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GOD SPEAKS Gloria Dharmapalan

GOD SPEAKS - VOL II Designed by Kingston Abraham © Beracah All rights reserved © Cover Design , by Kingston Abraham © Paper Back Design, by Kingston Abraham Distributed under license Creative Commons First Edition, April 2016

God Speaks - VOL II God Speaks are messages given by God to Gloria Dharmapalan, My mother, from 1990 to 2001. As commissioned by the Lord Jesus these messagesgiven during prayer are, for all to read and be blessed. They are a source ofencouragement. They open our eyes to many truths and deep meanings of the Word of God. On March 22nd , 1990 the Lord said, “Little by little you are learning things from Me. Because your understanding is small, I speak to you of simple things. Because like Mary you sit at My feet to hear Me speaking, I speak to you, My children. As I teach you, you must teach these things to others. Speak to them about the things I teach you. It is not only for yourselves I tell these things. It is so that others may also hear them from you and benefit from it. I will teach more things in the days to come. You will receive My blessings when you do it.� These messages are in simple spoken English so that anyone who reads them can understand them.Those who read these messages are sure to hear His voice saying, I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.(Jeremiah33:3) Read on and be blessed.

Praise the Lord.





1. END TIME “Let not your heart be troubled.(John14:1) Believe in God. I am the Lord of the whole universe. There will be wars and rumours of wars; but the end is not yet.(Matthew24:6) There are still some signs that have to follow and after that the end wil come. But the end is very near. Let My people be prepared, because the end is at the very doors. Let the children of God be prepared to meet Me even if I were to come now. There are still souls to be saved. There is still some work to be done. Study the Word of God carefully. I have a message in Revelation eleventh chapter. If you cannot understand pray that you may understand it. Those who read the Word of God must read it prayerfully. Otherwise satan will put his thoughts into their minds and his understandings of the Word to deceive the people. Some people have been deceived like this, thinking that their interpretation of the scripture comes from Me, but it really comes from satan. Those who are filled with the Holy Spirit will not be deceived easily. Some preachers also are deceived like this. They preach their own interpretations which did not come from Me. In these last days there are many preachers who are really wolves in sheep’s clothing. Do not be deceived by such preachers. John the Baptist was a man sent from God. Preachers who have been chosen by Me, filled with My Spirit – they will preach the Kingdom of God.All scripture is given by the inspiration of God,(II Timothy3:16) and all preaching must be based on the scriptures. The evangelist and the others who work for Me must give out the Word of God to save the souls, to be filled with the Holy Spirit and they in turn must


bring in other souls till the end of the world and to those who do this I have said – Let not your heart be troubled; neither be ye afraid of the happenings in the world. Ye believe in God. Believe also in Me and wait for the kingdom of God.�


2. WRATH OF GOD “The wickedness in the world is getting more and more. It is worse than it was in the days of Noah. It is stirring up My anger, even as the people of old made Me angry. The people in the garden of Eden disobeyed Me and made Me angry. Even before them Lucifer and his angels rose up against Me and I had to throw them out of heaven. He was a beloved angel who had an important place in heaven.(Ezekiel 28:14-16) But he turned against Me. He wanted to be equal with Me and today he is still working against Me and is the cause of all the evil in the world. The first parents who fell into sin were driven out of the garden and were cursed. The people in Noah’s days made Me angry with their sins and except for Noah who was faithful to Me, I destroyed all the people in the flood. But I still love the world which I had created and the people in it, because there were some who always loved Me and were faithful to Me, while others listen to satan and his followers. I chose the Israelites as My people because of Abraham. I brought them out of Egypt and saved them miraculously. But many turned against Me and went after other Gods. Many times I punished them and tried to correct them. I set up judges, kings and prophets to rule over them and advise them. But there were always some who made Me angry with their wicked ways. At last I came to the world to bear the sins of the world by giving My life for them, and rising up again and sending the Holy Spirit into the world so that those who believe in Me may be saved. This was the Master plan to save mankind from satan. It was the best chance for people to be saved. Only by believing in Me, today numberless people – believers – are being


saved. But there are others whoare becoming more and more wicked under the influence of satan. Those who have believed in Me will receive their reward in My kingdom. My wrath is against those who are following satan and his devils, and at the end of the world they will receive eternal punishment if they do not repent and accept the salvation offered to them. I came as the Saviour of the world and I am the Saviour of the world. But I will come again as the Judge of the world.�


3. TEMPTATIONS “Temptations do not come from the Lord.(James1:13) It is the evil one which brings the temptations to man. He is the author of temptation. It was satan who tempted the woman in the Garden of Eden. No man can say I am tempted of God.(James1:13) Satan works through the wicked people - who listen to him - to create temptations (evil deeds of evil attractions, of sinful pleasures to tempt people.) For every temptation I make a way to escape, so that the good people mayavail of that way and escape. Those who are weak in their faith fall into temptations. But those who are strong in their faith resist the evil temptations and escape. When I was in the world satan came to tempt Me and I used the words of the Holy Book and resisted and drove him away.(Matthew4:1-11) Even so I say to you – Resist the devil and he will flee from you.(James4:7) I have shown the way how to resist the devil and those who follow this way will not fall into temptation. Rebuke the devil in My name and he will flee from you. People who fall into temptations give all kinds of excuses. Sometimes even the children of God fall into temptations. Those who overcome the temptations of the world will be blessed with a place in My kingdom.”


4. SLEEP “He that keepeth Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps.(Psalm121:4) Sleep was given to man so that he may rest in the night after the hard labour of the day. A peaceful night’s sleep is neccasary for the well-being of the body. Sleep comes naturally to those who are healthy; to those who have a good conscience. Instead of sleeping some people use the night for stealing, to commit murders and other wicked deeds. Except for some nocturnal birds and animals all others settle down in the night. Unlike the day time the quietness of the night is conducive to sleeping. Those who use the night to indulge in debauchery and wicked deeds will lose their health and happiness and their souls will go to hell. There are others- the children of God, the believers- who spend the nights in prayer. The time has come to be watchful and prayerful. Those who keep awake and spend the night in prayer will be refreshed in their spirit. To be healthy in body and mind everyone needs a specific amount of sleep. But those who waste most of their time in sleeping are committing a sin. Spend your wakeful hours in the work that I have given you, and do the ministry also. I say unto you – Watch and pray(Mark14:38) so that you do not enter into temptation. Those who follow this will find that sleep is a blessing to them.”


5. CROSS “The way of the cross leads to My kingdom. All those who love Me - theymust carry their cross and follow Me. Without the cross there is no crown. Rejoice that you have a cross to bear. Again I say - Rejoice. I don’t allow anyone so heavy a cross that he cannot carry it. They who placed the cross on My shoulder – I prayed for them. Even so I tell you – pray for those who are the cause of the cross that you have to carry, that you have to bear. Some of those who put Me on the cross were saved, but the others who did not repent will receive their punishment at the end of the world. Even so those who trouble you, if they repent they will be saved; but if they do not repent they will receive their punishment at the end of the world. Pray for their salvation. Tell them also, if possible and when possible try to correct them. I will help you to bear the cross. It will not always be on your shoulders. I will lighten the weight of it and oneday it will fall off from your shoulders. With faith and trust in Me bear your cross and follow Me and you will receive your reward and blessing from Me.”


6. SUFFERING “Suffering came into the world on the day that man sinned. Sin and suffering were born on the same day. What a man soweth that he shall reap.(Galatians 6:7) Many people suffer because of their sin. It is the curse of God. There are many kinds of suffering in the world – physical, mental and spiritual sufferings. Those who put their hands into the fire will suffer from burns. Those who break the rules of health – those who indulge in excess of eating and drinking; those who follow the sinful ways of pleasure – they will have physical and mental suffering. But sickness comes to all- the good and the bad. Sometimes satan also gives sickness to the children of God like he did to My servant Job.(Job2:7) Some times I allow the children of God to suffer pain and sickness so that they may understand the suffering of others and pray for them. I am the divine healer and many times I work miraculous cures as in the days of old. People suffer from hunger and thirst. I am the provider and to those who call upon Me I have said in the Word – I will feed them and clothe them. (Matthew6: 25-33) People who have spiritual suffering search for the right way. They search for the true God. Only I can satisfy that spiritual suffering and hunger. Those who hunger and thirst after My righteousness will be filled by Me. Only I can relieve suffering of any kind and those who believe Me and trust Me and have faith in Me will find relief in Me. I have said in My Word – Call upon Me in time of trouble and I will help you.(Psalm 50:15)”


7. WORK “The foxes have holes and the birds have nests; but the Son of Man hath no place to lay His head.(Matthew8:20) Why did I say these words? Though there were many houses where I used to go and rest, where they welcomed Me with open arms, where they fed Me like a king, where they gave Me the best room and the best bed to sleep - yet many times I used to sleep in the wilderness. I used to sleep in the Garden of Gethsamane. I used to take My rest on the boat on the sea. It is because I came from My Father’s house above ,I did not belong to the world and none of those places were places of rest in the true sense of the word. I came to the world to do My Father’s will and not to take rest. There was no time for Me to rest or sleep and only because I had a human body when I became over tired I slept at any time or in any place. There was so much of work for Me to do in the world - to teach the people; to lead them in the path of righteousness; to show them the way to My kingdom; to heal their bodies and souls; to correct them; to resist the evil forces and rebuke them and drive them out of those who were possessed; to solve all the problems; to do the miracles and much more. Where was the time for the Son of Man to lay down His head? Those who follow Me - those who are doing My work, those whom I have chosen even as My disciples whom I left in the world – I call upon you to do the same work. I have said – You will do the works that I did.(John14:12) When I sent the Holy Spirit into the world to fill you with the power, many of My servants are doing this work. It is the duty of every child of God to work fastand do My work besides the secular work which I have given you in the worldand I will be with you till the end.”


