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GIVING AWAY: My Entire 2008 and 2009 Christmas Bonus (Hidden, Treasure Map Included) Date: 2010-05-14, 11:01PM MST Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

I am giving away my ENTIRE 2008 AND 2009 Christmas Bonus. Here is some background on the Christmas Bonus(s): Who gave you the bonus? The "most influential man" in the northwestern Scottsdale suburb culdesac he lives in, or something: BOB PARSONS!!!! & GODADDY INC. What did you do to earn this bonus? Earned close to 400,000 dollars for the company in my tenure! Well, what did he give you, more importantly what can I get for FREE? SOME GODADDY BOBBLEHEADS(2009) AND A BONUS ORANGE LANYARD THAT WOULD MATCH MY PRISON JUMPSUIT(2008)!!! (Pics Included) Now, I do realize, this is just too insane to give away to one undeserving person, so I had to add a bit of a challenge to it.

I've dug a hole, and placed the bobbleheads inside the hole. I'm going to include a treasure map, and a set of riddles that give away the Latitude and Longitude of the location of this hole.

1) If you take the letters of G O D A D D Y and convert them to their base numerical value (a=1, b=2, c=3, ect.), then add them together, AND THEN, subtract Michael Jordan's jersey number from the total, you will have the first two numbers of the Latitude. 1a) Now you should have the first two numbers of your Latitude, and six should remain after the period (were doing exacts here). Example: XX.YYYYYY, X represents the numbers you have, Y represents the next six you need. 2) Now, to find Y, you need to answer a open ended question, but I will give you a word scramble to help. What is Bob Parsons? _ _ _. Word Scramble: AFG 2a) Take the first 3 letters you found in the answer, convert them back into their base numerical value, you now have the first 3 consecutive digits of your 6 missing Y's. Example: 123YYY. 2b) Your next three digits are Null (zero), the 2nd letter to the answer, and the 3rd letter to the answer, consecutively. So your 6 digit string should look like this. XX.123023. If you've gotten this far, you have your latitude! Congratulations, you're smarter than all of GoDaddy's management put together! Longitude! Well lets look at Longitude for a minute. We'll use X's and Y's again. XXX.YYYYYY. 3)For your 3 X's, I will give you a massive clue, all 3 X's are the same number. Here is some clues for your single number you are looking for: -It's obviously a single digit -It's NOT the only even prime number -It's NOT the only prime triangular number -It is less than the atomic number of boron. 3a) This leaves you two numbers. Take the number of X's and the smallest number left and this will leave you with the WRONG answer. Okay, so you got your X's for Longitude, hopefully. 4)Let's get us some Y's. -The 5th number you are looking for, is equivalent to the AMOUNT of numbers you are looking for in this riddle. -The 1st and 6th number you are looking for, is equivalent to the AMOUNT of numbers you are looking for, when looking for this entire longitude. -The 3rd number you are looking for, two cubed. -The 2nd number is the least non-negative integer -The 4th number is the SECOND DIGIT of the sum total of the rest of the numbers you have found thus far (individually). Example: Say you were really shitty and doing this riddle and you found 123Y45, your sum would be 1+2+3+4+5=15, and my second digit would be 5. Okay, you got your X's and Y's. And you've got your Latitude and Longitude. START DIGGIN FOR GOLD AND BOBBLEHEADS!! (Like Bob's Wife!) I've also attached a completely awesome map.

Feel free to try contacting me at : To ensure this doesn't get taken the wrong way within the naive offices of GoDaddy. I truly dislike your company. Working with your company was a nerve-twitch away from a stroke every single day. If it wasn't your inbred customer-base you marketed directly to, it was definitely your all star roster of managers, supervisors, and directors who constantly drive the company into a nosedive. My only advice: stop hiring internally so much, it's killing your ability. I love being told that if I wanted to be

promoted it wouldn't be based on my ability but quote "if I could be trusted to play the game". It's a bunch of unable people running your show, because that's what it is, a dog and pony show. No one gets anything done. I suggest you do an mass internal review. I also suggest you read Atlas Shrugged, its a book about an alternative america where quality talent, critical thinking, and truthful thoughts are punished, and I couldn't help but be reminded of my time with your company. Alternatively, thank you for allowing me to see my own potential so easily. My pride, ethics, and morals was the only reason I wasn't going for a promotion within your company. You had some extraordinary people within your walls as well, and they were the glue that held the company together, you know who you are, and you likely know who I am in the same regards. l l

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