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After three months of photo shoots, planning, judging, and agonizing over the wonderful models we worked with this summer, we have picked a winner. This was no easy task since we started with eight fantastic girls. The next four pages are our four finalists, from which we had to choose only two to compete for this month’s cover.

NM3 Magazine & Summerfrost Photography

The perfect automobile to highlight for our “Style” issue. The 1948 Allard has more curves than a Vegas chorus girl. Roughly 800 of these sexy M-class Allards were produced over a two-year period.

Proggy psychedelic rock from Vancouver. Black Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin meets Velvet Underground, the ghost of Janis Joplin, and even more guitar riffs thrown in.

September’s Hottest

NEW ALBUMS Football fever is upon us, and nowhere in the State of Michigan is the pitch hotter than right here in Traverse City.

Cars WE Like

1948 Allard ‘M’ Class Time for our yearly prediction for the Michigan State Spartans, and the University of Michigan Wolverines 2010 football season.



OUR 2010 MSU


A WORD OR 3 What is style?

Is it something a Madison Avenue marketing guru is trying to sell you? Or is it something deep down inside of each and every one of us? We like to believe each person has their own style when it comes to clothes, cars, art, music, or just your persona. Just take a look at our facebook question this month to see the differences in our reader’s style. This month we explore style just a bit to show you some things we like. That’s not to say we think your style should match ours, we encourage you to be yourself. Congratulations to Jackie Green for winning our first model contest. After three months of hard work, Jackie came out on top of some very tough competition. Jackie wins a prize package worth over $500 and graces the cover of this months Style Issue. Ah yes football is upon us once again. With the beginning of High School, College, and pro football, fall is in the air. This month we preview the three Traverse City High School teams. We will highlight the player of the month for each of TC West, TC Central, and TC Saint Francis in the next few issues. High school football games under the lights are things that memories are made of. We have also laid out our annual predictions for the Michigan State Spartans, and the University of Michigan Wolverines. The NM3 Warehouse Auto Jumble is back on Sunday September 19th. Our annual car show will have something for everyone, and once again we’re bringing it to you our readers for free. Two amazing bands including Traverse City’s Birches, and Detroit’s Twistin Tarantula’s will rock the Warehouse District in a free outdoor concert. Come on out to see over 200 hot rods, customs, racecars, sports cars, muscle cars, trucks, motorcycles, special entertainment and great music in the Warehouse District. Don’t miss our now famous awards; they’re even better this year. See the back inside cover for more information on this great event.

See you on the 19th at the Auto Jumble! -Brett

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What is Style?

By Hannah Burdek Style, in its fashion form, is a physical manifestation of who we are. It’s an expression of our beliefs, our self-esteem and how we perceive our place in the world. Even those who consider themselves detached and aloof to the world of fashion send out a message through fashion everyday. A man who decides to put on faded jeans and a t-shirt before he walks out the door tells the world, “I am a simple man - a man who seeks comfort and appreciates efficiency.” A woman who puts on a cashmere sweater and pearls in the morning says, “I have a taste for luxury, I am classy, and I honor tradition.” Regardless of the amount of thought one puts into what they wear, he or she is always saying something about themselves. Style is not reserved for people who we consider the “fashion elite” since these individuals are merely people who have elevated getting dressed to a form of art. When we admire the style of another person, we are admiring the way they represent themselves and what they are projecting. Your style is your message. Do not be afraid of it, do not ignore it, be aware of it, and acknowledge its power to communicate. When you open your closet doors, listen. What are your clothes saying about you? Do you like what you hear? If so, you’ve found your style. If the answers you are getting are less than satisfying, perhaps it’s time to update your message. A change in your appearance can bring you different opportunities in all aspects of your life. Get excited! Life isn’t about discovering yourself- it’s about the journey of creating yourself. Follow Hanna’s fashion blog at

Off the WALL Here are a few of the replies:

We asked our Facebook fans - What does style mean to you? Does Northern Michigan have its own style?



