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MID TERM EXAM Introducción a la computación


Licda. Sussana Carranza

What´s the difference between Software and Hardware

EL HARDWARE: Physical components of the computer, is everything that you can see and touch. SOFTWARE: Are the instructions the computer needs to run, not physically exist, or what is the same, you can’t see or touch. .EL







During this first part of the course, I have worked in a variety of tools; MS Word is an amazing tool of work. I listed some of the tools in the diagram down below

Change page color

Personali ze margins

What are the MS Word tools you have worked during this first part of the course?

Design borders and letter size

Insert images

What´s the usage or application you can have for the Smile box site?

At first sight it may seem that there is little in common between developing a Power Point presentation and interacting in a flexible way with a remote audience. However, some interesting approaches have recently appeared in social websites.

Contextuali zación Análisis

Comprobac ión



Smile box is a more focused on the creation and distribution of image galleries that online presentations. However, fairly construct allows entertaining slideshows to which you can add music, transition effects, predefined text and backgrounds. Teacher’s Toolbox gives teachers at all grade levels an easy and creative way to safely share photos, videos, and classroom updates to students and parents. Smile box is perfect for: 

parent newsletters and updates

overviews of teaching units for at-home learning and modeling

award and merit certificates

performance and field trip scrapbooks

classroom activity slideshows

end-of-year photo albums and yearbooks

much, much more

Your classroom creations can be emailed, posted to a school blog or website, burned to DVD or photo frame, or printed for bulletin boards or backpacks. Parents will experience these learning moments as if they were sitting right alongside their child in class. Your kids will love to see themselves and friends featured in creative multimedia designs set to the music of your choice. You’ll be amazed at how easy Smilebox is to use and how quickly you can share classroom memories. We’re confident you’ll give Smilebox an A+ in classroom communication.

List the process you follow to publish a creation on issu

Once you have created a stunning document to impress the world, simply log on to Issu and upload your PDF. The whole process takes about 2 minutes and you now have a digital magazine style document. This can be embedded into a blog or onto your website.

Create a document in a Microsoft Word

Convert the document in a PDF version

Log in or create a new account in

Mention and insert images of all computer devices (input and output)


Input and output devices of a computer system are the devices that connect you to Computer. Input devices let you to transfer data and user command into the computer. Input devices technologies are rapidly developing and are used to interact with the Computer system. For example, you can type in data by using a keyboard, or you can input data in picture form by using a scanner in computer system. Inputs are data or signals received by the computer system and outputs are the data and signals which are sent by it as result after processing the input.

OUTPUT DEVICES: The output devices display the result of input data or signals after processing it. Examples of these could be your computer’s monitor, which displays all the programs

Which are running into the computer, as well as the printer, which will print out a hard copy of the information which is saved in your computer. Input and output devices allow the computer system to interact with the outside world by moving data into and out of the system. An Input device is used to bring data into the system.







Graphics tablet




Bar code reader Joy-stick

Key Board

Bar code scanner




Facsimile Machine


Photo Printer


DVD Player

Flash Memory


LCD Proyector


Photo Printer



Mid Term Exam  
Mid Term Exam  

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