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his year we introduces a brand new exciting enterprise, set to make a ‘huge’ difference to the lives of those seeking to find their inner and outer beauty. By introducing top fashion tips and solutions , beauty and entertainment this company is dedicated to making you feel fantastic.


am glad to introduce to you this fast edition of our In Style Journal, issue that will be featuring Fashion/Models, Art, and Events Musicians, Sportsmen/women, Fashion designers, Models, and CEO of companies both upcoming and real celebrities.

Our company is a two people idea, after a research in our we realized that there is a group of people that are being since there are a small society trying to come up and get noticed, upcoming artist in various filed. The project was thought out and we decided to take the challenge, to be frank its not an task bearing in mind the people you are looking for are people commitments and busy in there own businesses, thanks God the here and running with no hesitations. In Style is happy to grant you an opportunity to showcase your self you are the celebrity the society at large should be eyeing on., this time opportunity We are a liaison magazine that will cut across the community at from the CEO of a big organization to the youngest music star ambitions is to grow and be a CEO of his/her own company or a All this is possible if you support us and we support you in growth. seen the Tujipange crew, the WAPI crew, Phat and Scarecrow all this community rising to the top in determinations.

it’s a monthly this are our own Art men/ women magazines eliminated this is our in 2012 easy with issue is and prove is a life large whose studio. We have are a youth

Member’s staffs & those who have contributed

1st Issue In Style


Free Vibe: As the editor of In Style Journal, I give thanks to all my acquaintances and riders of this Journal, I am privileged to give you this Free vibe column that gives you the rite and authority to jot your comments about the Section and its related stories. This is a liaison column that is intended to bring the society at large and the In style crew to work together and help each other, this is a social club with good intentions to revive the forgotten and the ignored Celebrities. Is there a local celebrity that you know and you fill He/She have been forgotten or left out? Do you have there contacts or you know how we can locate them? Kindly send as a line or two to and we will appreciate. Have we given you enough information or is there information you fill was not written to you satisfactory? Do you have more ideas that you want us to adapt? Send us an e-mail with your Name and a day time contact for a clear good customer service

make news Have you been promoted? Are you a CEO of an up-coming company? Are you an up coming Artist or a local Celebrity? Are you a producer, promoter, MC, or a Spencer and you want recognition? Look no further Send us your details or your story to


1st Issue In Style

Name: Julie Wanjiku.



Have my own Event and Events and Décor Company, I hold the ranks of a Marketing Director and a Marketing Executive respectively. Don’t be amazed that I hold two jobs, yes I do and it is working out great I just make sure I dedicate equal time to both companies. Well in the advertisement industry I have appeared in a print Ad, which I did for a company called “Money Maker “ though they deal with farm equipments i.e. the water pumps for irrigation “The money maker pumps”. The bei was sawa as the only work I had to do is pose nicely for a photo to be taken ha ha aa!”. Other industries tend to recognize

Without even noticing I found myself modelling in beauty pageants you after they see you in the Advert so it’s also a good way to market yourself.

and also I was an Administrator of Sunflower Kids Club which was an arm of Balozi. Here I learnt all there is to know in events. After a learnt the art of events I moved from Balozi and joined another company called Showbiz Lighting Productions as a marketer. We used to provide décor to Corporates. I lasted for an year in this company and as a good apprentice I felt that I needed to put in to practice what I had learnt in this companies, Got some partners and together we started Ayanna Events & Décor which deals with both events Logistics and décor, working here up to now. Being a young girl with a lot of energy I used to love dressing up and applying makeup, this lend me to admire models as they were always nicely dressed with well put makeup. Without even noticing I found myself modelling in beauty pageants, I excelled very well that one day while I was taking part in Miss world Kenya 2002 District level the organizer noticed me as I stood out from the rest, I found myself choreographing and coordinating

the rest of the girls who were my competitions. i became the second runners up and this meant that I would proceed to the provincial level. After the completion I secured a job Automatically with the organizer of the event as I had a lot of potential, choreographed in majority of the beauty pageants done by this company, This made me stop modeling as now I was always an official or a judge this majority of the events, plus it was a higher position for me with good

I started from humble beginning as you never wake up one day and find yourself on top you have to persevere and work hard to be at the top. My first job I used to work in a restaurant “lemon n Lime “where I used to deliver food to offices. I lasted for only a month though the job taught me how to be accommodative to different types of personality, sometimes you could be late to deliver the food and the client will refuse to eat it leave alone pay for it. I later moved to Balozi Productions Limited which used to handle events logistics here I assisted in putting together events

1st Issue In Style


wanted to work with already established companies, we never gave up instead it really made us work even harder and within no time we had

Dinner dinner dinner, for dinner one will have to look smart, sexy and elegant at the same time. For

pay too. Slowly I moved from modeling to events which am doing till now. As I said earlier a good apprentice is the one who learns the art of something and goes out there to practice this art only this time making it better and packaging it more attractively. We should not have the fear of the unknown as it makes us not realize our maximum potential. Because

The challenged we incurred while starting the company is lack of capital and marketing our small company was also difficult as clients


entice. For men they can get away with a nice suit dark color too e.g. black or grey no tie, also casual smart can really work well with a date, collogue is a must have.

