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Life at G&L



This booklet is designed to give information about the education offered to girls at Godolphin and Latymer, with particular reference to Year 7. Girls joining us now will lead very different lives to their parents and it is essential we help to prepare them for this. Thus, we keep the school’s curriculum under review, to ensure that girls are being given the opportunity to develop the skills, habits of mind and dispositions that they will need in our rapidly changing world. (We cannot, therefore, guarantee that what is printed here will remain the same.) It is very important to all of us at Godolphin and Latymer, that girls see their education as not just what happens in classrooms. The extra curricular programme offered to all girls is very broad and diverse and we expect all girls to join in. The potential that this creates for girls to develop lifelong interests as well as skills and qualities that will help them to both enjoy life and be successful is huge. It is also a great way to make friends and have fun. We hope that you enjoy finding out more about what we offer at The Godolphin and Latymer School.




SCHOOL AIMS At Godolphin and Latymer, we aim to provide our girls with an outstanding education. Through the lessons and activities in which they participate, girls learn for life. They develop habits of mind that promote curiosity and initiative, intellectual rigour and independence of thought, reflective learning and flexible thinking, the ability to maintain an open mind and to reach a balanced judgement. They achieve excellent examination results and follow the higher education pathway of their choice at leading institutions in the UK and beyond. At Godolphin and Latymer, we recognise that all our girls are different and we aim to provide each one with a stimulating and enjoyable education. We offer an exciting range of intellectual, creative and physical challenges and opportunities, encouraging the development of individual passions and particular skills alongside the self esteem and confidence with which to succeed in unfamiliar situations. At Godolphin and Latymer, our long history of providing education for girls from a wide range of backgrounds creates an enriching and inclusive atmosphere. Within this principled, caring and friendly community, girls learn to lead, to work together for mutual benefit, to communicate clearly and to forge firm friendships. At Godolphin and Latymer, we encourage girls to learn about local, national and global issues and in so doing we believe they become considerate, compassionate and courageous young women who fully expect to take active responsibility for the community and the environment in which they live, as well as for themselves, both now and in the future.


The school’s pastoral ethos is based on developing the growth of the individual within the community. We aim to encourage our girls to be independent, caring, reliable and responsible members of the school, and to contribute to its life and also the life of the wider community. During their time at the school we hope that our girls’ self-respect and self-confidence will be strengthened, and that respect and care for others will be evident in all they do. We offer care and support to all girls, particularly those experiencing difficulty, and know and value them as individuals, dealing with any problems or concerns on an individual basis.

ORGANISATION For pastoral purposes the school is organised in three ‘sections’ known as ‘Lower School (Y7-9)’, ‘Middle School (Y10-11)’, and Sixth Form. There are Heads of each section and Heads of Year as appropriate for the various stages of school.




Ride the backward bike

CHALLENGE YOUR LIMITS Challenge Your Limits is Godolphin and Latymer’s highly successful resilience programme, which is designed for all members of our community. We believe that resilience is an essential characteristic in developing the ability to overcome adversity, maintain a positive outlook and to embrace challenges. Fear of failure can be a very significant inhibitor to fulfilling potential. We seek to give our students the tools to overcome this fear and develop the confidence to pursue their individual hopes and aims. We want to challenge the notion that perfection is achievable and instead capture the importance of responsible risk-taking. Resilience is an unsung form of heroism which deserves much more celebration than it usually receives! Each year we hold a Challenge Your Limits Week which explores the principles outlined here in a myriad of ways. To find out more about our recent Challenge Your Limitss week please go to ur website to watch the videos.

Test your Jenga skills

Try your hand at plate spinning



Striding forward With support from tutors, peers, buddies and staff, each girl takes her first steps forwards in her secondary education with confidence and reassurance. A collaborative approach between school and parents, through information events and bespoke communication, gives every girl the platform from which to thrive as an individual.

Identifying strengths Every girl has a talent which makes her unique. Inclusivity is championed so that every girl can develop a passion, take responsible risks and embrace challenge. Opportunities to shine are in abundance across the curriculum and beyond.


