel kit. Don’t get settled too fast however as there are important decisions to make. You’re going to be handed something called a menu. You may have seen these in restaurants but you won’t see them in the back of the plane. The first class menu will include appetizers such as shrimp cocktail or sushi, gourmet soups, salads, and entrees such as pepper-seared Atlantic salmon, choice beef tenderloin, pan-fried mountain stream trout, or Mediterranean seafood medley. In coach you might get a tin of mini bird pieces in brown sauce or macaroni of the day. Dinner in first class will be followed by

the cheese/dessert course and you’ll soon be seeing the custom sundae and cheese cart appearing in the first class aisle. You may even want to select a nice after dinner liqueur with that dessert, there are several to choose from. In coach, your dessert may consist of either the popular whipped imitation flavored watermelon pink Jell-O fluff surprise or perhaps the pre-packaged and naturally hardened chocolate chip cookie. Dining is done and it’s time to check out the entertainment. If you’re in coach and you don’t want to strain to watch another Harry Potter movie over the tall hairy-headed guy in front of you, this may be a good time to take a nap. In first class, you have your choice of forty films shown on-demand on your personal video display. Feet up, burp a little from that last Grand Marnier, and you’re set for your movie marathon. If you fall asleep not to worry, you will be nudged gently when it’s time to land and return your recliner to its upright position. Now you know what’s going on behind that little curtain you want your own share of all-you-can-eat warm nuts, don’t you? Oh yes! But you don’t want to pay thousands to get it? Well, that’s a whole other article... coming soon.

NM3 Magazine September 2010  

September 2010, designed by Godwin Jabangwe

NM3 Magazine September 2010  

September 2010, designed by Godwin Jabangwe