I lead a simple life, down to earth kind of person but that doesn’t mean am not aggressive, am a go getter and impossible

is not in my vocabulary. Being in and out of meetings and also spending time in the field doing the production of our events, I dress in suit and high heels “love the skirts suits more as I

1st Issue In Style

ladies a nice dinner dress will do, it can be of any length short or long, dark colors are mostly recommended during this time e.g. black as they are easy to accessorize. Make up has to be in place nicely done with a flashy lipstick. don’t forget to wear some perfume, it should not be too much to avoid chloroforming your date instead it should

Persil of me as I show love to the people I love on a daily basis, especially to the man that I love.

Every day is not all about work, I take a break from it now and then as we all know work without play can really make you worked up when am not at Wa! true be told I work I spend time with my love stopped working (catching up, doing movies, out last year as lunches and dinners) I also my job demanded create time for my nephews majority of my time, and nieces (this young guys this has lead me in are very creative and sharp gaining a full kilo, they will amaze you). it’s a must go now, making plans to join My advice to the youth is one has it has come that they should stop looking near our offices. for employment. Instead Girls don’t be like they should seek to employ me hit the GYM. themselves. Just have faith and put God first and the rest will fall in place. Don’t give an excuse that you don’t have capital. The bible says in HUBAKUK 2:2-3 write down your ideas, put them on the table for people to read and believe you me you won’t lack someone to fund the idea, it may take time but don’t be discouraged as it will surely come.

big companies in our docket.

A good apprentice is the one who learns the art of something and goes out there to practice i knew I had what it takes it was easy for me to go ahead and start a company with other partners. I have never looked back since.

love showing off my legs, I have nice ones u know ha ha” and am also comfortable in casual smart, anyway the events of the day will dictate what I wear.

Am an outgoing person, aggressive and creative too. As to stay afloat in the industry you have to possess all these and much more. According to the world valentines is the day that you show love to your loved ones. For me valentines is always part and


y names are J.E Njuki Kihori am the Managing Director of Ayanna Events and Décor, Junto Builders Ltd – Managing Director, Rotuba Enterprises Ltd – Director and Gerevi Investments International Ltd – Managing Director in all the 4 companies I have shares in them, they are my investments and trust me its not an easy task. I have done several successful events with Ayanna Events and Déco some of this being Central Bank of Kenya – end year party, Citi group – end year party, Energy Management Awards among many others all this happened in different years. What Inspiration me to start my companies was the need in the market for a one stop shop company to offer most services needed in events, To challenge myself to grow more in business and To work on my talents as a multitasking person and enjoy my advantage. Challenges are there in all that you do, the major once are Lack of trust form clients those who promises business and they don’t fulfill there promises, The pressure to prove yourself first, attitude among clients and Finding the middle ground between quality and quantity My life style is simple and calculated just like any other business person we are all risk takers and so are our life styles.

My life style is simple and calculated just like any other business person we are all risk takers and so are our life styles. My dress code is simply Smart casual, am not a tie guy. How should one dress when going for Dinner? I believe Always dress for the occasion it says a lot about someone. I don’t believe in valentines I strongly believe that love should be spread and celebrated on any day of the year Am not a gym guy I prefer a run in the morn and some push ups Personality – am optimistic the kind that see the glass half full and enjoy life to the fullest About my self, I like slow music Rhythm

and Blooz (R & B) and Gospel. I play basketball and was in the school team, I like gadgets and I guess the greatest innovation that man made after sliced bread is the mobile phone.

in negative things never helped we have the potential and ability to make things happen and to turn things around fear God for he is the mighty on, be good and enjoy

My Leisure time – driving around visiting relatives and spending time with my wife and my Advise to the youth, keep a level head don’t immerse yourselves

Thank you in advance.

1st Issue In Style



usiness Cover


Scarecrow Modeling and Casting Agency

CEO Scarecrow Modeling and Casting Agency

Q: A:

Your Names are? Mr. James Nyagwange Ngungu.

Q: A:

Which is your job description? C.E.O Scarecrow Modeling and Casting Agency.