“Every girl has a talent, a skill, which makes her unique�

Encouraging the individual Our varied form time programme encourages every girl to be curious about her future and the world around her. Subject staff promote a love of learning and intellectual exploration. Girls learn from the school community about the importance of compassion and empathy as they grow.



Learning for Life The Middle School pastoral team seeks to enable each girl to learn skills for life which promote happiness and wellbeing. Girls are supported in their ventures, becoming courageous young women who develop a sense of future directions that they may wish to explore.

Developing Global Awareness The “Perspectives Programme� gives students an opportunity to explore social, political and cultural questions and to develop their understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. Working in House groups rather than forms, to extend their opportunities to mix with a wide variety of their peers, girls discuss challenging topics such as modern day slavery, the power of the mass


media and money and morals.

EXPLORE LIFE New Dimensions

Leadership opportunities come in different forms such as leading a House meeting or designing a form session. Voluntary service is highly valued by those who do it, and most do. Work experience gives all a chance to see what lies ahead. A thorough and bespoke higher education and careers programme gives insight into how to plan for future goals and dreams. Such strong provision of opportunity is the cornerstone of our ethos in preparing girls for their future.

Holistic approach Wellbeing is at the centre of our ethos; the “Lifestyle Plus� programme equips girls for the demands of adolescence, covering healthy living, the importance of exercise, sleep and a good diet. Yoga, mindfulness and Pilates are all offered to help with reflection and relaxation.

Structured Support To ensure that each girl gets the time they need with a form tutor we operate a co-tutoring system with one teacher for 10-12 girls. This tutor will support and mentor the same group for two years, allowing the staff to really get to know each girl and to develop strong bonds of trust and understanding.


SIXTH FORM A new space. A fresh start, whether you are already at G & L or hope to join us. More freedom to manage your own time and more time to reflect. More opportunities to make an impact and to make things happen.



TUNITY Discover new adventures

Support through your journey

Explore your future

Succeed at becoming the person you want to be


LEARNING Only when girls are happy and secure can meaningful and productive learning take place, so we recognise the importance of strong pastoral and academic support. We take a keen interest in each girl’s learning and development as she progresses through the school. We have a carefully designed and much appreciated programme of careers advice and guidance about subject choices, higher education courses and the world of work.

BALANCED LEARNING We offer a broad and balanced curriculum, which provides continuity and progression and fosters moral, cultural, aesthetic and physical development. We aim to nurture a love of learning and help the girls to develop into informed, cultured, civilised and skilled young people, prepared for higher education, the workplace and the challenge of adult life. The curriculum has been devised to be appropriate to girls’ ages, abilities and aptitudes, in order to foster talents and fulfil potential. We expect girls to take responsibility for their own work and be willing to take advantage of the intellectual challenges which are offered to them; we encourage girls to question rather than to accept the received wisdom without thought. Our aim is that girls will become independent thinkers and develop into lifelong learners.


APPROACHES TO LEARNING Through quality teaching we aim to challenge the

of all ages understand what they have achieved and

girls intellectually and foster independent thought

how they could do even better. Staff employ a wide

and learning. We strive for academic excellence in

range of different assessment strategies to help

a stimulating and exciting learning environment in

monitor progress and inform future planning.

which all girls are encouraged to take risks without fear of failure. It is of great importance that students




THE IB AT G&L In the Sixth Form, girls are offered a choice between IB and A Level. The IB Diploma Programme

Technology can complement great teaching but cannot replace it; we believe that it is essential to embrace the opportunities that innovations in technology present so that they enhance teaching and learning rather than disrupting it. Working with iPads provides greater opportunities for girls to interact with their peers and teachers, collaborate, create and reflect in ways that simply are not possible without the technology. We support a blended learning approach where technology is used alongside more traditional teaching methods.

promotes holistic learning and internationalmindedness encapsulating our mission to develop further these essential skills in our students throughout their time at Godolphin and Latymer. Included in the programme are the ‘Core’ elements which comprise the Extended Essay, CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) and Theory of Knowledge; all of which are designed to enhance students’ thinking, critical and research skills as well as their sensitivity to global issues. The attributes of the learner profile influence the styles of teaching and learning across the whole school.