8. THOUGHTS OF MAN “When I created man I created him a little below the angels (Psalm8:5) but much above the animals. I gave him a mind and intellect which the animals did not have. He was to use this mind and intellect to serve Me and obey Me and to control the animals and to take care of the world in which I placed him. But the very first people disobeyed Me and sinned. They misused the intellect which I gave them. So only stage by stage I allowed their intellect to develop. Evil thoughts came into the mind of man which created evil desires, as a result of which they committed evil deeds. Many have perished because of this. I know every thought of everyone. Some have kept their thoughts secret till the end of their lives. But I have said – Every secret and every thought and every deed will be revealed on the Judgement Day.(Luke8:17) Some people outwardly appear to be good. But their thoughts are full of wickedness. They do good works for their self-righteousness and pride; but they have no love for others. They pray to Me with their lips but their hearts are far from Me.(Matthew15:8) I have said in My Word – Bring every thought under My control. Think on those things which are pure and holy, honest, lovely and of good report.(Philipians 4:8) What the mind thinks the mouth will speak.(Luke6:45) So that your words may be acceptable to Me, set a watch on your thoughts. Those who really love Me, those who are constantly thinking of Me – their thoughts will be more of the heavenly things than on the things of the world. Those who open their minds and thoughts to Me will hear My voice and do what is pleasing to Me and receive My blessings.”


9. DOORS “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opensthe door to Me I will enter in and sup with them.(Revelations3:20) That housewill be greatly blessed by Me. I will be one of the members of their family. I will listen to their conversation. I will talk with them. I will embrace them. I will eat with them. I will advise them and guide them and bless them abundantly. There are many who open the doors of their house and hearts to Me, who have been blessed by My presence. But I grieve to say, there are also many who call themselves My children and yet when I knock at their doors they refuse to hear My knocking and My voice. Why is this? It is because in their houses there are certain things which they do not want Me to see – abominable literature and pictures and even idols. Their conversation is full of worldliness. The doors of their hearts are also shut to Me because their hearts are full of evil thoughts and unclean thoughts and desires. Satan is often a guest in these houses and hearts. Those who will not open their houses and hearts to Me will find that satan will have easy access into their homes and hearts. Even if the doors of their hearts and homes are closed to Me I patiently keep knocking so that they canhear My knock and My voice calling to them. Some day they may hear and open their doors to Me. When I enter in , the house and the hearts will be cleaned of all the abominable satanic things and evil thoughts will be changed into good clean thoughts. I knock at the door of those who worship other gods also and those whoopen to Me when I enter in, will find that My presence will cause all the idols and evil forces to flee. These people will also open their hearts to Me and be true followers of Me and they will all receive My blessings.�


10. PROMISES OF GOD “Those who stand on the promises of God will never fall down. For whomare these promises? It is for everyone. Every Word in the Book is for everyone. It is for the believers as well as for the unbelievers.Those with faith who stand on the promises will see the results and reap the benefits of it. When I created the earth and the living creatures, My first promise was that I will bless the earth and replenish it. My first promise to the people was that I will fill the earth with mankind.(Genesis1:28) I never break My promises. But because of sin man is not able to benefit and hold on to the promises and claim them.I promised Noah and his family to save them because they were righteous. I promised Abraham who walked with Me to give him the promised land and his generations who would inherit it.(Genesis12:1) This promise was fulfilled because of the faith of Abraham. I promised David that the generation of kings will be born from him.(II Sam uel7:16) Even as I promised Solomon that I will give him wisdom and wealth, I gave him these.(I Kings3:11-14) All these were faithful to Me and were blessed by the promises I made to them. Even so in the Word of God they were blessed because they had faith in the promises I made to them.The faithless are the unrighteous, unbelieving people who want blessings without believing in Me and without faith in Me. But though the promises are there even for them, they are not able to avail of them and be blessed because of their sins. I have promised My children never to leave you or forsake you. (Hebrews 13:5) Though the trials may come in your lives hold fast to Me and My promises in the Word of God and you will be richly blessed.�


11. GIFTS “All good gifts come from above to those who believe.(James1:17) People like to receive gifts from others. Small children look up to the elders to give them gifts. A gift is a precious thing to them. Even a small gift makes themhappy. Friends and relations exchange gifts. They give gifts to others so that they may also receive gifts from them. But some exchange gifts out of love for each other. Rich people out of their riches and self-righteousness do works of charityand give gifts to the poor. At the same time the true believers out of compassion and love for the poor give them gifts. Some of the poor who receive the gifts are grateful. But others receive the gifts with dissatisfaction and murmuring. I know the thoughts and hearts of everyone. I created the earth and handed it over as a gift to mankind to take care of it and all that I created in it.(Genesis1:28) But man did not appreciate the wonderful gift I gave and disobeyed Me. The beautiful earth – My gift to mankind – is being destroyed by man’s sin. Yet because I loved man, My life was given as a gift to save man from his sins. Salvation is the most precious and incomparable gift given to man from God himself.(Epesians2:8) Those who accept it with love and gratitude and humility will receive even greater rewards in heaven. But those who reject this gift and spurn it will be punished in the end. Those who receive the gift of salvation will be blessed if they are faithfuland according to their faith and desires will also receive other spiritual gifts Gifts of the Holy Spirit(I Corinthians12:8-10) – to do My will and bring souls to Me and I will give them material gifts and blessings in their lives in the world and in Heaven.”


12. KINGDOM OF HEAVEN “The heaven’s declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth His handiwork.(Psalm19:1) Heaven is a glorious place, a wonderful place, a place man cannot imagine what it is like. I have said – Eye hath not seen, nor can the heart imagine what I have prepared for those who love Me.(I Corinthians2:9) Before I left the earth I said – I go to prepare a place for you that where I am you may be also.(John 14:3) In My Father’s house there are many mansions. (John14:2) Those mansions are being prepared for those who are worthy to enter into the Kingdom of God. It is the abode of the angels who surround the throne of God, where the Father is seated with the Son on His right hand. It will be filled with the children of men – who have been washed in the blood of the Lamb in the world, who have died for the sake of the Gospel; who have listened to My voice; who have read the Word of God faithfully and obediently; lived according to the Word and those whose names are found in the Book of Life. All these will come into My kingdom in heaven. (Revelations7:14-16) It is a place of joy and happiness where there will be no tears, no sorrow and sighing, no burdens to bear, no trials, no temptations and no tribulations. The joyful sound of singing and praising God will be heard. The sweet music of heavenly instruments will also be heard. Some people who enjoy the pleasures of the world think that those pleasures are the best enjoyment. But the pleasures in heaven are incomparable and cannot be imagined by the human mind. A few children of the world have been allowed just a glimpse of heaven. Butthe full joys ofheaven will be revealed to them after they enter into My


kingdom at the end of the world. For the true children of God the world is only a temporary home.(II Corinthians 5:1) Their eternal home will be in heaven where they will receive their reward for being faithful to Me in the world and serving Me . In heaven they will live with Me eternally.�


13. NARROW PATH “The way is straight and narrow and you have a long way to go. It is a long road into the Kingdom of heaven. On either side of the narrow path there are deep pits. In some places there are stones and thorns. The evil forces of darkness walk on either side of the narrow path where the children are walking. They put stumbling blocks suddenly in the way of the believers so that they may stumble and fall into the pits on either side. Sometimes they put rocks to cut the feet of the believers and they put thorns also to hurt them. But those who believe in Me will know that I am walking with them on this path and I will help them over the stumbling blocks and rocks and thorns. Sometimes the evil one will throw the stones on the believers to wound them. They hit them with the thorny plants which cut open their flesh because they hate the true believers. Though I may not always prevent the believers from being hurt because those who are My true children have to suffer sometimes even as I suffered and was wounded when I walked in this world along this path. I heal the wounds of My dear children. I wipe away their tears and console them. I uphold them with My right hand and with Me at their right side they are able to carry on when the troubles come their way. When they suffer they draw closer to Me and their faith becomes stronger till at last they enter My kingdom safely at the end of their journey. The evil one also tries to tempt them with the worldly attractions and with enticing words. He will even try to cheat them by appearing as an angel of light.(II Corinthians11:14) But the true believers will not be deceived by all this because their faith is in Me and love for Me is so strong that they reject and


drive out the evil one. It is those whose faith is not strong who get cheated. There are some people who know the truth and believe in it but are not able to resist the temptations of the world and the devil. As soon as suffering comes to them they turn away from Me and even against Me and fall into the pits on the narrow path. Even though I am always ready and willing to help them and heal them and console them they turn away from Me. It is difficult for them to get back to the narrow path again, though a few may do so. Those who persevere till the end with their faith in Me will receive their reward in My kingdom.Straight is the gate and narrow is the way into the Kingdom of God.�(Matthew7:14)