Jordan Beck Wagner:


“style evolves from being confident in

Ed Roth: “I agree with Jordan; being totally comfortable and in tune with living in this gorgeous, spiritual area we call home, and then wearing what you personally love to wear...” Mathew Dunn: “Levis

and sleeveless shirts, I take alot of my inspiration from Joe dirt.”

Don Shapton: “We

have a subtle confidence that says "I only care a little about what you think, but not enough to sacrifice any part of what is me". I don't live in NYC so don't expect me to think what they are - is happenin. I am cool!”

Paul Stebleton: “Depends

on if you want the down-stater cliché' definition or the reality. If you only come to visit from your cozy suburban Detroit area home for a weekend a year it would be red and black checked plaid, blue jeans and a beard. In reality we're as metropolitan as they are now, with less of an attitude about it.”




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An Eye for Genius

By Emma Kat Richardson


often said that the mark of true genius is the ability to play dumb convincingly. If this assessment is accurate, then Tony Roko is likely one of the most cunning, crafty individuals of our time. Over the phone, he tells me that his wife has to read things to him and explain their meaning, rebuilding them into something comprehensive and pedestrian for his benefit. Seeing as how Roko has successfully carved out a niche for himself as one of the most gifted and wellrespected artists on the contemporary Detroit scene, his lack of personal faith seems a bit suspect. “As a kid, I always dreamed of being an artist,” Roko says. “When I was in first grade, my teacher saw a drawing that I had done of Abraham Lincoln with an image of George Washington on his wall. She seemed beside herself and asked me if I had drawn it myself. I couldn’t believe her excitement. For the rest of that year, she pulled me out of class for an hour each day to draw. I remember wondering if I had tricked her; that she was mistaken about my talent. On some level, I still feel that way.” Washington? Lincoln? Hardly the figureheads of choice for an ignorant buffoon, let alone a first grader. Perhaps his most recognizable work to date is a pop art inspired, funky rendering of Marvin Gaye – an elaborate masterwork which was just recently received with much fanfare as a display at the Motown Historical Museum. Quite a feat for a selfproclaimed imbecile. To really tap into the inner-workings of Roko’s unique brand of genius, we must first consider his lifelong relationship with Detroit and its behemoth auto industry. “Although I’ve lived in the Metro Detroit area my whole life, I’ve always approached the city as more of an observer,” he says. “I would marvel at the architecture and was intrigued by the urban culture. Visually, it was almost too much to take in. As an adult, I rediscovered that

“When I was in first grade, my teacher saw a drawing that I had done of Abraham Lincoln with an image of George Washington on his wall. unexplainable beauty that fascinates me to this day. I find myself trying desperately to capture that aesthetic in my work.” Capture it he did. His inspiration ultimately ended up stemming from a most unusual source of material. “When I was 18, I hired into Ford to work on the assembly line and I hated it. I would take my breaks in a stock rack with a sketch pad and I’d draw. One day, the UAW approached me and asked if I was the kid doing all the drawings. They asked if I’d be interested in working on a mural project to boost morale in the plant; an initiative designed to reach the line workers which meant I’d be painting on the factory walls. I knew that there was no paint in a tube that would hold up to the gritty factory environment, so I guess I started using the automotive paints out of necessity and after 20 years of using these and other industrial enamels, I realized that the bold colors, durability and rapid dry time can’t be matched by any other paint.” Indeed, the sprawling influence of the Motor City can be found in Roko’s blood as well as his art. Roko’s solo art show will be on display at the InsideOut Gallery on September 17, brings a Detroit narrative to a Traverse City audience. NM3 MAGAZINE ■ SEPTEMBER 2010


Ok, you’re settled in your coach seat; congratulations now sit there and wait. In

first class, the flight attendant will be serving you orange juice, mimosa, or Champagne, whichever you prefer or all if you prefer.

Given By Christine Krzyszton

the fact t h a t m o s t people who travel in first class airline seats, don’t actually pay for first class leaves hope for all of us that we too can experience it sometime in our lives. What’s the big deal between a first class plane ride and flying coach? Only a million wonderful things I’m telling you, but please let me elaborate. When you board the plane in coach you navigate, wait for hoards of lost wandering souls to find their seats, struggle to fit your bag under the seat in front of you and stuff your coat in the bin above. In first class there is no mindless wandering; everyone knows exactly where they’re sitting and what’s in store for them. The flight attendant gently takes your coat and hangs it up for you. You have so much leg room that you have to walk with your bag to place it under the seat in front of you.