Q: A:

Which was your job background before becoming the CEO of scarecrow? This is my 1st job, I am an entrepreneur.

Q: A:

What dose your job as a CEO entail? Delegation, Account Acquisition and executive decision, basically to show a good example to may staffs I go out and bring the business in.

Which were you r 1st challenges? Account Acquisition.

Q: A:

Q: A:

Which are your recurring challenges since then till this time? Account Acquisition, self motivation and client retention.

What are your daily challenges? Cost of life and Business is to high.

Q: A:


1st Issue In Style

Cedric Gacheru, Marketing Executive Q: A:

What are some of the most remarkable achievement that your company has made in the resent year? Securing major advertisement, for example the Olympic torch that we did with the scangroup, Thank to Makena and Kirumburu.

What’s your major goal? Co expansion.

Q: A:

Q: A:

What drives you to work harder in life? Am the breadwinner, everyone depends on me including the new benz at DT Dobie.

Q: A:

To sustain the company, what’s your standpoint? Client retention, I give thanks to our models, and all our supporting clients, the models are everything without them there is no scarecrow so they are our top priority always. I want to take this opportunity to thank every model who signed exclusively with us. Good things are around the corner.

Q: A:

Who are your competitors? We do not see this as a competition, competitor or not we’ll be here 4ever u see like a game of pool, one have to concentrate on his on balls to be the winner.

Q: A:

What have you done to remain the top? We have delivered, we work harder and smatter everyday.

Q: A:

The advantage that you have over your competitors? I don’t know because I don’t know there strength or weaknesses, like I said I don’t consider this a competition.

Q: A:

How is your product name doing local market? The name scarecrow has been very controversial but we say is are you concerned with the name or the service delivery and our efficiency.

Q: A:

Who designs your logos, your tread name and brand name? we have different graphic designers big respect to Bert brush and Clay.

Q: A:

Being the winning company what is your advice & challenges you fear most? Challenges are handles to jump.

Q: A:

Have your company ever worn any award and which ones and how does it fill? We endorse one female and one male who are at the top of their game every year. Our jewelry division does that. Last year we endorsed Grace Msalame with jewellery of her choice worth around Kshs.100,000. We have a jewellery division where we deal with precious stones e.g. Rubies,Tanzanites,Tsavorites which we buy from miners and set them on precious metals e.g. gold, white gold & silver. The guy incharge of that department is called Musau Muinde. Watch out for him, hes the next big jeweler.

Q: A:

Tell us how you manage to balance personal and professional life? we actually don’t have any social life. Our staff works 24/7/365. We have free time on holidays and when we close for the year around Dec 20th till next year.

Q: A:

Do you love music, movie, enjoying your self out of your job place? I have music and movies in my office infact we sell them.

Q: A:

During your holidays what do you love to see most? We always take a vacation to whenever we fell like going i.e. depending with the cash flow. We work hard for our money all year round so we play hard and spend a lot when we’re out.

James Ngugi and Sedric Gacheru

“I would like to say that all this would not have been possible if i did not have the best right hand man a guy could have and i just want to take this opportunity to thank mr.cedric kitts gacheru.also to all the models and clients who gave us a try-thank you!” ABOUT SCARECROW MODELING. The Scarecrow Limited was founded by James Nyagwange Ndungu. Scarecrow modeling and casting agency is a division of Scarecrow Limited. Its aim is to recruit both male and female aspiring models to work with us with an objective of fulfilling their modeling goals. COMMERCE HOUSE (F2 BUILDING NEXT TO KENYA CINEMA), MOI AVENUE Nairobi, Kenya or

Mr. Lenny and James

1st Issue In Style




get in a classic office in Westlands where Sneed music and entertainment is located, I meet toxic singing silently and jovial, here eyes could tell she is in a good mood, next to here is Victor and some job subordinate planning there next move. Some few chats and smiles the interview begins... Q. Your real names? A. Juliet Kwamboka. Q. Stage Name? A. Toxic Dancers (Group name). Q. Who is Toxic generally? A. Am aged 20 and I work as an administrations officer and choreographer, my responsibilities is training dancers and marketing them. Services/Products offered-urban dance performances etc. Q A.

When did you start dancing? I started dancing when I was aged 6 but professionally, when I left high school in 2006. When I was in school I realized I had a talent in dancing and by that I never hesitated I took it as a career.

Q. When did Toxic Start? A. I started intoxicating dancers in 2007. Q A.


Tell us about the shows you have covered within and outside the country? Shows performed, I have worked with a couple of big names within-Virgin Atlantic, KBC, Homeboys Radio, artists like Jua cali, barclays bank and many others.