14. WALK IN THE SPIRIT “Walk in the spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.(Galations5:16) Many people do not understand the meaning of walk in the spirit. It is not a one time experience. It is an every day experience, every moment of the day. People who do not read the Word of God faithfully and prayerfully, do not understand what it is to walk in the spirit. Even those who have been saved are satisfied with their salvation and think that it is sufficient for their spiritual life. My disciples were all saved. They had lived close to Me in the years when I walked on the earth. They loved Me very much. When I left the world I sent My Holy Spirit to them so that they may grow in their spiritual life and receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit to do My work and take the Gospel to the whole world and do My will. Those who are not filled with the Holy Spirit will have a lukewarm spiritual life(Revelation3:15,16) and will become a prey for satan. That is why I say Walk in the spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.(Galations5:16) The Holy Spirit will be your comforter and your guide in this evil world of darkness. Those who are filled with My Spirit will do the miracles by the power given to them and they will receive all the blessings when they do My work(ministry) with this power.�


15. BREAD OF LIFE “I gave the Israelites manna to eat in the wilderness.(Exodus16:14,15) It was food sent to them from heaven.(Psalm78:24,25) But they did not appreciate it.They murmured against it. I made them eat it for forty years in the wilderness.(Exodus16:35) It was the only food for them in the wilderness. If they had eaten it with satisfaction, without murmuring it would have been a blessing to them and they would not have been punished.(Psalm106:25-27) I have said in My Word – Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God.(Matthew4:4) When I walked upon the earth , some of the crowd that followed Me came not to hear My words but because they ate the bread and the fish that I once gave them.(John6:26) I have said – I am the Bread of Life.(John6:48) I am the Word and the Word of God is the living bread.Those who eat of My Bread shall never hunger(John6:35) and those who drink of the living water that I give shall never thirst.(John4:14) People in the world care more for the material things – what they shall eat and what they shall drink and what they shall put on – than for the spiritual things. Those who feed on the Word of God daily shall find the deep satisfaction such as the worldly things cannot give them.Some read the Word of God with a critical mind; some carelessly and some do not read the Word at all. The living Word which is the Bread of Life is tasteless to them. The true believers and those who love Me will find great pleasure, joy and peace and comfort in the Word of God. They are richly blessed in their lives. I have said – Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.(Matthew6:33) Those who obey and follow this bread of life will be richly blessed.”


16. MANSIONS “In My house there are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you thatwhere I am ye may be also.(John14:2,3) The disciples to whom I spoke these words are here with Me. But there are still many disciples in the world today to whom I say these words. The place I prepare for My children will be more beautiful than that which they are dwelling in this world. There are faithful servants of God who are living in lowly homes and even in huts. In My kingdom they will live in a mansion if they are faithful till the end. There are other servants of God who are living in grand homes in the world with all comforts. The mansion that I have for them will have an ethereal beauty which the worldly grand houses do not have. Those who are the true and faithful children of God who have been materially blessed in the world, even though they live in a mansion in the world, they still long for the heavenly mansion which is prepared by Me for them. The worldly people who seek after worldly pleasures, though they may live in a mansion in the world and enjoy the luxuries of life are never satisfied and seek after more, and in seeking after more pleasures they fall into satan’s hands. They seek for peace and never find it unless they come to Me. Even so, the poor people in the world long for riches and in seeking the worldly riches get more troubles and they also fall into satan’s hands. The mansions in heaven are prepared for those who truly love Me, who have been washed in the blood of the Lamb and are saved from their sins and are faithful to Me till the end of their lives.”


17. BLOODSHED “The blood of Abel cried out to Me from the ground.(Genesis4:10) It was the first human blood that was shed. Throughout the ages of man’s life his blood has been spilled for some cause or the other. When sin entered the world hatred, anger, jealousy, envy and all such wicked thoughts entered the heart of man and caused him to commit murder and bloodshed. The Israelites were told to sacrifice the animals. The blood of the animal had to be shed as an atonement for their sins.(Leviticus16:27,30) Sometimes to punish these people for their wickedness they were killed with the sword. (Psalms106:41,42) During the war time the armies fought each other and much blood was shed. In the modern days man had invented many instruments for shedding blood. People die in accidents and their blood is spilled. Man’s life is in his blood.(Leviticus17:11,14) This life-blood is wantonly spilled because of man’s wickedness. But in the hospital blood is used to save the life of those who have lost their blood. Blood is precious. Without blood in his veins man cannot live. But the most precious blood of all was, the blood that was shed on the cross when I died to save mankind and redeem him from his sins. It is a cleansing blood. It washes the sins always and makes a person a new creature. It gives him a new life because it is a life-saving blood. Before I came to the world the blood of the animals was shed as an atonement for sin. But when I had offered Myself as a sacrifice and shed My blood on the cross for the sins of the whole world once and for all, there was no needanymore for any other sacrifice- whether animal or human.(Hebrews 9:12,14)


But still the idol-worshippers offer such sacrifices to the devils that theyworship. Those who believe in the Gospel of the Cross and are washed of their sins in the blood that was shed on the cross alone will be saved and they will enter into My kingdom.�


18. LOVE “Love thy Lord with all thy heart, soul and mind and love thy neighbouras thyself and you will fulfill all the commandments.(Matthew 22:37-39) The greatest thing in the world is love – the pure and undefiled love for God and for mankind. If you cannot love your neighbour you cannot love God.(I John 4:20) This love will be found only in those who have been saved from their sins. When a person is born again the love of God dwells in his heart and he extends this love to others. In the last days the Word of God says – The love of many will wax cold.(Matthey 24:12) People show outward love for many for the sake of name and fame even as the unbelievers do many works of charity. I have said – If you give a cup of water to one of these little ones in My name you will be blessed.(Matthew 10:42) Only those good deeds of love that are done in My name, with true sympathy, will be accepted by Me. The world is full of wickedness, hatred,cruelty and suffering which are allcaused by the evil forces of darkness. Those who love Me and serve Me shouldpray for the suffering and help them when they can. What you do for others inlove shows the love that you have for Me.”(Matthew25:40)


19. ANGELS “The angels are ministering spirits.(Hebrews1:14) Before the world was created the heavenly beings were created. They were created to obey Me and do My will. They were created a little above the humanbeings.(Psalm8:4,5) But they are not equal to Me and can never be equal to God.They are beautiful spiritual beings. The most beautiful of them was Lucifer. Among the angels he had the highest position. He was a perfect being and beloved of Me till iniquity was found in him. He became proud of the important position I gave him in heaven. He was not satisfied with his position. He became jealous of Me and because I was the Son of God he wanted to be equal to Me. He influenced a number of angels also as his followers and rose up in rebellion. He and his followers were thrown out of heaven.(Ezekiel 28:13,17; Isaiah14:12-15) Their beauty was gone but sometimes they could temporarily take other forms.(Genesis 3:1; Revelation 20:2) When the world and its inhabitants were created, Lucifer and his followers - who were called devils , the satanic forces, the evil forces of darkness – were allowed to roam on the earth also.(Job1:7) It was satan who came in the form of a serpent and caused the first humanbeings to sin and disobey Me.(Gensis3:1-6) Satan is the personification of every wickedness and evil in the world, though he may sometimes appear as an angel of light to cheat the people.(II Corinthians11:14) But those who are truly the children of God filled with the Holy Spirit willbe able to know his true form and will not be deceived by him. On the lastday, the last battle will be fought. I and all My heavenly forces will fight againstsatan and his forces. He will be defeated and will be cast into the everlasting


fire. (Revelation20:7-10) All the angels in heaven have their own names and their own duties. A few of their names are known to man. Michael is the arch angel with the shining sword.He helps My children and fights their battles for them when they are in danger of the evil forces. He carries a flaming sword. The angel Gabriel is a messenger whom I send with messages to the servants of God.(Luke2:8-12) Sometimes I send other angels also as messengers. Some angels are also sent to protect the children of God. Other angels are guardian angels for little children as well as the big children and the adults also.(Matthew18:10) Though man is made a little lower than the angels sometimes he can request them to help him.This is the privilege I give to man.(Hebrews1:14) Sometimes angels are sent to comfort people who are in great sorrow.(I Kings 19:5-7; Luke22:43) The Seraphims and the Cherubims hover around the throne of God. They sing beautiful songs of praise.(Isaiah 6:3) Those who read the Word of God carefully will understand all that the angels do and will do in the last days. At My second coming a host of angels will accompany Me.They will blow their trumpets and announce My coming and everyone in the world - the good and the bad – will see this beautiful sight.�(Matthew 25:31)


20. MARTHA AND MARY “Mary sat at My feet while Martha served. Mary had the bettter part because she gave first place to My words.(Luke 10:38-42) As I have said in My Word – Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.(Matthew 6:33) Mary’s love for Me went beyond any human love, because of her grateful heart to Me for delivering her from the hands of satan.(Luke 8:2) She took in every word that I spoke. She drank deeply of the water of Life that I gave her. My words were more than food and drink to her. When I spoke, even when I entered the house, she forgot the worldly things completely. She wanted nothing else in the world than to be in My presence and hear My words. Martha also loved Me very much and she showed her love by attending to My physical needs. In that house the brother and the two sisters were beloved to Me. I often used to go there. It was Mary who understood when I spoke of My death. She knew Me not as a man but as her Saviour even before My death. That is why she anointed My feet and shed her tears.(John 12:3) Martha’s part was also important because she also showed her love for Me by serving Me, by seeing to My physical needs. But the part that she played could have been done by anyone else. But what Mary had was deeply spiritual and no one could take it away from her. There are those servants of God who receive more spiritual blessings andwhose ministry is more powerful because they spend more time in My presence and surrender themselves completely to Me. They give first place for Me in their lives while there are others like Martha, who should have been listening to My words at that time, which was more important than doing the household duties. The household duties will always be there, but My visits to that house had to come to an end.


