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American Paintings  §  Summer 2018

American Paintings  §  Summer 2018

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FOREWORD As I look forward to traveling in the next few months, I am especially excited about visiting museums. While all of us are dazzled by the fabulous and encyclopedic museums that anchor our big cities, I especially enjoy visiting the many small, unique institutions around the country. The list of my favorite regional institutions is long, so I will mention just a few in the Northeast. New York City’s Neue Galerie, which focuses on German and Austrian art from the early twentieth century, is a real gem, and has two terrific Viennese-style restaurants! The Adirondack Experience (formerly known as the Adirondack Museum), in Blue Mountain Lake, New York, does an excellent job of preserving and interpreting the life and art of one of New York State’s most historic regions. Utica, New York, about an hour and a half south of Blue Mountain Lake, is where you will find the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, home to the original version of Thomas Cole’s iconic four-part series, The Voyage of Life. In Williamstown, Massachusetts, I recommend the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, and another amazing teaching collection, the Williams College Museum of Art. And for a truly unique experience, don’t miss the Shelburne Museum in northern Vermont, with over twenty buildings, so wear comfortable shoes! Maine is home to two outstanding collegiate art collections with impressive holdings of American art. In Waterville, Colby College features the extraordinary Lunder Collection, and in Brunswick, there is the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, with extensive holdings of American art from the colonial period to the present. One focus of The Portland Museum of Art is the work of Winslow Homer, regarded by many as the greatest American painter of the nineteenth century. The museum also provides access to Winslow Homer’s studio in Prout’s Neck, a required pilgrimage for all students of American art. The Farnsworth Art Museum in Rockland focuses on Maine’s role in the history of American art, with a special emphasis on the art of the Wyeth family. I have many other ideas for road trips to regional museums, so please call me! And visit the gallery when you are in New York. Have a great summer, wherever you are headed.

Howard J. Godel President


James E. Buttersworth (1817–1894) Volunteer off Sandy Hook, 1887 Oil on panel, 7¾ × 11¾ in. Signed lower right: J. E. Buttersworth provenance: Frank P. Meehan exhibited: Museum of American Folk Art, New York, Celebrate the Hudson, October 29–November 2, 1980, (label verso).


Antonio Jacobsen (1850–1921) Paddlewheel Steamer Edgemont, 1905 Oil on canvas, 22¼ × 36¼ in. Signed and dated lower right: Antonio Jacobsen / 1905


Amanda M. McLean (c. 1822–1874) Still Life, 1862 Oil on tin, 16 × 13 in. Signed and dated lower right: A. M. McLean / 1862


Robert Spear Dunning (1829–1905) Still Life with Peaches, Grapes and Wine, 1873 Oil on canvas, 9¾ × 13 in. Signed and dated lower right: R. S. Dunning 1873 Signed and dated on verso: R. S. Dunning / 1873


Samuel W. Fuller (1816–1895) Fruit on a Forest Floor, 1866 Oil on canvas, 17 × 213/8 in. Signed and dated lower right: S. W. Fuller / 1866 provenance: Kenneth Lux Gallery, New York; private collection, Long Island, 1980 to the present


George Henry Hall (1825–1913) Tabletop Still Life, 1882–87 Oil on canvas, 12 × 16 in. Signed and dated lower left: Geo. Henry Hall / 1882 ’87


William Frederick de Haas (1830–1880) Mount Washington, New Hampshire Oil on canvas, 24 × 36 in. Signed lower right: Wm F de Haas


Dwight William Tryon (1849–1925) Beach Scene, 1873 Oil on canvas, 10½ × 18 in. Signed and dated lower right: D.W. Tryon 73


Martin Johnson Heade (1819–1904) Cherokee Roses in a Blue Pottery Vase, c. 1883–90 Oil on canvas, 24¼ × 15¼ inches Signed lower right: M J Heade provenance: collection of Charles E. Heed, the artist’s half-brother, by descent through the family to private collection, Ramona, California, until 2017 note: Heade’s family spelled its name “Heed.” The artist changed the spelling of his name to “Heade” in about 1846. This painting is accompanied by a letter from Heade scholar Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr.


Joseph Decker (1853–1924) Still Life with Strawberries, c. 1885 Oil on canvas, 8 × 117/8 in. Signed lower right: J. Decker exhibited: Brandywine River Museum, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, Fruits of Summer: Nineteenth Century American Still Life, June 6–September 7, 2009.


George Hitchcock (1850–1913) Woman in a Garden, 1890 Oil on canvas, 17¼ × 135/8 in. Signed and dated lower left: George Hitchcock 1890 provenance: James Jebusa Shannon; his wife, Lady Florence Shannon; her daughter, Kitty Shannon Keigwin; her daughter, Julia Gibbons


Henry Mosler (1841–1920) Woman Resting Beneath a Tree Oil on canvas, 12½ × 10 in. Signed upper right: Henry Mosler


Emma Lampert Cooper (1855–1920) Mexican Home Oil on canvas, 18¼ × 22 in. Signed lower left: E. Lampert Cooper provenance: private collection, Palm Beach, Florida exhibited: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Ars, 1920.