In coach you will not be wakened until it’s time to clean the plane and you may be asked to help.



So, you’re settled in your coach seat. Congratulations, now sit there and wait. In first class, the flight attendant will be serving you orange juice or Champagne, whichever you prefer- or a mimosa for the best of both worlds. Doesn’t appeal to you? Ask for something else to drink, anything is possible in the front of the plane. In the back, you’ll be lucky to get peanut crumbs. That little serving of wine, it’ll cost you around a few bucks, and you won’t be served until you’re in the air. Back in first class it’s time for warm nuts! All you can eat warm nuts- not peanuts mind you- cashews, pecans, hazelnuts and other nuts with exotic names. These will be brought to you following the hot steamy wet hand towel you’ll use to clean your anxious, warm-nut-eating fingers. You’ll also want to have clean hands to throw on your slippers, eye mask, and facial moisturizing spray provided along with other “essential” items in your velvet lined seat pocket travel kit. Don’t get settled too fast however as there are important decisions to make. You’re going to be handed something called a menu. You may have seen these in restaurants but you won’t see them in the back of the plane. The first class menu will include appetizers such as shrimp cocktail or sushi, gourmet soups, salads, and entrees such as pepper-seared Atlantic salmon, choice beef tenderloin, pan-fried mountain stream trout, or Mediterranean seafood medley. In coach you might get a tin of mini bird pieces in brown sauce or macaroni of the day. Dinner in first class will be followed by

the cheese/dessert course and you’ll soon be seeing the custom sundae and cheese cart appearing in the first class aisle. You may even want to select a nice after dinner liqueur with that dessert, there are several to choose from. In coach, your dessert may consist of either the popular whipped imitation flavored watermelon pink Jell-O fluff surprise or perhaps the pre-packaged and naturally hardened chocolate chip cookie. Dining is done and it’s time to check out the entertainment. If you’re in coach and you don’t want to strain to watch another Harry Potter movie over the tall hairy-headed guy in front of you, this may be a good time to take a nap. In first class, you have your choice of forty films shown on-demand on your personal video display. Feet up, burp a little from that last Grand Marnier, and you’re set for your movie marathon. If you fall asleep not to worry, you will be nudged gently when it’s time to land and return your recliner to its upright position. Now you know what’s going on behind that little curtain you want your own share of all-you-can-eat warm nuts, don’t you? Oh yes! But you don’t want to pay thousands to get it? Well, that’s a whole other article... coming soon.

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NM3 Magazine & Summerfrost Photography

Model Contest 2010


three months of photo shoots, planning, judging, and agonizing over the wonderful models we worked with this summer, we have picked a winner. This was no easy task since we started with eight fantastic girls. The next four pages are our four finalists, from which we had to choose only two to compete for this month’s cover. The top four were Bethany Heinrich, Ashley Olson, Jackie Green, and Kristen Sweijkowski. It was very difficult to pick our two for the cover shoot. As you can see from the pictures, Kristen Sweijkowski and Jackie Green made the cut. It was even harder to select an ultimate winner, both women really turned it on at the final cover shoot. In the end, we selected Jackie Green as our winner for 2010. Jackie was consistently good in all her photo shoots and went above and beyond in promoting NM3 Magazine, Summerfrost Photography, and the contest. Her cover shot was spot on, as you can see on this month’s cover. We wish to thank all the great people who helped us with our first model contest. First and foremost, thanks to our great photographer Courtney McCatty from Summerfrost Photography. We would also like to acknowledge the following businesses: Nauti-Cat Cruises, Bowers Harbor Vineyards, The Village of Grand Traverse Commons, Made in Detroit clothing, Beachnut Surf Shop, Salon Verve, Ella’s, and Epiphany Salon. Without all of you this would not have been possible. We look forward to next year’s contest. If you know anyone who is interested, send us an email to