Some servants of God in their ministry spend more time in the worldly aspects of the ministry than in prayer and preaching the Word of God. That is what the apostles called “serving tables” in the Word of God.(Acts6:2) Those who are called to the ministry should concentrate in their prayer life and preaching the Word of God. Only then they will receive the deep spiritualexperiences and their ministry will be blessed.”


21. BIRDS “ When the Dove found no rest for its feet, when it found no place to rest its feet, it returned to Noah’s Ark.�(Genesis 8:9) One of the first birds mentioned in the Bible is the dove.Why did Noah send the dove instead of some other bird? Because the dove is a homing bird. However far it may fly away from its home, it will return to its home. Any other bird might have flown so far in search of a resting place that it would not have known how to return to the ark. The dove is a loving affectionate bird. It is faithful and true to its mate. It is gentle and a symbol of purity being of a pure white colour. So the dove was chosen to represent the Holy Spirit of God when the Lord Jesus was baptised. (Mark1:10) Even like the lamb it was also chosen for sacrifice.(Leviticus1:14) The other bird mentioned in the Word of God is the Eagle.(Exodus19:4; Job 9:26; Isaiah 40:31) Though far different from the dove it has its own good charecteristics. It builds its nest on high places. It protects its young ones even as I protect My children. Its eyes are very sharp. From high up in the sky it can see its prey on the ground. Even so from the heavens I look down upon the children of men. To teach its young ones to fly it carries them on its back and flies up very high.From there it drops them. It watches their efforts to fly, but when they begin to fall it flies under them and supports them on its back so that they do not fall on the ground and get hurt.(Deutrnomy 32:11) By this method the wings of the young ones get strong and soon they learn to fly. I also allow My children to go through the trials of life so that they may be strengthened in their spiritual life. At the same time I give them My protection.


The eagle moults its feathers and new feathers grow in their place. In thisway it gains new strength. In the same way I give new strength to My children, so that their strength is renewed like the eagle’s; so that they will run and not be weary; they will walk and not faint – as it is mentioned in the Word of God.(Isaiah 40:31) To protect the Chickens from danger, the mother Hen gathers them underher wings, and covers them.(Luke 13:34) When she sees the danger she gives a warning call to the chickens. As soon as they hear her cry , they come running to her from all directions. She gathers them under her wings and covers them. She keeps them safe there till the danger is passed. Even so I call out to the children of men to save them from the satanic forces. Those who hear My call and come to Me, I keep them safe under My wings(Psalm 91:4) and protect them and save them from the evil forces. I want My children to be gentle and pure as the dove, at the same time strong in their faith in Me like the eagle and obedient to My Words like the chickens. Those who follow these words are truly blessed.�


22. SICKNESS “Disease and sickness come into the world because of man’s sin. It is a workof the devil. That is why when I came into the world I healed many sicknesses.(Matthew 4:23) Those who were healed of their sickness were also saved from their sins.(Luke5:18-25; John 5:6-14) Every soul and body that was healed was a defeat for satan. He tries to influence the sick people to turn against God and even to take their own lives if the sickness becomes unbearable. These are the victories for him. But now there are millions of people who turn to the living God as their Saviour in their sick bed. Many who cry to Me in their sickness are healed by Me. When the servants of God also pray for the sick, I hear their prayers andheal the sick. All those souls become mine and satan is defeated. Some people bring sickness upon themselves by their evil deeds and habits. If these people also turn to Me I will save them and heal them. Otherwise they will die in their sins and sickness. The ministry of praying for the sick is a blessed ministry and those who do this will be blessed.”


23. ZACCAEUS (LUKE 19:2-10)“Those who seek Me shall find Me.(Luke11:9,10) Zaccaeussought for Me and he found Me. In public life he was a sinner. He was notleading an honest life because he did not know any other life. His physical appearance gave him an inferiority complex because he was very short. When he heard people talk about Me, he first had the curiosity to seeMe, which later became a longing and desire as he heard more about Me. He realised his unworthiness and sinful life. So for two reasons he climbed the Sycamore tree when I was passing by. I am the all-seeing and all-knowing God.(Hebrews 4:13; Psalm 139:1-16) I came into the world to save sinner.(I Timothy1:15) My heart went out to Zacchaeus because of his repentance for his sins and his longing to see Me. That is why I called out to him and went to his house for dinner. From that day Zaccaeus was a changed person. There are many people in the world like Zaccaeus, living sinful lives. Theyhate their sinful lives, but are unable to give it up. It is when they come in contact with Me that their lives are changed and they are able to give up their sins. There are many such people who are serving Me.There are others who harden their hearts against Me and live and die in their sins and disease. I have revealed Myself to many who wanted to end their lives because of their dejection and despair to find a way out of their troubles and sins and disease. These people accepted Me and I helped them and saved them. I am still calling out to the people to come to Me with all their sins and troubles and sorrows and sickness and I will deliver them.(Matthew11:28) I also send out My workers filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to bring the people to Me. Those who accept Me as their Saviour and Lord will live with Me in My kingdom in heaven, and those who reject Me in this world will receive their pnishment in hell.�


24. PRAISE “Let all that hath breath praise the Lord.(Psalms 150:6) The beasts of thefield , the birds of the air, the creatures of the sea and ocean - all know how to praise their Maker by instinct. They do not ask for anything, but they lift up their voices with praises when they are fed and are happy and satisfied. But alas! It is the humanbeings who are unthankful to the God who created them and created the world to supply all their needs. Every thing in the world was created for man and all other living creatures are subject to him. (Psalm 8:6-8) But he is not grateful to Me for what I have done for him. This ingratitude was seen in the very first people who were created by Me.(Genesis 2:17 -3:6) Though I love them so much, I do not ask anything from mankind except his love and he can show his love to Me only by his praises.(Pslm50:23) Though I did not give My life and shed My blood for the angels they are constantly pouring out their praises.(Isaiah 6:2,3) Those who know the real meaning of the cross cannot help praising Me. It becomes spontaneous for them. They lift their hearts and voices in praise to Me. They are also thankful for the material needs I give them for their daily needs. They understand that everything they receive comes from Me. These are My children who love Me and are grateful; who are always praising and thanking Me for all I have done to them.(Psalm34:1) Though even among these children there may be some who may be materially poor, but still they love Me and praise Me. When they do this I lift them up from their poverty and bless them materially as well as spiritually.(Psalm 34:6) Many testify about the miracles that I had done for them when they praise Me.


There are some who, even in pain and sickness are able to praise Me and the true believers praise Me in deep sorrow and troubles in their lives. Those who are filled with the Holy Spirit will know the true meaning of praising the Lord their God, when praises flow out of them in torrents from their whole being, which may not be understood by others.(I Corinthians 14:15; Ephesians 5:19,20) The praises of all these people –who praise and thank Me with grateful hearts of thanks and love – will be richly blessed and rewarded by Me. There are other people in the world, who as long as everything is well with them,( they are well-fed, clothed, in good health and living lives without any troubles and sorrows) praise Me. But as soon as some disaster strikes them, they turn against Me and curse Me as if I was the cause of all their troubles. Their sorrows only multiply by this, unless they repent and come back to Me. The unbelievers who worship other gods show their love to the idols and evil spirits in different ways, but all in vain. It is only a waste.(Psalm 115:4-7) Those who read the Word of God will know how to praise Me in all the different ways.The praises of My children are acceptable to Me as a sweet savour, and I give My blessings to all who praise Me.�


