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ad for acuvue (picture taken and make up done on photoshop).

makeup ad (photoshop retouch as well as makeup).


Vinyl sticker placed on a Taco Bell window.

Abortion ad school project.

HOT APPETIZERS SHISHITO PEPPERS 6.99 Grilled spicy peppers with sea salt and lemon.

TEMPURA SHISHITO 7.99 PEPPERS Lightly battered shishito peppers served with tempura sauce. EDAMAME 4.49 Salted steamed soy beans. SWEET & SPICY 5.49 EDAMAME Stir fried edamame in a sweet and spicy seasoning. GARLIC EDAMAME 5.49 Stir fried edamame in garlic teriyaki seasoning. GYOZAS 5.99 Pork dumplings steamed or fried. SPRING ROLLS 5.49 Crispy rolls stuffed with vegetables. WINTER SHRIMPS 5.99 Marinated shrimps wrapped in spring roll skin. CHICKEN LETTUCE 6.99 WRAPS Marinated chicken in lettuce shells with hoisin sauce. SPINACH SHITAKE 5.99 Sautéed spinach, garlic and shitake mushrooms with a splash of soy sauce. ZEN CALAMARI 10.99 Fried calamari with spicy tamarind sauce. SOFT SHELL CRABS 8.99 Tempura crab with aji panki sauce. KUSHIAGUE Breaded skewers served with ZEN and tonkatsu sauce. Order by piece Chesse 1.50 YAKITORI 3 skewers with teriyaki sauce. Chicken 5.99 Beef 6.99 Shrimp 7.99

TEMPURA Lightly battered vegetables and shrimp served with tempura dipping sauce. Vegetables 6.99 Shrimp 10.99 Mixed 8.99 HOT PARADISE 17.99 PLATTER 3 spring rolls, 4 pork gyozas, edamame, 3 cheese kushiagues and 3 chicken yakitori.

COLD APPETIZERS RICE BALLS 4.99 Sushi rice balls filled with Zen sauce covered with rice pearls, served with eel and chipotle sauce. TUNA TATAKI 10.99 Thin slices of seared tuna served with ponzu sauce, scallions and sesame seeds. JAPANESE TOSTONES 8.99 Spicy tuna and lemon twist guacamole served on tostones. USUSUKURI 11.99 Thin slices of salmon, masago and scallions with sesame seeds, yuzu and sriracha sauce over glass noodles. TIRADITO 11.99 Thin slices of white tuna with cilantro and spicy yuzu sauce. TRIO TARTAR 13.99 A rainbow of flavor with a taste of spicy tuna, ginger salmon and lime izumi dai. KESADIYA 2.75 Your choice of spicy tuna or salmon yuzu in a crispy gyoza skin with guacamole (by piece) HAMACHI JALAPENO 12.99 Thin slices of hamachi served with jalapeno slices and ponzu sauce. TUNA TROPICAL 4.99 Avocado, tuna tartar and our special spice mango sauce with crispy scallions.

SOUPS MISO SOUP 2.99 White miso soup served with tofu, scallions and wakame. TOM KHA GAI WITH 5.95 COCONUT Chicken and mushrooms with coconut milk and lemon-‐ grass. WON TON SOUP 4.95 Won ton in clear broth.

SALADS HOUSE SALAD 5.99 Iceberg lettuce, red cabbage and carrots served with homemade ginger dressing. WAKAME SALAD 5.99 Marinated seaweed salad. MR CRAB SALAD 7.99 Crab, lettuce, caesar dressing and parmesan cheese with homemade croutons.

LUNCH SPECIALS: SERVED FROM 11AM TO 4PM. FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY All lunch specials includes: Miso soup or house salad Edamame, two gyozas and your choice of: Chicken Teriyaki with 7.99 white rice Curry chicken with 7.99 white rice. Chicken Pad Thai 7.99 Steak teriyaki 8.99 with white rice

RICE AND NOODLES GOKU 2.49 Steamed white rice. GOKU WITH FURIKAKE 3.49 Steamed white rice topped with your choice of tuna , shrimp, wasabi or nori seasoning. FRIED RICE Sautéed rice with vegetables and your choice of: Vegetables 9.99 Beef 12.99 Chicken 11.99 Shrimp 12.99 Mixed 13.99 Pinapple with shrimps 14.99 CHICKEN TERIYAKI 7.50 Grilled marinated chicken with teriyaki sauce served with white rice. BEEF TERIYAKI 8.50 Marinated beef with teriyaki sauce served with white rice. SALMON TERIYAKI 8.50 Grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce served with white rice. CURRY CHIKEN 7.99 Chicken and bell peppers with thai curry sauce served with white rice. CHICKEN PAD THAI 12.99 Sautéed rice noodles with chicken, beans sprouts, scallions and peanuts. CHICKEN KATSU DON 10.99 Japanese style breaded chicken and vegetables omelette over steamed white rice.