Model: Jackie Green Clothing: Ella’s Fashions Hair & Makeup: Jodie Marie at Salon Verve Photographer: Courtney McCatty - Aircraft owner: Robin Williams



Model: Bethany Heinrich Clothing: Ella’s Fashions Hair & Makeup: Jodie Marie at Salon Verve Photographer: Courtney McCatty - Aircraft owner: Robin Williams



Model: Ashley Olson Clothing: Ella’s Fashions Hair & Makeup: Jodie Marie at Salon Verve Photographer: Courtney McCatty - Aircraft owner: Robin Williams



Model: Ashley Olson Clothing: Ella’s Fashions Hair & Makeup: Jodie Marie at Salon Verve Photographer: Courtney McCatty - Aircraft owner: Robin Williams

Artisan Design Network

Fordite – the Detroit Agate



an ever growing artisan base in Northern Michigan it was only a mater of time before individual artists would be looking for space to show their works. The cost of opening an individual gallery is prohibitive for most artists. The Artisan Design Network was created as a sort of artistic co-op for multiple artists to show their works. Rick Paid, a local fine woods merchant, discovered the availability of an historical, large retail showroom in downtown Traverse City. He began to contact local craftspeople he knew to explore the possibility that several of them might collectively share the rental of the space to display their wares. After a few exploratory meetings, tours of the space, and meetings with property owners, a Board of Directors was formed to devise an investment and membership plan. The space was leased and the group built a solid membership foundation of fine artists and craftspeople. They formed working groups and quickly renovated the gallery into a chic space. The Design Network opened to the public March 2010 at 118 E. Front Street, downtown Traverse City.

The gallery is filled with incredible pieces of work ranging from the metal sculptures of Bob Purvis and T.J. Carrol, the wonderful wood working of Bruce Carpenter, industrial furnishings of Fred Rehak, work by Tom Lopinski of Architectural Elements, and the eclectic works of Rufus Snoddy. The unique nature of the Artisan Design Network guarantees a myriad of artistic styles with over forty different artists as members. The members’ works are reviewed by a jury of their peers for placement in the gallery. Additionally, many members are available for custom commission work. They encourage direct contact between the potential buyers and their members, whether you have questions regarding the work or would like to discuss a custom commission piece. This makes the gallery truly unique. Be sure to check out Artisan Design Network- often. You never know what you might miss. 18


one of the most interesting “gems” on the market today is Fordite. It has a very limited quantity and is selling like hot cakes. No, it’s not mined from the earth, it was taken in its raw form from the spray booths at the Ford River Rouge plant in the 1970s. “Detroit Agate”, as it is sometimes called, is a unique automotive enamel material with an interesting history. The original layered automotive paint slag was made years ago by the now extinct practice of hand spray-painting production cars in big automotive factories. The over sprayed paint in the painting bays gradually built up on the equipment that the cars were painted on. Over time, many colorful layers built up. These layers were hardened repeatedly in the ovens as the car body’s paint was bakes on. Some of these deeper layers may have been baked over a hundred times. Eventually, the paint build-up would become an obstruction and had to be removed.

The Fordite “mines” are dry, so get some while you still can! This is where some workers with an eye for beauty realized that this unique byproduct was worth salvaging. It was supercured, patterned like psychedelic agate, and could be cut and polished with relative ease. The techniques that produced this great “Agate” are no longer in practice. Cars are now painted by way of an electrostatic process that essentially magnetizes the enamels to the car bodies. This leaves little or no over-spray. The old factory methods that created this incredible material are long gone. Local artist James Blanchard works with Fordite to create some of the most interesting jewelry you’ll ever lay eyes on. Gallery 50, in the Grand Traverse Village Commons, has an exclusive arrangement with James Blanchard for his work with the “gem”. James will be showcasing his Fordite at the NM3’s Warehouse Auto Jumble on September 19th in the Warehouse District. What a great place to reunite this interesting “gem” with its roots in classic American automobiles. The Fordite “mines” are dry, so get some while you still can!