William de Leftwich Dodge (1867–1935) The Artist’s Garden, c. 1916 Oil on canvas, 35 × 27 in. Signed lower right: William de L. Dodge provenance: estate of the artist; private collection, Florida


John Singer Sargent (1856–1925) Clementina Anstruther-Thomson, 1889 Oil on canvas, 32 × 26 inches Inscribed on verso in the sitter’s hand: To my dear niece / Grizel Bonde provenance: the sitter; her niece, Grizel Bonde; her son, Baron Bonde; private collection, until 1995; private collection, Palm Beach, Florida exhibited: Nassau County Museum of Art, Faces & Figures, September 21, 1997–January 4, 1998. literature: Charles Merrill Mount, John Singer Sargent: A Biography (New York: W. W. Norton, 1955), 341; David McKibbin, Sargent’s Boston (Boston: Museum of Fine Arts, 1956), 126; Stanley Olson, John Singer Sargent: His Portrait (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1986), 153; Richard Ormond and Elaine Kilmurray, John Singer Sargent: The Early Portraits, vol. 1 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1998), 222, no. 217.


Helen Savier Dumond (1872–1968) The Olive Grove (South of France), c. 1890 Oil on canvas, 13 × 16 in. Signed on stretcher: Helen S. Dumond


Minerva Chapman (1858–1947) Fields with Stacks of Wheat, Auvers-sur-Oise, 1892 Oil on canvas, 16 × 20 in. Dated lower right: July 1892


Luther Emerson Van Gorder (1861–1931) Paris Street Scene Oil on canvas, 24¼ × 18¼ in. Signed lower right: LE Van Gorder exhibited: Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, Hagerstown, Maryland, Americans Abroad, 1998.


Frederic Ede (1865–1943) The Lily Pond Oil on canvas, 43½ × 36½ in. Signed lower right: Frederic Ede


Alice Helm French (1864–c. 1953) The Path Through the Drifts Pastel on paper, 23 × 32 in. Signed and dated lower right: Alice H. French / 1908


Walter Launt Palmer (1854–1932) An Early Snow, 1913 Watercolor, gouache and pastel on paper mounted on Masonite, 30 × 16 in. Signed lower right: W. L. Palmer Signed and titled on old label attached to verso: An Early Snow / Walter L. Palmer exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago, Twentysixth Annual Exhibition of Watercolors by American Artists, May 7–June 7, 1914, no. 310. literature: Maybelle Mann, Walter Launt Palmer: Poetic Reality (Exton, Pennsylvania: Schiffer Publishing, 1984), 139, no. 624 and 157, no. 987 (illustrated).


Fern Isabel Coppedge (1883–1951) Winter Landscape Oil on canvas, 20 × 24 in. Signed lower left: Fern I. Coppedge


Anthony Thieme (1888–1954) The Old River, Essex, Massachusetts Oil on canvas, 30 × 36 in. Signed lower right: A. Thieme Inscribed on verso: “The Old River” Essex, Massachusetts, #2069 by Anthony Thieme


Eda Elisabeth Sterchi (1885–1969) A Pueblo, 1919 Oil on canvas, 30 × 25 in. Signed and dated lower left: Eda Sterchi / 1919 provenance: Mrs. Schoenfeld, Chicago, Illinois; J. N. Bartfield Galleries, New York; private collection, Florida exhibited: Art Institute of Chicago, Thirty-second Annual Exhibition of American Oil Paintings and Sculpture, November 6–December 10, 1919; Art Institute of Chicago, Twenty-fourth Annual Exhibition of Works by Artists of Chicago and Vicinity, January 29–March 3, 1920, no. 306.


Agnes Millen Richmond (1870–1964) Self Portrait: Skating as Fast as I Can (Artistic Nightmares Outside the Studio Window), 1947 Oil on canvas, 30¼ × 25 in. Signed and dated upper right: Agnes Richmond / 1947


Alice Beard (1867–1949) Spring in Central Park, 1928 Oil on canvas, 22 × 21 in. Signed lower right: Alice Beard


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American Paintings Summer 2018 Copyright 2018 Godel & Co., Inc., New York Photographed by Allan Tarantino Designed by Christopher Kuntze front cover: Martin Johnson Heade, Cherokee Roses in a Blue Pottery Vase title page spread: Minerva Chapman, Fields with Stacks of Wheat, Auvers-sur-Oise back cover: Walter Launt Palmer, An Early Snow

Godel & Co., Inc., Fine Art 506 East 74th Street, 4w, New York, NY 10021  (212) 288-7272  |

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American Paintings Summer 2018  

This catalogue features selections from our inventory of 19th and early 20th century American art.

American Paintings Summer 2018  

This catalogue features selections from our inventory of 19th and early 20th century American art.