Communicator Open-minded

Risk Thinker


Reflective Knowledgeable





on the p The Learning Habits increase girls’ understanding of how they learn, helping them take greater responsibility for their own learning and giving clear direction when discussing how to improve.

Collaboration working effectively with others as well as individually

Creative thinking looking for opportunities to invent and innovate



demonstrating an open-minded approach to all aspects of their learning


willing to try a different approach if the first attempt fails

demonstrating intellectual curiosity and keen to explore topics in greater depth


Responsible Risk-taking willing to attempt things that are unfamiliar


responding positively and constructively to setbacks and challenges


taking sufficient time to consider answers to questions/contributions to discussion


h the processes outlined

previous pages our aim is


t every girl should be:

Through the process of learning, our aim is that every girl should be:



exploring concepts and issues of local and global significance

developing a natural curiosity and a love of learning


Responsible taking learning into her own hands

acting with integrity and academic honesty

Reflective considering her own approach to learning

Respectful showing care and interest in the approach of others

Expressive communicating information confidently and creatively


BEYOND THE CLASSROOM Whether existing interests are followed or new endeavours are sought, the broad extra curricular programme will provide extensive opportunities for every girl. Investment in activity beyond the classroom can create an inner confidence through the enjoyment of something different and the engagement with like minds.

Learn a new skill Follow a passion Join with like minds Broaden horizons Play a new game Start a club or society






compete or participate

Sport allows every girl time to rejuvenate their minds, helping to promote a positive attitude towards studying whilst working on both individual and team skills. At the heart of our ethos is learning to cope with both success and failure as well as understanding that sometimes we need to take risks.


With this in mind the department offers a wide variety of sports and clubs both within the curricular and extra curricular programmes.

ATION Curricular Activities

Throughout their school career girls could experience the following activities:


EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Every girl, regardless of her ability, has the opportunity to participate in the extra curricular activities of her choice.

Cricket Rounders Tennis Hockey Netball Touch Rugby Trampolining Minor Games Korfball Football Basketball Volleyball Badminton Fitness Health Related Fitness Gymnastics Dance Zumba Pilates Yoga

Girls can choose from: Athletics Badminton Basketball Cricket Cross Country Dance Dance Fit Fencing Football Gymnastics Hockey Karate Kickboxing Netball

Pilates Rock Climbing Rounders Rowing Sports Tour Squash Strength and Conditioning Swimming Tennis Trampolining Volleyball Yoga 21


The Duke of Edinburgh Award The Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme is a wonderful way to expand horizons and challenge boundaries. At any one time over 250 girls will be participating in the scheme across all three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold. Inclusion is the key for D of E and girls will be supported fully by the School; the majority of those in Year 9 will undertake the Bronze award.




Whilst Drama is taught within the curriculum across all years there is an exciting range of dramatic and theatrical experiences on offer for all girls beyond the classroom. With facilities in the Bishop Centre to rival a professional theatre girls can act, produce, choreograph, direct or run the technical aspects of a range of productions. All year 7 girls participate in the bespoke Christmas production, giving a flavour of the theatre. Girls lead and organise the Senior production on their own whilst the benefits of participating in the annual school production and Lower School production is almost immeasurable. Smaller plays might be put on in the drama studio by a group of girls looking to broaden their horizons or even to expand their skills in a foreign tongue. There is something for every girl.

SPEECH & DRAMA Speech and Drama is offered as an additional subject to all students: over 350 girls take this option. Lessons are 40 minutes in duration, and older girls are taught in small or individually whilst Year 7 students are taught in groups of 10. In Year 7, students cover all aspects of the skills required for Trinity Guildhall Solo Speech and Drama examinations. These include acting play extracts, performing poetry, mime, developing improvisation skills, story-telling, sight-reading and discussion. Students begin at Grade 3 level with an examination taken each year culminating in preparing for and taking Grade 8 in the Sixth Form.