time to discover

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Time for our yearly prediction for the Michigan State Spartans, and the University of Michigan Wolverines 2010 football season. By Brett Gourdie


will probably not compete for the Big Ten title this year since Iowa and Ohio State are the preseason favorites. We do think they have a good chance to compete for 3rd or 4th place by going neck and neck with Penn State. MSU’s defense is as good as it gets with arguably the best linebacker core anchored by All American Greg Jones and All Big Ten Eric Gordon (product of the Traverse City West). It’s the offense that has to pick up the slack this year. First look at the Spartan’s schedule suggests we could pick them to go 10-2, but it won’t happen. They will go 8-4 in 2010. They will loose to Northwestern (even though they shouldn’t) and to either Wisconsin or Iowa by a very close margin- it will be a game they need to win to get to the next level. This year they are once again fortunate not to play Ohio State, which will help. The Spartans are gaining lots of national attention for their recruits, lets see how it works out for them this year.

MICHIGAN STATE 8 9/4 Western Michigan W 9/11 Florida Atlantic W 9/18 Notre Dame W 9/25 Northern Colorado W 10/02 Wisconsin L 10/09 @ Michigan W 10/16 Illinois W 10/23 @ Northwestern L 10/30 @ Iowa L 11/06 Minnesota W 11/20 Purdue W 11/27 @ Penn State L




The Wolverines, are making strides despite the off field distractions of NCAA investigations. Their offense should be fun to watch and score lots of points, but the defense will give up just as many. Michigan will jump out to a 4-1 start, but will finish with a 6-6 season. Michigan will make it to a small Bowl game which probably will not be enough to save the Rich Rodriguez. The only saving grace for RichRod will be if he can get a win against Iowa, Ohio State, or maybe MSU. We just don’t see that happening though. Will Michigan be looking for a new coach in 2011? We think so.

Let us know what you think about our predictions – email me at



9/04 Connecticut W 9/11 @ Notre Dame L 9/18 Massachusetts W 9/25 Bowling Green W 10/2 @ Indiana W 10/9 Michigan State L 10/16 Iowa L 10/30 @ Penn State L 11/6 Illinois W 11/13 @ Purdue W 11/20 Wisconsin L 11/27 @ Ohio State L

Mike and Mike in the morning 6 AM - 10 AM The Herd with Colin Cowherd 10 AM - 1 PM The Todd Van Pelt Show 1 PM - 4 PM The Doug Gottleib Show 4 PM - 7 PM Football Tonight 7 PM - 8 PM The Brian Kenny Show 8 PM - Midnight

1310 ESPN Radio let's you follow the game MLB including the World series NBA including NBA Finals College Football Game of the Week BCS College Bowl Games AND THE GAMES OF YOUR FAVORITE LOCAL TEAMS. Keep up with the local sports scene with Sports Center Local - Monday through Friday at 10 after the hour, all morning long.

You Know Us. We Know Sports!

HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FEVER By Brett Gourdie Football fever is upon us, and nowhere in the State of Michigan is the pitch hotter than right here in  Traverse City. With the new sports turf installed at Thirlby Field, thanks to the Olsen Family all three  Traverse City teams will be playing in style. No more mud bowls at the end of the year, the field is now the  best football high school facility north of Grand Rapids if not in the State.

Traverse City West is coming off their first losing season in 2009 with a team loaded with talent and experience for 2010. The Titans have good leadership with many returning seniors including Tight End Jake Fisher the number seven-ranked payer in the State of Michigan according to the Detroit Free Press. Fisher has committed to the University of Michigan football program for 2011. Other key returning players include QB Brett Kenny, LB Morgan Tolle, and FB Cody Scheuerman. Coach Wooer has his team ready for a winning season in 2010.

TC WEST 8/27 9/2 9/10 9/17 9/24 10/1 10/8 10/15 10/22

Grand Haven Grandville Essex Cadillac Gaylord (W) Dearborn (L) @ Petoskey (W) @ Alpena (W) @ TC Central (W)

Coach Tom Passinault is looking to move his Traverse City Central Trojans back to the glory of past Trojan teams. His system is being run by QB Mack Sovereign who is coming off a 1116 yard passing season in a run happy Big North Conference. Sovereign looks to put up big numbers this year throwing to receiver Jack Stevens who can run like a gazzel with speed and purpose. Key defensive players for the Trojans include Sheldon Berry and Dylan Roe.

