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Talk, talk, talk. We talk to buy things, we talk to make decisions, we talk to resolve issues. Could you go a day without talking? Or even a day without saying a word?Its almost impossible. It is said that the average person speaks approximately 16,000 words per day. Many upsets throughout life are linked to the hurtful words of others. And yet our fondest memories are often attached to the kind words of others through compliments, encouragements or jokes. Talking is powerful. But how much do we really direct our speech to God? Does He listen? Here are the answers:

Prayer is communication with God. True prayer comes from the heart. When it is sincere, coming from a person who does desire to speak to God, you can be sure it is heard. God communicates back; it is worth just waiting and meditating on what he would or could reply to you. For further support, turn to His word, the Holy bible. Talk to God, about everything. He loves to be involved with your life. He has wisdom, guidance and friendship to share with you. He also has joy, laughter, encouragements, and spiritual revelations to share with you. He is always listening. You can talk to Him right now.

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