1st Issue In Style




Outside of Kenya I have a couple of shows lined up in Dubai, Germany and Sudan. To surpass competition one has to be focused and ready to go to the next level. I have appeared in music videos of different artist, and toured around Ooh! Not forgetting I am Jua cali choreographer.


Q   Tell as about your Achievements /milestones? A. I won the funky personality award at Chaguo la teeniz awards in 2007 and recognition of forming a dance troop and managing it. Q What else do you do apart from dancing? Do you also singing? A. I only do dancing and work as an administrations manager at SNEED MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT. Q   What are the challenges you face as a dance troupe? A. There is allot of competition but that is not hard to deal with I always make sure I am a step ahead of their game. Q. What should we expect from you this year? A. Allot of success related to us. Big-time watch us and learn. Q. Future plans? A. Only God knows and he gives us a go ahead, we have Tours within Kenya and outside and we have seen him through. Q. Should we expect toxic to perform in Mombasa soon? A. Yes you should that’s our next big project, Coast here we came. Story by Godfrey



1st Issue In Style




Q: You Real Names? A: Nemeye Khadija Q: Stage Name? A: Major

Q: Would you like to be doing Collabo with other artist? A: It’s a good project since you share ideas and blend it up but currently no! am not comfortable I want to make thing solo establish my self fast although there is a collabo song called “Mezesha” coming out. Q: Tell me where do you see your self 5 years from now? A: I will be the same Singer, may by that time ill have produced 5 albums and may be 10 hot videos clips.

Ok won

Q: Apart from music would you like to do any thing more, May be changing Career? A: NO! No chance am music till the end of time, Music has given me life, has brought me where I am its like Air to me can’t live without.


Q: Tell us about your new collabo “Roundi hii si Mchezo” with Madtraxx and Jimw@tt? A: Nothing was planned, Madtraxx was in our studio chilling when we started making the beat, the phrase“Roundi hii si mchezo” by madtraxx come out of his mouth, then jimw@t responded, I was like “ni mejor, madtraxx na jimwizzy ni genge eeee!” and there a song we composed. “Something funny about this song no one ever remembered it in the studio, till one day clemo insisted we do it againand send it to the media bearing in mind Madtraxx is from the Code Red studio and me and Jimw@t from calif it was a great Success”

Q: Who is your greatest inspirational person? A: Fast is Jua kali, I loved his music even before I ever meat him, I want to grow like him in the market and industry, next is Clemo our producer he is like a God father to many, I love his thinking, the way he coordinate things his tracks, yep they are the two most influential people I have known in the resent times. Q: Do you have an album? A: Yep its coming out soon I am exited since it will be my 1st ever

Q: How soon are we expecting it? A: May be as from May next year, the reason why that late we have “Ngeli ya genge” that is currently in the market to be launched and its not cool to saturate the market with all our products, its good to give space and see the response from the people out there.


1st Issue In Style

Q: How do you market you Songs apart from using media? A: it’s a funny way but it works for us, if Jua kali is going to perform in Nakuru he Carrey some of our albums for marketing, if am going elsewhere I carry there album to for sale we promote each other.

Q: How is your social life? A: I love the way people out there have accepted me and my music, its good they have understood my back ground and accepted my creativity. I give big Thanks to Clemo, Calif crew and my fans out there for your support. You have all motivated me to write more and better music.

Sheena She? Who is

She is an up-coming artist that every Calif person is inspiring, We want to promote Sheena, she is Creative, Good looking and ready to turn Calif to another level, Songs: Asanti Majengo Sheena and Major Fursa Sheena and A-antos


Major and Sheena

1st Issue In Style




ISS Rhym



1st Issue In Style




reestyle was a western way of expressing them self ’s in rhyme music, this has brought up many Artist and has improved there performance over the years of practicing freestyle hip hop. Kenyans have imitated this, mainly the youth who have found it competitive in lyrics and rhymes. We have several musicians who have taken this advantage of free styling and we have seen there music creeping to the top as there Names shine above the chat list. By this the music industry has grown and the music studios increased in random, Mc’s and the DJ’s skills uplifted the entertainment industry has matured, a

good example is the WAPI crew where many youth flocks at the British Council in Kenya every month to show there skills and talents, it’s

amazing watching even the small Mc’s growing up in music the crowd cheering to the best flow of rhymes

The media groups have participated in making up musicians and encouraging them to work even harder to achieve the best, Code red, Gheto Radio, Home boyz among other recording studios have brought Nairobi to blaze up in freestyle, among the musicians are the Wenyeji and there up-coming Eastlandos, Juliani our Gospel Singer, Tropizo, Point Blank among many more who are straggling to the top. Celebz mag would like to give enough respect to all those who are doing positive things to bring a better society, life is doing what you love the most and perfecting it.