TC CENTRAL 8/27 9/2 9/10 9/17 9/24 10/1 10/8 10/15 10/22

Forrest Hills Central @ Grand Haven Alpena Petoskey @ Ogemaw @ Gaylord @ Cadillac @ Fowlerville TC West




What can we say about the powerhouse that is TC Saint Francis that has not already been said? They are disciplined, well coached, and know how to win coming off their second State Championship in as many years. After having a phenomenal senior class in 2009, new players will need to step it up. We expect coach Greg Vaughn will have them ready, even though their all-state fullback Joey Kerridge suffered a season ending injury in the pre-season. The Gladiators will be looking for a new conference in 2012, having been removed by the Lake Michigan Conference in a vote of the other teams. SF typically plows thru its opponents “so if you can’t beat ‘em, throw ‘em out” seems to be the consensus. Could Saint Francis join the Big North Conference with the two other Traverse City teams? Wouldn’t that make for some interesting rivalries?

TC ST. FRANCIS 8/27 9/3 9/11 9/17 9/25 10/1 10/8 10/16 10/22

@ GR Catholic Central Saginaw Nouvel Elk Rapids @ East Jordan Charlevoix Boyne City @ Kalkaska Harbor Springs @ Grayling

In town condo Living....

HIp StraIn

eiv r . On the Lake...

Next to the Golf course...


R e th

Is a hip strain sending your child to the sidelines? Consult Creekside Sports Medicine Institute to help treat your soccer player so they can get back in the game. Our goal is to help active people of all ages heal successfully. We want you to enjoy the activities you love most. For more information call our Traverse City office at (231) 935-0788. Ask about our sports nutrition services.

& all are walking or biking distance to Down Town. Barb Cooper 231-218-0303 |

Jennifer Lyon, DO

Sarah Bancroft, MD

Don’t Forget the Fascia

By Dr. Jennifer Lyon are two outs, a runner on third, and you’re up to bat. Your bat swings at the perfect velocity and smacks head on with a well placed pitch. All you have to do is make it to first base.


You imagine yourself already there but with your first step you experience a tight cramp in your leg and then feel a pop at your Achilles. Quickly, you realize you are not going anywhere! This is the classic story for a tendon injury. I have heard this again and again from all types of athletes. A strain can be a seasonender and it can also become a chronic aliment that limits your activity level for seasons to come! So, how can you prevent this injury and how can you help the healing process if you experience a strain? Let’s start with getting educated on the diagnosis. What is the difference between a strain and a sprain? A sprain is an injury to a ligament (which connects bone to bone). The most common sprain is an ankle sprain. A strain is an injury to a tendon (which connects muscle to bone) or an injury to the actual muscle fibers. The most common strains are to the Hamstring and Achilles tendons. Strains typically occur when the athlete attempts to make a quick acceleration or deceleration, stretching the tendon fibers beyond their limit. There are three grades of strains. A Grade 1 strain is diagnosed when a few tendon fibers have been damaged. Many times these athletes have mild stiffness and soreness but have normal range of motion of 24


