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How do the hotel concierges use technology to make personal recommendations?

Hotel concierges are using more and more technology to make personal recommendations to customers. Indeed they provide tips from certain locations they know well through mobile application. There are over 200 concierges using this process and the pieces of information are regularly updated.

How do they relate to 3rd party recommendation sites? What is the strategy?

3rd party recommendation sites may be for example Foursquare, Qype, Yelp or Google Place. These mobile applications are used by customers in order to find the best places to go and share them with friends to create communities. Ritz-Carlton Company is using particularly Foursquare to give customized recommendations and pieces of advice to the guests: restaurants selection, places to be‌ This strategy aims at creating unique experiences and saving time to the guests, allowing them to feel at home since they do not have to face hotel employees, queue and lose time waiting for services. They can check-in, order room-service before arriving in the hotel or while having a tour in the city for example.

What is the strategy behind 'Art of the Craft'?

“Let us stay with you” is RC Company’s slogan. It means that the group’s “ladies and gentlemen” (employees) gather their complementary skills to create memorable moments for the guests. “Art of the Craft” is a concept that is illustrated by a video representing special moments created by the brand’s teams. For instance, guests may have access to cooking courses for their children, have a cocktail in their honor or having their suit repaired at any time. These ladies and gentlemen are craftmen/women because they “create” experiences. The strategy’s objective is to build unforgettable stories so that they can be linked to the brand’s image and become loyal. They feel special and unique guests among all the clientele. It is a very smart and efficient strategy.

Provide Analysis - compare Ritz Carlton online strategy to Renaissance Hotels Navigator program

Ritz Carlton does not have any special website dedicated to conciergerie. There is only an application based on Foursquare site that enables guests to remain informed of RC concierges’ recommendations about the destinations and places to go. As far as Renaissance Hotels Navigator program is concerned, it is part of Renaissance Hotels’ official website. The guests can choose a city, a hotel and what there are interested in (food, drink, shopping…) and then get information about the selected place. A Google map appears on the left hand corner to show precisely where the place is with the phone number and the address and then you can book a room in the hotel that is situated next to that place. Renaissance Hotel is well-organized and well-designed since pictures are wellchosen. Ritz Carlton have focused their communication strategy on video posts: for instance “Art of the Craft”, which is also very well-done and well-designed. The guests can easily find RC video posts on Youtube since they are grouped together in RC channel. To conclude, we can say that Ritz Carlton and Renaissance have very different strategy concerning conciergerie programs. The more distribution channels the brands have, the more customers they are able to reach. RC developed their strategy on several platforms to enable “online customers” to use various mobile devices. Instead, Renaissance group has allowed every employee to post tips about the location. Indeed, nowadays the conciergerie department is progressively changing to become virtual and more accessible to all through online devices.

Ritz Carlton/Renaissance online conciergerie strategies  

How hotel brands use online devices in order to improve and make their conciergerie system more efficient?

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