1st Issue In Style




• • • •


The Scarecrow Limited was founded by James Nyagwange Ndungu In early 2007. It is a group of companies. The parent company is Scarecrow Modeling and casting agency. Its partners are James Nyagwange Ndungu, Cedric Kitts Gacheru, and Sylvia Mtange. Its aim is to recruit both male and female aspiring models to work with us with an objective of fulfilling their modeling goals.

MODEL TYPES. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Fashion models. (f) Cover girl / boy models. (c/g,c/b) Casting models. (tv) Celebrity models. (cl) Car models. (a) V.I.P models. (v) Dance models. Deaf models. (d) Voice over models (vo)

Casting Classes • •

Job creation. The more the business grows, the more personnel it would require. The business would also create room for competition among all the alike businesses in the industry hence improving service and products, and in the long run, the industry as a whole.

ACHIEVEMENTS. Scarecrow Modeling and Casting Agency is a new company that started its operations in July 2007. We however have made the following achievements: •

Group Modeling IMPORTANCE. • I want to improve the industry. For example, advertising agencies go to other countries to make commercials/ advertisements for companies or products simply because they needed a thousand models and there was nowhere they could find them. • If the youth knew that, for example, in the holidays or any of their free time they could audition for a role in an advertisement and make money while still in school, they would engage less in anti-social behavior brought about by poverty.

We have signed most of the top celebrities (musicians) who include; Ukoo Flani Mau Mau-best hip hop group in Africa, Jua Cali, Mr.Lenny, Grace Msalame-of KTN’s straight up, Syd, Chiwawa and others we have on the negotiating table. Most of our fashion models have titles e.g. Ms. Utalii, Ms. NIBS (Nairobi Institute of Business Studies), Ms. KU (Kenyatta University), and Ms. CUEA (Catholic University of East Africa). This also includes their respective male counterparts. You can check with any of the schools administration to confirm. Our models have auditioned for Mnet’s CATWALK KENYA and three were short listed and out of the three, one was picked for the participation in the reality show. Her name is Diana Nekoye. You can also check this with the Mnet administration.


Model on the Runway

Fashion Classes


1st Issue In Style

1st Issue In Style




Name: Agnes Akinyi aged 21 years. Height 5’7. Schooling at Moi University, Main Campus Course: Bachelor of Arts (Government and Public Admin) 2nd year. Agency and Katmovee : Touch Modeling Q. How do you connect your school work and modeling? A. It’s really hard for me to balance school and modeling because the agencies that signed me up are in Nairobi and am in Eldoret. An actual physical Presence is necessary because sometimes urgent auditions or events pop-up in the middle of exams so I really lose allot of chances. But for me school comes first. Q. Tell us more about your self ? A. Socially I am not so much of a partying person. The only times I go out is when there’s a gospel gig. Otherwise I spend most of my weekends in my room. Family wise I come from a single parent family. I am the last born and the only chic. (Now you know where I get the good looks) My hobbies, I love watching TV (documentaries & series) and listening to music (rock and soul). Q. I understand you are Miss Moi University? A. Yap I am the Reigning Miss Moi University 2008/9. Q. Tell me about the Event? A. It was a very disappointing one. Disorganized from the start I was even in my room when my name was being called out, for my efforts I was given a Motorola c118, a lunch voucher from Prime Chic Inn and a 2K Nakumatt shopping voucher. I believe what made me win the judges’ affection was my confidence, walk,


1st Issue In Style

interaction with the crowd, outfits and elegance. Q. Ever done any other event other than this? A. Yap I took part in Mr and Miss Vision Institute of Professional studies Nairobi in April 2007. I was the 1st runners up. Q. Tell us your inspirations, who inspired you locally and internationally? A. Locally I am inspired by my mum who’s proved to me that you can rise from grass to grace. Because I didn’t have the best life growing up (financially) but look at where I am now a celeb and I own stuff in my closet that can feed one for a month “I aint flossing” Just proud to mention God’s blessings. Internationally I am inspired by Eva Mercille who was brought up in the ghetto like me but rose to become America’s Next Top Model. I also admire her catwalk. Q. If you don’t mind who would you like to give gratitude, who have motivated you in your new career? A. To my role model Faith Kathungu she made me realize everything is possible and she’s the one who made me take that step in doing charity work.