25. RICHES AND WEALTH “It is easier for the camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a richman to enter the kingdom of God.(Luke 18:23) When I said this did I mean that all richmen will go to hell? Not at all. Did I not bless Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with riches? Did I not bless Solomon with riches also when he asked for wisdom, so that he was the richest king in the world?(I Kings3:12,13) Those who get riches by honest hard work , who use the wisdom and talents (that I have given them) in the proper way – their riches are a blessing to them. But if they care more for the riches and indulge in the pleasures of the world and forget to thank Me for all their blessings – their riches will become a curse to them. According to the worldly sense a peson may not be rich in wealth and property, but if he is a child of God, he will have no lack of anything and he will be blessed with health and happiness and peace which the world cannot give him. Peace of mind and the joy of the Lord and health are worth more than the riches in the world.(John 14:27) Those who possess these are the richest people in the world. This can only be got by their constant faith in Me and love for Me. Those who do the ministry – who are called by Me according to My will – will find all their needs supplied. Some servants of God like Paul, have to work for their daily needs as well as do the ministry.(Acts 18:3) They must seek My will in this. Those who do not get sufficient by support of ministry can always work as well. They should not be a burden to anyone. The unbelievers and idol-worshippers may also be rich. They may have acquired their riches legally. They can enjoy their riches only as long as they live in the world, but once they die, their riches pass on to others, and their souls are lost. Those who acquire riches illegally will not go unpunished either in this world or the next. Some believers as long as they were poor served Me faithfully. But when riches came to them they became avaricious and worldly and had no time for


Me. They were snared by satan by their riches. I bless those who have riches but love Me and serve Me faithfully and use their riches wisely for the glory of God. The rich man who came to Me and asked for advice went away sadly when I told him to sell his possessions and follow Me.(Luke 18:18-25) If he had done as I told him he would have found greater blessings than his worldly riches and treasures in heaven. He was not willing to give up his riches to follow the path of truth and life. It is of such people that I said – It is easier for the camel to enter the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. (Luke 18:25)


26. TWO SIDES “Who is on the Lord’s side? Who is ready to do His will? Who is ready to serve Him? The days are going to come when I ask – who is ready to fight for Me? Even now the days are at hand. The people of the world will have to decide. Many people have already chosen the side of the devil. He not only goes around like a roaring lion seeking the souls to devour, but he goes in many ways other ways also to cheat the people. (I Peter5:8) He takes many forms. He even appears as an angel of light to some who are easily led away and believe in Him.(II Corinthians 11:14) From the beginning of the world he is a liar. (John8:44) With his lies he captivates some people. He draws other people to him by the attractions of the world. He even gives riches to some people so that they can use them against the children of God. Those who do not know the living God; those who have not accepted Me as their Lord and Saviour; those who worship other Gods; those who follow false doctrines not according to the Word of God – these are the people who are deceived by satan. There are others who even love him (although they know he is the devil) and worship him and turn against Me and hate Me. Those who have been washed in the blood; those who wear the garment of salvation (Isaiah61:10); those who are filled with the Holy Spirit; those who love Me and serve Me – will know that I am the true God and they cannot be cheated by he evil forces of darkness in whatever form he may appear. By the Holy Spirit I give My children, My people, the power and authority to drive out the evil forces, to bind and cast him out,even as I did when I was in this world. In My name this is possible for those who believe in Me.


(John 14:12) Before death comes to them, while they are in the world, the people have to decide on whose side they are – whether they are on My side , the living God’s side, or on the side of satan. There is no other side in between these two sides. It is one or the other they will have to choose. They cannot serve the true God as well as the devil. (Luke 16:13) Some people try to do this. They call Me Lord , but at the same time they serve the devil. These will receive the punishment with the devil at the end of the world. The time is short and the people must decide while they are in the world itself, on whose side they are, before death comes to them. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.(John 14:6) Whosoever believes in Me will enter into My kingdom and be with Me forever while the followers of the devil will go into the darkness that is prepared for them, into eternal punishment.�


27. HEART OF MAN “Behold,I stand at the door and knock. If any man opens unto Me, I will enter and abide with him.(Revelations 3:20) The door on which I knock is the heart of man. It is from the heart that the life-blood of a man flows through his body. As long as he is alive his heart beats and stops when he dies. It is from his heart that all his thoughts and feelings and desires conceive. Though it is the mind that does the thinking, good and bad emotions come from the heart. The man with the good thoughts and good desires will do good deeds. Good words will come out of the mouth of a man with good thoughts and good deeds will proceed as a result of good thoughts and good desires.(Luke 6:45) Good emotions of love for God and love for mankind proceed from a good heart. The Word of God says –Set your thoughts on the things above and not on the things of the world.(Colosians 3:2) Those who love Me will meditate on My Words and their thoughts and desires will be on how to please Me, serve Me and worship Me. They will have love for others and show their love by telling them the Gospel message of salvation and help them. They will desire and long for more spiritual blessings and this desire will bring them often into My presence. These are the people who open the doors of their hearts to Me when I knock. The people with evil hearts are always planning and thinking evil thingsand this makes them speak evil words and do evil deeds. The Word of God says – Evil thoughts of envy and jealousy, covetousness, lust and murder and all such evil things proceed out of the evil heart of evil men and make them perform evil deeds.(Mark7:21-23)


But for these evil people also I offer the way of salvation. I knock at thedoors of their hearts also and if they open to Me and respond, I will blot out all their sins and though they may be red as scarlet , they shall become white assnow (Isaiah 1:18) – as it says in the Word of God. They will be changed. Their old wicked hearts will be changed into new clean hearts. It was to change the heart of man which once turned against Me, and to give him a new heart and new life that I came into this world. It is only I who can discern what is in the heart of every person.(I John3:20) The deepest thoughts are revealed to Me. All the desires and longings of the heart whether good or bad are exposed to Me. I know the heart of every man and it is My desire that everyone – all the people – surrender their hearts to Me and receive the blessings only I can give them.”


28. BLESSINGS “The blessings of the Lord are more than can be counted. The Word of God is full of blessings for His children. Those who hear My Words; those who receive My call; those who come to Me; those who have been saved from their sins; those who walk in My ways; those who are patient in their trials and temptations are blessed people. The blessings of God are not only the outward material blessings. The greatest blessings are the spiritual blessings. To read and understand the Word of God is a great blessing. Some read and yet they cannot understand. The days will come when there will be a scarcity of the Word of God. Those who are able to go to churches and other places where the Word of God is preached by the servants of God and have fellowship with the believers are blessed. The days will come when the days of grace will be over and the Gospel will not be preached anymore.(Amos8:11,12) These are the days of grace and the days of salvation when the Holy Spirit is in the world. Those who avail of the opportunity to be filled with the Holy Spirit will be blessed with the gifts and the power of the Holy Spirit.(I Corinthians 12:8-10) Those who save the souls and bring them to Me are indeed blessed. Those who suffer for the sake of the Gospel and those who undergo trials and temptations because of their love for Me are blessed people. Even the sunshine and the rain that I send to the world are blessings to mankind and those who are grateful for these blessings and even for the food and raiment that I give them are blessed. The blessings of God come in many forms. Those who accept these bless ings with gratitude will praise Me. The unbelievers and idol-worshippers also have riches and wealth but it is not a blessing to them because they get these


things by their own efforts. When they die they do not take anything with them that they had in this world and their souls will go into damnation. But the true children of God will receive the spiritual blessings also in the world. When they come into My kingdom they will be rewarded with the blessings that I have for them in My kingdom.�


29. LOST SOULS “Cry for the lost souls. Cry for the lost sheep of Israel.(Matthew15:24) There is a time to laugh and a time to cry.(Ecclisiastes 3:4) The time of laughing is passed and the time to cry has come. Let your tears flow with prayers for the lost souls and the lost sheep of Israel. Soon the time to cry will also be passed and there will be time no more. Many times I have cried and wept for those Israel people. I chose them to be My own people – My children from all the nations of the world. How I loved Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and their descendants! I did wonders and miracles for them when I brought them out of Egypt. When they were oppressed and cried unto Me, I heard their cry and delivered them out of Egypt.(Exodus 3:7,8) But they forgot My love, My goodness, My kindness, My greatness and power and they lusted after other gods of stone and wood and gold and silver, and the idols of other nations.(Numbers 25:1-3) They lost their faith in Me, though I fed and clothed them in the wilderness and gave them water out of rocks to drink. It was holy, living water that I gave them; but they murmured and murmured and sinned in all ways. (Exodus 17:16) Though I loved them I had to punish them to turn them back from their sins, to bring them back to Me. In these times when they cried unto Me in repentance and anquish, I relented and forgave them and blessed them again. As soon as everything went well with them they turned against Me. This happened many times.(Psalms 78 - 106) They did not obey Me and even today though I have brought them back to their own land to fulfill the prophesy of the Word of God. I will bless them. They have still not obeyed Me fully , and that is why some parts of their lands


are still in the hands of the enemies and they are still fighting for it. They are trying to do things with their own power and mighty weapons instead of seeking My will and help. Even now I have done miracles for them so that they were able to occupy most of their lands easily and if they follow My Words and seek My help the land Palestine for which they are fighting will fully become theirs. But today in Israel there are many true christians who love Me and worship Me with their whole hearts. But I want you to pray with tears and cry for the lost sheep of Israel who have not turned to Me with all their hearts and still cling to theier Jewish laws and ways. In the same way there are Christians who cling to the old traditions and rituals of worship,who worship Me with their lips while their hearts are far from Me.(Isaiah 29:13) Cry and pray for these people – these lost souls. They are also lost sheep, unless they repent for their sins and are washed in the blood that I shed for them on the Cross and are saved. There is one flock of sheep and one fold and one shepherd.(John 10:1-5; 1116) Those who do not belong to this are lost souls. Those who worship idols and other gods are lost souls. Those who murder and steal and are drunk and lustful and commit all sins-these are all lost souls.(Galatians 5:9-21) Lament and cry and pray for them that they may be saved also. The only way of salvation and the way into My kingdom is the cross. I am the Good Shepherd who gave My life for My sheep and those who hear My voice and believe in Me will be saved.(John 10:11-16) Even as I wept and cried for the lost sheep -for mankind who has left My way – you do the same and you will receive My blessing and reward in My kingdom.”