Shrimp Tempura 9.99 with white rice. 2 shrimps, 3 vegetables Sushi and roll 9.99 4 California pieces and 3 sushi pieces, your choice of: avocado, cucumber, tuna, salmon, white tuna, izumi dai, crab, squid, masago, shrimp.

NIGIRI AND SASHIMI Order by piece: Avocado, 1.50 cucumber, mushroom Octopus , tuna, 2.50 salmon, white tuna, izumi dai, crab, squid, masago, shrimp, spicy caviar Eel, hamachi, ikura 2.99

SUSHI BAR CLASSIC ROLLS (Zen sauce contains crab ) CALIFORNIA 5.99 Crab, cucumber, avocado and sesame seeds with masago on top. SALMON CALIFORNIA 6.99 Salmon, avocado ,cucumber ans sesame seeds. BAGEL 6.99 Salmon, cream cheese and scallions . BOSTON 7.99 Shrimp,lettuce, avocado and mayo inside. seaweed outside. SPICY TUNA 6.99 Our special blend of spicy tuna and scallions.

YAKI UDON Japanese style noodles with stir fried vegetables with yakitori sauce and your choice

TUNA CALIFORNIA 6.99 Tuna,avocado, cucumber and sesame seeds.

of: Beef 8.99 Chiken 7.99 Shrimp 9.99

ZEN ROLL 5.99 ZEN sauce inside with seaweed outside. VEGETABLE ROLL 6.99 Spinach, cucumber, avocado, and carrots.

O.M.G ROLLS (Zen sauce contains crab ) WHO WANTS 13.99 TO BE A MILLIONAIRE Crab, cream cheese and avocado inside, salmon outside, served with chipotle, sweet sauce and a touch of masago paste. MY NAME IS EEL 12.99 Crab, avocado and cream cheese inside, eel outside served with sweet sauce and masago paste. IBIZA ROLL 9.99 Shrimp, avocado and cream cheese inside with crab outside. DRAGON 10.99 Shrimp tempura and cream cheese topped with avocado, eel and eel sauce. MR. FROST 8.99 Crab, shrimp and cucumber inside with cream cheese outside and sesame seeds on top. CURIOUS GEORGE 12.99 Shrimp tempura, cream cheese and avocado inside with fried banana outside, served with chipotle sauce. NEMO ROLL 11.99 Breaded fish, tempura flakes and cream cheese inside with rice pearls outside, served with sweet sauce. MATADOR ROLL 10.99 Crab, crispy gyoza and cream cheese inside, avocado outside with mushrooms and chiles toreados on top. VOLCANO ROLL 11.99 Salmon and cream cheese inside with avocado outside and baked dynamite mix on top. SPIDER 10.99 Soft shell crab, cucumber and avocado inside with a spicy caviar on top. DON CORLEONE 10.99 Shrimp tempura and jalapeno inside, topped with a spicy mayo and parmesan cheese. .RAINBOW ROLL 11.99 California roll topped with salmon, izumi dai, shrimp, white tuna and tuna. MANGO ROLL 10.99 Shrimp tempura, crab inside with avocado and mango outside, with chamoy sauce on top.

RICELESS ROLLS CEVICHE ROLL 14.99 Salmon and avocado wrapped in rice paper topped with octopus ceviche. PAPERWORK 9.99 Crab , cream cheese , masago and avocado wrapped in rice paper served with ZEN sauce. RIVER MONSTER 14.99 Crab salad and masago, wrapped in salmon with yuzu sauce. KANISU 10.99 Cream cheese , crab, avocado and masago inside, cucumber outside and rice vinegar on top.

SUSHI BOWLS RAINBOWL 9.99 Izumi dai, salmon, tuna , white tuna, crab and shrimp with avocado and masago in a bowl,over sushi rice. CALIFORNIA BOWL 7.99 Crab, cucumber , avocado and masago in a bowl,over sushi rice. TEKKA BOWL 6.99 Thin cut tuna sashimi over sushi rice. SALMON BOWL 6.99 Thin cut salmon sashimi over sushi rice.

