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Oils Considered Safe for Babies

Massage for Premature Babies Research has shown that gently massaging premature babies actually helps improve their growth and development.

Skin Test There are some oils that have been tested to be safe for baby’s delicate skin but always test first. Apply the oil blend to a small area and leaving it for about an hour. A reaction

According to one study, preemies who were massaged three times daily for ten days gained almost 50 percent more weight, were more active and alert and were able to leave

Massage & Hydrotherapy for Babies

the hospital six days earlier than other premature infants.

will produce red blotching or small bumps that will disappear again within a few hours. If this occurs, choose another oil or blend.


babies and hydrotherapy: Hydrotherapy (or water therapy) can be useful on babies before or after a massage. For colds and sleeplessness a

Lavender is one of the best essential oils to use at home for

warm bath (as warm as possible) followed by a short burst of

natural remedies, as well as for baby. Soothing, antiseptic

cold water can be given. Tightly wrap baby in blanket. You

and antiviral, lavender is gentle and builds your baby’s im-

will be amazed what a nice massage, followed by this method

mune system, clears the airways and helps promote sleep. It

of hydrotherapy will do for babies with colds, colic,

is also suitable for burns and insect bites.

sleeplessness. etc.

Roman Chamomile anti-inflammatory, calms the digestive system and is a powerful sedative, fabulous to coax a baby to sleep. Chamomile Tea is also a acceptable remedy for colic and helping the little one to rest.

Rose Gentle and calming, rose is richly scented and noted for its emotionally soothing quality. Rose helps balance dry skin.

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Mandarin Soothing and gently astringent, mandarin is wonderful for treating anxiety, tension and insomnia. It is useful to help

Deuteronomy 11:18 & 19

Useful for its calming and relaxing properties, chamomile is

regulate your baby’s bowel movements.



techniques HeavenScent Wholistic Health


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Do not carry out massage if your baby:

and repeat the three movements.


Is ill

father and provides a unique opportunity to bond


Curving around your baby's hips pull both simultaneously down the legs to end at the toes.

Is asleep

with your newborn.


Is obviously in pain

In your baby’s first few months, you will have a


Has just eaten

M a s s ag e f o r B a b i e s

Massage can be done by both the mother and

lot of hands-on contact. Wherever possible, introduce light stroking, with or without oil or and your baby will love it. In the bath, use a natural baby wash or an oil blend as if lathering your baby. (Always keep products away from your baby’s eyes as it can affect your baby’s vision and may sting).

Benefits o f

Pat dry with a warm, soft muslin swaddle cloth. Baby massage provides a perfect opportunity to share moments of intimacy, direct physical contact and positive interaction. It helps you both build trust and confidence in each other. Massage the

y o u r


physical b a b y

mutually and



a r e


Encourages muscle coordination and flexibility Promotes sleep Relieves pain Soothes irritations and inflammations Stimulates you baby’s immune system Helps circulation Aids digestion Encourages bowel function Nourishes the skin Enhances emotional security


and for

a b u n d a n t .

massage:         


lotion. It is a natural instinct to stroke your baby

Has just been immunized (wait two days for any reaction, then avoid massaging the injection site for a week)


Has a reactive skin disorder


Some homeopathic medications should not be used with aromatherapy essential oils. Check with your naturopath. A natural base oil such as olive or sunflower can be used on its own. Aromatherapy is the use of extracted oils from botanicals to aid in the healing process through the sense of smell.


Sitting up, gently center your baby on its back. Place both hands at the base of your baby’s lower spine. Using firm and deliberate movements, curve round your baby’s hips and pull both hands Massaging your baby simultaneously down the legs, gently straightening and stretching the leg as with you go, with your thumbs gliding easily over the front of the legs, your child and can calm him encompassing as much of the flesh as patterns possible. You need a generous amount down, of oil on your hands to do this well. . It's Vary each stroke by turning your wrists and slightly, to cover as much of your also a wonderful way for baby’s inner and outer leg area as dads, brothers, sisters, possible.





improve sleep



grandparents and other caregivers to share special time with the new addition to the family.

10 Minute Massage Routine You may start by using a small 10 minute routine of light massage while lying together on a soft towel. This massage can be done daily after bathing or integrated into a full baby massage. It is a good routine for a newborn that is unable to stay still for long. Angle baby slightly on her side, and with well-oiled hands, gently stroke around the shoulders and down the side of your baby’s body. Try to make your strokes as continuous and long as possible. It is likely that your baby will wriggle at first. Making small clicking sounds with your tongue can sometimes center baby’s attention and often stop them from launching into a full-scale cry. Baby’s love rhythm. Still tilted, use slow and sweeping circular movements down one side of the back to the buttocks. Massage the back of your baby’s hips, lower spine and buttocks with slow outward circles. Turn your baby to the other side

Beginning with both hands on your baby’s chest, smooth up and around your baby’s shoulders and out horizontally along its arms to the fingertips. Again, use all of your hand’s surface area and vary the angle on each stroke to cover as much flesh as possible. Placing one hand flat on your baby’s tummy and hold for ten seconds. Then, supporting your baby’s side with the other hand, slowly and gently circle your baby’s tummy. This can be a sensitive area. If your baby resists, hold your hand still for a moment, before slowly resuming the circles. Placing your baby on its tummy, skin to skin on your stomach, slowly stroke down your baby’s back with alternate strokes, gently over the spine. The downward movement has a calming effect on your baby’s nervous system. Then separate your hands slightly so one hand strokes one side of the back and the other strokes the other side, on alternate strokes. Keep the rhythm regular and continuous, all the time communicating with your baby. Finish with a kiss on your baby’s forehead. This massage can be done as often as you wish. This will also go a long way in the bonding process between you and your baby.

Baby Massage and Hydrotherapy  
Baby Massage and Hydrotherapy  

Brochure on how to perform massage therapy and hydrotherapy on baby to help with colic, sleeplessness, etc.