Guys and Dolls Peter Pan The Grinch Oliver Thirteen Playhouse Creatures 25


Music making and performing are central to the lives of a great many girls in the School. Over 600 individual lessons take place each week in purpose built practice rooms housed in the recently constructed music school, which also houses a professional standard recording studio and mac suite. Vocalists might sing in one or more of the various choirs and those with instrumental interest have a range of ensemble groups, both large and small, to choose from. From Friday recitals and occasional workshops to formal concerts, with opportunities to play alongside professionals, to the annual music festival where girls perform individually and in self assembled groups there is an arena for all. Music can be a part of a girl’s life every day if she so wishes.


Over 600 individual lessons take place each week in purpose built practice rooms


ART & DESIGN Art and Design offers every girl the opportunity to explore a broad range of materials and processes, whilst also supporting them in developing strong technical skills. The annual Lower School exhibition is an aweinspiring display of each student’s work which has included The Godolphin and Latymer Crufts


Dog Show featuring 3-dimensional moving models and our very own Royal Horticultural Show where large-scale paper rhododendrons formed part of an innovative botanical garden. All extra curricular work is fully supported; a weekly Art club is also on offer which provides the chance for younger girls to work alongside

Sixth Formers, as well as staff. Beyond the Lower School, girls flourish into artists belying their years investigating specialist techniques that keep the department on their toes! It is not uncommon to hear IB and A level exhibitions being compared to works by under, or even, post graduates.

Art club is also on offer which provides the chance for younger girls to work alongside Sixth Formers


Clubs Fair

CLUBS Variety is celebrated across the clubs and societies of Godolphin and Latymer with something for every girl. From scientific minds, to those who want to broaden their gastronomic horizons, clubs are run by the girls for the girls with staff input where appropriate. Clubs are inclusive so girls can experience a full range of interests, even in just one term. If there doesn’t seem to be the right opportunity available, then starting up a new club is always possible!


SciZmic - a great way for year 7 girls to see science in a different light

Splat is the student-run Art History Society lunchtime club. It is also a forum for students throughout the school to present ideas and interests to their peers. Curators, gallery educators, artists, designers and those working in auction houses have all been invited to speak – including parents.

Observe chicks hatch and develop


Tech Club

The clubs and societies fair takes place within the first two weeks of the new academic year and is a great way for all girls to find out what is on offer.

Contribute to or run a magazine in line with your passions and interests.



Physics and Engineering Society

Chess Club

Horticultural Society

CLUBS LIST Aces@Bridge American University Society for Year 11 American University Society Amnesty Animé Club Anthropology Backgammon Biomed Society Brass Ensemble Chess Club China Club Christian Union CREST Current Affairs and Politics Economics Society Enterprise Society Fashion Club Feminist Society Film Club FLACsoc


French Cinema Club French Debating G&L Horticultural Society Games/Programming Club Gastronomy Society Geography Society German Club German Film Club Girl Talk GSA Hans Woyda History Society Inaccurate Classical Film Society Junior Classics Society Junior Writers’ Club Knitting Circle Law Society Literary Society Lower School Drama Club Lower School History of Art

Maths and Computer Sciences Society MFL cooking club Mindfulness Natural Sciences Club Octaves Acapella Open Platform Philosophy Society Physics and Engineering Society Psychology Society Public Speaking Robotics Club Scavenger Hunt Club SciZmic Secular Society Senior Classics Society Senior Writers’ Club Spanish Debating SPLAT Tech Club Worldwise Club

DEBATE Debating is one of the most popular extra curricular activities at the school, with more than a hundred girls taking part. There are three debates a week in the House Debating competition, a weekly Public Speaking

Club, weekly debate training sessions for each year group, and the opportunity to represent the school in a wide variety of competitions.





House Hockey

Copper Trail

Big Draw


Year 7 Drama


The House System extends across all year groups, providing opportunities for girls to get involved in a wide range of activities, many of which are suggested by the girls themselves. The introduction of the House System has enabled girls to build stronger and more supportive links with others in different year groups. This is something which girls particularly appreciate about the House System.

Girls have also valued an increase in leadership opportunities, with House representatives in each year group, as well as House Captain and Deputy House Captain roles in Year 10 and the UVI. The ethos is about inclusivity and stimulating enjoyment, whether that is in individual pursuits such as chess or photography, or collaborative events on a larger scale such as drama or singing.