TEMAKIS (HAND ROLLS) CALIFORNIA 3.49 Avocado, cucumber, and crab. BAGEL 3.49 Salmon and cream cheese. TEMAKI ZEN 3.49 ZEN sauce, crab and masago. SPICY TUNA 3.99 Special blend of spicy tuna. TUNA TEMAKI 3.99 Fresh tuna sashimi. WHAT-A-CONE!! 3.99 Tuna, scallions, alfalfa sprouts and ZEN sauce.

VEGGIE BOMB 11.99 1 Vegetable roll and 4 vegetable sushi pieces of your choice. NO NAME 11.95 1 California and 1 Bagel roll.

PARTY PLATTERS 4-----2 34.99 Tuna, izumi dai, salmon, shrimp, crab, eel, masago and white tuna sushi (2 pcs each ) 1 ZEN roll (6 pcs ) and 1 California roll (8 pcs ) THREE’S COMPANY 49.99 Tuna, salmon, white tuna, shrimp, eel and crab (3 pcs each) 1 California roll (8 pcs), 1 Bagel roll (8 pcs) and 1 ZEN roll (6 pcs). GET TOGETHER 79.99 2 California rolls, 2 Bagel rolls, 2 Rainbow rolls, 1 Dragon roll, 1 Ibiza roll, 1 Astroboy, 1 Paper work roll.

DESSERTS CHURROS 5.99 Deep fried pastry with sugar, served with chocolate syrup and condensed milk. MOCHI ICE CREAM 7.99 Japanese style ice cream wrapped in soft fluffy dough. (1 strawberry, 1 mango and 1 green tea) WONDER TWINKIE 5.99 Twinkies lightly fried with tempura, served with chocolate and strawberry syrup. LETS GO BANANAS 5.99 Tempura fried banana slices with vanilla ice cream and condensed milk. LYCHEE 3.99 Chinese fruit in syrup.


KID’S MENU (kids under 8) All kid’s menu includes: Edamame, your choice of soup, salad or white rice, vanilla ice cream and your choice of: Chiken teriyaki 5.99 Spring rolls ( 3 pcs) 4.99 California roll (4 pcs) 4.99

SODAS 2.00 (Coke, Diet coke, Sprite and Sprite zero) ICED TEA 2.00 ICED GREEN TEA 2.00 SMALL WATER 2.80 LARGE WATER 1LT 4.50 SM. SPARKLING WATER 2.80 LG. SPARKLING WATER 4.50

EXTRAS Any order with brown rice 1.00 Spicy Mayo 1.00 Zen sauce 1.50 Eel sauce 1.00 Chipotle sauce 1.00 Furikake 1.00 Sriracha sauce 1.00 Kimchee sauce 1.50 Ponzu sauce 1.00 Ginger dresing 1.00


ZEN DEALS TWINS 11.95 1 California roll and your choice of: 1 Salmon California roll or 1 Tuna California roll. DINAMIC DUO 9.50 1 California roll and 1 Tuna hosomaki. IT’S A SMALL WORLD 12.99 1 Cucumber, 1 tuna and 1 salmon hosomaki. LOS 3 AMIGOS 15.99 1 California roll, 1 Bagel roll and 1 ZEN roll .

Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry and seafood may increase your risk of foodborne ilness.

We deliver 305373 2433

Zen Sushi Lounge menu design. freelance project.

Facebook page design for Miami Children Museum





Watson Island logo project (Miami Children Museum.) facebook banner .

designed by Burguete

We recognize your esxtraordinary contribution, which helps us make a difference in the lives of every family that comes through our doors... Loli Sangiovanni Volunteer Program Coordinator

Thank you card for RMHC (FREELANCE).

8.875 x 3.875z

KOEK DOUGHNUTS 915 NW. 1AVE. 33136 TEL: 553456789 fax 23456

doughtnut shop

Ivan Gonzalez Burguete Tel: 786-355-2896 Fax: 305-579-0007

Koek doughnut shop, logo and collateral design (school project)


915Nw 1Av Miami FL. 33136 Tel: 264 61 243 950 Fax: 26481245611 WWW.SKADI.COM

pantone 100 cyan





915Nw 1Av Miami FL. 33136 Tel: 264 61 243 950 Fax: 26481245611 WWW.SKADI.COM


Skadi winter park , logo design and collateral design.


915Nw 1Av Miami FL. 33136 Tel: 264 61 243 950 Fax: 26481245611 WWW.SKADI.COM


With Complimentsa

Collateral Skadi Winter Park.

Skadi Winter Park Poster for bus stop. (school project)

Environmental design for Skadi Winter park.

Web banner Skadi Winter Park

Pretzel deer design merchandise for

Port love merchandise for

Portfolio Ivan G.BURGUETE  

Most of my work portfolio

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