the injured area. Within two-three weeks they are back to full activity and often never are seen by a physician. Grade 1 strains typically do not result in chronic symptoms. A Grade 2 strain has more extensive damage to the muscle and tendon fibers but is still not a complete tear. This injury is more likely to lead to bruising and swelling. The athlete will have their range of motion affected and usually the healing time is closer to three-six weeks. A Grade 3 strain is a complete muscle or tendon tear. This injury causes pain at rest and large restrictions in range of motion with a large amount of swelling and bruising. Often, this requires surgical repair for healing. We’ll focus on the Grade 1 and 2 strains and provide helpful tips on how to rehabilitate these injuries in order to avoid the chronic symptoms which prevents athletes from returning to their sport. Hamstring strains are a great example. When the hamstring symptoms become chronic the athlete typically has no pain at rest but is unable to exercise due to their symptoms returning with activity. Typically the muscle and tendon injuries are addressed with rehabilitation however the fascia is not. What is fascia? I describe it as “saran wrap” that covers all of our muscles from head to toe. The fascia becomes restricted (scars) and does not allow the muscle and tendon to move as they should, which causes chronic irritation. So the key to recovery is to rehabilitate the facia. Treatment is usually the RICE pnemonic: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. I do recommended that this is where the treatment of strains should start however once the bruising, swelling, and range of motion have improved I believe the most important treatment you can do is to address the fascia. Well, how do you do that? Two words: foam roller. These are similar in make-up to a water noodle but stronger and larger in diameter. The athlete rolls the affected area over the foam roller to release the fascia. Another way to address the fascia is to see an Osteopathic physician or an expert in myofascial release. These professionals will use their hands to release the fascial restrictions. Now, I know this “fascia” stuff seems a bit foreign. Believe me, when these strains become chronic, athletes become very frustrated with their pain, the length of time it takes to recover, and the lack of improvement even with rest and physical therapy. Most of us would prefer to prevent ever experiencing this injury. There are no clear scientific answers on how to prevent strains. We believe the best prevention is by attempting to achieve “body balance”. Body balance is a balance between strength and flexibility. So, stretch and strengthen those hamstrings and quadriceps. Know your body. Do you have weak hamstrings? Tight hamstrings? Overtly strong quadriceps compared to your hamstrings? These are all things to monitor and attempt to modify. Beware of overtraining, this leads to muscle fatigue which almost always ends in injury. To recap: Attempt to balance your flexibility and your strength. If you still develop a strain start with the RICE treatment immediately. Seek medical attention to help with grading the injury and to discuss timing of progression back to activity. Don’t forget to address the fascia! The goal is to keep your body in motion so you can enjoy an active healthy life! Dr. Lyon is a Sports Medicine Physician at Creekside Sports Medicine Institute in Traverse City, and formerly a Sports Team Physician for Michigan State University.

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our guide to what’s happening in northern MI. Post Industrial Detroit The Art of Tony ROKO – InsideOut Gallery Special Musical Guests - My Pal Val September 17th – 6pm to 11pm The work of Detroit industrial artist Tony ROKO will fill the walls of the InsideOut  Gallery with an opening party sponsored by NM3 Magazine and InsideOut  Gallery. To accompany his exhibit, My Pal Val will be performing a free concert  later in the evening. More info on Tony ROKO can be found in a feature article in  this issue. My Pal Val, a Detroit-based trio, is Elise McCoy (guitar and vocals), John  Missig (bass and vocals), and Valerie Klaft (drums). With a fresh take on the  alternative/experimental styles of 90's groups like Sonic Youth, the Pixies, and  Pavement, My Pal Val incorporates riffs reminiscent of the bass-driven funk of  the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Stylistically, this band spans many facets of the  musical world. They’re currently wrapping up production of their debut album,  The Orange Upstairs.        The art exhibit and the concert will be brought to you free of charge so  mark September 17th on your calender! The doors will open up to the public at  6pm to preview ROKO s amazing works with the music starting at around 9pm.  Space is limited to only 300, you will want to be in line early! 

Jason Mraz - Interlochen Thursday, September 30th - 7:30pm Jason Mraz’s recent studio album, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.  has become a worldwide sensation, receiving multiple platinum  certifications. In 2010, Mraz took home two major Grammy Awards for the  songs “Make It Mine” (Best Pop Vocal Performance) and “Lucky” (Best  Pop Collaboration with Vocals- with Colbie Caillat) along with three  additional Grammy nominations in 2009. Mraz’s song, “I’m Yours”, holds  the record as the longest-running song in the history of the Billboard Hot  100,  is the first song ever to top the charts at four different pop radio  formats, and was the 2010 ASCAP Song Of The Year.          You will want to catch this show so you can say you “saw him when”  as his career continues to soar. See for more  information on this hot ticket.

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Most ANTICIPATED Albums of September Frankie Rose and the Outs – Frankie Rose and the Outs (Slumberland Records) Another good contribution to the current lo-fi revival, this band is led by Frankie Rose (ex-Vivian Girls, ex-Dum Dum Girls) and features  three other ladies playing a perfect mixture of girl-group pop and  garage rock. A little dreamier and darker than Rose’s previous bands.