My manager Christine Atieno she made me believe in my self and trained me. Tony Chirah (Immortal Dream) made me regain confidence just when I was about to quit modeling. You’re the best Tony. My funs and family for believing in me and their support. Q. Tell us about the challenges to maintain the Title (Crown)? A. Dieting? Hell no. I was born with an amazing appetite. But I do work out I go for roadwork every morning and aerobics in the evening. Fashion It was really hard 4 me to say goodbye to my tomboyish look (u know, t-shirts, jeans n sneakers)but I realized I am representing the beauty of Moi University so I had to change my wardrobe which was not easy financially. I did it finally I am one of God’s blessed but do I say. People attention! This has been the trickiest bit I walk around campus and everyone turns their heads... At first it was fun and good with my head high but it got too much, I only get out when necessary now coz I am scared of the attention. So if you’re new at Moi campus you’d see me after like a month.

Friends, of course people now want to be associated with me so i gat to be really careful. But I still keep my old friends close. They know fame can’t Aggie that I was. My next pageant is on January 24th 2009 Mr. and Miss Kenya Rift Valley/Tourism. I know am going to make it and charity work begins thereafter. Q. Do you have ambitions? Tell us! where do you see your self after school on your modeling career, bearing in mind we have seen other Quite in the middle? A. I’ll sure continue with modeling after school and I know then ill have allot of time and I’ll be permanently based in Nairobi so it will be allot easier and yes am very ambitious. Q. If all goes well and you are nominated in top models Like miss Kenya, what would you like to do in your Community and society at large? And why? A. So far I’ve organized a fun day for kids at Kesess in Eldoret, I’ve done a clean up at Mukuru Kayaba in Nairobi with a group of People Living with HIV. I plan to do allot if I make it to the top. But for now I’m interested in Supporting the Girl Child. Short term plans are to provide what these girls (at least 10 of them) need for their survival especially in boarding schools. In future I’d like to put them throw school like pay their fees and all. It Sounds impossible but yes I can I’d do this because when I was in high school I saw very intelligent girls dropping out of school because of lack of basic needs which makes them have low self esteem and also lack of fees. Another area is doing clean ups especially in the informal settlements of Nairobi. I worked in Kibera, Korogocho and Mukuru for 3 months Last year and I learnt allot about the importance of hygiene in these areas. So yap I’ll also look into that any NGO interested in working with me is most welcome. Q. What is your advice on up coming models? A. To the up-coming models confidence is the key thing in this industry If u don’t have that you can forget modeling. Believe in yourself when u go to an audition or any pageant just believe that you’re all they want and in pageants know that its all about charisma and elegance. Finally i know this is so cliché but Put God First in all you do He’s all you need.


1st Issue In Style


mr. and miss


Easter holiday was a good weekend full of events and celebrations all over the world, to me it was no different since I had to join my friends in all events as long as they were within my rich. One of the event was brought by Extreme School of hair dressing & beauty parlour held at Red Nover Kiambu town, the event was to nominate Mr/Miss Kiambu 2009-10. The event was colorful; the crowd was wild to see the beauty of young men and women dressed in all kind of dressing to impress the judges and the audience, despite the chilly whether the event kicked on as planned. There was a variety of dressing, Traditional wear Egyptian, Muslim, Official and not forgetting other garments made of grass and rids. Time was here late night when the event was almost coming to an end, the Dj still grooving loving music for people to dance and banish the cold, the judges preparing for the nomination of Miss and Mr Kiambu one could tell the decision was not that easy since we had different categories to pick from and they all looked good at one time they could go and came


1st Issue In Style

back without a final decision but the musing booming made ever one relaxed. Finally the moment was here the MC controlled the DJ and the Judges’ this was there time to spick, to one voice the patricians were invited over once more to pared in front of the crowd …….. to some silence. Decision has been made and the Miss Kiambu 2009/10 is ……

Mr. Kiambu 2009/10 is……….

Trizahrose Wambui

Timothy Mwangi……

The voice of screems in rejoice was over whelming one could think Man u or Arsenal Just worn the Cup of Gold.

The crowd rejoice was no better.

They were both Crowned to the occasion, Mr Dj was back in business till morning, the crown dancing others full of extortion one by one working others drove home ….it was such a successful event this is one among other occasions which will remain in the minds of many.

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OLD TED OMONDI Q. What does you career entail? A. Play rugby, it is very demanding u have to train prepare mentally and physically. Q. What are the challenges in your Career? A. It is very demanding, high expectations as a player and during matches Q. How/What do you do to stay on top? A. I love wat I do, remember who I represent my family n Kenya and above all identity Q. To be Successful what is required? A. Hardwork Q. About your self out of the camera who are you? A. I am a professional player Q. How is your relation? A. It is complicated but am seeing a model from Europe (foreigner) miss del marie


