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2012-2013 Media Center News


Welcome Back! So far this school year we have gotten off to a great start! We have been signing up students with library accounts as each class comes to the media center. Thanks to everyone for supporting us in this effort. Our goal is to help all students set-up library accounts for self-management. Media Center UseOur total class use for August was 22, and our total number of classes for September was 184. You are able to schedule time for your class on the 2012-2013 Media Center Schedule which is found on the shared drive in the media center folder. You can also schedule the laptop cart for class use. The Laptop Cart Checkout schedule can be found in the same shared folder as the media center schedule.

Destiny Catalog

Library Policies

When you bring your class to the media center for the first time this year, please allow time (15 min) so that we can review the media policy, and have students create an account in Destiny. We will also let them know that there is a new free mobile app (Destiny Quest) available at the App store or Googleplay. Our goal this year is to have 100% of our students managing their Destiny account.

The media center has some Media/ Tech up dates this year. Please share them with your students. *All students will use student email this year; academic communication, Web 2.0 tools registration, etc.

[School board policy on electronic resources]

*Media staff will launch student email in classrooms and media center. *Digital Citizenship– Students’ Usernames using Web2.0 tools should NOT contain their name, personal (birthday, etc.) or inappropriate names. (Web2.0 like Glogster, Popplet, Voicethread). *Regarding branding, students should use avatars for profile pictures, no personal photo. (see for avatar creators) *Independent reading is welcomed during advisory, classes, and throughout the school day. We will work to assist students in exploring genres. *No earbuds except for assignments requiring video/audio. We do not supply headphones. *No music in the media center either from web or cellphone; no earbuds. *Media policy during school hours; according to school board policy, electronic resources are for educational purposes; **NO Twitter, Youtube, games or other web applications unless used for research, homework or classwork. **During scheduled classes in the media center, once students have completed assignments, logoff, unless extended targeted classroom activity; no surfing. **When a student finishes his/her work we have board games, puzzles, magazines and books for their use.

2012-2013 August-September Edmodo Over the last few weeks we helped launch several classes in Edmodo. *Stop by the media center if you need the school code; you can logon and join at that time. Please do not share school code. As students set up their accounts, ask them to set their notification to text until they receive student email. Uncheck other boxes and leave alerts, assignments, and quizzes checked. Student email has been delayed due to server issues. *Remember to use the portal. NOT Make sure students have an avatar for their profile - do not leave blank; no personal pics; avatars should be unique (branding) for students so that they are easily identifiable. Magazines *Encourage students to add Just a reminder of what the library resources to their student has to offer this year. “backpack” and share. Also, students can use the backpack Discover to upload a document that American Heritage was started at home/school Fantasy & Science Fiction and open later. Outdoor Life ~ Whole Living *SIT and SES teachers that Parents ~ Outdoor Photography need more Edmodo help after initial training, don’t hesitate Teen Vogue ~ Entertainment Weekly to contact the media center for People en Espanol ~ ESPN a 1:1 or small group session. Everyday with Rachael Ray Remember, if you are launching Road & Track ~ Lucky Edmodo on your own you must Scientific American have a Netiquette policy in place to teach and reteach appropriate Smithsonian use language and respect. This portal is to be used for academic purposes only; not as a chat room. Teachers: Logging into Destiny Library page - Use icon on desktop or from home - Username: buildingnumber""emailname" ex. 300johndoe - Password: "buildingnumber""jobid" ex. 300125763 *you can search and create book lists for topics, resources for unit lessons, etc.

Media Center Newsletter- 8/12-9/12  

School media center newsletter.

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