30. RAIN “Behold in the last days I will send the latter rain on the earth.(Joel2:23) When I first formed the earth and the trees and the plants in it, the earth waswatered by a mist which fell like dew upon the earth.(Genesis2:6) There was pure, clear water in the rivers and the lake always, for the animals and humanbeings to drink. So there was no necessity to send rain upon the earth. After sin came into the world the trees and plants began to wither, the rivers and lakes and ponds began to dry up. So I sent the showers of rain upon the earth to make the crops and other vegetation to grow, and replenish the lakes and the rivers. Sometimes when people made Me angry with their wicked ways I withheld the rain from the earth so that the crops withered and the people starved and did not have sufficient water to drink. That was a punishment for them. When they repented for their sins and cried to Me for their suffering, I took pity on them and forgave them and sent the rain. Because of man’s wickedness I allowed some places to become deserts where no crop would grow and there was very little rain or no rain at all in these places. In some places it rained heavily and there were forests there. But man began to cut down the forests for his greed and profit and wealth. He upset the balance of nature by his deeds and the rain did not come in due season. Just as it happened in Egypt, it will rain in the last days hailstones mingled with fire.(Exodus9:22,23) This will be at the close of the end time, after the days of grace are over, when the wicked are left upon the earth. In these days of grace I am sending down the latter rain in the form of the Holy Spirit to fill the hearts of the people.(Joel2:28,29) Those who accept Me


as their Lord and Saviour and thirst for this rain will be filled with it. These are the showers of blessings I have for mankind – those who love Me and do My will. Before the Holy Spirit was sent into the world, before it was poured out upon the people , the children of God were blessed with a former rain. Towards the end of the world ,those who have not repented for their sins and accepted Me as their Lord and Saviour will receive the hail stones and fire as showers of rain as a curse to them.(Revelation 16:23) Those who read this message take heed, that now is the accepted time - today is the day of salvation(II Corinthians6:2) when mankind can be saved , when the latter rain is poured upon the earth, when they can be saved from the terible rain of fire that will come at the end.�


31. TONGUE “The tongue is a little member and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth! And the tongue is a fire, a world of iniquity: so is the tongue among our members, that it defileth the whole body, and setteth on fire the course of nature; and it is set on hell. For every kind of beasts,and of birds, and of serpents, and of things in the sea, is tamed, and hath been tamed of mankind: But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. Therewith bless we God, even the Father; and therewith curse we men, which are made after the similitude of God. Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be.(James 3:5-10) The tongue is an important part of the body. The two important functions of the tongue are tasting and talking. Man enjoys food because of the tongue without which there would be no taste in whatever he eats. He cannot chew the food also properly without the tongue. Even this part of the body is misused. God created certain food for man to eat and live in health. All these food had very good taste also. But man’s sin made him lust to eat and drink things that were harmful to the body. Even the manna I sent from heaven for the Israel people became tasteless to them and they lusted for other foods.(Numbers11:6) Many people ruin their health by eating and drinking harmful things. They become addicted to these things, and more than for the good nourishing food, they waste their money to satisfy their unnatural addiction for these things., which do not actually have good taste in them. The devil leads them and tempts them with these harmful things. There are many warnings in the Word of God about this.(Proverbs 20:1; 23:1-3,21)


The true children of God – the believers – abstain from all these. A person who has become an addict – who really wants to leave his bad habit – if he comes to Me and asks for My help, immediately I give him relief, so that the very taste of these things becomes abhorrent to him. He is completely changed now. Many such people testify to this. The poison in the snake’s mouth is for its protection against its enemies. But people wantonly take poison of different kinds, harmful to the body, even causing death. I created poisonous substances in plants, but not for man’s consumption. Everything I created had its own purposes. These poisonous plants and trees had medicinal properties in them.Some plants were bitter in taste. I gave man the intellect to use these plants for medicinal purposes.Though the taste of them may be bitter, they had healing properties in them. But the plants and animals I created for food for man are very tasty, so that man with his tongue may enjoy the tasty food that he eats. The other purpose for which the tongue was created was for talking. I created the first two people. In the evenings I enjoyed talking to them and hearing them talk to Me. But when the serpent talked to the woman and the woman in return talked to the serpent, she became convinced by his lies and disobeyed Me by eating the forbidden fruit. She took the fruit to her husband and talked to him and convinced him,so that he also sinned against Me by disobeying My word. After this when I came to talk to them they hid from Me, whereas at other times when they heard My voice they used to come running to converse with Me.(Genesis3:1-8) The Word of God says –If any man offend not in word, the same is a perfect man, and able also to bridle the whole body. Behold, we put bits in the horses’ mouths, so that they may obey us; and we turn about their whole body. Behold also the ships, which though they be so great, and are driven of fierce winds


, yet are they turned about with a very small helm withersoever the governor listeth.”( James 3:2-4) Man’s tongue was given to him to speak truthful words, pleasant words, loving words and commanding words. But instead, out of man’s mouth proceed lying words, wicked and cruel words, filthy abominable words, angry words, cunning words – out of the heart of man.(Ephesians 4:29) The words come from his mouth. A good person will speak good words even as a wicked person can only speak wicked words.(Matthew12:34,35) The Word of God says – A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.(Proverbs25:11) The Word of God also says – It is easier to live in a corner of a house-top than with a brawling contentious person in a wide house.(Proverbs 21:9) Many times words have been the cause even for murders It is natural for man to get angry at times. That is why I said – You can be angry but do not sin in your anger.(Ephesians4:26) I have given man the power to control his tongue. Those who believe in Me and are saved by My blood and are filled with the Holy Spirit will have the controlling power over their tongues, so that they do not sin by words even when they are angry. The people of the world use flattering, back-biting, or enticing words for their own purposes. Allow the Holy Spirit to take control of your tongue, to tell the Word of God to others, to preach the Gospel, to always speak good words and to pray and praise God. When the Holy Spirit takes control of the tongue during prayer those who are filled begin to speak in different tongues and to prophesy. These are the gifts of the Spirit to My children.(Acts 2:1-4; I Corinthians 12:8-10; 14:1-4) Consecrate your tongue and your words to Me and I will take control of you.”


32. TALENTS “When the Israel people crossed the Red Sea and escaped from the Egyptians, they joyfully thanked and praised Me in different ways. Some fell on their knees, some jumped and shouted with joy and praised Me. Miriam called the maidens and led them in dancing and singing praises.(Exodus 15) I created man with intellect and inborn talents. It is not only the intelligent people who have talents. Everyone has some talent but it depends on how the talent is developed and used. The worldly people and the heathen use their talents in their own way. People of the world use talents of singing and dancing, drawing and stitching and so on to make money and for their pride and fame. The heathen sing and dance to the idols and evil forces. The devil possessed also dance. In the last days the songs and dances of these people have become vulgar and abominable. Some so called children of God sing the hymns as well as the worldly songs.Can a good tree give forth bitter as well as sweet fruits?(Matthew 7:17,18) The hymns that these people sing are from their lips. The Word of God says – When the ark of God was brought into the camp of the Israelites David danced with all his heart. (II Samuel 6:14,15) Out of the fulness of his heart to praise Me David danced. He used to play on the harp and sing the Psalms. He praised Me in all the ways that he could, using all his talents.(I Samuel 16:23) Talents that are dedicated to Me and used for My glory are blessed by Me. Many children of God who love Me sincerely are talented to play many musical instruments and sing and compose songs of praise of Me. Those who are filled with the Holy Spirit will sing and dance to the Lord like David did. The angels in heaven also play musical instuments and sing and dance in heaven.