Geography at Burnham Beeches


History at WW1 Battlefields

EXPLORE Educational visits are an intrinsic part of School life. Girls from every year group will participate in a number of educational visits per year, either as a compulsory part of the teaching and learning programme or as an optional extra. Over 140 visits took place last year designed to enrich cultural awareness, extend academic boundaries, support personal development and embrace exciting opportunities.

Classics in Bath

A selection of visits Y7 Activity Bonding Day Y7 History to St Albans Y8 German to the Christmas Markets in Cologne Y8 Biology to London Zoo Y9 Ski Trip to USA Y9 History to WW1 battlefields Y10 Philosophy and Religion to Trinity Hospice Y10 Exchange with Brearley School , New York Y11/LVI Classics and Italian to Rome and Sorrento 6th Form History of Art to New York 6th form Geography to Iceland 6th Form Cultural visit to Morocco Orchestral exchange visit to Hamburg Rowing Camp in Portugal Geography and Mandarin to Beijing

Physics at CERN



LEARN LANGUAGES AMONGST NATIVE SPEAKERS G & L girls attach great value to the opportunities given to them to undertake school visits to locations which allow them to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom, living alongside and interacting with people who are, as they say, ‘real speakers’ of Mandarin, French, Spanish, German and Italian. Beyond the obvious linguistic and cultural advantages of visits abroad, school visits worldwide play an important part in the development of personal and social qualities of all our girls.



China Town




World Challenge gives girls from Year 11 and the Lower Sixth the perfect opportunity to extend beyond their comfort zone. A three or four week expedition involves trekking, volunteering and total immersion in a different culture. This is really the girls’ own trip, where they are put in charge of their budget, itinerary and logistics once on the expedition. Girls learn the values of leadership, teamwork and compromise; skills which will equip them well for the rest of their lives.



COMMUNITY Community is an important part of Godolphin and Latymer’s ethos. The girls and staff show huge commitment to giving something back to our community through the many diverse opportunities available. Community Links Programme Over half the girls in Years 10, 11 and the Sixth Form volunteer each year as part of our Community Links Programme. Placements are extremely rewarding for the girls and centre round meeting and working with people with a range of needs in schools, care homes and youth groups. The Raising and Giving (RaG) Team The RaG Team consists of a group of Upper Sixth girls committed to leading the school in raising money for a wide range of charities. Activities include weekly collections and cake sales, along with a variety of events and mufti days. They also organise monthly Tea Afternoons for local elderly residents, where girls across the school volunteer to meet and chat to members of the local community over tea, musical entertainment and bingo. The Development Office The Development Office aims to link the current school community, Old Dolphins (Old Dolphins’ Association) and past staff and parents. A series of fundraising events support the Bursary Fund, Annual Giving Programme and Capital Projects, as well as raising funds for a range of charities. Our biggest fundraisers are our Gala Dinner and Auction and our annual Christmas Bazaar. The Old Dolphins’ Association maintains an active network of Old Dolphins. They regularly sponsor community events and provide opportunities for Old Dolphins to engage with the wider G&L community.


Primary Schools’ Partnership At Godolphin and Latymer, we are committed to offering opportunities for local primary school children. We share our sporting facilities and fund both climbing and trampolining opportunities. The pupils have enjoyed netball, rounders and football. In conjunction with the primary schools we have developed a programme of talks engaging the pupils in science and cookery. A key focus has been to support primary school literacy projects and we have done this through fundraising events such as the Literary Festival.





Acapella Choir



(science nightclub)

Trashion show 42

Open Platform


US universities

C Big Draw

Hampton Centre


Peer mentors











E Darkroom


Jazz Band

Rock climbing


Xmas Bazaar


Ecology Garden




Flamenco Dancing


Guys and Dolls



Lipsync Battle


Speed Dating



Zumba 43


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Life at G&L  

This booklet is designed to give information about the broad education offered to girls at Godolphin and Latymer.

Life at G&L  

This booklet is designed to give information about the broad education offered to girls at Godolphin and Latymer.