Torche - Songs For Singles (HydraHead Records) Miami trio Torche plays bittersweet, sludgy stoner metal. This twenty  minute, eight track album isn’t as dark and doomy as a lot of music  played by similar artists. Torche have infected their dirty drones with a  pop sensibility and vocal harmonies that lead to a celebratory sound as  opposed to a doleful one.

September 14 Black Mountain – Wilderness Heart (Jagjaguwar Records) Proggy psychedelic rock from Vancouver. Black  Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin meets Velvet  Underground, the ghost of Janis Joplin, and even  more guitar riffs thrown in. Contender for Best  Album Art of 2010. Mere words do this album no  justice.

Terror – Keepers of the Faith (Reaper Records) At this point, most fans of heavy music have at  least heard the name Terror. Since their 2002  inception they have been touring the world with  an ever changing roster that's included members  of Hatebreed, Blacklisted, Donnybrook, Carry  On, Down To Nothing, Integrity and No Warning.  While never straying too far from their patented  metallic-hardcore sound (hence the title), recent releases feature a more developed and  expanded arsenal that is sure to appeal to an  even wider audience than before. If you're still  wondering what this band is about, better to let  some of vocalist Scott Vogel's legendary onstage  banter do the talking: "Alright, let's take this to  the next level! More stagedives! World  domination!!"

Other 14th releases: Of Montreal False Priest, Blonde Redhead Penny Sparkle, Grinderman Grinderman 2, Les Savy Fav Root For Ruin

Other 21st releases: The Hundred in the Hands The Hundred in the HandsSelf, Howto Dress Well Love Remains, Nobunny Ono

Breathe Owl Breathe – Magic Central (Hometapes Records) Breathe Owl Breathe needs no introduction in Northern Michigan. It’s  weird to get a promo CD and one-sheet write up for a band whose  members shop in your store. However, did you know that Andrea was  born in Columbia and Micah didn’t speak until he was four? I didn’t  either- until I read their one-sheet. It’s awesome to see these guys get  some national recognition, although it was inevitable – this kind of  talent can’t stay confined to the Michigan woods forever. This record  sounds phenomenal, with special attention paid to Andrea’s gentle  voice and cello playing. It has a fuller sound than previous efforts with  the auxiliary instrumentation really standing out. This nature  appreciating album is perfect for listening to as the summer turns to  chilly autumn.

F’ed Up – Year of the Ox 12” (Merge Records) The fourth 12” installment in F’ed Up’s Chinese Zodiac series and  about  their 60th release in total. The A-side song features a guest  appearance from Nika Rosa Danilova of Zola Jesus as well as a  Toronto string ensemble. Always pushing the boundaries of what  punk and hardcore music can mean, the B-side features a five-minute  long saxophone solo and is apparently a tribute to vampires and  Twilight.

Other 28th releases: No Age Everything in Between, Bad Religion The Dissent of Man, Abe Vigoda Crush For more upcoming releases, check Sound it Out Records is located on Union Street between 7th and 8th Street.



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perfect automobile to highlight for our “Style” issue. The 1948 Allard has more curves than a Vegas chorus girl. Roughly 800 of these sexy M-class Allards were produced over a two-year period. The current owners were attending the Monterey Historic auto auction when they spotted the rare car in the auction lot. When bidding was said and done, it was theirs. They later learned its unique history; it is one of only three coupes ever built. Powered with the famous Ford flathead V-8 and Ford drive train, the car has a metal-over-wood body and is a right-hand drive. Allard built trucks in England during WWII and had acquired a huge stockpile of Ford parts, thus the Ford engine and drive train. Allard generally featured a large American V8 engine in a small, light British sports car body, giving a high power-to-weight ratio. Carroll Shelby drove an Allard in the 1950s before his AC Cobra creations ever were conceived. The Allard Motor Company was founded in 1936 by Sydney Allard. The company was based in Putney, London until 1945 and then in Clapham, London, produced small quantities of quality cars until its closure in 1966.



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NM3 Magazine September 2010  

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