The worldly people also draw pictures with their inherited talents. There are famous pictures drawn by artists who were inspired by Me to draw these pictures which are scenes from the Bible. When the Tabernacle was built, I put My Spirit in these people who did the stitching and the artistic work and the furniture.(Exodus 31:2-12, 36:1) Even when King Solomon built his temple, I gave him talented people to do the work. (I Kings5:5,6) Those who fully dedicate themselves to serve Me, I give them talents which they naturally have and use them for the ministry. These are the gifts that I give them. Let not pride in their talents come to the children of God. Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God.�


33. PRISONS “Paul and Silas sang the songs of praise in the prison.(Acts 16:25) Adam and Eve became imprisoned by sin when they disobeyed God.(Genesis3:16,17) The Son of God came to the world to set the people free from imprisonment. (John 3:16) Man creates his own prisons. God does not imprison anyone. Man imprisons himself with chains and shackles around his feet, hands and body, when he becomes the slave of sin. The alchoholics and drug addicts make prisoners of themselves to the evil habits.(Proverbs 23:31,32) Though they try and desire to be free of these habits, of their own will, they cannot come out of the prison in their own way. It is only when they look to Me to release them, the habit loses its hold on them and they are free. During times of war the opposition forces make prisoners of each other. These prisoners are starved, tortured and put to death also. The children of God were imprisoned by the unbelievers for their faith. (Acts 6:8 -12; 7:59; 12:4) I saved Shadrach, Mashach and Abed-negofrom the furnace into which they were thrown.(Daniel 3:21) When Daniel was thrown to the lions , I shut the mouths of the lions whichmade the king believe and free Daniel.(Daniel 6:22) There are many instances in the Word of God of those who were saved from the prisons, even as Peter, Paul and Silas were saved by Me. The imprisonment of these people and their release by Me caused their jailors and others to believe in the true God, who made heaven and earth.(Acts16:30-34) Those who break the laws of man are sent to prison for their wicked deedswhen they are caught and according to their crime they are sentenced andpunished. Sometimes even these wicked people in the prisons may repent for


their sins and when they look to Me for help, though they may have to undergo the prison sentence and punishment according to the law, they find a freedom for their souls and spirits and the strength that they need at that time and they rejoice in the salvation which I have given them.(Luke 23:43) Those who worship idols are enslaved and imprisoned to worship the devil who makes them undergo all kinds of tortures and sacrifices in the name of worship to please the evil forces.(II Kings 17:16,17) But those who come to Me will renew their strength and fly on the wings of eagles. They will walk and not faint,(Isaiah40:31) because this is the freedom and joy and happiness I give to those who wait on Me and believe in Me. For their sakes , that they may be free I was imprisoned. So that they may not be punished for their sins, I took their punishment and bore their sins. Today I am alive and live for them to bless them and take them into My kingdom at the end of their lives . Those who continue in the imprisonment of sin and the sinful pleasures of the world and their wickedness, will be sent into the eternal imprisonment and punishment of hell. Man has been given the freedom to choose either the freedom I can give him or the imprisonment in which the devil wants to keep him.The truth shall make you free.(John 8:32) I am the way the truth and the life.(John14:6)�


34. WATER OF LIFE “Everything was created by My word. Where there was only water I made land appear and separated the land from the water. I created the oceans and the seas, the rivers and the lakes before I created man.(Genesis 1; John 1:3) These were created to benefit man. Five rivers flowed in the Garden of Eden, though there was no rain at that time.(Genesis2:10-14) There were other rivers also , but after man sinned in some places the rivers dried up and as there was very little rain there, those places became deserts. Man learnt to dig wells for water. I created the fish in the oceans and seas, rivers and lakes for man’s food. With the intellect I gave man he learnt to make boats and sail on waters and catch fish for his food. Some of My beloved disciples were fishermen.(Matthew 4:18- 22) Men learnt to make bigger and bigger boats and sail in them and spread out on the earth as population increased. Man takes pride in all these things without realising that it is because of My will and My help he is able to do such things. Wicked men also used these waterways to rob and plunder and commit other illegal acts. Every creation of mine is misused by man. The wickedness of people in the days of Noah made Me to destroy everything on the earth with flood, except for Noah and his family and the living creatures in the ark. (Genesis7:7-12;17-24) But I promised never again to destroy earth with water. (Genesis 8:21,22)But once again at the end of the world the old earth will be destroyed and I will create a new earth.(Revelation 21:1) In many places in these last days as the earthquakes and volcanoes erupt and other signs of My coming take place(Matthew24:7-29) the sea water encroaches on the land and in some places land is covered by water. Those who read My Word will notice these signs of My coming.


Those who come to Me, those who love Me will drink of the living water that I give them.Those who drink this water of life will find quenching of their thirst for the heavenly things and they will in turn give this water of life to others. I invite every one to come and drink of this water of life which only I can give them.�(Isaiah55:1; John4:14; John7:37)


35. CURTAINS “The curtain in the Temple of Jerusalem was rent in two at the time of crucifixion.(Luke23:45) The curtain was a partition between the most holy place and the other places. When Adam and Eve sinned and were driven out of the Garden of Eden they covered their nakedness and they also covered their faces with their hands out of shame as they could not bear to look at and face their God.(Genesis3:8-10) After Moses talked to God on the mount his face shone so that the sinful Israelites could not bear to look at his face. He put a veil on his face and spoke to them.(Exodus34:30,33) I instructed the people to cover the tabernacle with curtains.(Exodus 26:1) The people’s sin becomes a curtain between them and Me.(Isaiah59:2) It is a curtain that they make themselves. Floods covered the whole world during Noah’s time and drowned the wicked people. (Genesis6:7) Satan puts a curtain of darkness between the people and Me. But even through the darkness My light will shine and dispel that darkness. The curtain that covered the Most Holy Place where I used to come was to prevent the sinful people from coming near Me directly, except through the Priest who was the only person to enter that place.(Exodus28:41,43; Hebrews9: 8,25) But at the crucifixion when the curtain tore into two pieces the Most Holy Place became accessible to all because I bore the sins of the people and those who believed in Me could come to Me with all their sins and I would wash and cleanse them with My blood and save them from their sins. There is now no curtain between Me and anyone who wants to come to Me. (Hebrews 10:19)


With My open arms I invite everyone to come to Me. There is no covering, no curtain, no veil between Me and the people of the world. People who reject Me, who obey the voice of satan, who live in the darkness of sin - put up their own curtains to hide from Me and do their works of wickedness thinking that I cannot see them. But I am the all-seeing God. Nothing can be hidden from Me.(Hebrews 4:13) These people have time till the end of the world to tear down their coverings and come to Me and accept Me as their Lord and Saviour. At the end of the world when I come again they will run to the rocks andmountains to hide and to cover them.But there will be no place for them to hide at that time.(Revelations6:15-17) They have to face Me as their Judge. (John5:27-30; Acts10:42) Before that day comes the way is open for them to come to Me while there is still time.�


36. WORSHIP IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH “Heaven is My throne and earth is My footstool.(Isaiah66:1) I left My throneand came to the earth , My footstool, for the sake of mankind to do the will of My Father. I was obedient until death. I am the Lord of heaven and earth, yet I humbled Myself and came down to the level of the sinful man who lived on the earth. It was love for mankind to save mankind, because it was not My will or wish that man should perish - because I love him so much. My love is not like human love. I have said this many times. It is a divine love. Those who love Me truly can understand this love. They accept Me as Lord and Saviour. They worship Me as their God. They are My beloved children. Even when they suffer, when temptations come to them, when tribulations come to them brought by the evil forces of darkness – they are faithful in their love to Me. They read My Word; they understand what they read. When they don’t understand , they ask Me and I reveal many mysteries in the Word. I have said – Ask and you will receive; seek and ye shall find; knock and it will be opened unto you.(Luke11:9) They believe this. They know how to worship Me. They know how to praise Me and show their love to Me. They know how to serve Me. They receive My blessings. Even if in this world they have sufferings, in My kingdom they will receive the reward I have for them. There are others who call themselves by My name. They are not the idol worshippers who worship other gods. It is they who say – My Lord, but alas! It is only with their lips they say. Their lives and hearts are far away from Me.(Matthew15:8) They blame Me when things go wrong. They grieve Me; even as I wept for the Israelite people –My chosen people – who grieved Me and murmured against Me.(Exodus16:2-8;; Psalm 106:24,28)


They follow the practices of the heathen-rituals,(outward rituals) which do not please Me in any way. There is no truth or sincerity in their worship- these hard-hearted christians. The tomb and the cross are more important to them than the Lord who died for them; who shed His blood for them; who loves them and still waits patiently till the end of the world for their lives – that oneday they will obey My call and they will believe My Words with faith and trust in Me. I send My servants to teach them, to explain the Word of God to them. I speak to them. They shut their hearts and harden their hearts because the sinful pleasures of the world and the riches make them deaf and blind to My call. But still I love them – even these people – and some of them hear My voice and come to Me, repentant for their sins. They are washed in My blood and cleansed and they learn to worship Me even as I desire – in spirit and in truth. (John4:2) The well of Abraham and Jacob was more important to the Samaritan woman than the God of Abraham and Jacob(John4:10-29) till she came face to face with the living Lord. She left her sinful life and learnt to worship Me in spirit and in truth. What I said to her that day , I say the same today. God is a spirit and those who worship the true God must worship Him in Spirit and in truth.”(John4:13)