Q. What part does your family play when it comes to work and home issues? A. They are motivating, Q. What to you do for leisure? A. Listens to genge, enjoys movies,rnb, dancehall but isn’t into fashion. Q. How do you think the society out there, what they think of you? A. Respectfull and view me from a different calibre Q. Do they juggle parental responsibilities & careers ? A. Plan to have a family in near future Q. Do you love holidays? Where do you go? A. Going to Colorado for 4 months. Q. Favorite TV station Radio station, designer Clothing you love most, and why? A. Capital fm,ktn, clothing fundi frank. Q. are you ever angry? Why and what makes you angry? A. No

Understanding of pple/share time with other pple(family comes first) Q Future plans: 10 Years from now, where do you see your self? A Play for a team called stade de france   Politics in relation to career 1. Effect of politics to there daily lives? People are never satisfied 100%, Q. How did you see Kenyan in sevens? A. The team has grown and I can see you are making a History here, the win New Zeland and England 24 – 0, whooow! That was cool now I have determinations its going to the Rugby World Cup Sevens in Dubai Q What do u think about celebz? A It a gud idea of the company to represent kenyan stars, it like giving them apart in the back applaud them. Q. Principals by the way you live? A. To make urself best of wat u can be when I can be

Challenges of life: How to overcome Piracy, Crowd, Talent & Career Vas Family (Time), Privacy (Paparatsy)? STORY BY TASH


1st Issue In Style

Q. Who is your role model? A. None at the moment the ones who have been there have disappointed him Ted Omondi plays for a team called Cergy Frantoise. School went to Kisumu (Victoria Primary School), Secondary (St. Mary’s School Yala) Home Area: Migosi Kisumu. Prepared by Tash.


1st Issue In Style


Aquarium - Jan 21 - Feb 19 AQUARIUS BABY:

The Aquarius baby learns to laugh before it learns anything else. They seem to be filled to bursting with a joy at the sheer fun of being alive and the most simple things can set them going on incredibly infectious fits of giggles. As they get a little older the Aquarian quirkiness will begin to show. This can take many forms from a fascination with odd things such as the washing machine or the patterns on a carpet to a need to listen to decidedly non- infant music to help them sleep. The Aquarian youngster is a thoughtful little soul and will ask the most fascinating and innocent questions. Issues like the color of the Universe before it existed will keep them in deep thought for hours even before they start school. Your Aquarian child may well be musical and even the simplest instrument can be a great way for them to develop their natural talents.

Pisces - Feb 20 - Mar 20

PISCES BABY: Whoever said that truth comes out of the mouths of the young must have been thinking about Piscean children. These little ones are the wisest of all the zodiac signs and can often surprise you with the simple but profound truths they will mention without even having to think about them. The Pisces baby tends to be quite a placid little thing, and from a very early age he or she will get great emotional comfort from simple eye contact. As toddlers the little Piscean loves to express themselves, especially with paint or crayons. A selection of poster paints and some old sheets can keep a young Piscean happy for hours! Born mediators the Piscean will soon become the fount of all wisdom at their kindergarten. They can often be seen carefully and patiently explaining any number of mysterious issues such as the reason for nap time to their less enlightened little friends.

Aries - Mar 21 - Apr 20,

ARIES BABY: As the natural child of the zodiac we would expect Aries to be a happy baby. Not only are Aries among the happiest babies, but they are also the most enthusiastic and curious. As soon as they crawl you will find your Aries offspring searching into every nook and cranny they can find. Aries need a lot of approval, and this is especially true as young children. On the one hand they want to be seen as brave adventurers, but when they return for their emergency supplies of sandwiches and sweets they have to be told how special and brave they are. Aries children are great fun as they love to joke and unusually for children they are even able to laugh at themselves, as long as its making the people around them feel happy.

Tourus - Apr 21 - May 20

TAURUS BABY: Taurus represents all things that are down to earth and your new bundle of joy will be the first baby on the block to roll in the mud and try and see if worms make a good replacement for dinner! They can be stubborn little tykes and you will find that like a good solid Earth sign they can be almost impossible to shift once they have mind their mind up about something. This applies especially to food where little Taurus may need a lot of coaxing to see the good side of vegetables. Taurus make charming toddlers as they love to show their affection for you and even when they have started school you will find that a Taurus child is still more than happy to give Mom or Dad a kiss goodbye in the morning.

Gemini - May 21 - Jun 21

GEMINI BABY: Gemini babies are quick developers and so be prepared to have lots of learning activities on hand almost from day one. They are natural communicators and even before they can talk the typical Gemini baby will try and communicate with you through whatever means come to hand. Your Gemini toddler will love going to kindergarten as it is in the social environment that they really start to shine. In fact by the time little Gemini is through their first few years in school they will probably have a social diary that is busier than yours! Gemini people of all ages like to be sophisticated so don’t be surprised if your 3 month old demands something more adventurous with his or her lunch of pureed prunes than the average baby is willing to consider !

