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Get best Energy Healer with Goddess of the Charms Have you ever turned on a light change and considered how it knows to turn on a light? It is a gateway that delivers a message through an electric reaction that we understand to be power and thus the light is turned on. This same principle is applicable to us as we go through our religious awareness the change for us is GOD as he changes us on and guides us in ways he wants us to match the objective he has for us. Just like the light will not light up the room when converted off or used out we cannot operate at our best possible level without being turned on by GOD. So many times we have a Light Language to prevent the conductivity of GOD because we allow the human experience to intervene with the religious experience. When we allow ego, which border GOD is out to generate us our power and our capability to speak out loud and shake with others on a positive level is decreased.

Spiritualism is the Technology, Viewpoint and Religious beliefs of ongoing lifestyle, based upon the confirmed fact of interaction, by indicates of method deliver, with those who live in the Soul Globe.

A Spiritualist: is one who considers, as the foundation of his or her religion, in the interaction between this and the Spiritual Conduit by indicates of method deliver and who efforts to pattern his or her personality and perform with respect with the maximum lessons produced from such interaction.

Healers have the capability to interact with life force energy and act as a gateway for a life force healing power. An Energy Healer works with love and light which calms the whole body and cures for the maximum good of the people getting the healing. The results and benefits of healing can be experienced in many areas in your lifestyle actually, psychologically, psychologically and psychologically and can be powerful and life changing.

Contact Us:Business Name /Contact Person: Goddess of the Charms/ Rachel Cabrero Country: United States Address: 280 N.E. 53rd St., Apt. 4 City: Miami State: Florida (FL) Postal Code: 33137 Phone No: 954-882-0557 Website:


Spiritual conduit, energy healer goddessofthecharms  
Spiritual conduit, energy healer goddessofthecharms