37. ENEMY “Satan is My greatest enemy from the very day he rebelled against Me. Ithrew him out of heaven along with his followers as there can be no evil of any kind in heaven.(Isaiah14;12-15; Ezekiel 28:12-16) From that day , his work on the erath is to turn the people that I had created in the world against Me, and make them also My enemies. As the population increased in the world; as hatred, jealosy, envy, malice and all other vices grew in the heart of man; enmity between man and man was formed. Brothers became enemies in the same family; children turned against parents; close friends even became enemies with each other; and enmity began to spread in other spheres also. Wicked people who could not bear the goodness of good people became their enemies. In the last days enmity has become more and more. – in the working places, in the places of study and knowledge;(in schools and colleges) even in the churches – enmity can be seen. People who have to rule the country become enemies in the same country. The Word of God says – A house that is divided will fall.(Matthew12:25) Even so when people of the same country begin to fight among themselves and become enemies, that country is weakened. Even for the cause of religion they become enemies. In the name of their gods they fight with each other. Enmity between nations is the cause of wars. Man’s sin of disobeying Me is the cause of his death(Genesis 2:17; Romans 6:23) which has become his enemy.(I Corinthians 15:26) To overcome this enemy death and to live forever, I came to the world as a man; bore his sins on the cross and died for him; and overcame the enemy, death for his sake. I rose again from the grave alive and I live forever. Those who believe in My death


and resurrection for the sins of man, will also overcome death and live in My kingdom forever with Me.(Romans5:17,21) My enemy satan is now free to do his evil works. Without knowing this that he is man’s greatest enemy – many listen to him and accordingly, thinking he is a friend. But the day will come soon when I and My angels will fight against that enemy – satan and his followers. We will overcome him. He and those who have followed him till the end will be thrown into the everlasting fire which has been prepared for them.(Matthew25:41; Revelations12:7-9) To escape this enemy and fire, I have shown the way.(John 14:6) Those who believe in Me and trust Me as their true friend, listen to Me and obey Me will be victorious over the enemies of death, satan and hell and will live with Me forever in My kingdom.”


38. SANDS OF TIME “With God one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like aday.(II Peter3:8) So man’s reckoning of time is different from My reckoning. He cannot compare his reckoning with mine. But even man’s reckoning of time was given by Me. I created the sun, moon and the planets, the seasons so that from these man will be able to calculate the days, the years and the months with his scientific knowledge. He tries to fix the dates of what he calls the ‘Origin of Species.’ Those scientists who do not believe in the Creator –by the means of satanic influence they calculate from certain specimens of My creation the time in which they say the earth and the living creatures were evolved and not created. These men think that their knowledge and discovery is great. In My insight they are fools because there are greater proofs of creation than evolution and there are greater scientists who believe in creation and have proved it. But satan has spread those false theories of evolution which is believed only by very few compared to those who believe only in the Creator. Some of those who put up the theory of evolution realised – some of them on their death beds – that their theories are false. Some of them had time to repent for their false beliefs and be saved. But alas! For others it was too late, because only after death they realised their foolishness. Those who worship idols and other gods have their own gods of creation which they believe created the world and everything in it without knowing the true God who created the world by My word.The Word of God says – I am the Word and everything that was created was created by My Word by Me and for Me.(John1:1-3; Revelation 4:11) It was to save man whom I created that I came down to the world as a man to give My life for mankind and save him from


his sins and destructin. Though man may not count days and time according to Me, throughout his life. I have given him knowledge and understanding to read the Word and understand, that the world which I had created will soon come to and end.(Isaiah65:17; Revelation 21:1) Those who read the Word of God carefully will understand that the end is very near even as those signs are taking place.(Matthew 24:5-7; Daniel12:4) When I come again to the world it is not to save mankind but to judge him.(Acts10:42; John 5:27-30) Those who believe in Me as their Creator and Saviour will live with Me forever. Those who did not believe and those who listened to the voice of satan will go into eternal punishment reserved for the devil and his followers.(Matthew 25:31-34,41) Those who read this message be warned and warn others.�


39. FEAR “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.(Psalm 111:10) The children who love Me will know the meaning of this verse. Fear is something that every person in the world has. Everyone has fear for something or the other. Very small children know what is fear. Children have fear of darkness, of the unfamiliar things and people. As they outgrow this fear they get other fears. There are many things in the world for people to be afraid of. The unsaved live in fear of their lives – fear of death – because they do not know what will happen to them after death. Even those who believe there is no life after death, live in fear of death. Every religion has its own conception of life after death all of which are false. Those who believe in the true God and worship Him and read his Word and follow Me faithfully and love Me, will not have fear of death because they have the assurance of living with Me in My kingdom. Those who worship idols and other gods give their alligiance to them and obedience – out of fear of the harm that those gods may do them and superstitious beliefs – because what they worship are evil forces of darkness. These false gods are worshiped out of fear and not out of love. I created mankind and loved him and he also loved Me with all his heart. It was after man’s sin that fear also came into his heart. The fear of the Lord means the fear to do wrong. Those who do wrong get the fear of puhishment. Those who have repented for their sins need never have any fear of Me because I have washed them with My blood – which I shed on the cross – of all their sins. They receive My blessings more and more as they show more love to Me and do My will. Those who are saved – the true children of God – have no fear of death and


hell because their life after death will be a glorious life in My kingdom. Their daily lives in the world which they live under My protection will have no fear of unseen dangers, the future and so many fears that are in the world because they live by faith in Me, under My care. I have said – Perfect love casts out all fear(I John 4:18) because the Word of God says – God has not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and a sound mind.”(IITimothy 1:7)


40. SORROWS “He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief : and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows; yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with His stripes we are healed.(Isaiah 53:3-5) Sorrow came into the world only after sin came into the world through the first man whom I created.(Genesis3:16-19) My creations were perfect and peaceful. The first people I created lived in peace and harmony and joy without any care, till satan tempted them. They listened to the voice of satan and brought sorrow upon themselves.(Genesis 3:1-6) This is the beginning of sorrow in the world. As from the beginning till today satan is the chief cause of all the sorrows in the world. He works through wicked people who listen to him, and sometimes he directly inflicts innocent people with sorrows to test their faith in Me, even as My servant Job was afflicted by satan.(Job 1) In the world the good people as well as the bad are afflicted with sorrows of different kinds. Sickness, financial troubles and family problems, death and sometimes the carelessness of man are the causes of sorrows. Satan brings sorrows to man by creating hatred, drunkeness, lies, crime and other wickedness in the world. From the people of the highest position to the lowest, every human being undergoes sorrow of some kind. When the leaders of the country are selfish, self-centred, foolish and wicked the whole country suffers. Greed and avarice in the heart of man bring sorrows to himself and others. The Israel people


whom I brought out of Egypt brought many sorrows upon themselves with their disobedience to Me with their lusts.(Psalm106:7-43) The people of the world turn against Me when sorrows come to them and blame Me. Instead of turning to Me for help they try in many ways to get out of their sorrows and only increase the sorrows they have, in this way. I am a God of compassion and love. Even as I said in the beginning of this message, I was afflicted and a man of sorrows in this world. So I knew and experienced the deepest sorrow.I bore the sorrows of the whole world and the sins of the whole world. I shed My blood for the salvation and healing of mankind to break the curse of sorrows that satan brought to man. I wept for the sorrows of man. Even today I wipe the tears of many who cry to Me in their sorrows. Those who believe in Me and cling to Me and cry to Me for help in all their troubles, afflictions and sorrows – I hear their cries; I wipe their tears; I lighten their burdens ; I stretch out My hand to help them and deliver them from their sorrows. I am not a God of wood or stone, gold or silver. I am the one and only true living God and I say unto you -Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.(Matthew 11:28) There are many in the world today who believe in Me and testify of the deliverance that I gave them during their times of troubles and sorrows. My ears are not dull and I hear even the faintest cries of those who call upon Me in their time of trouble and sorrow.�(Isaiah59:1)


TESTIMONY OF SIS. GLORIA DHARMAPALAN “… I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction”. (Is. 48:10) I praise the Lord for the furnace of affliction, through which I was saved by the blood of Jesus and my family was blessed. From that day I never looked back but went forward growing in my spiritual life. I continued to have a very close relationship with my Lord and Saviour Jesus speaking to Him. He has spoken, guided and upheld me in my daily life. In 1975 I received the anointing of the Holy Spirit with the manifestation of praising and speaking in tongues. As I progressed I experienced miracles and visions while praying at home and in church. The Lord used me to serve Him by ministering to others. There were instants when the Lord has told to pray specifically for unknown people, even mentioning their names at times. Thus I could see the gifts of the Holy Spirit being operated. I give all the glory to Him. From 1990, while praying with my daughter Helen Solomon, the Lord has given visions and messages on many topics which Helen has written down what I repeated as the Lord told me. On 06.03.1990 the Lord said, “I give you the privilege of having a relationship with me which is more than any human relationship because you are my beloved children. Desire for this relationship and I will give it to you, as you grow in your spiritual life”. On 21.03.1990, the Lord said, “The special gift of the Holy Spirit you have from above, is more precious than gold. Guard it. You will know how to use it in time that my Name may be glorified among the heathen. As commissioned by the Lord Jesus, these messages were written for all to read and be blessed and for the Glory of God. Alleluia! Mrs. Gloria Dharmapalan

God Speaks - Vol II  
God Speaks - Vol II