Cancer - Jun 22 - July 22

CANCER BABY: If you like peace and quiet then you should try really hard to make sure your baby is a Cancer baby. Cancerian infants like nothing more than to sit, or rock or even gurgle quietly while they contemplate the world around them. From time to time they may want to get a little more active and they will love anything electronic. Cancer people are the world’s natural computer programmers and technical whizzes so there’s reason why you shouldn’t start them off early. These children are also emotionally very communicative and will be happy to tell you how much they love you. When they begin school they will immediately be known as the child that is a good listener and a genuine friend.


1st Issue In Style

Leo - July 23 - Aug 22

LEO BABY: Leos are the natural performers of the zodiac and your baby will absolutely love it from a very early age if you sing to them. As soon as they are able they will be singing along and nothing makes a Leo baby feel as good as a round of applause when they’ve managed to work their way through their first nursery rhyme. The Leo infant can have a tendency to be over dramatic so don’t feel too concerned when they tell you the tallest tales about how far they just fell or how high they just climbed, but do be sure to look extremely impressed. Your little one loves to be watched and to be centre stage. By the time they start school they will probably have found a little corner in the living room that is their special place from which they can try out their songs and recitals !

Virgo - Aug 23 - Sep 23

VIRGO BABY: The first few months with a Virgo baby need a good team as this little bundle of joy is also a precise little person. They like their milk to be at a certain temperature and their diapers to be fitted just so. As they get a little older this will be an absolute blessing since Virgo children are perhaps the only youngsters in the world who enjoy tidying their rooms and organizing their toys. Virgo children love to play house and when you take them to kindergarten you can be sure that they will head straight for the play house and will set about creating dinner and laying the table for all their little friends. From a young age Virgo makes a good listener and you will find that when you need to tell them something they actually remember what you have said and will be happy to remind their brothers and sisters what is was too !

Libra - Sep 24 - Oct 23

LIBRA BABY: Libra is the sign of balance and you will be blessed in having a Libra baby because she or he will very quickly learn the difference between awake time and sleep time. This is a rare and valuable trait in new born babies. As toddlers Librans are interested in everything and love to observe the world around them. They are very tactile little people and find animals fascinating, you could keep a Libran amused for days in the smallest of zoos. A small pet makes an excellent addition to any house with a young Libran growing up in it. Their appearance is also very important to most Librans and you may be surprised when your four year old is already making decisions about which romper suit looks good on them !

Scopion - Oct 24 - Nov 22

SCORPIO BABY: Your baby looks at you with what seems to be a level of understanding and insight far beyond their years. If this happens to you it’s more than likely that you have a Scorpio baby. Scorpio is a very mysterious sign and you may well find that at times you feel as though the little infant chewing on a rattle across from you knows exactly what you are feeling and understands intuitively the relationship between you. Scorpio children can be quite secretive and they will no doubt find their own special den somewhere in the house where they can keep all of their special things. They are thoughtful little people and you will often be surprised by the perceptiveness of their comments. Scorpio is the most loyal of all the signs as well and even when your children are getting older they will remember how you looked after them when they were tiny and recognize the special nature of that bond.

Sagittarius - Nov 23 - Dec 21 SAGITTARIUS BABY:

The Sagittarius baby will surprise you with just how speedily he or she seems to learn to crawl out of their play pen and start clambering on everything and anything they can find. Sagittarius children are the most physically adventurous of the zodiac, and often will be walking with confidence long before their peers. They are also hungry little people and you wonder where they put all that food until you see the sheer energy it takes to keep up with them! One of Sagittarius’ most endearing characteristics is their absolute honesty. They are inquisitive and playful so you can expect to find all sorts of interesting doodles on your best furniture as well new uses for your most expensive cosmetics. However, as soon as they have redecorated your bedroom they will be so cute in how they tell you exactly what they have done that you will find it impossible not to smile.

Capricorn - Dec 22 - Jan 20

CAPRICORN BABY: If your baby is a Capricorn you may well be able to plan an early retirement as Capricorns tend to grow up to be extremely shrewd business minded individuals. This tendency will display itself very early in life, as soon as your Capricorn infant can talk they will begin negotiations about exactly how many sweets they should earn for keeping their toys tidy. The Capricorn child loves to understand how things work and so you may need to keep any clocks, radios and remote controls well out of their reach. When they start school the Capricorn youngster will be instantly attracted to anything mechanical that they can play with. Once they have discovered how to take things apart they become quite adept at building their own little machines, usually made out of the contents of your kitchen cupboards!


1st Issue In Style


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